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View Tree for Daniel DRISCOLLDaniel DRISCOLL (b. 1804, d. December 14, 1853)

Daniel DRISCOLL was born 1804 in Cork, Ireland, and died December 14, 1853 in On the way to California139. He married Mary Ryan.

 Includes NotesNotes for Daniel DRISCOLL:
Daniel was said to have fallen down the stairway on board the SS ILLINO IS

Wooden side-wheeled steamer, built by Smith and Dimon of New York, for t he United States Mail Steamship Company. Entered the New York - Chagres s ervice for the USMSC on August 26, 1851, and remained in it until the s pring of 1859. Although not suffering complete destruction, the Illinoi s did run aground on a reef near Havana in August, 1857. She w as sold at auction to Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1860 and placed on his Ne w York - Havre run that year. She was chartered by the War Department d uring the Civil War and from October, 1863, to June, 1864, she again ra n between New York and Aspinwall for Marshall O. Roberts. After the Civ il War the Illinois served as a quarantine ship at Hoffman's Island in l ower New York Harbor until about 1900.

Name: Daniel Driscoll Age: 45 Estimated Birth Year: 1804 Birth Place: I reland Gender: Male Home in 1850
(City,County,State): Galena, Jo Daviess, Illinois Page: 262 Roll: M432_ 111

Others that put money down on the same parcel as Daniel Driscol in Gale na Illinois

Name: DELANEY ALPHONSO N Section: OL63GALENA Price: 00000 Total: 000300 0 Date: 17 July 1838 Volume: 447 Page: 019 Type: FD Sect: Township: Ran ge: Meridian: Acres: 000000 Corr-Tag: 0 ID: 212379 SocStat: Blank: Resi de: 000
Name: Alfonzo N Delaney Age: 56 Estimated birth year: abt 1794 Birth pl ace: Pennsylvania Gender: Male Home in 1850
(City,County,State): Galena, Jo Daviess, Illinois Page: 251 Roll: M432_ 111

Name: Jas Dunn Township: Vinegar Hill County: Jo Daviess State: Illinoi s Roll: 61 Page: 371

This census transcription is for the area known as the Upper Mississipp i Lead Mine Region. It includes Jo Daviess County, Illinois and Iowa an d Crawford Counties in Michigan Territory. Crawford County had lesser i nvolvement with the lead mines but were near neighbors engaged in the W innebago War of 1827 and the coming Black Hawk War of 1832.
The Jo Daviess County census starts in the Galena area and then follows t he Mississippi River south to Rock Island. James Craig and the Armstron g families on page 312 resided in present day Hanover area. Aaron Pierc e is celebrated in Carroll County as the founder of Savanna, Illinois. T he Wells family also on page 312 lived in the Rock Island area. George D avenport on page 313 was the founder of Davenport, IA. On page 314 is P eter Cartwright* the famous pioneer minister, also John Dixon who found ed Dixon, Illinois. The census taker then turned around and started nor th again reaching present day Jo Daviess County with John Flack on page 3 14. John D. Winters on page 314 had his stage coach business near prese nt day Elizabeth, Illinois.
The Iowa County, Michigan Territory contains the present Grant, LaFayet te, and Iowa Counties in Wisconsin. What is remarkable about this censu s is the number of households that contain only one man. On page 248 Jo hn Rountree is the founder of Platteville. Henry Dodge on page 237, lat er governor of Wisconsin, was probably at Dodgeville. Mineral Point is r epresented by James H. Gentry on page 239. Henry Gratiot on page 243 fo unded the little town also called Gratiot south of Shullsburg.
Crawford County is primarily an Indian trading town with mostly French C anadian residents. Col. William Morgan is the commander of Fort Crawfor d on page 219. Most of these people live in or near Prairie du Chien.

