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The Families of ARTHUR LEE THOMAS.....Springfield, Ohio:

Updated December 6, 2009

Greetings All, this page, started in 2000, is a CONTINUING WORK IN PROGRESS, it is dedicated to the Ancestors, Descendants, Collateral Families and all others that comprise My Family Tree.

My desire is to share the Love, Hope, Inspiration and
Dedication of all those who came before me and
giving all those who will come after me the Determination,
Devotion and above all else the Rememberances of
the many individuals that laid the Foundation for
their Being.

My Ancestoral Surnames, Primary Locations and Time Periods are:


LAWRENCE--NC,IN (1830- )
THOMAS--VA,NC,IN,OH (1835- )

Research on my paternal lines begin to 'blur' prior to the 1870's due to that 'peculiar institution' known as Chattel Slavery. My paternal lines, before the end of slavery is centered around Edgecombe County, NC. However, recent discoveries through Family Reunions, Internet research, phone calls and just plain 'luck' collateral family connections are being made. Slave Schedules, Estate Papers and Wills of former slave owners are also proving to be invaluable in 'scaling the walls of slavery'.

'Collateral families' to my paternal surnames that have been discovered are BAREFOOT, CHERRY, DICKENS, DUE, FOREPAUGH, HERRING and MILES. Most originating from the Edgecombe County, NC area.

My paternal family history becomes more easily documentable following Emancipation and the end of the Civil War, beginning with the 1870 and later Federal Census records for Edgecombe County, NC.

Research on the migration and development of these family and collateral lines from NC into Putnam County, IN (Greencastle) from the late 1880's and early 1890's and their subsequent family expansion(s) is an ongoing project.

Reference (Books, FTM Reports/Trees and Related Files Section) for detailed histories and explanations for each group.


ADAMS--VA,KY,OH (1768- )
ALLEN--NC,VA,OH (1820- )
BRIDGES--KY,OH (1825- )
BROOKS--KY,OH (1825- )
EDWARDS--PA,OH (1790- )
LEE--VA,OH (1830- )
McKEE--CANADA,OH (1780- )
RENO--CANADA,OH (1780- )
SCOTT--NC,OH (1810- )
STEWART--NC,OH (1810- )
WALDEN--NC,OH (1810- )

My maternal lines also carry the "weight" of slavery, but that burden was over for most of these ancestral lines by the late 1700's and early 1800's. Although no longer in slavery they suffered mightly and overcame many of the slights endured by Free Persons of Colors during the era of the Ohio Black Codes.

Reference (Books, FTM Reports/Trees and Related Files Section)for detailed histories and explanations for each group.


These are the families of my children and their spouses. We've tried to include the grandparents, their siblings & other Ancestors of our grandchildren. Hopefully this will be of benefit to them as they research ALL of THEIR Family lines. The latest addition,..a 4th great-grandchild is Andrea D'laine Thomas, our 2nd great-granddaughter born 24 May 2006.

Descendant Surnames, Primary Locations and Time Periods are, but not limited to:
JARRETT--GA,OH (1850- )
PEAL--NC,IN,OH (1840- )
POTLOW---NC,OH,MI (1870- )
SANFORD--KY,OH (1835- )
STEPHENS--GA, OH (1864- )
THOMAS--KY,NC,IN,OH (1810- )

Photo are sequenced by # when input.

