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Ancestors of Michael Jeffrey Thissen

      32408. William Fry, born Abt. 1551 in Tarrant Gunville, , Dorset, England; died Unknown. He married 32409. Unknown Abt. 1582 in Of, , Dorset, England.

      32409. Unknown, born Abt. 1555 in <Of Lecklade, Glouchestershire, England>.
Child of William Fry is:
Child of William Fry and Unknown is:
Child of William Fry and Unknown is:
  16204 i.   William Fry, born Abt. 1583 in Tarrant Gunville, , co. Dorset, England; died in Tarrant Gunville, , co. Dorset, England; married Millicent Swayne November 13, 1607 in Tarrant Gunville, , co. Dorset, England.

      32410. Robert Swayne, born Abt. 1556 in Tarrant Gunville, co. Dorset, England; died Bef. February 1590/91 in Tarrant Gunville, co. Dorset, England. He was the son of 64820. John Swaine and 64821. Agnes (Rydes) Reves. He married 32411. Unknown.

      32411. Unknown
Child of Robert Swayne and Unknown is:
  16205 i.   Millicent Swayne, born Abt. 1588 in Tarrant Gunville, , co. Dorset, England; died in Tarrant Gunville, , co. Dorset, England; married William Fry November 13, 1607 in Tarrant Gunville, , co. Dorset, England.
Child of Robert Swayne and Unknown is:

      32412. Thomas Lindsay, born Abt. 1557; died 1608 in Fenstanton, co. Huntingdon, England. He married 32413. Unknown.

      32413. Unknown
Child of Thomas Lindsay and Unknown is:
  16206 i.   Edward Lindsay, born Abt. 1587 in Of, Weymouth, co. Dorset, England; died 1677 in Died at sea; married Unknown.
Child of Thomas Lindsay and Unknown is:

      32576. John Dutton, born 1536 in Frodsham,Derby,England; died 1578. He was the son of 65152. Hugh Dutton and 65153. Catharine Wainwright. He married 32577. Elizebeth Ketsall/Kelsall/Kensall Abt. 1559.

      32577. Elizebeth Ketsall/Kelsall/Kensall, born Abt. 1540; died Unknown.
Child of John Dutton and Elizebeth Ketsall/Kelsall/Kensall is:
  16288 i.   Hugh Dutton, born 1566 in Woodhouses,Cheshire,England; died 1626 in England; married Dorothy Smith June 1598.

      32642. John Maltby, born 1563 in England; died 1611. He married 32643. Margaret Bishop.

      32643. Margaret Bishop, born Bef. 1580; died 1618.
Child of John Maltby and Margaret Bishop is:
  16321 i.   Isabela Maltby, born 1593 in Cambridge England; died 1661; married Richard Jackson 1610.

      32644. John Washbourn III, born August 01, 1566; died August 03, 1624. He was the son of 65288. John Washbourne II and 65289. Jane Whitehead. He married 32645. Martha Stevens Timbrell 1596.

      32645. Martha Stevens Timbrell, born 1565; died 1626.
Child of John Washbourn and Martha Timbrell is:
  16322 i.   William Washbourn I, born October 09, 1601 in Bengeworth Worcestershire England; died October 30, 1658 in Hempstead Long Island NY; married Janet Nichols 1621.

      32648. Ralph Seaman, born March 01, 1559/60. He was the son of 65296. Nicholas Seamon and 65297. Miss. Clement. He married 32649. Elizabeth Petty.

      32649. Elizabeth Petty, born Abt. 1569 in Bulmer Essex ENG.
Child of Ralph Seaman and Elizabeth Petty is:
  16324 i.   John Seaman, born February 21, 1589/90 in Bulmer Essex ENG; married Ann Hicks June 06, 1613.

      32650. William Hicks, born Unknown; died Unknown. He married 32651. Anne Smith.

      32651. Anne Smith
Child of William Hicks and Anne Smith is:
  16325 i.   Ann Hicks, born 1592; married John Seaman June 06, 1613.

      32652. Jacob Strickland, born Abt. 1590; died Unknown. He was the son of 65304. Sir Roger Strickland.
Child of Jacob Strickland is:
  16326 i.   John Strickland, born Abt. 1610 in Charlestown MA; died 1672 in Hempstead Nassau NY; married Jane Fenwick.

      32654. George Fenwick, born 1573; died 1612. He was the son of 65308. Roger Fenwick and 65309. Ursula Heron.
Child of George Fenwick is:
  16327 i.   Jane Fenwick, born Abt. 1610; married John Strickland.

      32656. William Hallett, born Bet. 1532 - 1565; died 1638. He married 32657. Elizabeth Phippen.

      32657. Elizabeth Phippen, born Bet. 1540 - 1566.
Child of William Hallett and Elizabeth Phippen is:
  16328 i.   Richard Hallett, born 1588; died 1671.

