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Ancestors of Teddy Ray Tedford

Generation No. 3

      4. William Henry Tedford, born December 10, 1855 in Hardeman county, Tennessee; died Bet. 1920 - 1930 in most likely Floyd County, Texas. He was the son of 8. William Carroll Tedford and 9. Edith Hudson. He married 5. Dicie Ann Elizabeth Bryce Abt. 1879 in Izard county, Arkansas.

      5. Dicie Ann Elizabeth Bryce, born October 13, 1853 in Carroll county, Georgia; died October 17, 1939 in Plainview, Hale county, Texas. She was the daughter of 10. Robert Bryce and 11. Mary Ann Butler.

Notes for William Henry Tedford:
      " I don't know anything about Grandpa Tedford [ William Henry ] other than he and his sons were ""Lady chaser"" I know that Dad and Uncle Ed were, but Uncle LeRoy was a preacher and Uncle Mark wasn't all that handsome. When Grandpa died I was just a toddler. He use to keep up with me while the women worked. He was a small man, silver hair and mustache. I've seen pictures of him, but I don't think I have any. " from Vivian Tedford Guynes\
      The census report dated June 4, 1880, in the township of Jefferson, in Izard county, Arkansas on page 346 and the 34th family shows the following information;
Tedford,      William ; a white mail at the age of 26, a married farmer, born in TN
      Dicy A. ; his wife a white female at the age of 27, born in Alabama
      Adna E. his daughter born in Oct 1879
            It is assumed that by the evidence of this report, William and Dicie would have been married in the county of Izard.\\
      The information given in the 1910 census of Comanche county, Oklahoma, Cotton Co. Devol township. Recorded April 13, 1910 and listed on Roll #1248 and page 187.\\
      This record shows that they had had eight children and of these, only five were still living at the time of this count, those at home were; James Mark at 19 years of age, Theodore at at 18 and Edgar was 15. this also shows that their farm was rented. At some point after this count they moved to Floydada, Texas. This move is not expected to have been more than just a couple of years, since the marriage between Theodore and Carrie Russell took place in 1913.
      The census of 1920 finds William living in Floyd county, Texas. He was a 65 year old wage working farmer, and Dicie was 66 years of age. Also in the home was James Mark, at 27 years old, and was working as a farm labor on salary. With Mark being single, and this was a short time after returning home from service in WW I.
      I will try not to create any more confusion than what is already in effect. By this I will explain. The death records in the State of Texas on microfilm shows only one W.H. Tedford. this man was from Freona, Texas and he had died in Lubbock. It would seem that who ever was responsible for making this list, may have thought that it was a duplication, and inadvertently left one W.H. Tedford off this list. The one that this report is about was the one left off that list.
      The Tedford that was listed had died on December 4, 1928. If note should be made of this, let it be that he was not the son of William Carroll Tedford.

  Notes for Dicie Ann Elizabeth Bryce:
      Aunt Lula and Uncle Mark took Grandma once to live with them for awhile. It turned out to be a short while however. They drove up into the yard after a couple of weeks with her and left her setting in the yard on her feather bed, as they drove off. It would seem that nobody, with the exception of Carry, Theodore's wife, could put up with her. It would seem that in her eyes the only people of importance were her own children, that is of course her four sons. As for the daughters in law, there were just none good enough for her sons. There isn't much known about Emma, Dicie's daughter, and how she may have felt about her.

      " Funeral services were conducted yesterday for Mrs. Dicie A. Tedford, 86, who died Monday night at the home here of her son, Theodore Tedford, following an illness of several weeks.
      Dr. E. A. Reed, paster of the Plainview Methodist Church, officiated in services held at 4 o'clock at the Roy Wood Funeral Chaple.
      Mrs. Tedford came here two years ago from Oklahoma to make her home with her son. Three other sons and a daughter survive. She had been a member of the Methodist church since girlhood.
      Pallbearers were Otis Day, Johnny Day, James Guynes, Monroe Wood, Willard Tedford and Enoch Tedford, both grandsons. Interment was in the Plainview Cemetery under direction of the Roy Wood Funeral Home."
      On the certificate of death there is some points of information that may need clearing up. The certificate states that her father was J. Bryce, his name was Robert. Theodore was the one giving this information and may just not have been prepared at that time. Dicie had a brother by the name of James D. Bryce, a picture of who is in my files. The tintype of which, is in the possession of Vickie Tedford Guynes, of Stockton, California.

