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Ancestors of Dennis Raymond Thompson

Generation No. 9

      272. Holje Flaaten, died Unknown. He married 273. Kari Vraalsdatter.

      273. Kari Vraalsdatter, died Unknown.
Child of Holje Flaaten and Kari Vraalsdatter is:
  136 i.   Ola Holjesson, born in Hegard, Gjeisklid gard, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died Unknown in Gollo gard, Ovre Tinn, Telemark Norway; married Gro Olsdatter.

      274. Ola Olsson, born 1674 in Rue, Helgard, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died Aft. 1723. He was the son of 548. Ola Olsson and 549. Kari Vralsdatter. He married 275. Gro Gundvaldsdatter.

      275. Gro Gundvaldsdatter, born 1680 in Hegard, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 550. Gundvald Hegard.
Child of Ola Olsson and Gro Gundvaldsdatter is:
  137 i.   Gro Olsdatter, born 1719 in Hegard gard, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died Unknown; married Ola Holjesson.

      276. Tomas Toresson, born 1705 in Luraas gard, Tinn, Telemark Norway; died December 11, 1769. He was the son of 552. Tore Bjornsson and 553. Gro Halvorsdatter. He married 277. Kjersti Hansdatter Abt. 1734 in Luraas Rue, Tinn, Telemark, Norway.

      277. Kjersti Hansdatter, born 1718 in Karlsrud gard, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 554. Hans Steinsson Karlsrud and 555. Barbara Gunnbjornsdatter.
Child of Tomas Toresson and Kjersti Hansdatter is:
  138 i.   Tore Tomasson, born 1738 in Luraas Rue, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died 1773; married Aslaug Greggardsdatter 1768 in Luraas Rue, Tinn, Telemark, Norway.

      278. Greggard Olsson, born 1706 in Maarheim gard, Opdal, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died 1791. He was the son of 556. Ole Jonsson and 557. Aslaug Halvorsen. He married 279. Gunnhild Torgeirdatter Abt. 1749 in Tinn, Telemark, Norway.

      279. Gunnhild Torgeirdatter, died Unknown.
Child of Greggard Olsson and Gunnhild Torgeirdatter is:
  139 i.   Aslaug Greggardsdatter, born 1750 in Maaheim, Larass-Rue, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died Unknown; married Tore Tomasson 1768 in Luraas Rue, Tinn, Telemark, Norway.

      282. Peder Per Gjermundsen, born 1721 in Lauluten, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died 1804. He was the son of 564. Gjermund Olsen and 565. Kari Halvorsen. He married 283. Giertrud Hansen 1748 in Karlsrud, Tinn, Telemark, Norway.

      283. Giertrud Hansen, born November 8, 1722 in Karlsrud, Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died 1798 in Rongsjordan, Tinn, Telemark, Norway. She was the daughter of 566. Hans Steinsen and 567. Barbrau Gunbjornsen.

More About Peder Per Gjermundsen:
Burial: May 19, 1804

More About Giertrud Hansen:
Burial: June 3, 1798, Tinn, Telemark, Norway
Child of Peder Gjermundsen and Giertrud Hansen is:
  141 i.   Kari Persen or Pedersen, born 1742 in Tinn, Telemark, Norway; died Unknown; married Thore Halvorsen 1769 in Tinn, Telemark, Norway.

      384. Abraham Enloe, born 1678 in St. Pauls Parish, Kent County, Maryland; died July 20, 1709 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He was the son of 768. Hendrick Enloe and 769. Christiana Wright. He married 385. Elizabeth Silverthorne Abt. 1690 in Baltimore County, Maryland.

      385. Elizabeth Silverthorne, born Abt. 1668 in Accomack, Virginia; died Aft. 1718. She was the daughter of 770. William Silverthorne and 771. Elizabeth Arew.
Children of Abraham Enloe and Elizabeth Silverthorne are:
  192 i.   Abraham Enloe, born December 10, 1707 in Baltimore County, Maryland; died July 1758 in Baltimore County, Maryland; married Mary Deason 1730 in St John's Parish,Baltimore County, Maryland.
  ii.   Margaret Enloe, born 1704 in Maryland; died 1768.
  iii.   Anthony Enloe, born 1706 in Maryland; died Abt. 1750; married Eliza 1730 in Baltimore County, Maryland; died Unknown.
  iv.   John Enloe, born 1703 in Baltimore Co., Md.; died 1768 in North Carolina.
  v.   William Enloe, born Abt. 1706 in Maryland; died Unknown in North Carolina.
  vi.   Christiana Enloe, born 1710 in Baltimore Co., Md.; died Aft. 1710; married Thomas Wright May 5, 1735; born July 29, 1703; died 1739.
  vii.   Elizabeth Enloe, born 1709 in Maryland; died Aft. 1742; married Thomas Weeks December 15, 1742; died Unknown.
  viii.   Joshua Enloe, born Abt. 1712; died Unknown.
  ix.   James Enloe, born Abt. 1714; died Unknown.
  x.   Eleanor Enloe, born Abt. 1716; died Unknown.
  xi.   Temerance Enloe, born Abt. 1718; died Unknown.
Child of Abraham Enloe and ??? Elizabeth is:

      386. William Deason, died Unknown. He was the son of 772. William Deason and 773. Elizabeth Ayers. He married 387. Mary Standefer.