      32660. Thomas Fones, born Abt. 1550; died Unknown. He was the son of 65320. John Foes II and 65321. Miss Lawell. He married 32661. Priscilla Burgis.

      32661. Priscilla Burgis
Child of Thomas Fones and Priscilla Burgis is:
  16330 i.   Thomas Fones II, born Abt. 1580; died Abt. 1629; married Anne Winthrop.

      32662. Adam Winthrop III, born August 10, 1548 in England; died March 29, 1623 in Groton Suffolk England. He was the son of 65324. Adam Winthrop II and 65325. Agnes Sharpp. He married 32663. Anne Browne.

      32663. Anne Browne, born 1558 in London England; died April 19, 1629. She was the daughter of 65326. Henry Browne and 65327. Agnes.

Notes for Adam Winthrop III:



[Family History 3.FTW]

Name: Adam WINTHROP 1 2 3 Sex: M Title: Esq. Birth: 10 AUG 1548 in Edwardston, England 2 3 Death: 29 MAR 1623 in Groton, Suffolk, England 2 3 Note:
[Robert coles.GED]

Little is known of his early life except to note that his father died when he was 14 and his mother died three years later. Family traditions, as perpetuated by Cotton Mather, represent him to have been a lawyer; and he has sometimes been
recorded as a sergeant-at-law. He seems to have resided almost altogether at Groton, and to have occupied himself mainly with agricultural pursuits. He became "Lord of the Manor" at some point and there are abundant proofs that he was a man
of good education and of high social standing. He was also a poet, his verses having been thought worthy of preservation in a miscellany of the poetry of the time.

There are in existence many of the old "Winthrop Almanacs" containing memoranda. Adam Winthrop kept a diary from 1594 until 1610. He was an auditor of Trinity College, Cambridge, for 16 or 17 years. He held other offices, as well - "in 1602,
the xvth of Aprill I kept a Court for my brother Snelling at Shimplinge." "The xxviith I kept a Court at Groton Hall." "1602. On Wednesdays the xxiiii of Marche Queen Elizabeth died & James the vith Kinge of Scotland was proclaymed the next
day at London & on Saturday & Sudbury with the great rejoycings of all men."

In one entry, he mentions the Fones connection: "1608. The i of November my Daught'r Fones' daught'r was christened. Sr Robert Crane & his Lady were present & she witness with Mres. Sampson & mres. Bronde & myselfe. She named the childe

On the 16th of December, 1574, he married Alice Still. She and her first born child died December 24, 1577. He then married Anne Browne (born 1558 in Suffolk, England and died on April 19, 1629 in Groton, daughter of Henry and Agnes Browne)
on February 20, 1579.

After his death, a stone replaced the bronze plate covering his father's grave and it was carved with the following:

Heaven the Country: Christ the Way

Here lies the body of Adam Winthrop Esq., son of Adam

Winthrop Esq. who were patrons of this church

and lords of the manor of Groton.

The above named Adam, the son, married Anna, the daughter

of Henry Browne of Edwardston, by whom he had one son

and four daughters.

He departed this life in the year of our Lord 1623.

And of his own age 75. But Anna his wife died in 1628.

She is also buried here with him.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called

The sons of God.

Children of Adam Winthrop and Anne Browne are:
  i.   John Winthrop, born 1588; died 1649.
  Notes for John Winthrop:



Winthrop, John (1588-1649), American colonial administrator of Massachusetts, born in Edwardstone, West Suffolk, England, educated at the University of Cambridge, and trained for the law at Gray's Inn, in London. In 1623 he was appointed to the lucrative position of attorney in the court of wards and liveries, but he lost that post in 1629, probably because of his Puritan beliefs and associations. Later in 1629 the Massachusetts Bay Company in London selected him to govern its colony in New England. With some 700 Puritan settlers, Winthrop sailed from Yarmouth in March 1630, and landed at Salem, Massachusetts, on June 12. Shortly thereafter he settled in the Shawmut Peninsula community, later renamed Boston.

Winthrop was elected governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony 12 times between 1630 and 1649. Believing that the colony could be more effectively governed by a few learned and pious leaders, he opposed an unlimited democracy. For this reason, while serving as deputy governor under Sir Henry Vane, he concluded that the doctrines of the religious reformer Anne Hutchinson threatened to subvert moral law. Winthrop presided over the court that found Anne Hutchinson guilty and banished her from the colony. In 1643 he helped to organize the New England Confederation, which he served as the first president. Winthrop's administrative ability and wisdom were in large part responsible for the early prosperity of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. His journals were published in 1825-1826 as The History of New England 1630-1649.

  16331 ii.   Anne Winthrop, born 1585; died Bet. 1614 - 1680; married Thomas Fones II.

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