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Descendants of William I 'the Conqueror'

      579. Anna Hasseltine23 Gardner (Chloe22 Gillett, Chloe21 Griswold, Jeremiah20, Samuel19, Samuel18, Thomas17, Mary16 Holcolmb, Thomas15 Holcombe, Gilbert14, Thomas H.13, Ellis12, Charles11, Roger10, John III9, Isabelle8 Downe, Hugh7, Isabella6 de La Bruer, William5, Geoffrey4, William3, Joan De Vernon2 de Reviers, Marie Mabel Maud1 De Beaumont, Robert II 'the Devil' of NormandyA, Richard II "The Good" of NormandyB, Richard I "The Fearless" of NormandyC, William I "Longsword"D, Robert (Rollo)E Ragnvaldsson, Rolf The Ganger "The Mighty"F, Ragnvald I 'the Wise of More'G Eysteinsson, Glumra 'eystein The Noisy'H, Ivar of The UplandsI) was born December 16, 1835 in Rome Township, Lawrence Co.,OH, and died October 22, 1895 in Brookland Craighead Co., Arkansas. She married Stephen Staley June 05, 1853 in Lawrence Co.,OH, son of Steven Staley and Mary Peyton. He was born May 28, 1824 in Wayne Co., WV, and died January 23, 1906 in Brookland Craighead Co.,Arkansas.

Notes for Anna Hasseltine Gardner:
Martha Amelia Or Mille STALEY - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Birth: 4 Apr 1877 Wayne', 'West Virginia

Notes for Stephen Staley:
Marriage Index, OH 1851-1900
Staley, Stephen Spouse: Gardener, Ann H.
Marriage Date: Jun 5 1853
County: Lawrence
Source: County Court Records
Microfilm# 0317716-0317722

1870 Census Wayne Co.
#149-149 Staley
Stephen age 58born Va
Anna H age 34 born VA
Julian age 14 born OH
Lushian age 12 OH
Massella age 9 OH
Butler age 7 OH
Nora age 5 OH
Julia Age3 OH
Eddie age 9mos WV born August
Marriage Notes for STEPHEN STALEY and ANN GARDNER:
In a message dated 7/20/99 1:57:55 PM Lawrence Co, OH List: (Bev Jones) writes:
Found these two marriages on Marriage Index: Ohio, 1851-1900:
Staley, Stephen Spouse : Gardner, Ann H. Marriage date : Jun 5, 1853
County : Lawrence County Source : County Court Records Microfilm Number : 0317716-0317722
FamilySearch® International Genealogical Index™ v4.01 North America IGI Record
Stephen STALEY Sex: M Marriage(s): Spouse: Ann Has GARDNER
Marriage: 5 Jun 1853 Lawrence, Ohio Source Information: Batch number: M514521
From notes and email sent to me by Gloria

< Subj:      RE: Gardner/Gillett...Staley
Date:      3/9/00 9:24:49 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Griesan, Tom)
To: ('')

      Hi! I'm glad to hear from you. There is an Anne Staley named in
Thomas' will. I have been trying to find more info about Anne and her
mystery husband. I have been unable to locate the marriage records for Anne
and Stephen in Lawrence County, but honestly, I had decided that Stephen may
be her husband. He is in the 1860 Census records on the same page as Thomas
and Chloe (Rome Township, Lawrence County). The marriage date matches up
nicely with what I'm assuming is her birthdate (based on other census
records). I have to check the will, but I believe that Thomas Gardner gave
Anne (Anna) $2000 in real estate. The real estate transfers in Lawrence
County are in the process of being put online, but the "G"s aren't up yet.
Anne has 9 siblings named in the will. I descend from her older sister
Lydia Catherine "Kate" who married Nelson Cox. If you want, I can easily
send you the info that I have gathered on the siblings. I also have info
about Thomas and Chloe, and I have been in touch with Nancy Edwards who also
descends from Thomas and Chloe (maybe you have too!).
                              - Jean Griesan

P.S. I would love to have any info that you have about Anna and Stephen and
her children (where she lived, etc.), and also any info that you may have of
Thomas and Chloe and their ancestors.

> ----------
E-Male address is

This Cemetery is a free cemetery and has no funding for upkeep of the cemetery other than by donation of family members and the people of the Pinelog Community. If you would like to help you send a check to . Pinelog Cemetery Association % Bill Couch Po box 1551 State University, Ar.72467

This is cemetery is a 40 acre plot with over 4000 graves in it and growing ever day. The oldest grave is 1857 which is before Craighead Co. was a County. The Expense of keeping up a cemetery this size Is becoming a problem. Up until a few years ago it was more or less a community Cemetery but now that other cemeteries charge a healthy sum for lots, Pinelog has become very popular from all over the state.

