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Ancestors of George Harold Tibbetts, Sr

Generation No. 9

      274. Thomas Stevenson, born Abt. 1615 in England; died December 07, 1663 in Dover, NH. He married 275. Margaret Abt. 1640 in Dover, NH.

      275. Margaret, born Abt. 1620; died November 16, 1663 in Dover, NH.
Child of Thomas Stevenson and Margaret is:
  137 i.   Mary Stevenson, born Abt. 1650 in Dover, NH; died in Arundel, ME; married Enoch Hutchins April 05, 1667 in Dover, NH.

      276. Nicholas Weeks, born Abt. 1635 in England; died Abt. 1720 in Kittery, ME. He married 277. Judith 1666 in Kittery, ME.

      277. Judith, born Abt. 1645 in Kittery, ME.
Child of Nicholas Weeks and Judith is:
  138 i.   Joseph Weeks, born 1670 in Kittery, Me; died 1741 in Kittery, Me; married Adah Briar Abt. 1695 in Kittery, ME.

      278. Richard Briar, born Abt. 1630 in England; died in Newbury, MA. He married 279. Eleanor Wright December 21, 1665 in Newbury, MA.

      279. Eleanor Wright, born Abt. 1645 in England; died August 29, 1672 in Newbury, MA.
Child of Richard Briar and Eleanor Wright is:
  139 i.   Adah Briar, born Abt. 1670 in Newbury, MA; died Abt. 1701 in Kittery, ME; married Joseph Weeks Abt. 1695 in Kittery, ME.

      286. William Wormwood, born Abt. 1650 in York, ME; died October 14, 1690 in York, ME. He married 287. Mary Abt. 1680 in York, ME.

      287. Mary, born Abt. 1660 in York, ME.
Child of William Wormwood and Mary is:
  143 i.   Martha Wormwood, born Abt. 1685 in York, ME; married Abraham Bowden in York, ME.

      288. Matthew Giles

Notes for Matthew Giles:
Was tax 1648, and at Oyster River to 1666. was dead in 1668; inventory was entered 30 June 1668. He appears to have had a son Mark.
Child of Matthew Giles is:
  144 i.   Mark Giles.

      304. Richard Pinkham

Notes for Richard Pinkham:
Was in Dover, NH 1642 and perhaps earlier. He lived on Dover Neck and died there. He conveyed the bulk of his property to his son John, who engaged to support him. NEHGR Oct 1853 page 353. Genealogical Items relating to the ?Early Settlers of Dover, NH communicated by Mr. Alonzo H. Quint
Children of Richard Pinkham are:
  i.   Richard Pinkham
  152 ii.   John Pinkham, married Martha Otis.
  iii.   Thomas Pinkham

      306. Richard Otis, born February 27, 1615/16 in of Glastonbury, Somerset, England; died June 28, 1689 in Dover, NH. He married 307. Rose Stoughton.

      307. Rose Stoughton, born November 01, 1629 in of Stoughton, Surrey, England; died 1676 in Dover, NH.
Child of Richard Otis and Rose Stoughton is:
  153 i.   Martha Otis, married John Pinkham.

      314. William Horne, born June 09, 1609 in Clerkenwell, St Jameston, England; died June 28, 1689 in Waldron Garrison, New Hampshire142. He married 315. Elizabeth Clough.

      315. Elizabeth Clough, born November 16, 1642 in Salisbury, Essex Co. Mass.; died September 30, 1707 in Dover N.H.. She was the daughter of 630. John Clough and 631. Jane.
Children of William Horne and Elizabeth Clough are:
  i.   John Horne, born October 25, 1663.
  157 ii.   Mary Horne, born 1673 in Dover, NH; married John Hayes June 28, 1686.
  iii.   William Horne, born May 11, 1674; died April 12, 1697.
  iv.   Margret Horne, born May 10, 1676.
  v.   Thomas Horne, born November 28, 1676.
  vi.   Joseph Horne
  vii.   Elizabeth Horne, born in Salisbury Mass.; died May 06, 1672.
  viii.   Mercy Horne, married Joseph Evans.

      318. James Nute, born 1621 in Tiverton, England; died Bef. 1699 in Dover, NH. He married 319. Sarah.

      319. Sarah, born Abt. 1611 in England.
Child of James Nute and Sarah is:
  159 i.   Martha Nute, born Abt. 1653 in Dover, NH; died May 15, 1718 in Dover, NH; married William Dam(e) 1680.

      354. Thomas Trafton, born in Cornwall, England. He married 355. Elizabeth Moore Abt. 1673 in York, Me.

      355. Elizabeth Moore, born 1652 in York, ME. She was the daughter of 710. William Moore and 711. Dorothy Dixon.
Child of Thomas Trafton and Elizabeth Moore is:
  177 i.   Elizabeth Trafton, born 1675 in York, ME; died Aft. 1721 in Kittery, ME; married John Rackliff 1690 in York, Me.

      356. John Foss, born January 02, 1637/38 in Ribe Ribe, Denmark; died December 12, 1699 in Newcastle, NH. He married 357. Mary Berry Abt. 1695.

      357. Mary Berry, born Abt. 1641 in Rockingham, NH. She was the daughter of 714. William Berry and 715. Jane Locke.
Child of John Foss and Mary Berry is:
  178 i.   John Foss, born 1660; died April 05, 1752; married Mary.

      368. John Dodge, born December 29, 1631 in Somersetshire, England; died October 11, 1711 in Beverly, MA143. He was the son of 736. Richard Dodge and 737. Edith. He married 369. Sarah.

      369. Sarah, born Abt. 1645; died February 08, 1705/06 in Beverly, MA144.
Child of John Dodge and Sarah is:
  184 i.   Josiah Dodge, born June 04, 1665 in Beverly, MA; died January 19, 1714/15 in Wenham, MA; married Sarah Fiske.

      370. Thomas Fiske, born March 25, 1632 in Wingfield, England; died October 11, 1711 in Beverly, MA. He was the son of 740. Phineas Fiske and 741. Sara Francis. He married 371. Joanna White Abt. 1650.

      371. Joanna White, born February 24, 1630/31 in S. Petherton, England; died May 14, 1695 in Wenham, MA. She was the daughter of 742. John White and 743. Joan West.
Child of Thomas Fiske and Joanna White is:
  185 i.   Sarah Fiske, died March 17, 1729/30 in Beverly, MA; married Josiah Dodge.

      372. Samuel Porter, died 1660. He was the son of 744. John Porter and 745. Mary. He married 373. Hannah Dodge Abt. 1658.

      373. Hannah Dodge, born Abt. 1643; died January 02, 1688/89 in Beverly, MA145. She was the daughter of 746. William Dodge and 747. Elizabeth Haskell.
Child of Samuel Porter and Hannah Dodge is:
  186 i.   John Porter, born 1658 in Probably Wenham, MA; died March 08, 1753 in Wenham, MA; married Lydia Herrick.

      374. Henry Herrick, died January 1701/02 in Beverly, MA. He was the son of 748. Henry Herrick and 749. Edith Laskin. He married 375. Lydia Woodbury Abt. 1660.

      375. Lydia Woodbury, born 1643 in Beverly, MA; died 1669 in Beverly, MA. She was the daughter of 750. John Woodberry and 751. Agnes Napper.
Child of Henry Herrick and Lydia Woodbury is:
  187 i.   Lydia Herrick, born Abt. 1660; died February 12, 1737/38 in Wenham, MA; married John Porter.

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