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Descendants of Reuben Thacker

Generation No. 5

      91. Birdie Ann (Bernyce)5 Holder (Lenora4 Thacker, St. Luke3, Charles L.2, Reuben1) was born March 08, 1904 in Polk Co., AK, and died October 23, 1985 in San antonio, TX. She married Manasseh Arnold Mahey June 15, 1927 in Russellville, Pope Co., AK. He was born February 05, 1897 in Clarion, Clarion Co., PA, and died June 05, 1967 in Vets Hospital, Lebanon, PA.

Notes for Birdie Ann (Bernyce) Holder:
Endowment 2-9-2991 Baptism 10-26-1990BIRTH: birth certificate in files of son, John A. Mahey

!DEATH: death certificate in files of son, John A. Mahey

!MARRIAGE: Mahey Family Record Book, pp. 74, 87, 106, in files of son, John A. Mahey.

!DIVORCE: divorce decree in files of son, John A. Mahey.

!CENSUS: 1910, Westville, Adair Co., Oklahoma, household of Frank Holder.

!For extended account of her early life, see: Hall, Kay B., ed., "Orphan Train Riders," Vol. 2, p. 255 ff (article written by John A. Mahey), Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1993.

!Birdie Ann took the name, Bernyce, when she went to live with the Jennings M. Henry family in Russellville, Arkansas in 1917.

!From 1950 to 1963 Bernyce was a social worker with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Assistance in Clarion, Clarion County, Pennsylvania. Retiring in 1963, she made her home with her younger son, John A. Mahey, for the remainder of her

More About Birdie Ann (Bernyce) Holder:
Burial: Osceola, Mississippi Co., AK

Notes for Manasseh Arnold Mahey:
Baptism 2-2-1991 Endowment 11-29-1991!Manasseh Arnold Mahey, youngest child of William Henry Mahey and Myra Arnold, grew up in Clarion, Pennsylvania. He graduated from high school in Clarion, but did not attend college. As did his next
younger brother, Francis, Manasseh served in World War I. He joined the Navy, took his basic training at Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois, and then served as a seaman aboard the hospital ship, Solace for about a year.

!Upon being released from active duty in 1918 Manasseh returned to Clarion, Pennsylvania. and worked with his father in the family shoe store. Manasseh had a fine baritone voice, and from the time he was a teenager he sang privately and in
public. Being a stalwart member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, he found his way into evangelical singing, and over the next several years took leaves of absence from his shoe store work to lead the singing with various evangelical groups.
Most notably, he lead singing with services conducted by Homer Rodehever, a disciple of Billy Sunday, in a number of "camp meetings" and other types of evangelical events. During one of these, in the town of Russellville, Arkansas, he met his
future wife, Bernyce. She was a foster daughter of Jennings and Anna Henry, and at this time, 1925 or 1926, was teaching elementary school in Camden, Arkansas. They became acquainted, fell in love, and were married in Russellville in June,

!Manasseh took his young bride back to Clarion, Pennsylvania. While helping his father in the family shoe store, Manasseh was still involved with music in the evangelical movement. In the fall of 1927 the couple moved to Derby, Conn., to the
parsonage of the Methodist church. Manasseh was employed by the church as its musical director, while Bernyce kept house for the pastor, who was a bachelor.

!During the period 1929-1931, worked for the J. C. Penney Company in Philadelphia. During this period Bernyce worked as a glove sales lady in the Wannamaker store in Philadelphia. They soon returned to Clarion, however, where Manasseh worked
for a time in the J. C. Penney store. In 1931 their first child was born, Everett Arnold Mahey, named after his paternal uncle, Francis Everett Mahey. At this time Manasseh seems also to have entered the insurance business with the
Metropolitan Live Insurance Company, a profession he was later to follow with the New York Life Insurance Company during the mid-1940s. The second child of this family, John Andrew Mahey, was born in 1932.

!Manasseh continued to work in his father's shoe store and to occasionally go off to conduct music in evangelical meetings until his father retired and sold the in 1935. After that it is not clear what occupation he followed until 1938 when he
and his wife opened a candy and nut shop at the southeast corner of Main Street and Sixth Avenue in Clarion. This business prospered until the advent of World War II, in 1941, when the availability of chocolate and nuts (as well as the City
fathers' complaints about nut shells littering Main Street) caused the business to cease.

