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I have been researching the LOCKLIN family, off and on, since 1977. Genealogy can be a pain-staking task but one of the most thrilling endeavors and labor of love in which you can devote your spare time and interests.

To the best of my research and knowledge, over the many years, my LOCKLIN family begins in the US with Samuel Locklin (1770-1853) and Celia Zachry (1778-1848) who married December 24th 1797 in Warren Co., GA.

Information transcribed from the Old Bible Records of William Lawrence Locklin (1774-1837) as follows:
The following records taken from the old family Bible of William Locklin.
William Locklin was born Nov 11th A.D. 1774 and died March 18th A.D. 1837, and was buried at Claiborne Upper Graveyd.
[note on side reads: Born in the State of Georgia]
Mary Locklin was born March 10th A.D. 1779, and died October 31st A.D. 1825. buried Claiborne.
[note on side reads: 1st wife]
Amelia Locklin was born Jany 4th A.D. 1806, and died Decr 2nd 1849, buried at Claiborne
[note on side reads: 2nd wife]
William and Amelia Locklin were married the 7th of Jany 1827.
Sarah Jane Locklin was born June 6th A.D. 1829, died 2nd September 1833, buried at Claiborne.
Samuel Locklin was born July 16th 1831, died July 27th 1831.
Coolidge Locklin was born May 4th 1833, died June 5th 1833.
Samuel Locklin was born Aug 8th 1772.
John Locklin was born the 5th of Decr 1782, and died in Andrew Jacksons Army 8th of Jany 1815.
Samuel Locklin father of Wm Locklin was born in Scotland & married there. He came to American before the birth of his son Wm Locklin.
Samuel Lachland/Locklin's birth record in the OPR lists him as born May 28th 1744, son of William Lachland (and Jonet/Janet Cook) born at Newton-Upon-Ayr, Scotland. From the above Bible Records, we know that Samuel Lachland/Locklin and his wife [name unknown] had a son, Samuel Locklin born Aug 8th 1772, probably in Scotland, and immigrated to the United States sometime after 1770/1772 and before November 11th 1774. After arriving in America, we also know they had at least 2 more sons, William Lawrence Locklin and John Locklin. Samuel's headstone in the Locklin Cemetery shows his date of birth as August 8th 1770. It is also "believed" that there were 2 daughters born to Samuel Lachland/Locklin - Nancy Locklin and Martha Locklin. Nancy is recorded in GA Marriage records as having married Joseph Douglass, April 4th 1800 in Columbia Co., GA. Martha is recorded as marrying John L Griffeth Sr in Columbia Co., GA, on December 7th 1792. The daughters were not listed in the Bible records, so their being Samuel Lachland/Locklin's daughter is speculation at this time.

This Page Created - May 9, 1999
Book Updated - May 13, 2001
Reports Last Updated - March 11, 2006

August 18th 2005
The biggest thrill I have had during my research of the Locklin family was when I moved back from VA to TX in May 2001. I was able to visit the Locklin Cemetery in High Shoals, Walton Co., GA. I was moved beyond words to walk through the cemetery and touch the headstone of my 4th great grandparents. I placed flowers and wondered around in awe. The photos taken that day may be viewed on the Walton Co., GA, Rootsweb page, in a Virtual Cemetery or at

May 17th 2012
In October 2011, I created group page on Facebook titled "Descendants of Samuel Lachland/Locklin (1744-????)". If you are a descendant, please contact me on Facebook so I can add you to our family group. Currently, we have 291 descendants in the group. We are sharing photos, stories and other information. It is a "private" group which is by invitation only where only those in the group can read the posts and information and view the photos added there. We live far and wide across the US. Many of us have never met one another. It is always good to find another cousin and get to know one another!
My profile name on Facebook is:
Sarah Locklin Taylor
The Samuel Lachland/Locklin Descendants
Updated May 17, 2012


