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Ancestors of Philip Marshall Taylor

      624. Col. John West, born Abt. 1676; died WFT Est. 1704-1767. He was the son of 1248. Col. John West, Jr. and 1249. Unity Crowshaw. He married 625. Agnes.

      625. Agnes

Notes for Col. John West:
Col. John West, of West Point, the son of Col. John West and Unity Croshaw, was born about 1676 in what is now King William County. He appears on the quit rent rolls of this county in 1704, as do his brothers Capt. Nathaniel and Capt. Thomas West. The names of Nathaniel and Giles West also appear on the quit rent rolls of New Kent County for 1704. (Wertenbaker's Planters of Colonial Virginia, pp. 220, 224.) The marriage of John West to Judith Armistead, of Elizabeth City County, Virginia, took place October 15, 1698. She later married Thomas Butts. John West and Judith were the parents of one child only:

10. Charles West

Child of John West and Agnes is:
  312 i.   Col Francis West, born 1708 in King William County, VA; died 1758 in King William County, VA; married (1) Susanna Cole; married (2) Jane Cole Bingham 1735.

      632. Col. John Grymes, born 1691 in Grimesby, Middlesex, Virginia; died March 03, 1748/49 in Green Spring, Virginia. He was the son of 1264. Maj. Robert Grymes and 1265. Alice Towneley. He married 633. Lucy Ludwell December 22, 1715 in Green Spring, Virginia.

      633. Lucy Ludwell, born November 02, 1698 in Green Spring, Virginia; died November 02, 1748 in Surry, Virginia. She was the daughter of 1266. Philip Ludwell II and 1267. Hannah Harrison.

More About John Grymes and Lucy Ludwell:
Marriage: December 22, 1715, Green Spring, Virginia
Children of John Grymes and Lucy Ludwell are:
  i.   Hannah Grymes, born February 23, 1716/17 in Virginia.
  ii.   John Grymes, born January 15, 1717/18 in Middlesex, Virginia; died June 20, 1740.
  More About John Grymes:
Christening: January 15, 1717/18, Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia

  iii.   Lucy Grymes, born April 24, 1720 in Surry, Virginia.
  More About Lucy Grymes:
Christening: April 24, 1720, Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia

  316 iv.   Philip Ludwell Grymes, born March 11, 1720/21 in Middlesex, Virginia; died January 20, 1768 in Fayette, Kentucky; married Mary Randolph December 08, 1741.
  v.   Charles Grymes, born May 21, 1722 in Virginia; died December 04, 1727.
  More About Charles Grymes:
Christening: June 07, 1723, Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia

  vi.   Alice Grymes, born August 10, 1724 in Middlesex, Virginia; died January 11, 1745/46.
  More About Alice Grymes:
Christening: August 16, 1724, Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia

  vii.   Benjamin Grymes, born January 19, 1724/25 in Middlesex, Virginia; died Abt. 1774.
  More About Benjamin Grymes:
Christening: February 06, 1724/25, Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia

  viii.   Sarah Grymes, born January 27, 1726/27 in Virginia; died October 02, 1731.
  ix.   Charles Grymes, born March 11, 1729/30 in Middlesex, Virginia; died September 19, 1732.
  More About Charles Grymes:
Christening: March 18, 1729/30, Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia

  x.   Ludwell Grymes, born April 26, 1733 in Brandon, Virginia; died Bef. 1795.
  More About Ludwell Grymes:
Christening: May 06, 1733, Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia

      634. Sir John Randolph, born July 20, 1693 in Turkey Island, Henrico County, Virginia; died March 16, 1736/37 in England. He was the son of 1068. Col. William Randolph and 1069. Mary Isham. He married 635. Susannah Beverley.

      635. Susannah Beverley, born 1693 in Henrico County, Virginia; died March 15, 1736/37. She was the daughter of 1270. Peter Beverley and 1271. Elizabeth Peyton.

  Notes for Susannah Beverley:
Sister of her brother-in-law William's wife.
Children of John Randolph and Susannah Beverley are:
  i.   Beverley Randolph, born Abt. 1720.
  ii.   Peyton Randolph, born 1721; married Betty Harrison.
  318 iii.   John Randolph, born 1727; died January 31, 1784 in Brampton, England; married (1) Ariana Jennings; married (2) Arianna Jennings.
  317 iv.   Mary Randolph, born 1729 in Glouchester County, Virginia; died January 10, 1768 in Williamsburg, Virginia; married Philip Ludwell Grymes December 08, 1741.

      638. Edmund Jennings III, born Abt. 1700 in Virginia; died March 03, 1759 in Bath, England. He was the son of 1276. Gov. Edmund Jennings and 1277. Francis Corbin. He married 639. Ariana Vanderheyden 1727.

      639. Ariana Vanderheyden, born Abt. 1685 in Virginia; died April 1741 in London, England. She was the daughter of 1278. Matthias Vanderheyden and 1279. Anna Margaretta Herman.

More About Edmund Jennings and Ariana Vanderheyden:
Marriage: 1727
Children of Edmund Jennings and Ariana Vanderheyden are:
  i.   Peter Jennings
  ii.   Edmund Jennings IV
  iii.   Charles Jennings
  319 iv.   Ariana Jennings, born 1727 in Virginia; died 1801; married John Randolph.

      928. Daniel Strang, born 1715; died September 25, 1793. He was the son of 1856. Daniel Strang and 1857. Phebe Purdy. He married 929. Elizabeth Galpin in Kingstreet, CT.

      929. Elizabeth Galpin

More About Daniel Strang and Elizabeth Galpin:
Marriage: Kingstreet, CT
Children of Daniel Strang and Elizabeth Galpin are:
  464 i.   Daniel Strang, born Abt. 1743; died January 27, 1777.
  ii.   Joseph Strang, born August 16, 1747; died July 10, 1824; married Mary Nillow.

      954. Capt. John McIntrre, born 1724; died November 30, 1796.
Child of Capt. John McIntrre is:
  477 i.   Mary McIntrre, born Abt. 1761 in St. George, Maine; died February 20, 1832; married Rev. John Urquhart October 07, 1776 in Bristol, Lincoln County, Maine.

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