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Descendants of Benjamin Jones

Generation No. 1

1. BENJAMIN1 JONES1,2,3 was born Abt. 1725 in Virginia4, and died Bef. May 1777 in Bute County, NC5,6,7. He married JOHANNAR PERRY8,9,10 Unknown11. She was born Abt. 1729 in Virginia11, and died Aft. 177611.

Notes for B

We do not know when Benjamin Jones migrated from Virginia to northern North Carolina. The land he settled was located in the Hawtree Creek area in the North central part of the area that in 1764 became Bute County. Bute County had a short life. Fifteen years after its' founding in 1764, Bute County was divided in two, the southern half became Franklin County, for Benjamin Franklin, and the Northern half Warren County, named for Dr. Warren a hero of Bunker Hill.

When Benjamin Jones moved to North Carolina the area where he settled was wilderness with no towns and widely scattered homesteads. The lure of cheap, fertile land through land grants brought many adventurers down from Virginia including a number of Jones families.

Our Benjamin Jones' will is dated June 15, 1776 and in it he leaves his farm and household goods to his wife, Johannar, for her lifetime or until remarriage, the land to be under the control of John Gilreath, a co-executor with Johannar of his estate. After her death, the land was to be divided between his sons William and Samuel. After Johannar's death, William and Samuel Jones and John Gilreath were to share equally in his other assets. His six daughters and the remaining three sons, Thomas, Adam and James, received one shilling sterling each. The will was witnessed by another Benjamin Jones and Joseph Wright. Benjamin died within a year because the will was recorded in the May 1777 term of the Bute County court. John Gilreath filed an inventory of the estate in the February 1778 term of court. We do not know what disposition was made of this land after Johannar's death.

A number of factors lead to the conclusion that the Benjamin Jones who died in 1777 in Bute County, North Carolina is the father of Thomas Jones who migrated from there to Wilkes County, Georgia after the Revolution. Some are:

1. Thomas named his only known son Benjamin in honor of his father.
2. The Benjamin Jones family were living in the Hawtree Creek area of Bute County when he died in 1777. None of Benjamin Jones' sons were on the 1781 tax list for the Hawtree district.
3. Benjamin's three sons who did not receive land under his will, Thomas, Adam and James, have the same names as three of the Jones' who settled on Long Creek in Wilkes County, GA in the mid-1780s. Samuel Jones, who, after the death of Benjamin's wife Johannar, was to share Benjamin's estate with his brother William, is also on Long Creek.
4. Thomas Jones is on the 1785 tax list for Captain Ledbetter's district in Wilkes County. Brothers Adam and James are nearby in Captain Newsom's tax district.
5. Thomas, Adam and Samuel Jones are on the 1786 list of original members of the Long Creek Baptist Church. A Susanna Jones, the name of one of Benjamin's daughters, is also on the list.
6. The 1790 census for Warren County, NC does not show the names of any of Benjamin Jones' children except a Susannah Jones (in a household of six females) who may or may not have been his daughter. Also, there were no Youngs, Noles (Knowles), Beards, or Darnalls, the married names of four of Benjamin Jones' daughters. It appears that the Jones' had pulled up stakes.

More About B
Estate Inventory Filed: February 09, 1778, Filed by John Gilreath12,13
Property sale: August 20, 1765, Bought 120 acres in Bute Co., NC from Samuel Croxton13
Will made: June 15, 1776, Bute County, NC14,15
Will Proved: May 1777, Bute Co., NC16,17

Notes for J

Benjamin Jones's will of 1776 gave his wife, Johannar (Johanna?), his land for use during her lifetime or widowhood. But the land was to be under the management of her son-in-law, John Gilreath, who was married to their daughter, also named Johannar.
Children of B
2. i.   JOHANNAR2 JONES, b. Bet. 1750 - 1755, Bute County, North Carolina; d. Aft. 1817, Wilkes County, North Carolina.
3. ii.   ADAM JONES, b. Abt. 1759, Virginia; d. October 01, 1830, Warren County, Georgia.
  iii.   JANE JONES18,19, b. Abt. 1767, Virginia20; m. (1) DARNALL21; m. (2) CHARLES DARNALL22,23.

Charles Darnall and his wife, Jane, were not unknown in the Bute County court. In 1767 they brought suit against the estate of Samuel Croxton and won a judgment against it. On August 14, 1772, Darnall was sued by John Gilreath who was later to administer the estate of Benjamin Jones, his wife's father. We do not know the outcome.

On May 12, 1778, he was again in court to acknowledge a deed for the sale of land to Hardaway Davis. Charles Darnall received a land grant of 592 acres on February 12, 1779, the same date that James Jones received a grant for 112 acres.