Sarah Locklin Taylor

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Family Photos

  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor (25 KB)
    Kayrinn Marie Taylor is the granddaughter of the site owner, Sarah Locklin Taylor. She was born 4/4/00, Round Rock, Williamson Co., TX.
  • Sarah Janell Lockin Taylor - Age 34 (119 KB)
    Headshots Photo, Austin, TX 1992
  • The Mark & Sarah Taylor Family as of 11/20/1999 (93 KB)
    Left to Right: Mother - Sarah, Oldest Son - Trent, Trent's Wife - Crystal, Father - Mark, Youngest Son - Terry, and Future Wife of Terry - Amber Hill (to be married 7/15/2000)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Trenton Colby Taylor (54 KB)
    Trenton Colby Taylor and Crystal Lynn Hurt, Married Nov. 20 1999, Rockdale, Milam Co., TX
  • James Lee Locklin (117 KB)
    Father of Sarah Locklin Taylor, Olan Mills portrait, approximate age - 18 (circa 1938-40)
  • Clyde Rolston and Charles O'Neil Majors (19 KB)
    Charlie (left), Clyde (right) - ca 1939.
  • James Zachoriah Locklin (326 KB)
    In Loving Memory of Dear Uncle J.Z. Locklin, Born Jan. 27, 1840, Died Nov. 27, 1923, Age 83 years, 10 months, Gone But Not Forgotten. A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in one home, Which never can be filled. God in His wisdom has recalled, The boon his love had given, And though the body slumber here, The soul is safe in Heaven.
  • Nancy Victoria Locklin Fulcher (147 KB)
    "Aunt Nancy" - Photo circa 1930. (2nd great-grand aunt of Sarah Locklin Taylor)
  • Darron Creg Mixon and Joshua Ryan Outlaw (27 KB)
    Graduation 05/09/1999 - Darron Creg Mixon and 1st cousin - Joshua Ryan Outlaw
  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor (220 KB)
    Photo #1 - Trent & Crystal's favorite from photos taken on May 27, 2000 (7 weeks & 2 days old). Photos taken at Temple, TX Wal-Mart.
  • Trenton Colby "Taz" Taylor (357 KB)
    Thorndale Bulldogs, 1995 Texas Class A Back-to-Back State Champions. 1994 & 1995 Win/Loss Record, 32-0.
  • Terry Lee and Colby Lee Taylor - Sept 18, 2005 (92 KB)
    Terry and Colby at Colby's 3rd birthday party, Thorndale City Park Pavillion.
  • Morgan Grace Robillio and Daryl Douglas Robillio (63 KB)
    Morgan and Daryl Robillio, children of Craig and Nancy Joan Majors Robillio. (photos taken 05/09/1999)
  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor with Teddy Bear (199 KB)
    Photo #5 - Granny Sarah's favorite of photos taken May 27, 2000 (7 weeks & 2 days old). Photos taken in Temple, TX at Wal-Mart.
  • Terry Lee "Zombie" Taylor (344 KB)
    Thorndale Bulldogs, 1995 Texas Class A Back-to-Back State Champions. 1994 & 1995 Win/Loss Record, 32-0.
  • Sarah Janell Locklin Taylor - Feb. 15, 2003 (13 KB)
    Sarah Janell Locklin Taylor, age 44, Rockdale, Milam Co., TX.
  • Becky and Nancy Majors (49 KB)
    Daughter - Rebecca Jo Majors Mixon (05/14/2000), Mother - Nancy Myrle Locklin Majors (05/29/1999).
  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor (265 KB)
    Photo #2 - 7 Weeks & 2 days Old, May 27, 2000, Temple, TX Wal-Mart
  • Theodore Francis Locklin Family (347 KB)
