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Descendants of Reuben Thacker

Generation No. 4

      58. Lenora4 Thacker (St. Luke3, Charles L.2, Reuben1) was born April 01, 1873 in Ceredo Twp., Wayne Co., WV, and died December 25, 1914 in Westville, Adair Co., OK. She married Franklin Holder 1894 in Potter Twp., Polk Co., AK. He was born December 01, 1868 in Wayne Co., KY, and died June 10, 1924 in San Juan, Quay Co., NM.

Notes for Lenora Thacker:
John A. Masey gives an Endowment date of 2-9-1991 and a baptism date of 10-26-1990.!DEATH: date as given by subject's daughter, Birdie Ann Holdar. Westville, Adair County, Oklahoma. Buried on Christmas Day, 1914. The cemetery was located by
Birdie Ann Holdar (Bernyce H. Mahey), son John A. Mahey and Dora Thacker Manley in 1954, but no grave marker was found. See ms. narrative by Bernyce H. Mahey, "Holder-Thacker Genealogy", largely related in notes for daughter, Birdie Ann Holdar
(Bernyce H. Mahey).

!BIRTH: Wayne County West Virginia Birth Records (5), dau of St. Luke and C. F.

!CENSUS: 1880, Ceredo District, Wayne County, West Virginia.(Family of St. Luke Thacker; 1900, Polk County, Arkansas, p. 285; 1910, Adair County, Oklahoma (Westville).

!See also, Will of St. Luke Thacker, where small bequests are made to the children of Lenora.

Notes for Franklin Holder:
Endowment 11-29-1991 Baptism 2-2-1991.!BIRTH: 1870 census, Pulaski County, Kentucky.; 1880 census, Marion Co, Iowa; 1900 census, Polk County, Arkansas; 1910 census, Adair County, Oklahoma.

!Federal Land Records: Sec. No. 23, T:2S, R:31W, 24 Nov 1903. This records the homestead Franklin received in Polk Co., Arkansas in 1903.

!Note: the 1870 and 1880 censuses (for family of James King Holder), use the "er" spelling of the surname, and gives the subject's name as "Franklin." Later records use the "ar" spelling of the surname, and give the Christian name as "Frank."
Subject's tombstone gives the name as "Frank Holder." However, when, in 1935, his second wife, Alice's will was probated, the name was spelled "Holder".

!BIRTH DATE: There is a question about the accuracy of Franklin's birth date. His daughter, Birdie Ann (Bernyce) Mahey gave the date 1 Dec 1868. Using the subject's death date and age from his birth certificate supplied by his son James King
Holder, Franklin's birth date would be 30 Nov 1866. The death certificate also states that Franklin was born in Frankfort, Kentucky, which is incorrect. He was born on a farm in Wayne County, Kentucky. Son, James King Holder, also could not
supply the maiden name of his mother nor her birth place. Given these facts, the birth date given here by Franklin's daughter is probably more accurate. This corresponds well with his marriage record (1894) which gives his age as 24.

!DEATH: Death Certificate, State of New Mexico, Bureau of Public Health: San Jon, Quay County, June 10, 1924, 57 yrs. 6 mos. 11 days. Cause of death: cirrhosis of the liver. Informant: J. K. Holder, St. Louis. Buried June 11, 1924, San Jon,
NM. No undertaker.

--Other Fields

SLGC: Date: 4 JAN 1992

Children of Lenora Thacker and Franklin Holder are:
  86 i.   Gus5 Holder, born 1894 in potter Twp, Polk Co., AK; died 1894 in Polk Co., AK.
  More About Gus Holder:
Burial: Potter Twp., Polk Co., AK

  87 ii.   Helen Salina Cora Holder, born August 16, 1896 in Potter Twp., Polk Co., AK; died August 09, 1931 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. She married (1) Frank Eads 1912 in westvill, Adair Co., OK She married (2) John Rubin Cunningham Abt. 1918
  Notes for Helen Salina Cora Holder:
Baptism 10-26-1990 Endowment 2-12-1991