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My Family History


Family Photos

  • #92 My Son (Scott) & his Wife (Michelle) 1988 (27 KB)
    Scott Lindsey Thomas & his bride Michelle Renee Mack. Scott and Michelle were married on 28 May 1988 in the 2nd Missionary Baptist Church, Springfield,Clark,OH, by the Rev. Charles W. Walton.
  • #93 My Son Eric with Eric II & E'Chelle (1981) (19 KB)
    Eric William Thomas and his children Eric II (ET) and E'chelle Danee Thomas. This photo was taken while Eric, Sr. was in the USAF and serving in Okinawa, Japan. E'chelle was born on the island of Okinawa.
  • #14 My Daughter---Dione R. (Thomas) Peal ca 1989 (13 KB)
    My daughter, Dione Renee (Thomas) Peal, Dione is the wife of Charles Eugene Peal and the mother of my granddaughters Ashley Renee & Lindsey Nicole Peal. Dione was 32 years of age when this photo was taken.
  • #94 My Grandson Eric W. Thomas II (1980) (19 KB)
    My grandson, Eric Thomas II (ET) at his first Xmas party.
  • # 131 Adams Family Reunion 2005 Columbus, Ohio (112 KB)
    Family of my son, Eric W. Thomas, Sr., Back, Eric Thomas; Middle, E'Chelle (Thomas) Stephens; ????; Eric Thomas II holding his nephew Stephon Thomas; Front, Erica Thomas, mother of Stephon.
  • # 132 Adams Family Reunion 2005 Columbus, Ohio (113 KB)
    Family of my son, Eric W. Thomas, Sr., L-R Te'Vaun Stephens, Vaughn Stephens, E'Chelle (Thomas) Stephens, Back Eric Thomas, Sr. Partially shown ????, Erica Thomas
  • #97 Eric William Thomas II (ET) (1989) (19 KB)
    My grandson, Eric William Thomas II (ET), son of Eric & Marchelle (Jarrett) Thomas, Sr. @ 10 years of age.
  • #52 G-Son - Eric Thomas & KSU vs Pittsburgh 2002 (124 KB)
    Eric Thomas II (ET) for two....and Kent State University beating Pittsburg @ Rupp Arena, Lexington, Fayette, KY, in an overtime win on their way to the Elite 8 in the 2002 NCAA BB "Big Dance". ET scored 12 points, 7 in a stretch of one minute to bring Kent State from a 61-59 deficit to 65-61 lead.
  • # 133.......Mr. & Mrs. Eric W. Thomas, II (91 KB)
    Introducing my grandson and his bride...Mr. & Mrs. Eric W. Thomas, II....E.T. & Katie (Kimball) Thomas... They were married in Bedford Heights, Ohio on 28 March 2005. Both are graduates of at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio where they as students.
  • #98 E'Chelle Danee Thomas (1989) (9 KB)
    My granddaughter, E'Chelle Danee Thomas, daughter of Eric & Marchelle (Jarrett) Thomas, Sr. @ 8 years of age.
  • #53 My Great-Grandsons..Te'Vaun & Stephon (2003) (16 KB)
    1st Cousins.....Left..Te'Vaun Donye' Stephens, born 18 Feb 2000 in Springfield, Clark, OH. Right..Stephon De-Shawn Thomas, born 10 Mar 2002 in Springfield, Ohio. T'Vaun is the son of my granddaughter E'Chelle Danee (Thomas) Stephens, Stephon is the son of my granddaughter Erica Michelle Thomas. E'Chelle & Erica are the daughters of Eric & Marchelle (Jarrett) Thomas.
  • #18 Goin' to the Dance (1998-1999) NCAA BB Tourney (107 KB)
    Kent State Univ. vs Miami (OH) Mid-American Conference Championship game (1999) held @ Gund Arena, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH. Grandson--Eric William Thomas II (ET) in action.... Nice pass, We Win!!!! This was Kent State's 1st MAC Championship since the Conference tournament was initiated. We, Kent State, lost to John Chaney's Temple Owls in a 1st round NCAA tournament game played at the Fleet Center, Boston, Suffolk, MA.
  • # 134 OGS - First Families of Ohio Lineage Society (393 KB)
    Ohio Genealogy Society First Families of Ohio Certificate awarded to Art Thomas April 2005. Art's documenatation of his direct lineage to those named on the certificate was reviewed, approved and accepted as accurate and factual by the OGS Review Board.
  • #99 Erica Michelle Thomas (1989) (17 KB)
    My granddaughter, Erica Michelle Thomas, daughter of Eric & Marchelle (Jarrett) Thomas, Sr. @ 6 years of age.
  • #54 Art & Anita Thomas NYC Cruise 16 Aug 2003 (570 KB)
    Art & Anita enjoying dinner & dancing on the World Yacht Dinner Cruise of New York harbor on the yacht Duchess.
  • #19 Five Generations-- "One Family" (Sep 2000) (10 KB)
    Five generations from Ta' Vaun Donye' Stephens (2000) to 2nd Great Grandmother, my ex mother-in-law, Carrie Elizabeth Ella Lee (Embry) Morgan (1909). Grandfather, my son, Eric William Thomas, Sr. (1954), Mother, my granddaughter, E'Chelle Danee'(Thomas) Stephens (1981) and Great Grandmother, my ex-wife, Marjorie Louise (Morgan) Thomas (1934).
  • # 135 Cert from Ohio State Senate to Adams Family (20 KB)
    Certifiacte presented by Ohio State Senator Ray Miller during the 2005 Adams Family Reunion held in Ccolumbus, Ohio. This was the 86th consecutive Adams Family Reunion.
  • #100 Dione & Ashley Peal (1987) (12 KB)
    My daughter, Dione (Thomas) Peal, with her daughter Ashley Renee Peal. Ashley (2y/o) is throwing one of those Terrible Two's Tantrums and as you can see has worn Dione to a frazzle.
  • #55 Senior Women's Doubles Team Champs (1179 KB)
    USTA National Seniors Tennis Championships, Tucson, Pima, Ariz., Oct 2001....Anita Thomas, standing 2nd from the left. Springfield, Ohio Racquet Club Senior Women's Doubles Midwest US Championship Team.
  • #20 Mom/Son--Marjorie and Eric Thomas (ca1958) (8 KB)
    Mother & Son---Ex-wife Marjorie Louise (Morgan) Thomas & son, Eric William Thomas, returning home from a day of shopping in downtown Springifeld, Clark, Ohio ca 1958.
  • # 136 Great Granddaughter....Andrea Delaine Thomas (1101 KB)
    Our 4th great-grandchild and 2nd great granddaughter Andrea Delaine is the daughtet of Eric W. & Katie (Kimball) Thomas, II. Andrea, nicknamed "Lainey" was born 24 May 2006 in Ravenna, Ohio.
  • #101 Lindsey Peal in the 3rd Grade (1999) (32 KB)
    My granddaughter, Lindsey Nicole Peal as a 3rd grader attending Perrin Woods Elementary School in Springfield, Clark, OH. Lindsey is the daughter of Dione (Thomas) Peal and Charles Peal.
  • #56 South Roosevelt Ave. Piqua, OH (ca 1997) (11 KB)
    L-R 105/111/117 South Roosevelt Ave, the three houses I lived in while growing up in Piqua, Miami, OH. My maternal great-grandmother, Edna (Adams) Lee (1877-1936) owned these three pieces of property. In 1926 the address at 105 housed a restaurant and boarding house named the "Red Goose Hotel" owned and operated by Edna and her husband Wm. Henry Lee. They resided in the middle house (111) and this is where I was brought to live with my Mother & Grandmother after my birth in 1934. The address (117) is where I spent most of my early years with Edna's daughter and my Grand-aunt, Mabel (Lee) Yarbrough. I was living here when I graduated from High School in 1952.