More About Dicie Ann Elizabeth Bryce:
Cause of Death: Senile dementia and a contributary cause was TB
Fact 1: October 17, 1939, Death certificate #46279 Texas
Children of William Tedford and Dicie Bryce are:
  i.   Edna E. Tedford, born April 1880 in Izard county, Arkansas; married R. Lee Day
  ii.   William LeRoy Tedford, born May 22, 1886 in Izard county, Arkansas; died October 07, 1954 in Onterio, California; married Rachel Ann LeMaster November 22, 1908 in Burkburnet, Wichita county, Texas; born Abt. 1889.
  Notes for William LeRoy Tedford:
      The 1920 census of Montague county, Texas finds William with his wife and children, as follows:
Tedford,      William L. at 33 years of age born in Arkansas
      Annie E his wife at 31 years, born in Arkansas
      Blanche M. his daughter at 9 years, born in Oklahoma
      James H. his son at 7 years, born in Texas
      Roy B. his son at 4 9/12, born in Texas
      D. A. his son at 8/12 year, born in Texas

  iii.   James Mark Tedford, born June 18, 1890 in Montague county, Texas; died October 11, 1953 in Plainview, Hale county, Texas Lubbock ; married Lula
  Notes for James Mark Tedford:
\\       James is described as being a little short man who liked to talk about his life in the military.                       

                        JAMES MARK TEDFORD \\
      Mark was a veteran of WW I. He was in the home of his father in the census of 1920, we have to take into a count that the war had end only a short time before this count so it is not surprising that a single man would be in the home of his parents.
      It has also been noted by some that he was ill for the remainder of his life due to the war. I don't know if he were wounded or not.
      Funeral services for James Mark Tedford, 63, will be conducted Tuesday afternoon in the College Heights Baptist Church with Rev. Ralph Reasor officiating.
      Tedford, who has been in ill health for many years due to a heart condition, died Sunday afternoon in the Lubbock Memorial Hospital.
      He came to West Texas as a young man form Randlett, Oklahoma, was a veteran of WW I and a member of the American Legion. While living in Plainview he has made his home living with his brother, T. H. Tedford, 10th and Canyon Streets.
      He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Milton Jackson and two grandchildren of Brownwood, three brothers and one sister and a number of nieces and nephews.
      McDonald Funeral Home in Lubbock have charge of arrangements. Interment will be in the Plainview Cemetery beside the grave of his mother.

  iv.   Theodore H. Tedford, born December 23, 1891 in Montague county, Texas; died January 09, 1962 in Plainview, Hale county, Texas; married Carrie Arzelia Russell April 26, 1913 in Floydada, Floyd county, Texas; born February 04, 1892; died December 14, 1971 in Gray county, Texas.
  Notes for Theodore H. Tedford:
      In the 1920 census of Floyd county, is found Theodore and Carrie both at the age of 28, having at home their children, Edith 5 and 10/12 years, Thelma at 4 and 6/12, and Willard at 2 and 9/12. Theodore's father is found in the same township of Floydada nearby.
      Theodore moved to Plainview, Texas from Tulia in 1937. He was a retired blacksmith. He mas a native of Montague county, Texas, and married in Floydada, in 1913. Theodore lived to be seventy years of age, and died at home from a prolonged illness. was buried at Plainview Memorial Park. Survivors include his wife, Carrie; six sons and daughters, Mrs. Edith Wood, of Odessa, Texas, Mrs Thelma Ludlum and E. R. Tedford, both of Plainview, Mrs Mildred Wallace of Redding, California, Mrs. Vivian Guynes, of Stockton, California and E. R. Tedford of Amarillo; one brother, Ed Tedford, of Crosbyton, Texas one sister Emma Day, of Lubbock ; 17 grandchildren and 10 grate grandchildren. The Rev. Albert Hinchley, and John Traylor of College Heights Baptist Church will officiate.
      It may have been thought that Theodore middle name may have been Henry after his father William Henry, but it was no more than an initial 'H'. his was not given him at his birth, but later in life. It seems that everyone thought that he should have a middle name or initial. Theodore gave this to himself, it is possibility that he may have had Henry in mind, but it is not known. According to the Texas death Index he was shown as Theodore Henry, but remember that this information may have been given by someone who assumed that to be correct. Vivian Vickie Tedford Guynes\\

