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Ancestors of *Louis Charles Teague

Generation No. 7

      64. Capt. *Elijah Teague, born 01 May 1726 in North Sassafras Parish, Cecil Co, MD154; died Abt 1780 in Black Jack, Newberry Co, SC. He was the son of 128. *William Teague and 129. *Isabella Pennington. He married 65. *Ailsey (Alice/Alce/Alee) Davis Abt 1745 in Cecil, MD155.

      65. *Ailsey (Alice/Alce/Alee) Davis, born Abt 1727 in VA; died Aft. 25 Mar 1789 in SC156.

Notes for Capt. *Elijah Teague:
There are varying accounts of Capt. Elijah Teague. Different sources say he was born in different places (possibly St. Mary Ann's, Cecil Co, MD, rather than place documented above). Death Date is listed as both 1772 and 1780. Information continues to be quite elusive as to the death of Capt. Elijah Teague. The one story that remains consistent is that he was murdered by Tories. He is listed on p 640 of the book, "Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774" by Murtie June Clark, as having been commissioned as Captain in Rowan Co, NC and serving between the years of 1760 and 1764 (during the French & Indian War). -bet

The following information was found in census listing:

1779 TEAGUE ELIJAH Ninety-sixdis SC To Township Listed SC Early Census Index SCS1a3104043

This information, coupled with the fact that Elijah Teague was listed as a Revolutionary War soldier from Newberry County in "Newberry County: Historical and Genealogical Annals" by George Leland Summer, would indicate that 1780 is the accurate DOD for Elijah. -bet

Elijah Teague is listed in the following website has having been part of the Regulator Movement in North Carolina:

More About Capt. *Elijah Teague:
Burial: Bush River Baptist Church, Newberry, SC
Cause of Death: murdered by Tories
Military service: Bet. 1760 - 1764, French & Indian War
Military service #2: Bef. 1780, Revolutionary War

Notes for *Ailsey (Alice/Alce/Alee) Davis:
According to Alan Lerwick (, Ailsey was the name used in a family Bible. The modern-day equivalent of Ailsey is Elsie. Transcribers who were not familiar with the name Ailsey made errors in writing; hence the name Alce, which was misread as Alee and corrupted as Alice.

Ailsey's maiden name remains a mystery. I've seen her listed as Davis, Morgan, Kennedy, Aisley, and most recently have seen her name as Leavell.

Ailsey (Alice) is listed on p. 2896 of the DAR Patriot Index Centennial Edition as having done public service during the Revolutionary War.

Stub Entries to Indents Issued in Payment of Claims Against South Carolina Growing Out of the Revolution Books R-T p. 157 states:
No 318 Book S
            Issued the 16 of June 1785 to Mrs. Alee Teague
      for Two Pounds Nineteen Shillings and Seven
      Pence Sterling for Provision and Forage for
      Militia use in 1782 as pr. Account Audited ----------
            Principal--2--19--7----Annual Interest 0--4--2------

(In this record the "C" were miscopied as an "E"; hence Alce became Alee.) The next entry in the book is to her son Samuel Teague.

More About *Ailsey (Alice/Alce/Alee) Davis:
Burial: Bush River Baptist Church, Newberry, SC
Military service: Bet. 1775 - 1783, Military service offered to Continental Army during Revolutionary War
Children of *Elijah Teague and *Ailsey Davis are:
  i.   Joshua Teague, born Abt 1746 in Fredericks, VA; died 12 Mar 1816 in Newberry, SC; married Hannah.
  Notes for Joshua Teague:

Death Date approximate: 12 Mar, 1816.

  ii.   John Teague, born Abt 1750 in MD; died Abt 1805; married Sharah / Mrs John Teague.
  32 iii.   *Samuel Teague, born 02 Mar 1759 in NC; died 26 Feb 1841 in Newton Twp, Miami, Ohio; married *Rebecca Furnas 01 Mar 1783 in Bush River, Newberry, SC.
  iv.   Susannah Teague, born Abt 1761 in Rowan, NC; died 07 Oct 1829 in Newberry, SC; married Thomas Brooks in Newberry, SC.
  More About Susannah Teague:
Burial: 07 Oct 1829, Newberry, SC

  v.   Charity Teague, born Abt 1763 in MD; died Abt 1853.
  vi.   Elijah Teague, born 02 Sep 1767 in Orange, NC; died 11 Feb 1843 in Benton, AL; married Sarah Morgan; born Abt 1786.
  More About Elijah Teague:
Burial: Calhoune, AL

      66. *John Furnas, born 05 Mar 1734/35 in Standing Stone, England; died 05 Aug 1777 in Bush River, Newberry, SC. He was the son of 132. *Thomas Furnas and 133. *Rebecca Atkinson. He married 67. *Mary Wilkinson 24 Mar 1762 in Standing Stone, England.