The huge lead mines on the Upper Mississippi River were opened by the U .S. Government for leasing in 1822. The nearest neighbors to the first m iners were 90 miles south, Fort Armstrong, at Rock Island, Illinois, an d 90 miles north, Fort Crawford, at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. They l ived among the Fox and Sauk and the Winnebago Indians tribes who also c laimed the lead mines.
In the rush to get rich, family members spread out over the entire Lead M ine Region. The first miners worked around Galena, Illinois, in JoDavie ss County, working north into Grant, Iowa and LaFayette Counties, Wisco nsin. The Dubuque County, Iowa, lands were not available to American mi ners until 1833 as designated in the Blackhawk War Treaty. Families spl it to claim the rich mines or to open a branch store unconcerned with s tate or county boundaries.
The following census also includes Clayton and Jackson Counties in Iowa . Though no mining is known to have occurred in those counties, these f amilies might be connected to the leadmine people.
Many of the people in the following census were squatters. The Federal G overnment owned must of the lands. The city lots in Galena were sold in 1 836 after a two year investigation of who had the first right to purcha se the lots. Non-mineral lands in Wisconsin were also sold. :A huge inv estigation was undertaken when some of these lands were found to contai n rich lead deposits. Some St. Louis men claimed title to the Dubuque l ands by purchase from Julien Dubuque who had a grant from the Spanish G overnor during Spain's tenure. Not until the 1850s did the U.S. Supreme C ourt declare the title to reside with the Dubuque residents..
In the late 1840s the President of the United States decided to put all t hese lands up for sale for $1.25 an acre. Lands with mineral deposits w ere to be charged $2.50 an acre. Preemption, giving those who had settl ed and improved the lands the first right to purchase, was denied. Boun dary disputes were settled by township boards of arbitrators. A designa ted person purchased a block of the lands from the land office which we re then deeded back to each claimant.
This census transcription is an effort to locate people in the leadmine r egion. Most census transcriptions stop at a county line or a state boun dary. This census like the early leadminers ignores these boundaries gr ouping all the leadmine families together in one census transcription.

Date Created: February 17, 1827 County Seat: Galena Name Origin: Joseph H amilton Daviess, prominent lawyer of Kentucky, United States District A ttorney, and Major of the militia. He was killed at the battle of Tippe canoe in 1811.

A Brief History of Jo Daviess County, Illinois
Jo Daviess County was organized from Peoria, February 17, 1827, and was b ounded as follows: Beginning on the Mississippi River at the northweste rn corner of the state, thence down the Mississippi to the north line o f the Military Tract, thence east to the Illinois River, thence north t o the northern boundary of the state, thence west to the place of begin ning. Galena was named as the county seat.
Among those who have been prominent in the history of this county, who a rrived in 1827, are, Dr. Horatio Newhall, Capt. H. H. Gear and family, J ohn G. Hughlett, James G. Soulard, William B. Green, Harvey Mann, Charl es Peck, Solomon Oliver, Allan Tomlin, Gov. Thomas Ford, Col. James M.S trode, C.C.P. Hunt, Capt. John Atchison, Paul M. Gratiot, Nathaniel Mor ris, Moses Hallett, Lucius H. and Edward Langworthy, William Hempstead, D . B. Morehouse, and many others whose names are familiar in Jo Daviess c ounty. (Excerpt taken from History of Jo Daviess County - 1878 by H. F. K ett & Co.)

Jo Daviess county, situated in the northwest corner of the State; has a n area of 663 square miles; population (in 1900) 24,533. It was first e xplored by Le Seuer, who reported the discovery of lead in 1700. Anothe r Frenchman (Bouthillier) was the first permanent white settler, locati ng on the site of the present city of Galena in 1820. About the same ti me came several American families; a trading post was established, and t he hamlet was known as Fredericks' Point, so called after one of the pi oneers. In 1822 the Government reserved from settlement a tract 10 mile s square along the Mississippi, with a view of controlling the mining i nterest. In 1823 mining privileges were granted upon a royalty of one-s ixth, and the first smelting furnace was erected the same year. Immigra tion increased rapidly and, inside of three years, the "Point" had a po pulation of 150, and a post-office was established with a fortnightly m ail to and from Vandalia, then the State capital. In 1827 county organi zation was effected, the county being named in honor of Gen. Joseph Ham ilton Daviess, who was killed in the Battle of Tippecanoe. The original t ract, however, has been subdivided until it now constitutes nine counti es. The settlers took an active part in both the Winnebago and Black Ha wk Wars. In 1846-47 the mineral lands were placed on the market by the G overnment, and quickly taken by corporations and individuals. The scene ry is varied and the soil (particularly in the east) well suited to the c ultivation of grain. The county is well wooded and well watered, and th oroughly drained by the Fever and Apple Rivers. The name Galena was giv en to the county-seat (originally, as has been said, Fredericks' Point) b y Lieutenant Thomas, Government Surveyor, in 1827, in which year it was p latted. Its general appearance is picturesque. Its early growth was ext raordinary, but later (particularly after the growth of Chicago) it rec eived a set-back. In 1841 it claimed 2000 population and was incorporat ed; in 1870 it had about 7,000 population, and, in 1900, 5,005. The nam es of Grant, Rawlins and E.B. Washburne are associated with its history . Other important towns in the county are Warren (population 1,327), Ea st Dubuque (1,145) and Elizabeth (659). "Historical Encyclopedia of Ill inois", Newton Bateman, editor, 1901

I found our Daniel in the 1839 Personal Property Assessment of Jo Davie ss County, Illinois: "Driscoll, D. - other $50 [Daniel]" That was qui te a bit of money, to find out the value of that $50 in today, multiply i t roughly 150 times. $7, 500 dollars it would be worth today...

