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Robert Wright (son of William Wright and Esther Montgomery) was born in VA, and died 1816 in Nelson Co., VA. He married Margaret.

 Includes NotesNotes for Robert Wright:

Descendants of William Wright
Generation No. 2

2. Robert2 Wright (William1) was born Abt. 1744 in Virginia, anddied Bef. March 27, 1 8 16 in Nelson County, Virginia. He married MargaretAbt. 1761 in Amherst County, Virginia. S h e died Unknown.

Notes for Robert Wright:

ROBERT 2 ( WILLAM 1 ) WRIGHT, was probably born in Amhearst County,Virginia between 1742/4 4 , he died
in 1816 between Jan 1st. and before March 27th, He married Margaret[----------] ?: One sour c e of information states that Robert WrightandMargaret ----? was married about 1763, but th e y were probablymarriedabout 1760/6 1, because their first child a son James Wright wasborn 1 762, if they h ad gotten married in 1763, James would have beenbornbefore their marria g e , I am incline to think that they weremarriedsomewhere around 1761.

On March 7, 1763, Robert Wright was gifted 166 Acers of land from hismother and father
William and Esther Wright which was Granted to the said William Wrig htbyPatent bearing the
Date the first Day of June one thousand Seven hundred and Fifty set forthin S. B. 1/35 fo r t he
Sum of Five Shillings:

Two years later on June 5, 1765, Robert Wright patented 20 Acers of landadjacent to his
existing land in Amherst County, Viginia, by Patent Deed 36/761:

The 1782 Land Tax List of Amherst County, Virginia, listed Robert Wrightwith the following

Quantity Price Pound
Land Holders Land p-Acre Amount Rate
Robert Wright 186 @ 9/(?) 1.___.16 1.9.9

On November 15, 1784, at Amherst County, Virginia, D. B. E/611 RobertWright purchased
176 acres of land from William Wright, Jr:

The 1787 Land Tax List for Amherst County, Virginia, listed Robert Wrightin Amherst Parish
with the following property:

Total Amount of
Rate of Amount Tax at 11/2
Quality Land of Value on Land
Land Holders Land p. Acre of Land Pounds

Robert Wright 186 24/9 230.3.6 3 9 0-1/4
" " " 176 14/ 123.4.0 1 16 11-1/2

On July 28, 1788, at Amherst County, Viginia, County Court, VirginiaState Library Loose Pap e rs
Box 183, a summons was issued to Robert Wright and James Wright in alawsuit:
[ The Commonwealth of Virginia. To the Sheriff of Amherst County,greetings: You are hereby
Commanded that you Summon Robert Wright, William Fitzpatrick, JamesWright and Joseph
Roberts to appear before the Justices of our County Court of Amherst atthe Courthouse of the
said County on the first Monday in August Next to Testify and the truthto say on behalf of
Charles Statham Exor of William Furbush Decd. In a certain matter ofControversy Depending
and undetermined between the said Stathem Exor of W. Furbush Deed Pltfand Charles
Stewart Deft.

And this they shall in no wise omit under the Penalty 100 pounds Each.And have then there
this Writ. Witness William Loving Clerk of our said Court at theCourthouse aforesaid the 28 t h
Day of July 1788 In the thirteenth Year of our Commonwealth.

Wm Loving

July 31st 1788 Sent a Copy to Robert Wright, William Fitzpatrick andJames Wright
August 1st 88 Executed on Joseph Roberds
Wm. H. Digges D. S. ]

On November 19, 1788, at Amherst County, Virginia, County Court, VirginiaState Library Loose
Papers Box 183, and execution was issued against Robert Wright and JohnWood for a judgment
debt due to Irving Galt & Company. [Note] This John Wood was RobertWright's son-in-law:

On August 13, 1789, at Amherst County, Virginia, D. B. F/377 RobertWright sold 176 acres
of land to Joseph Shelton:

The marriage consent and bond of Mary Wright and John Wood was dated onJanuary 11th
1784, at Amherst County, Virginia:
[ January 11th
This is to Certify that I Robert Wright am willing you should issueLisens for John Wood to
have my daughter Mary by her Consent Likewise

To the Clark Robt Wright
of Amherst
Test Wm Wright
Richard L Wood
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
Know all Men by these presents that we John Wood & John Wright are heldand firmly Bound
unto Patrick Henry Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia & to hisSuccessors for the us e o f
the said Commonwealth in the Sum of Fifty pounds Virginia Currency towhich payment well and
truly to be made We Bind ourselves and Each of us our heirs Exors andArmors Jointly and
Severally firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and Dated thisEleventh Day of Janu a ry
One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Four.