      67. *Mary Wilkinson, born 19 Sep 1742 in Wigton, England; died 06 Oct 1782 in Bush River, Newberry, SC. She was the daughter of 134. *Joseph Wilkinson and 135. *Esther / Mrs Joseph Wilkinson.

Notes for *John Furnas:
Birth Date 5 MAR 1736? John Furnas was quite athletic when a young man Legend brings to us a story of his ability as a swimmer. When the waters of the shore of England were sailed by many a pirate ship. John and a mate were taken captive by a pirate crew, John made a vow he would not be a slave nor stay on board long. One dark night he and his mate fastened their clothing on their backs and jumped overboard and were soon swimming toward what they supposed to be an island. They were shot at but miraculously escaped being hit. They swam for a long time and at last John's mate said he could go no farther and sank to a watery grave, and John swam on for a short distance and landed on an island in safety. Later he was picked up by a friendly ship. (taken from an account by Tanzy Furnas, written in the late 1800s)

More About *John Furnas:
Immigration: 1763, The Ridge, Charleston, SC

More About *Mary Wilkinson:
Immigration: 1763, The Ridge, Charleston, SC
Children of *John Furnas and *Mary Wilkinson are:
  i.   Joseph Furnas, born 20 Feb 1763 in born on boat in Charleston Harbor, SC; died 25 Jul 1812 in Bush River, Newberry, SC; married Sarah Pearson 30 Sep 1790 in Bush River, Newberry, SC.
  Notes for Sarah Pearson:
Sarah is the half-sister of Benjamin Pearson, who married Joseph Furnas's sister, Esther.

  33 ii.   *Rebecca Furnas, born 19 Apr 1764 in The Ridge, SC; died 27 Jun 1842 in OH; married *Samuel Teague 01 Mar 1783 in Bush River, Newberry, SC.
  iii.   John Furnas, born 05 Aug 1765 in Bush River, Newberry, SC; died 03 Sep 1830 in Bush River, Newberry, SC; married (1) Esther Wilson 25 Nov 1790 in Bush River, Newberry, SC; married (2) Ruth Cook 01 Mar 1798 in Bush River, Newberry, SC; born 25 Aug 1776; died Abt 1822.
  iv.   Thomas Wilkinson Furnas, born 23 Mar 1768 in Bush River, Newberry, SC; died 11 Oct 1846; married Rachel Coate 01 Jul 1792.
  v.   Esther Furnas, born 04 Jul 1770 in Bush River, Newberry, SC; died 14 May 1835; married Benjamin Pearson 29 Apr 1790 in Bush River, Newberry, SC.
  Notes for Benjamin Pearson:
Benjamin was the half-brother of Sarah Pearson, who married Joseph Furnas.

  vi.   Robert Furnas, born 27 Jun 1772 in Bush River, Newberry, SC; died 15 Feb 1863; married Hannah Wilson 16 Feb 1796.
  vii.   William Furnas, born 29 May 1775; died 21 Dec 1833; married Rachel Wesley.

      68. *Joseph Coppock157, born 24 Apr 1742 in Cecil, MD157; died Abt 1799 in Newberry, SC157. He was the son of 136. *John Coppock and 137. *Margaret Coulson. He married 69. *Jane Wilson 04 Mar 1769 in Little Britain, Lancaster, PA157.

      69. *Jane Wilson157, born 29 Sep 1751 in Chester, Delaware Co, PA; died 10 Sep 1823 in Union Twp, Miami, OH. She was the daughter of 138. *John Wilson and 139. *Ruth / Mrs John Wilson.

Notes for *Joseph Coppock:
Joseph Coppock is listed in the DAR Patriot index as follows:

COPPOCK , Joseph
Birth: MD 24 Jul 1742 Rank: PS
Service: SC
Death: SC Before (ante) 2 Mar 1801
Patriot Pensioned: No
Widow Pensioned: No
Children Pensioned: No
Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouse: (1) Jane Wilson
Children of *Joseph Coppock and *Jane Wilson are:
  i.   John Coppock, born 14 Feb 1770158; married Nancy Littlejohn.
  34 ii.   *Thomas Coppock, born 20 Feb 1771 in Cecil, MD; died 29 May 1834 in Miami, OH; married *Elisabeth Mast Bef. 31 Dec 1796 in prob SC.
  iii.   Benjamin Coppock, born 30 Oct 1772158

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