      387. Mary Standefer, born 1687 in Baltimore County, Maryland; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 774. William Standefer and 775. Mary.

Notes for William Deason:
      William Joshua Deason of Baltimore Co., Maryland is perhaps the earliest Deason to be found in Maryland who can be linked to latter Deason's who went to Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. As indicated above, his relationship as son of William Deason is highly probable but not proven. In 1699 he is shown as a taxable in the Baltimore County Tax List as dwelling in the house of James Maxwell on the North Side of Gunpowder Hundred. This indicates that he must have been at least 16 years old in that year to be taxable and, therefore, his fate of birth must have been 1683or earlier. The birth of his children by 1704 also suggests he was probably born ca. 1680.
Children of William Deason and Mary Standefer are:
  193 i.   Mary Deason, born April 8, 1711; died February 1789 in York County, South Carolina; married Abraham Enloe 1730 in St John's Parish,Baltimore County, Maryland.
  ii.   William Deason, born 1707; died Unknown.
  iii.   Samuel Deason, born 1704; died Unknown.
  iv.   Rebecca Deason, born March 9, 1711/12; died Unknown.
  v.   John Deason, born September 25, 1714; died Unknown.
  vi.   Benjamin Deason, born September 1719; died Unknown.
  vii.   Edmond Deason, born March 30, 1721; died Unknown.

      388. Samuel Porter, born WFT Est. 1661-1700; died WFT Est. 1698-1780. He married 389. Mary Alice Bryan WFT Est. 1689-1734.

      389. Mary Alice Bryan, born WFT Est. 1674-1697; died WFT Est. 1698-1781. She was the daughter of 778. William Bryan and 779. Mary Alice Needham.
Child of Samuel Porter and Mary Bryan is:
  194 i.   Samuel Porter, born December 18, 1701 in Belfast, Ireland; died Abt. 1789 in York County, South Carolinia; married (1) ??? Sara WFT Est. 1724-1767; married (2) Sarah Byers WFT Est. 1728-1758.

      390. William Byers, Sr., born May 6, 1687 in Saint Ives, Comwallshire, England; died April 8, 1742 in Lexington, Augusta County, Virginia. He was the son of 780. William Byers and 781. Louisa Kinkade. He married 391. Elizabeth Cox November 8, 1708 in St. Mathew Chapel, Exeter, Devon, England.

      391. Elizabeth Cox, born September 4, 1688 in Exeter, Devon, England; died August 19, 1741 in North Oxford, Chester, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of 782. James Cox and 783. Agnes Virginia Best.

Notes for William Byers, Sr.:
      The family relocated from Exeter, Devon, England to Milltown, County Cavan, Ireland about 1717, to North Oxford, Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1734, and to Lexington, Augusta County, Virginia by 1742. Seven children were born in England, four in Ireland, and son William was born shortly after the family arrived in America. Family sources record that the Byers family sailed on June 4, 1734 from Dublin, Ireland aboard the 'Friendship, arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 16, 1734, and settled at North Oxford District, Chester County, Pennsylvania on November 3, 1734.

More About William Byers, Sr.:
Burial: April 1742, New Monmouth Cemetery, Augusta County, Virginia
Nationality: English

More About Elizabeth Cox:
Burial: Unknown, Sycamore Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Children of William Byers and Elizabeth Cox are:
  195 i.   Sarah Byers, born October 21, 1716 in Devonshire, England; died Abt. 1794 in York County, South Carolinia; married Samuel Porter WFT Est. 1728-1758.
  ii.   Edward Byers, born December 6, 1709; died WFT Est. 1710-1799.
  iii.   Agnes Byers, born March 13, 1710/11; died WFT Est. 1712-1805.
  iv.   Elizabeth Byers, born March 24, 1711/12; died WFT Est. 1728-1797; married William Bryson WFT Est. 1714-1745; born Abt. 1700 in Antrim ,Co.,Ireland; died Abt. 1760 in Lancaster ,Co.Pennsylvania.
  v.   Robert Byers, born March 15, 1713/14; died WFT Est. 1715-1804.
  vi.   Martha Byers, born April 14, 1715; died WFT Est. 1716-1809.
  vii.   James Byers, born April 5, 1718; died WFT Est. 1719-1808.
  viii.   David Byers, born April 19, 1721 in Milltown, County Cavan, Ulster, Ireland; died 1794 in Unknown; married Margaret "Peg" Carson March 15, 1744/45 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania; born WFT Est. 1707-1730 in Chester Co., Pensylvania; died 1781 in Unknown.
  ix.   Isabella Byers, born March 13, 1721/22; died WFT Est. 1723-1816.
  x.   Jeaney Byers, born March 18, 1723/24; died WFT Est. 1725-1818.
  xi.   Janatta Byers, born July 24, 1728; died WFT Est. 1729-1822.
  xii.   William "Capt" Byers, born April 5, 1735; died WFT Est. 1736-1825.
  Notes for William "Capt" Byers:

Facts about this person:

Military service     
Rev. War

  More About William "Capt" Byers:
Fact 1: See Note Page

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