The Condition of the above Obligation is Such that whereas there is amarriage Shortly Inten d ed
to Solemnized between the above Bound John Wood Batchelor and Mary WrightSpinister if there
be lawful Cause to Obstruct the said Marriage. Then the above Obligationto be Void otherwi s e to
Remain in full force and Virtue

Signed Sealed & Del'd John Wright
In presence of
William Loving Junr. ]

The marriage consent and bond of Esther Wright and John Merry Griffinwere dated on
November 14, 1792, at Amherst County, Virginia:

[ Sir

Please to issue Licence to marry me John M. Griffin to Esther Wright.

Test John Merry Griffin
Saml. Spencer 14th Nov. 1792
James Stevens
The Clerk of Amherst
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------


I am willing that my Daughter Esther should marry John Merry Griffin andthat you issue Lice n ce

Test Robert Wright Sen.
Saml. Spencer 14th Nov. 1792
James Stevens
The Clerk of Amherst
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Know all Men by these presents that we Jonn Merry Griffin & Saml. Spencerare held and firmly
bound into Henry Lee Esqr. Govenor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in theSum of Fifty pounds
Current money which payment well and truly to be made to the said LeeEsqr. Govenor as afore s aid
or to his Successors for the use of the said Commonwealth we bindOurselves Jointly and
Severally our Joint and Several Heirs firmly by these presents Seal withOur Seals this 14 t h Day
of November 1792

The condition of this obligation is such that whereas there is a marriageShortly Intende d t o be
Solemnized between the above bound John Merry Griffin Widdower & EstherWright Spinster each
of Amhearst County If therefore there be no lawful cause to obstruct thesaid Marriage the n t he above
Obligation to be void or else to remain in full force & Virtue

Test John M. Griffin
Owen Hoskins Saml. Spencer ]

John Merry Griffin also acted as surety on the marriage bond of JennyWright and John Scott
Montgomery on December 29, 1794

The marriage consent and bond of Jenney Wright and Jonn Scott Montgomerywere dated on
December 20, 1794, and December 29, 1794, respectively, at AmherstCounty, Virginia:

[ December 20th 1794

This is to sirtify that I Robbart Wright is pirfectly willing that JohnScot Montgomery ha v e Lisants
to enter marredg with my Darter Jenny Wright

To Mr Wm. Crawford Robbart Wright
Jon M. Griffin &
proven by
Ester Griffin

Know all men by these presents that John Scott Montgomery & John MerryGriffin are held &
firmly bond unto Robert Brooks Esqr. Govenor of the Commonwealth ofVirginia & to his
Successors in Office in the penal sum of One Hundred & fifty Dollars tothe true payment o f w hich
we bind Ourselves Our heirs &c firmly by these presents As Witness Ourhands & Seals this 29 t h
day of Decr. 94

The condition of the above Obligation is such that whereas there is amarrage shortly intend e d
to be had & Solemnized between the above bound John S. MontgomeryBachelor & Jenney
Wright Spinster each of Amherst County & parrish of Ahmerst if thereforethere shall be on c a use
of impediment to the said Marrage then the above Obligation to be Voidelse to remain in full
force & Virtue

Test John Scot Montgomery
To Callaway John M. Griffin ]

The marriage consent and bond of John Wright and Nancy Melton were datedon May 22, 1798,
at Amherst County, Verginia:

[ Amherst Sc

This day Bartlett Eads came before me and made Oath that he verylybelieves Jonn Wright so n o f Robert Wright is twenty one Years of Age.Witne ssmy hand this 22 of May 1798

Will Loving

Know all men by these Presents that We John Wright & Bartlett Eads areheld and firmly bound
unto James Wood Esqr. Governor or Chief Magistrate of this Commonwealthin the sum of one
hundred & fifty pounds to be paid to the said Governor and his Successorsto which payment
well & truly to be made we bind ourselves jointly & severally firmly bythese presents Sealed
with our Seals and dated this 22nd Day of May 1798

The Condition of the above Obligation is such that whereas there is amarriage intended Shor t ly
to be had and Solemnized between Nancy Melton (Spinster ) and John Wright
Now if there be no lawful Cause to obstruct the said Marriage then theabove Obligation to be
void otherwise to remain in full force Rower & Virtue