!In late 1941 or early 1942 Manasseh found work in Pittsburgh as a guard at the Veterans Hospital just outside the suburb of Aspinwall. John Andrew Mahey recalls that he was taken out of school in Clarion during October of his year in the
fifth grade, when the family moved to Aspinwall. The family moved into a second-floor apartment on Eastern Avenue, owned by a family named Schraeder, an elderly couple without children. The apartment consisted of a living room, kitchen,
bathroom and two bedrooms. The family lived there for about two years. Then they moved to a rented house on Lexington Avenue, just across from Aspinwall High School. [The high school has since been torn down and replaced by an apartment
complex.] The family lived here for about three years, then moved to another rented house for about a year, then moved to North Hills Estates to a rented house owned by a family friend, where they stayed less than a year, then to a rented
apartment on Venture Street off East Avenue, Pittsburgh. In 1950 the family moved from this house back to Clarion, Pennsylvania., where Manasseh had found work as a used car salesman. During these years in the Pittsburgh area Manasseh held
several jobs: shoe salesman, used car salesman, hospital guard, and several other short-term jobs. At the same time his wife, Bernyce, was employed steadily as a salesperson at Verner's Shoe Store, a major business on Fifth Avenue in downtown

!Back in Clarion once more, Manasseh went from job to job, car sales: clothing sales and other things. Bernyce found employment with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Assistance where she continued to work, first in Clarion, later in
Kittanning, Pennsylvania., until she retired in 1963 and made her home with her son, John, for the remainder of her life.

!When Bernyce's work required her to move from Clarion, Pennsylvania. to Kittanning, Pennsylvania. about 1955, Manasseh moved with her, although he did not have work in Kittanning. He found several short-lived jobs, but nothing permanent. In
1957 Bernyce brought divorce proceedings, and the couple was legally divorced.

!Manasseh remained in Kittanning for several months, then moved to Miami, Florida where he found work as a clerk in a retirement hotel. During this period, 1958-1963, he was at loose ends. He became engaged for a time to a well-to-do widow,
but in the end did not marry her. About 1964 he returned to Clarion, Pennsylvania., living on a small Veteran's pension and Social Security. From time to time he visited his elder son, Arnold, in Harrisburg. In 1967 he moved to the vicinity
of Lebanon, Pennsylvania., and while living there became ill with a chronic bronchial condition that had troubled him for many years. This developed into pneumonia (a condition with which he has suffered on several occasion during his life),
and died in the Veterans' Hospital at Lebanon. Several days later he was buried in the Mahey family lot in the Clarion Cemetery. Family members in attendance included his two sons, Arnold and Andrew, his sole surviving brother, Frederick H.
Mahey, his first cousins Amanda Arnold Jones and Harry H. Arnold, Jr. His tombstone was furnished by the Veterans' Administration, and he was buried next to his mother, Myra Arnold.

!Note: The Daily Courier Democrat, Russellville, Ark, published an engagement announcement for this couple (n.d.), reprinted later in June 1927 in one of the Clarion, Pennsylvania newspapers: !Announcement is made today of the engagement and
approaching marriage of Miss Bernyce Henry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M.Henry, to Mr. Manasseh Arnold Mahey, of Clarion, Pennsylvania., the marriage to be on Wednesday, June 15, at high noon, the Rev. J. B. Kenna of Wichita, Kansas, saying
the ceremony at the home of the bride on Oak Street.

!Miss Henry received her education in the Russellville High School, graduated with the class of '22. She attended the State Teachers College, and later taught two years in the schools here. After receiving her L. I. Degree from the State
Teachers College with the class of '26 she taught in the schools at Camden, returning home Thursday May 26 (1927). Her pleasing manner and sweet personality has made her quite popular among her friends made in her profession and at home.

!Mr. Mahey is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Mahey, of Clarion, Pennsylvania. He is an experienced Young People's Worker, a soloist of ability and intelligent interpretation, a chorus director with years of training. Mr. Mahey is
a student of Homer A. Rodeheaver's Practical Training School for Christian Works, and is a member of the Interdenominational Evangelistic Association of Winnona, Ind. This marriage comes as the culmination of a romance started several years ago
when Mr. Mahey accompanied Dr. W. W. Orr of Charlotte, N.C. here putting on an evangelistic campaign.