    Left to Right: Father - Theodore Francis Locklin, Mother - Eva Burke Locklin, Oldest Son - Francis Burke Locklin, Youngest Son - James Lee Locklin, Daughter - Edna Earle Locklin Byrer, Grandson - Charles Theodore Byrer. Picture ca 1946
  • Theodore Francis Locklin (134 KB)
    Photo possibly taken between 1942-1943, Thorndale, Milam Co., TX.
  • Jason Terry Majors (31 KB)
    Jason "Terry" Majors, youngest son of Charles O'Neil and Nancy Myrle Locklin Majors. Photo ca 2000.
  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor (215 KB)
    Photo #3 - May 27, 2000 (7 weeks & 2 days old), taken at Temple, TX Wal-Mart
  • Francis Burke Locklin (174 KB)
    "Uncle Burke" Photo ca 1938.
  • Trent Taylor - Fishing Pic - March 7, 2006 (44 KB)
    That's a big bass! Trent's new record catch. Way to go Trent - you are following in the Taylor family footsteps as a great fisherman. Your PawPaw Locklin is proud of you!
  • The Melvin Mixon Family (23 KB)
    Back Row (L-R) "Those Mixon Men": Darron Creg Mixon, Melvin Ray Mixon, Jr., Melvin Ray Mixon, Sr., Fron Row (L-R): Chandra Wilson Mixon (wife of Melvin Jr.) and Rebecca Jo Majors Mixon (wife of Melvin Sr.) Photo taken 05/09/1999.
  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor (271 KB)
    Photo #4 - May 27, 2000 (7 weeks & 2 days old) Taken at Temple, TX Wal-Mart
  • Sarah Janell Locklin - Age 3 or 4 (172 KB)
    Photo taken at C.A. Forbes Dry Goods Store, Thorndale, TX, ca 1961 or 1962
  • Terry Taylor's First Buck - Nov. 12, 2005 (9 KB)
    Alright Terry! Your first buck, at long last! Terry and son, Colby, with 8 point buck - Fairfield, TX. Your PawPaw Locklin is proud of you!
  • Trenton Colby Taylor Family (27 KB)
    Trenton Colby Taylor, Crystal Lynn Hurt Taylor and Kayrinn Marie Taylor. Photo May 2000
  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor (283 KB)
    Photo #6 - May 27, 2000 (7 weeks & 2 days old) - Wonder who she is reaching for? Isn't that Sweet? Taken at Temple, TX Wal-Mart
  • Trent Taylor - 8 lb. 2 oz Bass - Fairfield, TX (52 KB)
    Nice birthday fishing trip for Trent. He caught this bass on Jan. 29, 2006, at the Fairfield Power Plant Lake on a fishing trip with his Dad, Mark Wayne Taylor. Those Taylor least 4 generations great fishermen.
  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor - Christmas 2000 (20 KB)
    Kayrinn Marie Taylor, daughter of Trenton Colby and Crystal Lynn Hurt Taylor. Christmas 2000
  • Kayrinn Marie Taylor (245 KB)
    Photo #7 - May 27, 2000 (7 weeks & 2 days old) Taken at Temple, TX Wal-Mart
  • Trent Taylor & Wess Miller - Nice Catch - 3/7/2006 (47 KB)
    Wow! Trent took his friend and co-worker, Wess Miller, fishing with him .... what a great fishing day for them! Trent's fish - 9 lbs. 2 oz, Wess' fish - 7 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lee Taylor (50 KB)
    Terry Lee Taylor and Amber Rae Hill, married 07/15/2000, First Baptist Church, Academy, TX.
  • Laura Alice Anderson - age 15 (34 KB)
    Daughter of John Wesley Anderson and Rosa Nell McFarland. Granddaughter of William Pinkney Anderson and Catharine Fokes. Great Granddaughter of John and Abagail McLennan Fokes.
  • 4 Generations - Ball, Dickerson, Locklin, Majors (34 KB)
