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Descendants of Caspar Matheus Matthaus Mattice

Generation No. 7

      139. George Haines7 Mattice (George6, John5, Johann Nicholas4, Nicholas "Johann" "Maltheese"3, Hendrick2, Caspar Matheus Matthaus1) was born WFT Est. 1802-1824 in Moulinette, Ontario, Canada, and died WFT Est. 1857-1910 in Moulinette, Ontario, Canada. He married Margaret Markell May 17, 1835 in Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada. She was born WFT Est. 1801-1824 in Moulinette, Ontario, Canada, and died WFT Est. 1857-1915.
Children of George Mattice and Margaret Markell are:
  214 i.   Sarah Jane8 Mattice, born WFT Est. 1825-1852.
  215 ii.   John Mattice, born WFT Est. 1828-1865.
  216 iii.   William Mattice, born WFT Est. 1828-1865.
  217 iv.   Richard I. Mattice, born WFT Est. 1828-1865.
  218 v.   Mary Ruth Mattice, born WFT Est. 1828-1865.
  219 vi.   Alenzo Mattice, born WFT Est. 1828-1865.
  220 vii.   Margaret Almenia Mattice, born January 17, 1853.
  221 viii.   George Allen Mattice, born February 01, 1855.

      145. John Edward7 Mattice (John II.6, John5, Johann Nicholas4, Nicholas "Johann" "Maltheese"3, Hendrick2, Caspar Matheus Matthaus1) was born WFT Est. 1815-1844 in Moulinette, Ontario, canada, and died Abt. 1882 in Ottawa, Ontario, canada. He married Jane Popham. She was born Bet. 1819 - 1846, and died 1918 in Ottawa, Ontario, canada.
Children of John Mattice and Jane Popham are:
  222 i.   Mary Ann Elizabeth8 Mattice, born 1858; died 1932.
  223 ii.   Alvin A. H. Mattice, born 1860; died 1927.
  224 iii.   Albert Edwin Mattice, born 1862; died Bef. 1952.
  225 iv.   Ethelda Wilhelmina Mattice, born 1864; died 1907.
  226 v.   Aurthur Hall Mattice, born 1867; died 1933.
  227 vi.   Margaret Mattice, born 1870; died 1873.

      149. Alice Harriet7 Mattice (William6, John5, Johann Nicholas4, Nicholas "Johann" "Maltheese"3, Hendrick2, Caspar Matheus Matthaus1) was born January 04, 1844, and died 1915 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She married Sir Charles Peers Davidson September 23, 1868 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, son of John Davidson. He was born WFT Est. 1823-1855, and died WFT Est. 1890-1939.

Notes for Sir Charles Peers Davidson:
Was Chief Justice of the Quebec Supreme court. Was head of an indomitable protestant family of United Empire Loyalists.
Children of Alice Mattice and Sir Davidson are:
  228 i.   Peers Mattice8 Davidson, born 1870; died 1923 in Paris, France. He married Louise Whiteway.
  229 ii.   Charles Carlyle Davidson, born 1871; died 1947. He married Elizabeth Hutchins.
  230 iii.   Shirley Davidson, born 1872 in Quebec, Canada; died 1907.
  Notes for Shirley Davidson:
Cause of death was drowning by a suicide pact in 1907 when after Judge Davidson refused Shirley to Marry his fiancee, Eileen Hingston, because she was a Roman Catholic.

  231 iv.   Cameron Davidson, born 1874; died 1940. He married Mary Motteerwill.
  232 v.   Thornton Davidson, born May 17, 1880 in Cornwall, of Stormont, Ontario; died April 15, 1912 in Atlantic Ocean (Titanic). He married Orian Hays November 03, 1906; born November 18, 1884; died May 03, 1979 in Buried, Mt. Royal Cemetery, Montreal.
  Notes for Thornton Davidson:
Thorton Davidson was one of the passengers who drowned on the Titanic. He was an accomplished yachtsman, "a sailor of intrepid daring and remarkable skill" (Alan Hustak, 1999, Titanic: The Canadian Story, Vehicule Press, ISBN-1-55065-113-7). He started as a teller at the Bank of Montreal, represented the Wall Street firm of Charles head and Son in Montreal, then opened a brokerage house of his own with his partner, Robert Hickson. His name appears on the first class passenger manifest along with his wife and their maid. The wife and maid survived.

  More About Thornton Davidson:
Burial: April 15, 1912, drowned and Body never found

  Notes for Orian Hays:
occupied cabin B-71 aboard the Titanic with her husband, Thornton. She was recued with her mother, Clara Jennings Gregg on lifeboat number 3. buried Mt. Royal cemetery, Montreal.

  233 vi.   Kattileen Davidson, born 1878; died Bef. 1972. She married Lochlyn Coleman.
  234 vii.   Hugh Davidson, born 1888; died Bef. 1978. He married Pauline Hansen.