!For death notice of Manasseh Arnold Mahey, see Mahey Family Record Book, p. 123.

!BIRTH: Mahey family bible (in possession of E. A. Mahey). Delayed Birth Certificate, Clarion County, Pennsylvania., 20 Jul 1942.

!MARRIAGE: information obtained directly from spouse, Bernyce H. Mahey, as recorded in her Holder-Thacker Genealogy, p. 5.

!DEATH: Holder-Thacker Genealogy, p. 5; Mahey Family Record Book (in possession of John A. Mahey), p. 123 (Harrisburg Evening News, 5 Jun 1967; p. 146, unidentified newspaper, 4 Jun 1967.) Personal knowledge.

!RELATIONSHIP: Mahey family bible; spouse; sons.

!CENSUS: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania.

!LDS REF 6010410 63 S/N 00105-0 16.

--Other Fields


More About Manasseh Arnold Mahey:
Burial: Clarion, PA
Children of Birdie Holder and Manasseh Mahey are:
  110 i.   Everett Arnold6 Mahey, born May 07, 1931 in Dubois, Clearfield Co., PA. He married Joan Margaret Berry December 28, 1957 in Broomall, Delaware, PA.
  111 ii.   John Andrew Mahey, born March 30, 1932 in Dubois, Clearfield, PA.
  Notes for John Andrew Mahey:
!Born in Maple Avenue Hospital, DuBois, Pennsylvania, John lived with his family in Clarion, PA until the age of ten, when the family moved to Aspinwall, Allegheny Co., PA. He graduated from Perry High School, Pittsburgh, PA in 1950. In 1950
he entered Columbia College, the men's undergratue college of Columbia University, attending on full scholarship from the Readers' Digest. After completing his sophomore year at Columbia, he spent the summer with a cousin, Roger Mahey, in
Hollywood, CA, working at Lockheed Aircraft Corp. At the end of the summer he joined the U. S. Air Force as a private, attending boot camp near San Francisco and then being posted to Ellington AFB near Houston, TX. There he worked as a
chaplain's assistant for a year before entering navigation school. During this period he was stationed first at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX, then Harlingen AFB near Harlingen, TX, and finally F. B. Conally AFB at Waco, TX where he received
his navigator's wings in June 1953. From Waco he was sent to Moses Lake AFB in Washington State where he served as a navigator in transport aircraft. Later he was sent to Pepperell AFB at St. Johns, Newfoundland where he continued to navigate
transport aircraft until his honorable discharge as a 1st Lt. in the spring of 1957. Wishing to continue his college education, John, enrolled as a junior at the Pennsylvania State University where he studied art history, receiving his B.A.
degree summa cum laude in 1959. He supported himself on the G.I. Bill and savings accumulated during his years in the Air Force. Wishing to continue his education, but short of funds, he dropped out of school for a year, working as an
assistant buyer at Joseph Horn & Co., a large department store in Pittsburgh. He returned to Penn State in the fall of 1961 and received his M.A. degree in art history in the spring of 1962. Two months prior to graduation, he was recalled to
the Air Force and sent for a year's training in communication electronics to Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. From there he was posted to Sacramento, CA where he worked in electronic communications and cryptology until 1964. Not wishing to
spend his life in the Air Force, John resigned his commission as a Captain and took his first museum job as assistant director of the Peale Museum in Baltimore, MD.

John remained at the Peale Museum until appointed to the directorship of the Crocker Art Gallery in Sacramento in 1969. Thereafter he took a series of other positions in order to advance his career in the art museum field: director of the
Cummer Gallery of Art, Jacksonville, FL, director of the Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, vice president and chief curator of the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, OK, director of the San Antonio Museum of Art, and director of the Flint
Institute of Arts in Flint, MI.

John never married. His major interests beside art history and museum administration have centered around music (he played the piano for many years), literature and genealogy, an interest he inherited from his mother who had done preliminary
work on the family's history prior to her death. He has traveled to every state in the United States and abroad to Mexico, Canada, Panama, Labrador, Greenland, England, France, Italy and Greece.

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