    Left to Right: Ima Dickerson Locklin (grandmother), Nancy Myrle Locklin Majors (mother) hold Charles O'Neil Majors, II (child - born 03/18/1953), and Mary Ball Dickerson (great grandmother). Photo ca 1953-1954.
  • William Pinkney "Will" Anderson (21 KB)
    Son of John Wesley Anderson and Rosa Nell McFarland. Grandson of William Pinkney Anderson and Catharine Fokes. Great Grandson of John and Abagail McLennan Fokes.
  • Charlie and "Emmer" Catharine Anderson Erchanbach (21 KB)
    Charlie and Emmer married in 1912 in Milam Co., TX. Emma Catharine Anderson is a daughter of John Wesley Anderson and Rosa Nell McFarland. Granddaughter of William Pinkney Anderson and Catharine Fokes. Great Granddaughter of John and Abagail McLennan Fokes.
  • Francis Burke Lockin Family - November 1974 (412 KB)
    Left to Right, Top to Bottom: (Daughters)Dixie Lou Locklin and Deanna Delores Locklin, Mother - Delores Maxine Walthers Locklin and Francis Burke Locklin.
  • Theodore Francis Locklin (433 KB)
    In front of Grisham Meat Market, Thorndale, TX where he worked as a butcher.
  • Sarah Janell Locklin (74 KB)
    8 months old
  • Trent & Terry Taylor (294 KB)
    Brothers In Action...Trent running the ball, Terry leading the blocking.
  • Terry and Amber Taylor with Taylor Family (96 KB)
    Left to Right: Uncle - Shawn Taylor, Groom - Terry Taylor, Bride - Amber Rae Hill Taylor, Father - Mark Taylor, Mother - Sarah Janell Locklin Taylor, Brother - Trent Taylor
  • Headstone of Samuel & Celia Zachry Locklin (96 KB)
    Locklin Cemetery, Walton Co., GA Photo taken May 28, 2001.
  • Trenton Colby Taylor - 1st grade (68 KB)
    Thorndale Elementary School, Thorndale, TX, 1983
  • Wyatt Zachory Locklin and Ima Dickerson Locklin (27 KB)
    "Dude & Ima", date unknown.
  • James Lee & Henrietta Locklin and Grandsons (412 KB)
    James Lee and Henrietta Marie Benad Locklin and their two grandsons. Terry Lee Taylor is 6 days old and brother Trenton Colby Taylor is 2 years, 2-1/2 months old. Photo taken 04/24/1979 at their home in Thorndale, Milam Co., TX.
  • Terry Lee Taylor (125 KB)
    Kindergarten or 1st grade...have to double check this one....will up date soon.
  • William "Will" Pinkney and Adessa Storrs Anderson (24 KB)
    Will and Dess' wedding photo. They were married 5 Jan 1917. Will is a son of John Wesley Anderson and Rosa Nell McFarland. Grandson of William Pinkney and Catharine Fokes Anderson. Great Grandson of John and Abagail McLennan Fokes.
  • Crystal Lynn Hurt Taylor (36 KB)
    Senior Photo - 1995
  • Momma Burke & Uncle Burke (159 KB)
    Cora Louise Page Burke (Mrs. Dowen Sibley Burke) and grandson Francis Burke Locklin - ca 1915
  • Wyatt Zachory Locklin (31 KB)
    Dude Locklin, ca 1914-1919
  • Betty Lou Shipman Loyd (38 KB)
    A wonderful picture of Betty when she was 16. Isn't she pretty! Daughter of John and Laura (Anderson) Shipman. Granddaughter of John and Rosa (McFarland) Anderson. Great granddaughter of William P. and Catharine (Fokes) Anderson and the great great granddaughter of John and Abagail (McLennan) Fokes.
  • Crystal Lynn Hurt Taylor (63 KB)
    Cap & Gown Graduation Photo - Class of 1995, Rockdale High School, Rockdale, TX
  • Thorndale High School Class of 1939 (735 KB)
    Bottom Row - 1st on left - James Lee Locklin