Sealed & Delivered ) John Wright
in presence of ) Bartlett Eads )
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ - --------------------------------------
The marriage consent and bond of Ann Wright and James Montgomery weredated on April 15, 18 0 5 and April 17, 1805 respectively, at AmherstCounty,V irginia:

I Do Hear by give my consent and aprobation James Montgomery to Have mydaughter Ann at th e a ge of 25 to be his lawfull Weded Wife ths givenfromun der my Hand Seal this 15th day of A pri l 1805
Inter Lined before signed
Test Robert Wright
Wm M Caleb
Jno S. Montgomery X

It is noteded here that the marriage records states that Ann Wright was25 years old, theref o re she was born in 1780.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ - ---------------------------------------
Know all men by these presents that we James Montgomery & Jno SMontgomery are held and firm l y bound unto John Page esq. the Governor orchiefMag istrate of the Commonwealth of Virgin i a and to his successorsinOffice f or the use of the Commonwealth in the sum of one hindre d andfifty dolla rs to which payment well and truly to be made webindourselves joint ly & Sev er ally firmly by these presents Sealed withourseals and dated th is 17th day of April 1805 , Th e condition of theaboveobligation is such t hat whereas there is a marriage intended sho rtly tobe had and solemniz ed between the above bound James Montgomery andAnnWright. Now if t he re s hould be no legal cause to obstruct thesaidmarriage then the above oblig ation to b e vo id or else to remain infullforce & Virtue.

Teste James Montgomery
S. Garland Jno S Montgomery

The Register of Marriages for Nelson County, Virginia, stated that themarriage bond of Hann a h Wright and George Woody was dated on February26,181 1, at Nelson County, Virginia, with W i lliam McCaleb as surety.

On August 13, 1789, at Amherst County , Virginia, D. B. F/377 Robert
Wright sold 176 acres of land to Joseph Shelton:


That on the Day and Year first within mentioned Peaceable and QuitePossession and Seize r o f the within Granted Land and Premises was hadtaken byt he Robert Wright and by him deliv ere d to the within namedJosephShelton.
According to the form and Effect of the within Deed.

Test Robert Wright
Joseph Roberts
James Jopling

At a Court held for Amherst County the Seventh Day of September 1789Robert Wright Acknowled g ed this Deed Indented and the Memorandum andRecieptt hereon Indorsed to be his Act and Dee d , and Ordered to beRecorded.

Wm Loving Clk"

The 1790 Land Tax List for Amherst County, Virginia, listed Robert Wrightin the First Batta l ion Hudson Martin list with the following property:

Number Average Whole Taxes
Land Holder Acres Price Amount @ 5/

Robert Wright 186 24/9 230.3.6 11.6

This record reflects the sale of the 176 Acres of land of Robert Wrightson Amherst County D e ed F/377.

In May 1790 at Amherst County, Virginia, Chancery Court, Virginia StateLibrary Loose Pape r s Box 183, Mathew Harris, Jr., filed a suit againstRobert Wright for a clear title to certa i n land:

On April 3, 1798, at Amherst Count, Virginia, County Court, VirginiaState Library Loose Pap e rs Box 182, Robert Wright executed a promissorynote for
9 pounds, 1shelling, and 1penny payable to Nathan Crawford:

( On Or before the 12th day of December next We of John L. Montgomery &Robert Wright of t h e County of --------------promise to pay toNathanCrawfo rd and John Senck Executors of th e E st of Ann Crawford DecdtheSum of ni ne pounds One Shelling & 1 penny Virginia Currency fo r Valuerec With inte rest from the date if not punctually paid for thetruepayment We bind Ou r s elves Our hairs Executors &c in the penal sumofEighteen pounds two Shil lings & two penc e li ke money of VirginiainWitness Our hands and seals th is 12th Day of December 1803
Witness Jon Montgomery
D W Crawford Robert Wright
Wm B Jacoby
D W Crawford)

On October 29, 1803, at Amherst County, Virginia, D. B. K/28 RobertWright and Margaret Wrig h t sold 15 Acres of land to John Melton:

" Know all men by these Presents, that we Robert Wright & Margaret hisWife of the Count y o f Amherst, for & in Consideration of the Sum ofNinetyo ne pound two Shillings & six pence , l awful Money of Virginia, tous inha nd paid by John Melton, the Receipt whereof, we do her eb yacknowledge, do hereby give grant bargain Sell & Convey unto the saidJohn Melton,h is Hei r s & assigns for ever one lot of parcel of Landcontainingfifteen A cres, & thirty poles, lyi n g & being in the County ofAmherst &bound ed as followeth to wit: Beginning at a Corner Ches n ut onmy line &wi th my line Ninety poles, to a Locust thence a new line Sixtyeight pole s t o my line, & with my line Seventy two poles to theBeginning, To have & to hold the said g ran ted & bargained premises withthe priviliges &a ppurtenances thereof, to him the said Joh n Mi lton hisHeirs & assignsfore ver to his & their own proper use & behoo for ever.In Witnes s w hereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals this twentyninth day of October , One Thous an d eight hundred & three.