      161. Abraham7 Mattice (Adam6, Adam5, Johann Nicholas4, Nicholas "Johann" "Maltheese"3, Hendrick2, Caspar Matheus Matthaus1) was born October 05, 1829, and died September 26, 1896 in LeRoy, New York. He married Maria Sheets. She was born April 23, 1836, and died September 20, 1905 in LeRoy, New York.
Children of Abraham Mattice and Maria Sheets are:
  235 i.   John Nelson8 Mattice, born 1853; died February 18, 1917. He married Elizabeth Tryast.
+ 236 ii.   James Adam Mattice, born April 20, 1856; died 1936.
  237 iii.   Lydia Jane Mattice, born May 23, 1860; died March 24, 1918. She married William Tygart.
  238 iv.   William E. Mattice, born February 04, 1869; died May 14, 1948. He married (1) Mary L. Gilbert. He married (2) Emma Leach.
  239 v.   Simeon R. Mattice, born December 29, 1872. He married Florence Hudson.
  240 vi.   Ada M. Mattice, born August 20, 1870; died May 01, 1909. She married Irvin Smith May 01, 1895.

      167. Josephus7 Mattice (Abraham6, Adam5, Johann Nicholas4, Nicholas "Johann" "Maltheese"3, Hendrick2, Caspar Matheus Matthaus1) was born Abt. 1826 in Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada, and died June 02, 1887. He married Diana Wert WFT Est. 1854-1879. She was born Abt. 1842 in Moulinette, Ontario, Canada, and died March 15, 1925 in Moulinette, Ontario, Canada.

Notes for Josephus Mattice:
Interment - Moulinette United Church, Cornwall Twp, Ontario, Canada.

Notes for Diana Wert:
Confined to bed for a long period before her death. Buried in the Moulinette Cemetery. She was a housewife and was from Methodist affiliations.
Children of Josephus Mattice and Diana Wert are:
  241 i.   John8 Mattice, born Abt. 1854.
  Notes for John Mattice:
John was a farmer who lived in Port Reeves, Saskatcuwan, Canada.

  242 ii.   Annie Mattice, born WFT Est. 1854-1881.
  243 iii.   George Edward Mattice, born WFT Est. 1854-1881.
  244 iv.   Collie Mattice, born WFT Est. 1854-1881.
  245 v.   Herbert H. Mattice, born WFT Est. 1854-1882.
  246 vi.   Lillie M. Mattice, born 1867.
+ 247 vii.   James Royal Mattice, born October 03, 1883 in Moulinette, Ontario, Canada; died May 05, 1952 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., New York.

      195. Christopher7 Mattice (Peter6, Johannes H.5, Hendrick4, Nicholas "Johann" "Maltheese"3, Hendrick2, Caspar Matheus Matthaus1) was born June 09, 1820 in Blenheim, Schoharie County, New York16,17, and died June 10, 1897 in Delhi,Delaware Co.,NY18. He married Elizabeth Perry October 23, 1842 in Schoharie, New York19. She was born February 23, 182620, and died October 17, 189121.

Notes for Christopher Mattice:
Served in Colonel Morgan's "H" 5th N.Y. Heavy Artillery, discharged June 28, 1865. Was Postmaster of Minekill Fallsfrom 1872-73.
Children of Christopher Mattice and Elizabeth Perry are:
+ 248 i.   Charles Stanton8 Mattice, born May 28, 1849 in Blenheim, Schoharie County, New York; died October 01, 1937 in Stamford, NY, Delaware County.
  249 ii.   Harriet Mattice, born April 06, 1858 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY22; died December 30, 1873.
  250 iii.   Alice Mattice, born August 14, 1860 in Blenheim, Schoharie County, New York23; died October 20, 191724. She married Fremont Clark25.
  251 iv.   Mary Mattice, born September 27, 1843 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co., NY26; died December 01, 189127. She married Issac Cronk.
  Notes for Issac Cronk:
lived in Grand Gorge.

  252 v.   Eliza Mattice, born November 17, 1845 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co., NY28; died March 13, 189229. She married Lafayette H. Blumberg February 17, 186330.
  253 vi.   Elizabeth Mattice, born July 09, 1851 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co., NY31; died October 06, 190732. She married Abram Schermerhorn.
+ 254 vii.   Chancy Vroman Mattice, born August 03, 1853 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY; died April 18, 1925 in Delhi,Delaware Co.,NY.
  255 viii.   Emma Mattice, born December 17, 1855 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co., NY33; died June 16, 188534. She married Charles Darbeshire.
  256 ix.   Francis Mattice, born November 23, 1853 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co., NY35. She married Albert Hoag.
  Notes for Albert Hoag:
lived in Delhi.

  257 x.   Alonzo Mattice, born May 16, 186736. He married Mary McCune37.

      196. Peter V7 Mattice (Peter6, Johannes H.5, Hendrick4, Nicholas "Johann" "Maltheese"3, Hendrick2, Caspar Matheus Matthaus1) was born 1810 in Blenheim, Schoharie County, New York38. He married (1) Harriet. She was born 1816. He married (2) Elizabeth.
Children of Peter Mattice and Harriet are:
  258 i.   Julia8 Mattice, born 1834 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  259 ii.   Lucy A Mattice, born 1836 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  260 iii.   Harriet A Mattice, born 1838 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  261 iv.   Harrison Mattice, born 1840 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  262 v.   Peter J Mattice, born 1845 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  263 vi.   George W Mattice, born 1848 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  264 vii.   Jane Mattice, born 1852 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  265 viii.   Varner D Mattice, born 1856 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  266 ix.   Cornelia Mattice, born 1858 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  267 x.   Charles Mattice, born 1859 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.
  268 xi.   Harrison Mattice, born 1861 in Blenheim,Schoharie Co.,NY.

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