  • #21 Friends of Freedom 5th UGRR Summit (2000) (6 KB)
    Art Thomas speaking at the Friends of Freedom-Ohio Underground Railroad Association (FOFS-OURA) Summit, 15 Oct. 2000, Columbus, Frankln, Ohio. Presentation-- Genealogy and the Underground Railroad: My Adams Family and their UGRR Activities (1820-1865).
  • # 137 Family Tree......Desc of Lewis & Susan Adams (21 KB)
    A family tree presented to my Adams Family at the 2005 Adams Family Reunion. This was the 86th consecutive Annual Reunion for this famly line. Lewis & Susan Adams were my 3rd great-grandparents, FPOC's, who were married 1 Jan 1816 in Urbana, Ohio. The tree is 90+ feet long and 3 feet high. It contains the names with birth, marriage and death information for over 2000 descendants. It was shown as part of the Adams Reunion Historical Display.
  • #57 Clark County Mr. B-Ball & 1st Team All Ohio (31 KB)
    Grandson ....Eric Thomas II (ET), Springfield North High School, Senior Year 1997, Mr. Basketball for Clark County, District 9 Player of the Year & 1st Team All Ohio, led the Panthers to the State D-I Final Four.....Career Leader in points scored and rebounds for the Springfield, Clark, OH North High Panthers.
  • #22 Miles Family Reunion Greencastle, IN (2000) (9 KB)
    Cousins Frances & Jimmy Miles at the July 2000 Reunion of the Miles Family which was held in Greencastle, Putnam, IN. Frances & Jimmy are the niece and nephew of my father, Walter William Thomas, (1894-1945) and the children of Frank & Louisa (Thomas) Miles.
  • # 138 OGS Settler & Builder Families of OH (1781 KB)
    Certificate of Acceptance into the Ohio Genealogical Society Settler & Builder Families of Ohio Lineage group.....The Certificate does not have the names of all family members accepted .........see photo #139 for all ancestors named.
  • # 139 SBO Letter of Acceptance (1364 KB)
    Letter of Aacceptance in the Ohio Gemealogical Society Settlers & Builders Lineage group.
  • #59 Old Homeplace 310 Howard St. Greencastle, IN (103 KB)
    The Thomas Homeplace, where my paternal grandfather, George Thomas, was living at the time of his death in 1925. 310 Howard St. Greencastle, Putnam, IN is the location where my father, his parents and siblings were recorded as living in the 1900 Census. This picture was taken while visiting Greencastle, IN for the 2000 Miles Family Reunion. My Aunt, Louisa Thomas, whom I never met married Frank Miles.
  • # 140 OGS - Society of Civil War Families (721 KB)
    Certifiacte of Acceptance for Arthur Thomas into the Ohio Genealogical Society Lineage group....Society of Civil War Families. Peter Allen, a 3rd great-grandfather served in the Civil War ....USCT Co. K, 32nd Reg't. His plaque is on the USCT Civil War Memorial in Wash DC....#
  • #102 ET with Dione, Ashley & Lindsey (2001) (31 KB)
    Graduation Day @ Kent State University, Kent, Portage, OH (2001). Eric Thomas II (ET) celebrating with his Aunt Dione and cousins Ashley & Lindsey Peal. Dione (Thomas) Peal is the sister of ET's father, Eric W. Thomas, Sr. Front..Aunt Dione, Left..Ashley, Right..Lindsey.
  • #103 ET & Grandparents @ Graduation (2001) (54 KB)
    Graduation Day @ Kent State University, Kent, Portage, OH. (2001). Eric Thomas II (ET) celebrating with his proud grandparents; L-R Step-Grandmother Anita (Harvey) Thomas, Paternal Grandfather Art Thomas, Grandmother Marjorie (Morgan) Thomas, ET, Grandmother Lilli Belle (Peterson) Jarrett and Maternal Grandfather Robert Jarrett.
  • #23 Four Generations of Sisters (Oct 2000) (14 KB)
    Front Row- L-R, Sisters, Lindsey Nicole and Ashley Renee PEAL. Back Row-Andrea Elaine (Thomas)Mitchell, Ella Lee (Embry) Morgan, Marjorie Louise(Morgan)Thomas, Jessie Lucille (Embry) Mingo and Dione Renee (Thomas) Peal. Missing-Edna Earlean Morgan, sister of Marjorie. Andrea & Dione are sisters, as is Ella & Jessie.
  • #24 The Old Homestead- Urbana, Ohio (ca 1920) (20 KB)
    The original Adams homestead, a log cabin built between 1820-1825 in Urbana, Champaign, Ohio. This home, the first for Lewis & Susan (Ried) Adams was located as the 1st dwelling on Kenton St. from the southeast corner of East Market St. This photo was taken from a Postcard (ca 1920) and the gentleman is believed to be the Cory Adams, a grandson of Lewis & Susan.
  • #105 Listening to Jimmy Smith @ Wampler's (1965) (12 KB)
    An Evening of Music & Dance with L-R Theopolis Vance and his wife, Earlean (Morgan) Vance; Marjorie (Morgan) Thomas and her husband (me), Art Thomas; and brother and brother-in-law Marvin Lewis Morgan. Jimmy Smith was performing at Wamplers' Ballarena, Dayton, Ohio.
  • #25 Cousin--Cory J. Adams-Postman (ca 1895) (35 KB)
    Cory J. Adams,(1874-1971) Findlay, Hancock, OH 1st AA Postman. Cory, son of David Adams (UGRR Operator), attended Findlay College, Findlay, Ohio. He was with the United States Postal Service for 42 years......reportedly not missing one (1) day of work during that period. Cory was the Most Worshipful Grand Master of all Prince Hall F. & A.M. Lodges in Ohio (1912-1917)
  • # 141 Adams Property 1857 Champaign Co., OH (2021 KB)
    Plat Map for Concord Twp., in Champaign County, Ohio. Property of Lewis & William Adams & J.W. Miles, Lewis Adams son-in-law. Property located in Section 23, Range 12, Township 4 totals 200 acres and was purchased in 1829 by Lewis Adams.
  • #106 Scott Thomas @ 2 (1966) (7 KB)
    My son, Scott Lindsey Thomas, the 'cookie monster', caught in the act. Scott had pulled up to the counter and was about to make his raid on the cookie jar in the rear of the photo.
  • #26 St. Paul A.M.E. Urbana, OH (ca 1994) (15 KB)
    St. Paul A.M.E. Church as it appeared in ca 1994. This was 170 years after an A.M.E. presence was established in Urbana, Champaign, OH (1824). Charter members of that initial congregation included my 3rd g-grandparents,Lewis & Susan Adams and my 4th g-grandparents Francis & Rachel Reno. The St. Paul A.M.E. Church building was added to the U.S. Register of National Historic Places in 1998.
  • # 142 Draper Interview.of Rev. John D. Shane (685 KB)