It appears that he went to Georgia with other members of the Jones family because he is on the Warren County tax list for 1794. He is in Captain Neal's district, for 1 poll and 125 acres on Rocky Comfort Creek adjoining Neal and Jones. Rocky Comfort Creek lies to the East of Long Creek where Thomas, Adam and James Jones settled. Charles Darnall sold land on Rocky Comfort Creek to Henry Kendall on December 16, 1803, probably the land on the 1794 tax list.

Land grant: February 12, 1779, Grant #58, Bute Co., NC24,25
Land sold: December 16, 1803, Rocky Comfort Creek, Warren County, GA26,27

  iv.   WILLIAM JONES28,29, b. Unknown30.
  v.   SAMUEL JONES31,32,33, b. Unknown34; d. Abt. 180835,36.
  Notes for SAMUEL JONES:

Samuel Jones was issued a warrant for 40 acres in Bute County, NC on June 21, 1779.

4. vi.   THOMAS JONES, b. Unknown, Scotland ?; d. Bef. April 26, 1803, Jackson County, Georgia.
  vii.   JAMES JONES37,38, b. Unknown, Virginia39; d. Bef. October 25, 1803, Jackson County, GA40,41; m. MARY42, Unknown43; b. Unknown43; d. April 05, 1858, Warren County, Georgia44,45.
  Notes for JAMES JONES:

James was a brother to Thomas and Adam Jones. Before migrating to Georgia in the mid-1780s they lived in the Hawtree Creek area of northern Bute County, NC. He was of age by February 1778 for he was appointed as a petit juror in that term of court. On April 8, 1778 he applied for 120 acres of unclaimed land on Hawtree Creek beginning on Henry Dicken's line and then to Jones' line and Ross's line. A warrant for the tract was issued to him on September 22, 1778. In 1779 he was assessed for property valued at 540 pounds in the Smith's Creek and Hawtree Creek district. In the next year his property was assessed at 630 pounds and in 1781 it had increased to 753 pounds. He does not appear on subsequent tax lists.

Nothing is known of his whereabouts from 1781 until 1785 when he appeared on Captain Newsom's tax list for Wilkes County, GA in the Long Creek area. He paid only a poll; he did not own any land. At some time in 1801-1802, he and his brother Thomas moved from Warren County to Jackson County. On the 1802 tax list of Captain Aaron Wood's district of Jackson County, James was taxed 38 1/2 cents on 75 acres which adjoined Bagby, the original grantee.

We do not know exactly when James died, but on October 25, 1803 the Jackson County court issued a citation to Mary Jones ordering her to obtain letters of administration on his estate. On July 19, 1804, an inventory was taken of the estate by George Bagby, John Bagby and William Pentecost. Both George and John Bagby were soldiers during the Revolution. George served as a private in Capt. Robert Carr's Company of Rangers of Wilkes County and John served in a unit from Halifax County, North Carolina, probably in Georgia since many North Carolina units were involved in fighting there.
James' estate was valued at $245.87 and 1/2 cent. An itemized list of the sale items and prices brought was presented to the court clerk by Mary Jones on July 19, 1804 which showed that she bought all but two small items valued at less than one dollar, for a total of $247.36 1/2. On September 5, 1808, at Mary's request, the court made Benjamin Camp co-administrator of the estate.

On January 2, 1809, Agrippa Atkinson, who gave security for Mary's administration of James' estate, came into court and asked that he be relieved of his security arrangement because Mary Jones was about to leave Jackson County. At some point she returned to Warren County where she lived until her death many years later.

  More About JAMES JONES:
Deed: September 15, 1802, Deed for 150 acres from George and Miriam Bagby to James Jones46,47
Property sale: July 19, 1804, Sale of assets recorded in Jackson County court47

  Notes for MARY:

On the 1803 Jackson County Tax List, Mary "Polly" Jones was in Captain Woods' District, next to Peter Tidwell, with 150 acres on Beech Creek, land originally granted to George Bagby. This appears to be the land granted by deed to James Jones fromn George and Miriam Bagby, bounded by land of Few and Dickens.

After James' death, according to Jackson County court records, the following events took place:

October 25, 1803 - The Jackson County Court issued a citation to Mary Jones to obtain letters of administration on the estate of James Jones, deceased.

January 24, 1804 - The court granted letters of administration to Mary Jones.

January 30, 1804 - Agrippa Atkinson posted $500 bond for Mary Jones' administration of her late husband's estate.