  2 v.   Edgar Alberta Tedford, born March 25, 1895 in Indian Territory, Ringling, Comanche county, Oklahoma; died March 19, 1976 in Crosbyton, Crosby county, Texas; married (1) Alma Celesta Creola Jackson September 05, 1917 in Floydada, Floyd county, Texas; married (2) Ruth Elois Cantrell December 31, 1946 in Tulia, Swisher county, Texas; married (3) Emma Lorene Powers February 13, 1954 in Clovis, New Mexico.

      6. Eula Lacoladine Cantrell, born July 28, 1878 in Hardin county, Tennessee; died August 26, 1946 in Plainview, Hale county, Texas. He was the son of 12. Devinal Houston Cantrell and 13. Mary Josephine Cunningham. He married 7. Lutia Lee Tucker December 26, 1901 in Lamar county, Texas.

      7. Lutia Lee Tucker, born January 31, 1881 in Lamar county, Texas; died November 13, 1962 in Lubbock county, Texas. She was the daughter of 14. David Alexander Tucker and 15. Sarah Jane Stallings.
Children of Eula Cantrell and Lutia Tucker are:
  i.   Roy Hammond Cantrell, born January 12, 1903 in Honey Grove, Fannin county, Texas; died April 21, 1949 in Dallas, Texas; married Lorena Frances Jordan 1925; born March 1900; died April 12, 1971.
  Notes for Roy Hammond Cantrell:
      His birth certificate reads " place of birth: 3 miles south of Petty, Texas," This is near Honey Grove, Texas.
      While on active military duty in India, he had a mole burned off his face, where the frames of his glasses rubbed the lesion. A biopsies was never taken.

  More About Roy Hammond Cantrell:
Cause of Death: Metastatic malignant melanoma

  Notes for Lorena Frances Jordan:
      "Mother was three years older than Daddy and when they married, there was a lot of resentment. He married an, "older woman," who took him away from the farm. We would go up to Tulia about once a year to visit before he went away to the war for three years. After he came back, we moved to Kentucky for a year and than back to Texas.
      He was ill for awhile before he died in 1949, so we didn't get to Tulia but about twice more." Rex J. Cantrell \\

  ii.   Pauline Cantrell, born September 11, 1905 in Lamar county, Texas; died 1989 in Rockport, Texas; married Nat Michael April 10, 1927 in Tulia, Swisher county, Texas; born February 05, 1902; died February 1979.
  3 iii.   Ruth Elois Cantrell, born October 31, 1907 in Swisher county, Texas; died November 09, 1959 in Tulia, Swisher county, Texas; married (1) Charles Joshua Jackson April 19, 1930 in Tulia, Swisher county, Texas; married (2) Edgar Alberta Tedford December 31, 1946 in Tulia, Swisher county, Texas.
  iv.   Birdie Jewel Cantrell, born December 28, 1908 in Tulia, Swisher county, Texas; died June 26, 1987 in Dallas, Texas; married William A. Sandefer December 13, 1927 in Plainview, Hale county, Texas; born February 1890; died November 1946.
  v.   James Wallace Cantrell, born August 17, 1910 in Tulia, Swisher county, Texas; died March 03, 1992 in Wylie, Texas; married Crystal Deason October 14, 1941 in Tulia, Swisher county, Texas; born March 10, 1918.
  vi.   Raussia Lee Cantrell, born January 14, 1920 in Love Community, Swisher county, Texas; married Robert Edward Goben June 05, 1949 in Borger, Texas; born October 31, 1921.
  Notes for Raussia Lee Cantrell:
      Raussia had said that Pauline, her sister, had been embarrassed about her mother's pregnancy with her and when she was born, Pauline had made the other children keep it a secret and not tell anyone that they had a baby sister.
      The census of Swisher county was taken on March 12th 1920, all the members of the family were counted, that is all but Raussia, who was born just over a month before. So looking at that census record, it looks as though she may have been correct, in that her siblings didn't want her existence to be known. .

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