    Draper Manuscript Interview copy of the Rev. John Shane. Rev Shane was a survivor of the Ruddle's Fort and Martin's Station raids in KY by the British Loyalists and their Shawnee Indian allies in June of 1780. The captives were taken to Canada and dispersed among the Shawnee and the British. See other Laforce/Reno documention to help "flush" out this oral tradition.......that has proven to be factual.
  • #62 LaForce Desc's & Cousin Reita (Bynum) Smith (34 KB)
    LaForce descendants...Leonard LaForce and his sisters from L-R . and my cousin Reita Ann (Bynum) Smith from Columbus, Franklin, OH. Reita Ann and (me) Art Thomas, are descendants of slaves who were with the LaForce family when captured by the British and Shawnee Indians at the raid of Martin's Station, KY, in Jun 1780. We (Reita & Art) were attending a 'Gathering' of the descendants from the captured families that were at Martin's Station which was held in Borboun County, KY, near the location of Martin's Station. Picture was taken in Jun 2003. For details on this event reference the Genealogy Report: Descendants of Betty "Bess" (La Force) and in the Related Files section, LaForce Efforts to Recover Slaves. The 'Gathering'was truly a 'moving' experience.
  • #27 Grandfather--Harold McKinley Adams --(ca 1959) (5 KB)
    My Grandfather, Harold McKinley Adams (1894-1978), he was the oldest surviving WWI veteran in Champaign County, Ohio (Urbana) prior to his death. He served in WWI with the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) in France at the Muesse-Argonne Sector with the Company "A" 317th Engineers.
  • # 143 Grddaughter E'chelle w/ Te'Vaun & Trinity (102 KB)
    My granddaughter, E'Chelle (Thomas) Stephens and her children Te'Vaun Donye' & Trinity Delaine Stephens. Photo taken 2007.
  • #63 Af-Am Military Veterans Panel (2003) (32 KB)
    My daughter, Andrea (Thomas) Mitchell and me, (Art Thomas) as discussant's on a panel of Military Veterans at Wright State Univ., Fairborn, Greene, OH, during Black History Month....Feb 2003. The panel consisted of Af-Am veterans from WW II thru Desert Storm. Andrea, career military, retired in 2000 and she served in Desert Storm.
  • #28 Cousin--H. Leslie Adams--composer (ca 1996) (5 KB)
    Cousin H. Leslie Adams- Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, composer of the opera BLAKE. See my Home Page Links for the URL to Leslie's Website. A biographical sketch and a compilation of Leslie's works are found on his Website.
  • # 144 AnitaThomas w/ Asia & Erica Thomas (103 KB)
    Anita holding great-granddaughter Asia Delaine Thomas-Moss w/ granddaughter & mother Erica Michelle Thomas. Picture taken Dec 2007
  • #64 AAGGMV on Ohio News Network (2002) (45 KB)
    African American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley (AAGGMV) members as they appeared on a Ohio News Network program discussing African Ancestored Genealogy. L-R President, Robert Harris; Publicist, Jonas Bender; ONN Producer and cousin-in-law, Mrs. Landon Rogan; (me) Art Thomas, AAGGMV member; ONN Moderator, John Fortney.
  • # 145 Eric Thomas, Jr. w/ "Lainey" & Stephon (45 KB)
    Grandson Eric W. Thomas, Jr. with his daughter Andrea Delaine "Lainey" Thomas and his nephew, sister Erica's son, Stephon DeShawn Thomas. Lainey & Stephon are 2 of my 5 great-grandchildren. Picture taken Dec 2007
  • #109 Scott & Brian Morgan (1965) (12 KB)
    My son, Scott Lindsey Thomas, and his 1st cousin Brian Keith Morgan. Keith is the son of my then in-laws, Lee and Betty (Freeman) Morgan.
  • #65 Anita @ USTA National Seniors Championship (156 KB)
    My wife, Anita (Harvey) Thomas and her backhand in action at the USTA Senior National Tennis Championships held in Tucson, Pima, AZ (2001). Serena & Venus eat your heart out. LOL
  • #29 The Lewis Embry Family--Lincoln, AL (ca 1898) (17 KB)
    Back Row-Wiliam Embry (1889-1957), Ida Embry (1887-1985), Savannah Embry (1883-1953); Middle-Lewis Embry (1859-1905), Laura (Wood) Embry (1863-1946), Laura Frances Embry (1900-1959); Front-Effie Embry (1896-1991) Lewis and Laura (Wood) Embry are my children's maternal 2nd great-grandparents. Savannah Embry is their Great-Grandfather.
  • # 146 William Adams ..Civil Suit 1852 Urbana, Ohio (1686 KB)
    Champaign C., OH court case against William Adams and his brother's-in-law David & Levi Stanup (Stanhope). It is alleged they created a disturbance to allow his father, Lewis Adams, and others time to assist in the safe passage of some fugitive slaves thru Champaign County, Ohio on their way to Canada and Freedom. The fugitive slaves were being chased by pro-slavery residents of Champaign County and KY slave catchers.
  • #66 The Thomas Youngsters (1969) (38 KB)
    One of the few times we were able to get all four kids to sit still for a photo. Maybe it's because they disliked this one so very much. Each found something they didn't like. Clockwise...Andrea (10), she didn't care for how her hair looked; Dione (11), wore an old pair of glasses, she had broken her new glasses and had to wear her old 'cat woman' glasses; Scott (5) he just had his haircut, an operation he didn't exactly care for; Eric (13), another glasses problem, he didn't like his 'Clark Kent' glasses. Oh well, at least we got one 'formal' photo of them all together.
  • # 147 1952 Adams Family Reunion (160 KB)
    Adams Family Reunion held in Findlay, Ohio
  • #67 My Son...Scott Lindsey Thomas (1974) (10 KB)
    Scott as a fifth-grader....He loved the 'Do's' during this period. He was in heaven with his Dr. J. hairstyle. Remember photo #66 when he was upset because he had to get a haircut. Something 'bout Scott and haircuts, he just wasn't a happy camper after a trip to the Barbershop.
  • # 148 1911 Adams Gathering (1 KB)
    Front Row Left to Right 1) Margaret "Aunt Maggie" Adams Lancaster- 2) Thelma Rudd Frazier 3) Harriett "Hattie" Adams Rudd- 4) Vivian Adams - Daughter of Cory & Janice R. "Jenny" Cordell Adams 5) Grandpa-DAVID ADAMS Son of Lewis & Susannah Ried Adams. 6) Lenore Adams Stevenson- 7) Laura Adams Ramsey- 8) Ravona Adams- 9) Aunt Sara Conway (????) Back Row Left to Right 1&2) Dick & Hattie-Laura Adams (????)-Daughter & Son-in-law 3) Charles Rudd-Husband of Harriett "Hattie" Adams. 4) Cory Adams-Son of David & Elizabeth Jane "Jenny" Conway Adams. 5) Grandma Good- Mother of Janice R. "Jenny" Cordell Adams. 6) Janice R. "Jenny" Cordell Adams- wife of Cory Adams. 7) Frederick Douglass Adams-son of David & Elizabeth Jane Conway Adams. 8) Othar Glasco-Brother of Catherine Glasco Adams 9) Catherine Glasco Adams- Wife of Frederick Douglass Adams. 10) Grandma Glasco- Mother of Catherine Glasco Adams. 11) Arthur Good- Brother of Janice R. "Jenny" Cordell Adams. 12) Lather Adams- Son of David & Elizabeth Jane "Jenny" Conway Adams. 13) Edward Adams-Son of David & Elizabeth Jane "Jenny" Conway Adams.