  • Wyatt Zachory & Charles Eugene Locklin (25 KB)
    Dude and Charles Gene. One of few pictures of Charles Eugene that exists. He was born 7/24/1928 and died 5/31/1930.
  • Betty Lou Shipman Loyd (21 KB)
    Betty Lou at 72. Still as pretty as ever! Daughter of John and Laura (Anderson) Shipman. Granddaughter of John and Rosa (McFarland) Anderson. Great granddaughter of William P. and Catharine (Fokes) Anderson and the great great granddaughter of John and Abagail (McLennan) Fokes.
  • Crystal Lynn Hurt Taylor (34 KB)
    Senior Portrait - Class of 1995, Rockdale High School, Rockdale, TX
  • Jay Francis Locklin - 1995-1996 (45 KB)
    Son of James Lee Locklin, named for Francis Burke Locklin (Uncle) and Theodore Francis Locklin (Grandfather)
  • The Charles O'Neil Majors Family - 1966 (25 KB)
    Back Row (L-R) Charles O'Neil Majors, Robbie Sue Majors, Nancy Myrle Locklin Majors, Cheryl Ann Majors. Front Row (L-R) Charles O'Neil Majors, Jr., John Timothy Majors, Rebecca Jo Majors, and Nancy Joan Majors
  • Charles Neal McLennan Fokes (15 KB)
    Son of Charles Neal Fokes and Frances Locklin. Husband of Lorena Zora Clark.
  • Nancy Myrle Locklin (20 KB)
    Nancy, ca 1950
  • Lorena Zora Clark Fokes (14 KB)
    Daughter of Walter Hogshead Clark and Almina Wilson. Wife of Charles Neal McLennan Fokes.
  • Charles O'Neil & Nancy Myrle Locklin Majors (27 KB)
    Left to right: Elizabeth Rolston Aavrett, Earl Bownds (husband of Florence Rolston), Verlie Pauline Rolston Majors (mother of the groom), (behind Verlie) Dora Belle Ellis Majors (wife of groom's brother - Clyde Rolston Majors, who performed the wedding ceremony), Charles O'Neil Majors (the groom), (Behind Charlie) Florence Rolston Bownds, Nancy Myrle Locklin Majors (the bride), (not sure of the next lady - possibly) Belle Rolston Guthrie (if so, another sister of Verlie's), Imagene Dickerson Locklin (mother of the bride), (Ima's sister) Lilian Dickerson Scott and her husband Dewy Scott.
  • Neill Love McLennan Sr. (133 KB)
    Neill Love McLennan Sr, son of John McLennan and Catherine McKinnon. Born Sept 2, 1787 - Isle of Skye, Scotland. Immigrated to the US abt 1801, North Carolina. Migrated to FL abt 1816 & to TX btw 1834-1835. Husband of Christian A Campbell.
  • Charles O'Neil Majors, Jr. and Nancy Joan Majors (47 KB)
    Brother and Sister. Charlie (L), Joan (R) - 05/09/1999
  • Christian A Campbell McLennan (138 KB)
    Daughter of John Campbell and Christian Douglas. She was born Aug 1797 in NC. Wife of Neill Love McLennan Sr.
  • 4 Generations - Locklin, Majors, Mixon and Mixon (40 KB)
    Great Grandmother - Nancy Myrle Locklin Majors, Grandmother - Rebecca Jo Majors Mixon, Father - Melvin Ray Mixon, Jr., and Daughter - Payton Grace Mixon (b. 04/27/2001). See also in this photo section - 4 Generations - Ball, Dickerson, Locklin and Majors. The Mother (Nancy Myrle Locklin Majors) in that photo is the Great Grandmother in this photo!
  • Colby Lee Taylor (86 KB)
    September 2007 - Two weeks before his 5th birthday!
  • Colby Lee Taylor - Sept 2003 - age 1 (177 KB)
    Colby Lee Taylor - son of Terry Lee Taylor - grandson of Sarah Janell Locklin Taylor.

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