Pinelog Cemetery , Craighead Co. Arkansas
Brookland, Craighead Co, AR
Stephen STALEY-2739 28 May 1824 23 Jan 1906
Ann G STALEY-2740 16 Dec 1835 22 Oct 1895
George M. STALEY-833 9 Sep 1872 28 Mar 1940
Margaret STALEY-834 1 Oct 1870 29 Aug 1918
Subj: Searching the Archives
Date:3/14/2000 8:09:46 PM Eastern Standard Time (nancy edwards) (RAGLADY@aol. com) (Tom Griesan), (Mommybare@aol. com)

Hello All -

Just got home - Found Staley (spelled correctly) on the 1860 Census & here's
the info:

1860 U.S. Census for Rome Twp, Lawrence Co, OH - M653 - Roll 997(pg # 77
printed; # 153 witten)- Line 27:

Stephen Staley 35y.o. M Farmer Value of Real Estate: 3000 Value Personal
Estate: 500 b. VA

Ann 25 y.o. F b. OH

Julin 4 y.o. M b. OH
Urtatus (?) 3 y.o. M. b. OH
Marcellus (?) 1/12 M. b. OH
Was he really 10 yrs older than Ann?

There are other ancestors - Gardner's, Gillett's, Magee, Goodall all of
which I've previously sent to Jean.
Gloria & Wanda -- if you all don't have this info, more than happy to email

I looked for Benoni in the N.Y. Index for years 1800 thru' 1850 (just in
case he lived a long life!) & found nothing. Did find a Benoni Gardiner in
the 1800 Census for Stonington, CT with age bet. 46-66 (it doesn't get more
precise than that in 1800) & one female living with him age 26-36. Whether
or not this is our Benoni, I haven't a clue. Was going to also look up the
Rev. War record for him, but with the other lookups I had promised, didn't
get to it. Will do so on next trip.

Gloria - thanks for the offer of info for Gallia - I could have interest
there since I have other surnames: EATON, OLIVER, MORRISON, DELAY, etc. etc.
all in & around Lawco. Will let you know.


Children of Anna Gardner and Stephen Staley are:
  632 i.   Julian E.24 Staley, born November 1855 in Lawrence Co., OH; died November 17, 1901. He married Sarah A. Booth September 15, 1884 in Wayne Co.,VA; born November 19, 1844; died August 22, 1928 in Wayne Co.,WV.
+ 633 ii.   Eustacius(Ustacious) Staley, born October 01, 1857 in Lawrence Co., OH; died August 31, 1938 in Wayne Co.,WV.
  634 iii.   Marcellas Staley, born Abt. 1861 in Lawrence Co., OH. She married Daniel Toy August 18, 1881 in Wayne Co.,VA; born 1857 in PA.
  Notes for Marcellas Staley:
KYOWVA Genealogical Society, Marriages - Wayne Co VA/WV 1853-1900, (1995),
Pg 170.            August 18, 1881             by: B. Akers
Daniel Toy æ 24 b Luzern, Penn. Parents: Daniel & Ann J Toy
Marcellus æ 21 b Lawrence Co, OH Parents: Stephen & Ann Staley
from notes of Gloria

  635 iv.   Butler Staley, born Abt. 1863 in OH.
+ 636 v.   Lenora Staley, born Abt. 1865 in Lawrence Co., OH; died Abt. 1900 in Arkansas.
  637 vi.   Julia Staley, born Abt. 1867 in OH.
  638 vii.   Eddie Staley, born August 1870 in Wayne Co.,WV.
  639 viii.   George M. Staley, born September 09, 1872 in Wayne Co., WV; died March 28, 1940 in Craighead Co.,Arkansas. He married Margaret Jane Robinson December 23, 1893 in Green Co., Arkansas; born October 01, 1870; died August 29, 1918 in Craighead Co., Arkansas.
  Notes for George M. Staley:
      Subj:      Re: ATTN: Bill Couch - Pinelog Cemetery , Craighead Co. Arkansas
      Date:      8/11/99 1:48:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time
      From: (R & D Walker)
      Gloria,I have information about the descendants of George M. and Margaret Staley,if you're interested. He married Margaret Jane Robinson in Greene County on 12/23/1893. The Robinsons are one of my direct lines.
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8-10-99 @ 3:09amEDT
      :// Pinelog Cemetery , Craighead Co. Arkansas
      Stephen STALEY-2739 28 May 1824 23 Jan 1906
      Ann G STALEY-2740 16 Dec 1835 22 Oct 1895
      George M. STALEY-833 9 Sep 1872 28 Mar 1940
      Margaret STALEY-834 1 Oct 1870 29 Aug 1918

  640 ix.   Martha Amelia(Millie) Staley, born April 04, 1877 in Wayne Co., WV. She married Francis Marion Johnston September 22, 1895 in Paragould, Green Co., Arkansas; born January 1861.
  Notes for Martha Amelia(Millie) Staley:
IGI birth records: Martha Amelia Or Mille STALEY - International Genealogical Index
Gender: F Birth: 4 Apr 1877 Wayne', 'West Virginia

Sent by bevjones to Gloria at And then to me.

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