  • # 149 Reita Ann (Bynum) Smith & Art Thomas (38 KB)
    Reita & Art being presented plaques at the 2008 Adams Family Reunion picnic. This Labor Day weekend saw the Adams Family celebrate their 89th Annual Adams Family Reunion. The plaques were presented to us as the Family Historians for "your uncesaing work and tenacity in researching, documenting and maintaining our Adams Family history". It was a very proud moment for both Reita & myself.
  • # 150 Freedom Paper for Lewis Adams.....1813 (2150 KB)
    A photocopy of the original freedom papers for Lewis Adams from Deed Book L, Page 134...Shelby County Court, Sheblyville, Ky.
  • #111 Jack & Jill Fashion Show (1975) (28 KB)
    Jack and Jill of America Inc., Springfield Chapter, will present Holiday Glitter, a luncheon and fashion show to be held at noon Nov.19 in Wren's Auditorium. Shown here is a mother and daughter modeling team, Marjorie Thomas and her daughter Dione. This is a sample of what Wren's will be showing for every age and size which will be eye-appealing for fall and winter wardrobes. Proceeds from the event will go to the Springfield community organizations and the Saturday Academy, which is sponsored by the Jack and Jill Foundation. The Academy is aimed at gifted and talented high school students in the Springfield area. (Abstrcted from newspaper article...Springfield News-Sun, 15 Nov. 1975)
  • #112 Eric & the Deuce (1972) (20 KB)
    My son, Eric William Thomas and the 'love' of his life, a Buick Electra 225. Eric had just turned 16 and this was the 1st car he could 'legally' drive. We drove to Denver, Denver, CO from Springfield, Clark, OH that summer and Eric did most of the driving.
  • #113 Dione & Daryl Prom (1975) (13 KB)
    My daughter, Dione Renee Thomas, and her date Daryl Crockett, at the 1975 Jr.-Sr. Prom for Springfield South High School.
  • #1 Adams Family Reunion (1920) (53 KB)
    7th Annual Adams Family Reunion Urbana, Champaign, OH Mother-Vera Edwina Adams (1915-1961) 3rd child from left seated on ground. Great-Grandparents-Emma (Bridges)Adams (1853-1931), Isaac L.Adams (1854-1936) Seated 3rd and 4th from left. Grandfather-Harold McKinley Adams (1894-1978)Standing 2nd row, 8th from left, partially hidden.
  • #33 Leslie & Vesta Elaine Adams Harvey- -(Mar1971) (13 KB)
    The parents of my wife, Anita Jean (Harvey)Thomas. Anita's parents, Leslie and Vesta Elaine (Adams)Harvey are shown celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, March 1971, in Zanesville, Muskingun, OH. Leslie (1898-1975) Vesta (1901-1977)
  • #2 Burial Site Lewis & Susan Adams (photo 1994) (19 KB)
    3rd Great Grandparents Lewis Adams (1785-1864) Susan Adams (1795-1861)Johnson Cemetery, Concord Twp., Champaign County, OH. In addition, other Adams family members and Richard (Stanhope/Stanup)(1747-1862), allegdedly a body servant to Pres. George Washington, are buried in Johnson Cemetery.
  • #34 Lee & Ella (Embry) Morgan (ca 1930-31) (7 KB)
    Mr.& Mrs. Morgan, Ella & Lee (1907-1990), my children's maternal grandparents on a visit to the "Big Apple", New York City (ca 1930). They are believed to be on their honeymoon as they were married in 1930.
  • 1820 Census Lewis Adams Champaign Co., OH (441 KB)
    Lewis Adams listed as an FPOC in the 1820 Census for Champaign County, Ohio. Along with Lewis is his father-in-law, Francis Reyno/Reno and Fanny Carter. These three were charter members of St. Paul AME church founded in Urbana, Ohio (1824).
  • #115 Andrea, Dione & Marchelle (1976) (9 KB)
    My daughters, Dione Renee Thomas (R) and Andrea Elaine Thomas (standing) with their soon to be sister-in-law (L) Marchelle DeLaine Jarrett. Known to me affectionately as 'My Three Stooges', but not liked very well by the ladies.
  • #3 63rd Annual Adams Reunion Pt. 1 (Sep 1975) (86 KB)
    Part I 1975 Adams Family Reunion Springfield, Clark, OH Seated in wheelchair, dark blue jacket, my Maternal Grandfather---Harold McKinley Adams
  • #35 Walter William & Vera (Sewell) Thomas ca 1921 (17 KB)
    My father, Walter William Thomas (1894-1945) and his 1st wife Vera I. (Sewell)Thomas (1895-1982). They were married in Troy, Miami, OH, 9 May 1915, divorced in Troy, Ohio, 12 Jul 1926. Picture taken ca 1920 at 310 Howard Ave., Greencastle, Putnam, IN. This is the only picture I have of my father and was given to me Christmas Day 2000 by his niece and nephew Frances & James Arthur Miles of Greencastle, IN
  • #116 Art & Dione (1982) (9 KB)
    My daughter, Dione Renee Thomas and me, Art Thomas, (her "Pops"), getting ready to "go out among' um" following the 1982 graduation ceremonies of she and her brother, Scott Lindsey Thomas.
  • #4 63rd Annual Adams Reunion Pt. 2 (Sep 1975) (80 KB)
    Part II 1975 Adams Family Reunion Springfield, Clark, OH
  • #36 Best Friends--The Fearsome Foursome (ca 1944) (7 KB)
    Piqua, Miami, OH ca 1944 with my best friends. Back L-R, Kenneth "Kenny-Boy" Thorpe, Charles "Charlie-Boy" Andy. Front l-r Toussaint "Tucson" Foston, Arthur "Sonny-Boy" Thomas.
  • #117 Dione Peal, Heroic Postal Carrier (1986) (24 KB)
    My daughter, Dione Renee (Thomas) Peal was presented with a special achievement award for her heroic deed in helping save a Harrison Street resident's life. Dione thought she heard a resident yelling for help. She went to several nrighbors before finding the home where she could hear someone yelling. With the help of another neighbor, they found the resident who apparently had collapsed and suffered a stroke. Dione is shown receiving the award from Postmaster Brenda Cottenmyre.
  • #5 My Son ---- Scott Lindsey Thomas (June 1986) (10 KB)
    My son, Scott Lindsey Thomas' graduation photo, '86 Columbia University, New York City, Kings, NY. Scott graduated with a dual major in Economics and Computer Science.
  • #37 Best Friends, 53 years later--(Jul 1997) (13 KB)
    The gang who couldn't shoot straight. :-)) Best friends reunited in Piqua, Miami, OH, July 1997, at the Andy-Stewart Family Reunion. L-R Kenneth Cornell Thorpe, Toussaint Paul Foston (1935-1998), Charles Wilbur Andy. Notice how the "nicknames" have been dropped.
  • #118 The Groom and his Family (1988) (15 KB)