Sealed & delivered Robert Wright
in presents of Margaret Wright
John Owens
James Gentry
James Wright
Levy Owens

This Deed together with the Receipt hereon endorsed were proven by theOaths of John Owen s , & James Wright, two of the Subscribing Witnessesthereto, & ordered to lie for further pro o f. And at a Court held for thesaidCo unty the 16th day of January 1804, This Deed togethe r w ith theReceipther eon endorsed, were further proven by the Oaths of JamesGentry anotherS u b scribing Witness thereto, & Margaret Wright personallycame intoCourt & a cknowledged th e s ame as a party thereto ( She havingbeen firstprivily ex amined as the law directs & order e d to be Recorded.
On July 4, 1806, at Amherst County, Virginia, County Court, VirginiaState Library Loose Pap e rs Box 183, John Wright on behalf of RobertWrightno ticed the deposition of Matthew Harri s t o be taken inconnection witht he case filed in 1790:

" Capt Matthew Harris

Take Notice that on the nineteenth day of July at W James Gregory Tavernin Newmarket I sha l l proceed to Take the affidavits of James Murphy andothers to be read as Evidence in the su i t Now depending in the CountyCort of Amherst whereon Robert Wright Assee Brown Brydie & Cou n ty arepltfs and you are Deft at which place you may attend if you think proper

July 4th 1806 John Wright for
Amherst County Robt Wright
Sworn before me
Jos Loving"

The 1810 Census for Nelson County, Virginia listed Robert Wright withseven (7) Slaves:

The 1814 Land Tax List for Nelson County, Virginia, listed the Distan ce&Bearing from the C o urthouse of Robert Wright's land as being One (1)Mile North On Waters & Rock fish Creek Ad j . Jno Melton

On March 27, 1816, at Nelson County, Virginia, W. B. A/458 John Wright,Jacob Yost, Rober t J . Kincaid, Lunsford Loving, and James Garland filedtheir bond for the administration of t h e estate of Robert Wright,indicating the death of Robert Wright before that date.

On May 27, 1817, the inventory and appraisement of Robert Wright's estatewas filed in Nels o n County, Virginia, W. B. A/505

"An Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Robert Wright, Dec'd

To Crop Tobacco 900.- - To Amount forwarded $4465.50
To 13 Head Hogs 50.- - To 4 Head Sheep 8.- -
To 1 Bay Horse 50.- - " 1 Red Cow & Calf 18.- -
" 1 Bay Mare 50.- - " 1 Pied Cow 12.- -
" 1 Bay Colt 20.- - " 1 Red & White Heifer 7.- -
" 1 Wheat Fan 20.- - " 1 Bed & Furniture 20.- -
" 1 Old Wagon & Gear 45.- - " 3 Old Bands & Bushel
" 1 Old Pheaton 18.- - hemp seed 5.- -
" 1 Stack Oats 25.- - " 1 Bed & Furniture 30'- -
" 12 Blade Stacks 40.- - " 1 '' '' '' 25.- -
" 2 Stacks of Tops 22.50 " 2 Walnut Chests 10.- -
About 100 Barrels of Corn 400.- - " 1 Safe 4. - -
'' 1 Negro Fellow Will 250.- - '' 1 Cupboard & 1 Bible 4.- -
'' 1 '' '' Dick 500.- - '' 1 Writing Desk 6.- -
'' 1 '' Boy Miller 500.- - '' 6 Chairs 2.50
'' 1 Woman named Rachel 250.- - '' Parcel of Earthen Ware 3.- -
'' 1 '' '' Patt 500.- - '' Old Gun 6.- -
'' 1 '' '' Grace '' Half of CrossGut 3.- -
and Child 550.- - '' Old Hand Saw . 50
'' 1 '' Girl named Maria 250.- - '' Parcel of Kitchen Furniture 12.- -
'' 1 Parcel of Tools 35.- - '' Parcel of Old Bands 1.- -
'' 5 Reaping Hooks & 3 '' Old Whirl & Buckle 1.- -
Sythes & Cradles 10.- - '' Set of Black Smiths Tools 55.- -
'' Parcel of Hemp 10.- -
----------------- -------------------
$4465.50 $4708.50