  More About Helen Salina Cora Holder:
Burial: Kansas City, MO

  88 iii.   Ersie Holder, born April 25, 1898 in Potter Twp., Polk Co., AK; died October 02, 1900 in Polk Co., AK.
  More About Ersie Holder:
Burial: Rocky Cemetery, Mena, AK

  89 iv.   Hobart Holder, born February 18, 1900 in Potter Twp., Polk Co., AK; died October 28, 1900 in Polk Co., AK.
  More About Hobart Holder:
Burial: Rocky Cemetery, Mena, AK

  90 v.   James King Holder, born August 30, 1902 in Potter Twp., Polk Co., AK; died June 09, 1964 in Waco, TX. He married (1) Marjorie Reisner 1930 in Waco, TX He married (2) Amelia Cromwell Abt. 1939 in Waco, TX
  Notes for James King Holder:
Endowment 11-29-1991 Baptism 2-2-1991

  More About James King Holder:
Burial: Waco, TX

+ 91 vi.   Birdie Ann (Bernyce) Holder, born March 08, 1904 in Polk Co., AK; died October 23, 1985 in San antonio, TX.
  92 vii.   Mae Pauline Holder, born May 04, 1907 in Heber Springs, Cleburn Co., AK; died October 23, 1965 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. She married Sr. Harper Lee Oates December 23, 1926 in Russellville, Pope Co., AK
  Notes for Mae Pauline Holder:
Endowment 2-12-1991 Baptism 10-26-1990

  More About Mae Pauline Holder:
Burial: Osceola, Mississippi Co., AK

  93 viii.   Inez Irene Holder, born May 04, 1907 in Heber Springs, Cleburne, AK; died September 21, 1949 in Tucamcari, Quay Co., NM. She married Rex Miller Abt. 1931 in Tucumari, Quay Co., NM
  Notes for Inez Irene Holder:
baptism 10-26-1990 Endowment 2-12-1991

  More About Inez Irene Holder:
Burial: Quay Co., NM

  94 ix.   St. Luke (Luther) Holder, born September 23, 1909 in Westville, Adair Co., AK; died July 08, 1977 in Ozark, Franklin Co., AK. He married Frances Ethyl Briscoe December 28, 1934 in Dardanelle, Yale, Alaska
  Notes for St. Luke (Luther) Holder:
baptism 2-2-1991 Endowment 11-19-1991

  More About St. Luke (Luther) Holder:
Burial: Barber, Franklin Co., AK

  95 x.   Beatrice Lola Holder, born January 22, 1912 in Westville, Adair Co., OK; died June 15, 1926 in Russellville, Pope, AK.
  Notes for Beatrice Lola Holder:
Endowment 2-12-1991 Baptism 10-26-1991

  More About Beatrice Lola Holder:
Burial: Russellville, AK.

      74. Jeremiah4 Thacker (William J.3, Daniel Lee2, Reuben1) was born February 24, 1880 in Wayne Co., WV, and died June 30, 1969 in Wayne Co., Wv. He married Bertha Fortner October 19, 1910 in Cattlettsburg KY or Wayne WV, daughter of Millard Fortner and Cosby Christian. She was born May 13, 1892 in Wayne Co., WV, and died July 27, 1974.

More About Jeremiah Thacker:
Burial: Cyrus Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Religion: Baptist

More About Bertha Fortner:
Burial: Cyrus Cemetery
Religion: Baptist
Children of Jeremiah Thacker and Bertha Fortner are:
+ 96 i.   Leo(Bud)5 Thacker, born May 18, 1916 in Wayne Co., WV.
  97 ii.   Irene Thacker, born June 02, 1913 in Wayne Co., WV. She married Kiah Maynard
  98 iii.   Maggie Fern Thacker, born November 24, 1914 in Wayne Co., WV.
  99 iv.   Thelma May Thacker, born May 20, 1924 in Wayne Co., WV; died August 27, 1951.
  100 v.   Infant Thacker, born August 15, 1928 in Wayne Co., WV.
+ 101 vi.   Opal Thacker, born August 16, 1925 in Wayne Co., WV.

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