    My son, Scott Lindsey Thomas, pictured at his wedding with his family. L-R: Mother, Marjorie (Morgan) Thomas; Scott; Sister, Dione (Thomas) Peal; Brother, Eric W. Thomas, Sr.; Father, Arthur Lee Thomas. Photo taken 28 May 1988 @ 2nd Missionary Baptist Church, Springfield, Clark, OH.
  • #38 My Mother--A Protrait of Vera (1960) (5 KB)
    My mother, Vera Edwina (Adams) Thomas, (1915-1961)as painted by a Mr. Daniells of Detroit, Wayne, Michigan in July of 1960.
  • #119 Andrea and her F-16 Jet Flight (2000) (13 KB)
    My daughter, Andrea Elaine (Thomas) Mitchell after receiving word she had passed all tests and was qualified for flight in the F-16 Jet Fighter Plane. Picture taken at Luke AFB, Pima, AZ (2000).
  • #39 My Daughter-Andrea Elaine Thomas (ca 1960) (6 KB)
    Baby Girl, my daughter Andrea @ 1 year of age. Springfield, Clark, OH.
  • #120 Cousins...Art & Reita @ OGS Conference (90 KB)
    Art & Reita Ann at their induction ceremony into the Ohio Genealogical Societies First Families of Ohio (FFO) & Society of Civil War Families of Ohio (SCWFO). The ceremony was part of the OGS Annual Conference 14-16 Apr 2005 held in Akron, Ohio.
  • #40 My Daughter -- Dione Renee Thomas (ca 1958) (5 KB)
    Baby Girl, my daughter Dione @ 1 Month, Springfield. Clark, OH.
  • #41 My Son - Eric William Thomas (ca 1957) (6 KB)
    A young Eric, my son, @ 3 years of age, Springfield, Clark, OH.
  • #74 Dione, Andrea & Grandma Vera (ca 1959) (17 KB)
    Dione..standing & Andrea sitting on the lap of my mother, their paternal grandma, Vera (Adams) Thomas. My mother died New Year's Eve 1961. She dearly loved Eric and 'her girls', but Scott our youngest, born in 1964 never had the opportunity of knowing Grandma Vera.
  • #79 Graduation HS Arthur Lee Thomas (1952) (21 KB)
    Piqua Cental High School, Piqua, Miami, OH..... HS Activities: German Club (11-12), Pres. (12); Senior Hi-Y (10-12); Cheer Club (11-12); Football (10-12); Track (10-12); Basketball (10-12); Student Council (10-12).
  • #81 Graduation HS Anita (Harvey) Thomas (1957) (18 KB)
    Vincent High School, Vincent, Washington, OH..... HS Activities: Band (9-12); Mixed Chorus (9-12); Co-Editor Annual Staff (12); Editor Newspaper Staff (12); Future Homemakers of America/F.H.A.(9-10); Track (11); Treasurer (11).
  • #6 My Daughter ---Andrea E. (Thomas) Mitchell 1993 (14 KB)
    Andrea Elaine (Thomas) Mitchell as a USAF Recruiter, Andrea retired from the Air Force in Dec 2000. Andrea served in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.
  • #7 My Grandson --- Eric William Thomas II (ET) (47 KB)
    Kent State Univ. vs Marshall Univ. Feb 2000 @ Kent State's M.A.C. Center, Kent, Portage, OH. Tamar Slay of Marshall Univ. now plays for the New Jersey Nets in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and played in the 2002-2003 NBA finals against the L.A. Lakers.
  • #121 Art Thomas ..@ OGS Conference SCWFO (88 KB)
    Art Thomas preparing for his induction into The Society of Civil War Families of Ohio (SCWFO). Peter Allen, a 3rd great-grandfather served in the Civil War. Co., K 32nd Reg't USCT. Ceremony was held at the Ohio Genealogical Conference 14-16 Apr 2005 in Akron, Ohio
  • #122 Trinity D'Elaine Stephens.... (41 KB)
    Trinity D'Elaine Stephens, daughter of E'chelle (Thomas) & Vaughn Stephens....G-daughter of Eric & Marchelle (Jarrett) Thomas and Art's first great-granddaughter. Born: 18 Apr 2005.......6 lbs 4 oz & 18 inches tall/long.
  • #8 Me, Yours Truly---Arthur Lee Thomas (1940) (39 KB)
    Me, Arthur Lee Thomas, age 6 (ca 1940). Picture taken during the Christmas Holidays. See Pic # 48 for my mother Vera (Adams) Thomas also taken during this Holiday season.
  • #42 My Son - Scott Lindsey Thomas (ca 1964) (9 KB)
    Baby Boy, my son Scott @ 4 Months, Springfield, Clark, OH.
  • #123 My Father...Walter William Thomas (269 KB)
    Walter William Thomas (1894-1945). This photo with the inset are the only two photos I have of my father who died in 1945 when I was 11 years old. I have them thanks to the daughter of my half-brother, Ms. Vera Williams of CA and cousins Frances (deceased) and James Miles of Greencastle, IN.
  • #9 Indiana Cousins--- James & Frances Miles (2000) (21 KB)
    Niece & Nephew of my father (Walter William Thomas) Frances Louise Miles and her brother James Arthur Miles of Greencastle, Putnam, IN. I was reunited with Cousin Frances in 1999 following a period of 54 years with no contact. We were last together in 1945 at my father's funeral. 1999 was our initial contact with Cousin Jimmy. Cousin Frances passed away 24 Jul 2003. (1911-2003)
  • #43 Andrea, Dione & Eric Thomas (ca1962) (7 KB)
    The kids, Easter Sunday, 924 Mound St., Springfield, Clark, OH 1962 L-R Andrea, Eric & Dione all dressed and ready for Easter Sunday church services.
  • #124 Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Eric W. Thomas, II (91 KB)
    My Grandson Eric and his bride Katie A. Kimble. Eric and Katie were married 28 May 2005 in St. Jude's Church, Bedford, Ohio.
  • #10 My Mom & Her Father-- Harold & Vera Adams (60 KB)
    Top photo is of my grandfather Harold McKinley Adams (ca 1970), this photo was taken at an Adams Family Reunion held in Findlay, Hancock, OH. Lower photo, my mother Vera Edwina Adams, from a series of photos taken prior to her father, my grandfather, going overseas (France) during WWI.
  • #44 My Son--Scott Lindsey Thomas (ca 1968) (13 KB)
    Scottie @ 4-5 years of age trying step into daddy's shoes. 700 East Rose St., Springfield, Clark, OH.
  • #125 Tudor's & Thelma (Clark) Walker...26 Jun 2005 (145 KB)
    Back L-R...Lauren, Kathy & Walter Tudor meet Thelma Walker. Cosuin Thelma, 97 years youg was a contemporary of Joseph "Jay" Tudor, their father. The Tudor family migrated to CA in the mid-1930's. While in Ohio researching their family history the Tudor's were meeting friends and relatives for the first time. The Tudor's are 3rd great-grandchildren of Lewsi & Susan Adams. Thelma is the widow of the late Elwood Lewis Walker, a great-great grandson of Lewis & Susan Adams.
  • #11 Edgecombe County, North Carolina Connections (12 KB)
    (Pictures ca 1880's) Upper right - Lafayette Dickens,my paternal grandmother Flora (Lawrence) Dickens Thomas 1st husband, his sisters Rose & Lucy. Lower left, Henry Newberry Cherry, Lucy's husband, (Henry's father, Henry C. Cherry, was a member of NC General Assembly during Reconstruction) and Henry Dickens.
  • #45 My Wife--Anita Jean (Harvey) Thomas ca 1993 (7 KB)
    My wife, Anita, at a Bowling Banquet. Anita Jean Harvey and Art Thomas were married 6 Dec 1986 in Springfield, Clark, OH