In 1839 the Federal Government owned all the lands in Jo Daviess County e xcept for the town lots of Galena that were sold in 1837. The only moni es that were available to County Government came from the personal prop erty taxes, the Galena town lot taxes, and license fees. This had to su ffice to build a court house, a jail, and to pay salaries.
It would be another eight years before those living outside of Galena c ould purchase their lands. These people were gambling that they could e ventually own their lands. They hoped for preemption rights, which were e ventually denied.
This Assessment book is at Recorder of Deeds Office at the Jo Daviess C ounty Court House in Galena, Illinois. The Information in brackets [ ] w as provided by the transcriber from other sources; i.e., 1840 census an d county histories.

This precinct appears to encompass everything west of the Fever (Galena ) River to the Mississippi River. This would include the present townsh ips of West Galena, Rawlins, Menominee and Dunleith.

More About Daniel DRISCOLL:
Occupation: 1850, Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; Occupation: Engraver.
Probate: 1853
Property: 1838, Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.
Record Change: April 18, 2007
Tax: 1839, Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.

More About Daniel DRISCOLL and Mary Ryan:
Census 1: December 02, 1850, Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.
Census 2: 1840, Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.
Residence 1: 1847, Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; Residence: house cor Franklin and West sts..140
Residence 2: 1832, Lockport, New York.

 Includes NotesMarriage Notes for Daniel DRISCOLL and Mary Ryan:
Driscol, Daniel, stone cutter, h cor Franklin and West sts.

The Galena Directory
and Miner's Annual Register,
for 1847-8
Published by E. S. Seymour, Galena, 1847

Also found our Daniel in The Galena Directory and Miner's Annual Regist er, for 1847-8, published by E.S. Seymour, Galena, 1847: "Driscol (on e L) Daniel, stone cutter, h (house) cor (corner) Franklin and West sts ." (Librarian here at Olivia Rainey Lib. thinks its a worthwhile trip, s he thinks that our Daniel's house still stands.)

Timothy was said to have been born in Lockport NY
Name: Driscoll, Daniel Year: 1850 County: Jo Daviess Township: Galena S tate: Illinois Roll: M432_111 Page: 262 Image: 525

Name: Daniel Driscoll Age: 45 Estimated Birth Year: 1804 Birth Place: I reland Gender: Male Home in 1850
(City,County,State): Galena, Jo Daviess, Illinois Page: 262 Roll: M432_ 111

Name: DANIEL DRISCOLL State: IL County: Jo Daviess County Township: No T ownship Listed Year: 1840 Record Type: State or colonial census Page: 1 92 Database: IL 1840 State Census Index

Daniel Driscoll....

1840 Census
Miners Districts
consisting of
Jo Daviess Co., IL; pgs. 357-367

Co/PgDistHead of HouseholdMalesFemalesMiAgCmMfrRvrPrfOther
JoD-357GalDriscoll, Daniel110 105 1000 0112 1

Name: Daniel Driscoll Township: Galena County: Jo Daviess State: Illino is Roll: 61 Page: 357

Children of Daniel DRISCOLL and Mary Ryan are:
  1. DRISCOLL, d., Y.
  2. DRISCOLL, d., Y.
  3. DRISCOLL, d., Y.
  4. +Timothy DRISCOLL, b. March 1832, Lockport, New York141, d. June 17, 1903, Spokane City, Spokane, Washington.
  5. +Cornelius DRISCOLL, b. August 19, 1838, Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois, d. August 06, 1899, Cotopaxie, Colorado.
  6. Bridget DRISCOLL, b. 1840, Illinois, d., Y.
  7. +Margaret DRISCOLL, b. February 04, 1843, Illinois, d. December 18, 1910, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri.
  8. +Mary DRISCOLL, b. August 1845, Illinois, d., Y.
  9. Ellen DRISCOLL, b. 1847, Illinois, d., Y.
  10. +Philips Daniel Driscoll, b. November 19, 1849, Illinois, d. January 15, 1913, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri.
  11. Elizabeth DRISCOLL, b. November 19, 1849, Illinois, d., Y.
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