To amount forwarded $4708.50
To 1 Shoat 1.25
To 1 Pair Steelyards 2.- -
To Cow & Sheep Skins 1.50
To Hemp Break & Cart Body 1.50

We the undersigned being appointed by an order of the worshipfull Courtof Nelson, to apprai s e the Estate of Robert Wright Dec'd. being firstduly sworn according to Law, proceeded on t h e 23rd day of November 1816to appraise the said Estate and do Certify that the above, wit h p ricesannexed is a correct estimate of all the personal Estate exhibit ed tousby the admin is trator of the Estate of said decedent and that t hepricesannexed to each article of proper t y in said list mentioned is theappraisment and value assesed by us, amounting to $471 4 & 7 5 cents.Given under our hands and seals this 27th day of May 1817.

Henry Dawson
Tho. E. Fortune
Jams. H. Burton
I do hereby Certify that the within appraisers were duly sworn befo remea Justice of the Pe a ce. Given under my hand this the 23rd day of Nov.1816.
Lee W. Harris
At a Court held for Nelson County the 26th day of May 1817
This Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Robert Wright Deceasedwas returned into Co u rt and ordered to be recorded'
Spotswood Garland Clk."

On March 13, 1818, at Amherst County, Virginia, County Court, VirginiaState Library Loose P a pers Box 182, an execution was issued againstWilliamD old for debt of $50 due on a judgme n t in favor of John Wrightand JacobYo st, as administrators of Robert Wright"

" The commonwealth of Virginia to the sheriff of Amherst County,Greetings, you are here b y c ommanded to take William Dold if he be foundwithinyo ur bailiwick and him safely keep s o t o that you have his bodybeforethe J ustices of Our County Court of Amherst at the Court H ous t onthe3rd Mond ay in May next to satisfy John Wright and Jacob Yost admrsofRobert Wri g h t deceased the sum of Fifty Dollars with legalInterestthereon from t he 27th Novr. 1816 t il l paid also $448 centswhich theyhath recovered aga inst him as well for debt as for thei r costs by themabout their moti on in that behalf expended whereof the saidWilliam Doldis con vic ted as a ppears to us of record and that you havethen therethis writ witness Jo hn Canno n cl erk of our said court at thecourt Housethis 13th day of Mar ch 1818 and in the 42nd yea r o f theCommonwealth

Jon Cannon"

[ There was a similar execution issued again on June 19th, 1820 ]

On November----, 1818, at Nelson County, Virginia, W. B. B/52 anaccounting of the estat e o f Robert Wright was filed listing $3,004,10remaini ngin the estate of division among th e hei rs.

Children of Robert Wright and Margaret are:
+ 8 i. James3 Wright, born 1762 in Virginia; died February 01, 18 38inYazoo County, Satar t ia, Mississippi.
9 ii. Elizabeth Wright, born Abt. 1765 in Amherst County, VA; diedUnknown.
10 iii. Mary Wright, born Bef. 1769 in Amherst County, VA; diedUnknown. She married Jo h n Wood January 11, 1784 in Amherst County, VA;died Unknown.
11 iv. Esther Wright, born Abt. 1775 in Amherst County, VA; diedUnknown. She married Jo h n Merry Griffin November 14, 1792 in AmherstCounty, VA; died Unknown.
12 v. John Wright, born Bef. May 23, 1777 in Amherst County, VA; diedUnknown. He marri e d Mary Mellon May 22, 1798 in Amherst County, VA;di edUnknown.
13 vi. Jenny Wright, born Bef. 1779 in Amherst County, VA; diedUnknown. She married Jo h n Scott Montgomery December 29, 1794 inAmherstCoun ty, VA; died Unknown.
14 vii. Ann Wright, born 1780 in Amherst County, VA; died Unknown.She married James Mon t gomery in Amherst County, VA; died Unknown.
15 viii. Hanna Wright, born Abt. 1784; died Unknown.

More About Robert Wright:
Date born 2: Abt. 1744, VA.
Died 2: Bef. 27 Mar 1816, Nelson Co., VA.

Children of Robert Wright and Margaret are:
  1. +James Wright, b. 1763, d. 01 Feb 1838, Natchez, Mississippi.
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