  • #126 2005 Adams Family Reunion .....Columbus, Ohio (67 KB)
    Photo by Bruce Johnson Hi Bruce, Thanks for the group photo......You did a fine job of getting THIS many ADAMS folks to sit/stand still long enough for a group photo. Watching Bruce trying get everyone in attendence included was like watching someone trying to corral a herd of cats. :)) For those who didn't get in the photo ....Sorry, but Bruce tried!!!!! Cousin Art Thomas
  • #12 Adams Family Burial Site (ca 1994) (29 KB)
    Johnson Cemetery, Concord Twp., Champaign County, Ohio, used by members of the Adams Family from 1848 until 1886. The following markers are for Margaret Ann Adams Gaitor (1835-1886), her daughter Mary Ann Gaitor (1867-1868) and her brother Isaac Adams (1825-1855). These are the children and a granddaughter of Lewis & Susan Adams. Also buried in this cemetery is, Lewis' mother, Sibbah (1768-1848), this according to a reading taken in 1936, which states "Mastison, Sibbah wife of Daniel and mother of Lewis Adams 1768-1848 age 79 Years". At this time we have been unable to locate her marker.
  • #46 Great- Grdmother- Emma (Bridges) Adams ca1920 (4 KB)
    Maternal Great Grandmother Emma (Bridges) Adams (1853-1931) taken at the 1920 Adams Family Reunion Urbana, Champaign, OH.
  • #82 Graduation HS Eric William Thomas, Sr. (1974) (8 KB)
    Springfield South High School, Springfield, Clark , OH.....HS Activities: Willie's Fan Club (11); A/V Assistant (12); Greivance Board (11); Basketball (11-12); Tennis (12); Intramurals (10); Orchestra (12); Big Brother (12)
  • #127 My Mom..Vera (Adams) Thomas...Christmas 1955 (15 KB)
    My mother, Vera (Adams) Thomas taken Christmas Day 1955. Mom was 40 years old at the time and she passed away 31 Dec 1961, just 6 years later.
  • #13 2nd G-Grd Uncle--David Adams UGRR Conductor (25 KB)
    From Wilbur H. Siebert's "The Mysteries of Ohio's Underground Railroad" (pg 124)David Adams,(1826-1913) son of Lewis & Susan Adams, along with J. Merkle & R. B. Hurd, successful UGRR Operaters from Findlay, Hancock, Ohio
  • #47 G-Daughters Ashley & Lindsey Peal (1990) (4 KB)
    My granddaughters, Ashley Renee Peal, at age 5 years and her baby sister Lindsey Nicole Peal at age 5 months, Springfield, Clark, OH. Ashley & Lindsey are the daughters of Charles & Dione (Thomas) Peal.
  • #83 Graduation HS Dione Renee Thomas (1976) (7 KB)
    Springfield South High School, Springfield, Clark, OH.....HS Activities: Booster Homeroom (11); Gymkana (10-12); Sadie Hawkins Committee (10); Star & Chevron (11-12); Homecoming Queen (12); Student Council Rep (10); Yearbook Staff (12); Prom Committee (11); Office Aide (12); Bicentenial Committee (11)
  • #128 Grnadmother & Step-Grandfather (9 KB)
    My grandmother, Josephine Leona (Lee) Adams Johnson and her husband, my step-grandfather, William "Buddy" Johnson. Photo taken in Springfield, Ohio at my mother's house on Christmas Day 1955.
  • #48 My Mom: Vera Edwina (Adams) Thomas (ca 1940) (4 KB)
    My Mom, Vera (Adams) Thomas (1915-1961) Picture taken in Piqua, Miami, OH during the 1940 Christmas Holidays.
  • #84 Graduation HS Andrea Elaine Thomas (1977) (16 KB)
    Springfield South High School, Springfield, Clark, OH.....HS Activities: Student Council (10); Big Sister (11-12); Track (10-12); Volleyball (10-11); Cheerleader (10-12); Booster (10-12); Yearbook Staff (11-12); Prom Committee (10-11); Star & Chevron (10-12)
  • #129 Art Thomas & Kids......Easter Sunday 1965 (324 KB)
    Me & the kids prior to going to church Easter Sunday 1965. Photo on left is Andrea, Art & Dione with Eric standing in the rear. On the right is me and Scott who had just turned 1 year old on the 13th of April.
  • #49 Edith Mabel Susan (Lee) Yarbrough (ca 1955) (6 KB)
    My Grand Aunt, Mabel (Lee) Yarbrough (1896-1967), the 4 ft. 11 in. dynamo with whom I resided following the death of my father in 1945 when I was 11 years of age until my Senior year in college. Thanks for everything Aunt Mabel!!!
  • #85 Graduation HS Scott Lindsey Thomas (1982) (14 KB)
    Springfield South High School, Springfield, Clark, OH.....HS Activities: Office Aide (11); Class Officer (10-12); Football (10-12)/Capt. (12); Basketball (10-12)/Capt. (12); Track (10-12)/Capt. (12); Honor Roll (10-12); National Honor Society (11-12); Star & Chevron (10); French Club (11-12); Zimmer Award Student-Athlete (12); Class Rank (3rd).
  • # 130 Request For Return of Slaves (91 KB)
    A p,s, in a letter from General Geo. Wahington requesting that the slaves of Mrs. Agnes LaForce be returned to her.
  • #50 Great-Grandfather Isaac L. Adams (ca 1920) (131 KB)
    My maternal Great Grandfather Isaac L. Adams (1854-1936) picture taken at the 1920 Adams Family Reunion held at Urbana, Champaign, OH.
  • #86 Graduation College Scott Lindsey Thomas (1986) (14 KB)
    Columbia University, New York City, Kings, NY....Degree: Bachlor of Arts; Major: Computer Science & Economics; Activites: Varsity Basketball & Black Students Organization
  • #87 Graduation College Andrea Elaine Thomas (2000) (8 KB)
    Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, Hale, TX..... Degree: Bachelor of Science; Major: Occupational Education. Andrea obtained her degree while serving in the Military. (USAF)
  • #88 Graduation College Eric W. Thomas II (2001) (7 KB)
    Kent State University, Kent, Portage, OH....Degree: Bachelor of Science; Major: Criminal Justice; Activities: Varsity Basketball, Black Student Organization.
  • #89 Daughter (Dione) & Her Husband (Charles) 1985 (19 KB)
    Dione Renee (Thomas) Peal and her husband Charles Eugene Peal. Dione & Charles are the parents of my Granddaughters Ashley Renee & Lindsey Nicole Peal. Dione and Charles were married 5 Jul 1984 in Springfield,Clark,OH, by the Rev. Clarence B. Sims.
  • #90 My Son (Eric) & His Wife (Marchelle ) 1977 (16 KB)
    Eric William Thomas, Sr. & his wife Marchelle Delaine Jarrett. Eric & Marchelle are the parents of my Grandson, Eric William Thomas, II and Granddaughters E'Chelle Danee & Erica Michelle Thomas. Eric and Marchelle were married 27 Dec 1977 in Covington, Kenton, KY by Justice of the Peace Arthur Ryan.
  • #91 My Daughter (Andrea) & Her Husband (Don) 1988 (12 KB)
    Andrea Elaine (Thomas) Mitchell & her husband Donald Joseph Mitchell. Andrea and Don were married 14 Jul 1988 in the Office of the American Consul, Seoul, Korea by Yong-nae Kim, Mayor of Seoul,Korea.