July 19, 1804 - An inventory of James' estate, appraised at $245.87 1/2, was filed by George and John Bagby and William Pentecost. Mary Jones bought many articles at the estate sale of her husband's assets.

September 5, 1905 - After hearing Mary's petition that Benjamin Camp be made a Joint Administrator of James Jones' estate, the court approved her request.

January 2, 1809 - Agrippa Atkinson petitioned the Jackson County court to relieve him of his security commitment in the James Jones estate matter because Mary Jones was about to leave the county.

March 6, 1809 - The Jackson CCCCounty court held Mary in contempt for not providing other security as the court ordered and held her in contempt until she complied. Benjamin Camp came into court and said that he would be the security for Mary.


Mary Jones had two draws in the 1806 Jackson County land lottery, one as the widow of James Jones and one for his orphan children.

We do not know when Mary left Jackson County but the April 25, 1818 minutes of the Long Creek Baptist Church state "..we had the happiness to receive Polly Jones by letter from Posetton Church..".

  More About MARY:
Administrator: September 05, 1805, Benjamin Camp becomes co-administrator of James Jones' estate47
Administrator of estate: January 24, 1804, Jackson County Court - for James' estate47
Estate Inventory Filed: July 19, 1804, Inventory of James Jones' estate totaled $245.87 1/2 cents47
Land lottery: 1806, Mary Jones has two draws in lottery; one as widow and one for James' orphans47
Security bond: March 06, 1809, Benjamin Camp provides security for James' estate47

  viii.   ANN JONES48,49, b. Unknown50; m. (1) DAVID YOUNG51; d. Abt. August 1778, Bute County, NC52,53; m. (2) DAVID YOUNG54,55; d. Bef. May 12, 1778, Bute County, NC56,57.
  Notes for ANN JONES:

Ann Young was administrator of the estate of her husband, David Young. The security for the bond was made by Charles Darnall, probably the husband of Jane Jones Darnall, and Thomas Jones. An inventory of David Young's estate was filed by Ann Young in May Court 1778.

  More About ANN JONES:
Administrator of estate: May 12, 1778, Bute County, NC58,59

  Notes for DAVID YOUNG:

In the August 1778 term of the Bute county court, an account was filed by Sheriff Henry Hill of the sale of the estate of David Young, the deceased husband of Ann Jones Young. At the sale purchases were made by Mrs. Young, Samuel Williams, Charles Darnall, James young, James Merony, Thomas Jones, Adam Jones, Jere. Perry, Jesse Rowland, John Bridges, Burrell Perry, Wm. Cook and Henry Hill.

  More About DAVID YOUNG:
Acct. of Estate Sale File: August 1778, Bute County, NC59

  Notes for DAVID YOUNG:

On September 29, 1764, David Young and his wife Ann sold to John Jones of New Kent County, Virginia 192 acres for 150 Virginia pounds. He and his family then lived on this land which he had bought from George Tillman. It was located on the east side of Hawtree Creek adjoining "the old trading path." The deed was witnessed by Thomas Jones, Godfree Jones, Joshua Gray and William Archer. It was acknowledged at the January 1765 term of the Bute County court. He made another purchase of land that was recorded in Bute County court in December 1766. This was for 150 acres that he bought from Isaac Bryant (Briant) of Cumberland County, Virginia for 11 pounds "Virginia money." It was located at a fork of Fowler's Branch, to a line between Daniel's Ford and William Ellis. The deed was witnessed by Thomas Jones, Elizabeth Jones and Jesse Jones. It was proved by Thomas Jones in the January 1767 session of court and registered on April 9, 1767. A marginal note states that on August 14, 1771: "Del'd. to David Young."

David Young's wife Ann was the administrator of his estate. An account of the sale of his estate was filed in the August 1778 term of the Bute court. Purchasers listed were Ann Young, Samuel Williams, Charles Darnall, James Young, James Merony, Thomas Jones, Adam Jones, Jere. Perry, Jesse Rowland, John Bridges, Burrell Perry, Wm. Cook, and Henry Hill.

  More About DAVID YOUNG:
Land sold: September 29, 1764, Bute County, NC60,61

  ix.   CATHERINE JONES62,63, b. Unknown64; m. (1) NOLES65; m. (2) WILLIAM KNOWLES66,67.
  x.   ELIZABETH JONES68,69, b. Unknown70; m. (1) BEARD71; m. (2) ? BEARD72,73.
  xi.   SUSANNAH JONES74,75, b. Unknown76.
5. xii.   SARAHAM JONES, b. Unknown, Bute County, North Carolina; d. Bet. 1834 - 1835, Wilkes County, North Carolina.

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