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  • William Adams KY 1838 (1 KB)
    Partial Estate Inventory of William Adams This is only the slaves and their value at the time of Inventory. note: Oldham County KY. This area was a previously part of Shelby County KY.
  • William Adams KY 1807 (1 KB)
    Deed Bond for slaves of William Adams, Shelby County, KY
  • Court Action -Ohio 1853 (1 KB)
    Descrpition of Court Action taken in Champaign County, Ohio against William Adams, David Stanup and Levi Stanup (Stanup/Stanhope)
  • William Adams KY 1808 (1 KB)
    Sale of slave "Kitty"/"Cate" by William Adams, Shelby County, KY in 1808. Her relationship, if any to Lewis Adams, is unknown at this time.
  • OUR VETERANS - Family Members Who Have Served (1 KB)
    A listing of those members of my families with Military Service from the Civil War (1864)to Desert Storm (1992).
  • Court Case- Ohio ca 1858 (1 KB)
    Medina County, Ohio case which reflects Ohio's "Black Codes" where an African American was not permitted to testify.
  • William Adams KY 1813 (1 KB)
    Emancipation (Freedom) Paper for 3rd great-grandfather, Lewis Adams, and what is believed to his children, born while Lewis was enslaved. Mother of children, unknown at this time.
  • Rachel Reno Interview - 1863 (2 KB)
    Lyman C. Draper of "The Draper Manuscript Collection" interviews 4th great grandmother, Rachel Magee Reno. Rachel was over 80 years of age at the time of this interview.
  • Marriage Record 1816 (1 KB)
    This information is copied from the marriage record of my 3rd great grandparents (Lewis & Susan)
  • LaForce Research Documents (17 KB)
    items found on the Internet referencing Rene LaForce
  • Book Timeline - Families of Arthur Lee Thomas (23 KB)
    14 generations of the Families of Arthur Lee Thomas. From 1735, Bettu/Bess (LaForce) my 7th great grandmother to the 19 Oct 2008 birth of great-grandson, Cory William Moss, Jr.
  • Registration of Freedom Papers 1816 (1 KB)
    This document records Lewis Adams' registration as a Free Person of Color (FPOC) according to the then active "Black Codes" of Ohio.
  • William Adams KY 1820 (1 KB)
    Emancipation (Freedom) Paper for Charles, relationship to Lewis Adams, unknown, if any, at this time.
  • St. Paul AME Church, Urbana, Ohio, 1824 (2 KB)
    Lewis and Susan Adams community and religious involvement, along with Susan's mother and step-father, Francis & Rachel Magee Reno.
  • Estate Settlement Paper #I (1864) (4 KB)
    William Francis Adams, a 2nd g-grandfather and son of Lewis Adams. Purchase of father's property by William Adams from his siblings and their spouses.
  • Deed of Conveyance Ohio 1829 (1 KB)
    This document records the purchase of 200 acres of land by Lewis Adams in Concord Twp., Champaign County, Ohio.
  • LaForce Efforts to Recover Slaves (11 KB)
    Agnes Moseby LaForce, her family and 13 slaves were captured 24 June 1780 at Martin's Station, KY in an Indian raid (Shawnee), led by British agents, Capt.'s Henry Bird and Alexander McKee. These documents were filed by the LaForce family with the British government in Canada for the return of their slaves, first in 1784, following the Revolutionary War and again in 1813-1814 following the War of 1812. Kandis/Candis, Hannah and Betty/Bess are the mother, grandmother and ggrandmother of the Rachel Magee Reno, found in the Draper Manuscript interview. (See Rachel Reno Interview)
  • 1894 Interview of David Adams UGRR Conductor (4 KB)
    David Adams reveals his activity and that of his father and granfather with the Underground Railroad in the State of Ohio.

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