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Ancestors of Wilda Kaye Foster

Generation No. 5

       16. Edward A Foster, born 1816 in Virginia. He married 17. Adelia Day January 28, 1844 in Kentucky.
       17. Adelia Day, born in Virginia; died Bef. 1860 in Kentucky. She was the daughter of 34. John Day and 35. Nancy Ann Talley.

       Child of Edward Foster and Adelia Day is:

  8 i.   Edward Othello Foster, born May 24, 1855 in Elkton, Kentucky Todd County; died December 10, 1901 in Bristow, Oklahoma; married Pernecia Graves Crick Abt. 1879 in Calloway County, Kentucky.
       18. William M Crick, born Abt. 1831 in Williamson Co., Tennessee; died in Kentucky. He was the son of 36. William H. Crick and 37. Elizabeth Ragsdale. He married 19. Prudence Louisa Austin Bef. 1856 in poss. North Carolina.
       19. Prudence Louisa Austin, born 1833 in Rowan County, North Carolina; died Bef. 1870 in Kentucky. She was the daughter of 38. Bennett Austin and 39. Margaret Colson.

       Child of William Crick and Unknown is:

  i.   Sarah Crick, born 1872.
       Children of William Crick and Prudence Austin are:

  9 i.   Pernecia Graves Crick, born November 9, 1858 in Kentucky; died July 9, 1946 in Bristow, Oklahoma; married Edward Othello Foster Abt. 1879 in Calloway County, Kentucky.

  ii.   Richard Crick, born 1860.

  iii.   Margaret Ellen Crick, born 1862.

  iv.   Laura Crick, born 1864.

  v.   Elizabeth Crick, born 1866.

  vi.   Ollie Bell Crick, born 1868.

  vii.   Emmet Crick, born December 1869.
       20. Edwin S. Morgan, born in Kentucky. He married 21. Milly.
       21. Milly, born in Alabama.

       Child of Edwin Morgan and Milly is:

  10 i.   Chilly Wallace Morgan, born 1848 in Coweta, Waggoner County, Indian Territory; married Elizabeth Tunnell.
       22. Nicholas Tunnell, born 1828 in Kansas; died 1895. He was the son of 44. Wesley Tunnell and 45. Elizabeth. He married 23. Elizabeth Smith.
       23. Elizabeth Smith, born 1829 in Kansas; died 1897 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Notes for Nicholas Tunnell:
Fought in Civil War       

Married Mary Elizabeth Smith

Fourteen Children, raised 2 grandchildren and twin "Indian babies given to them by their mother when she died at their birth"

       Children of Nicholas Tunnell and Elizabeth Smith are:

  11 i.   Elizabeth Tunnell, died 1900; married Chilly Wallace Morgan.

  ii.   Florence Clarinda Tunnell.

  iii.   Mary Tunnell.

  iv.   George Tunnell.

  v.   James Albert Tunnell.

  vi.   John Basil Tunnell.

  vii.   Annie Tunnell.

  viii.   Emma Tunnell.

  ix.   Willie Tunnell.

  x.   Everett Tunnell.

  xi.   Amanda Tunnell.

  xii.   Miranda Tunnell.

  xiii.   Sylvia Tunnell.

  xiv.   Charles Tunnell.
       24. Patrick Calahan, born 1782 in Ireland. He was the son of 48. James Calahan and 49. Unknown. He married 25. Abigail Harrington 1805 in New York State.
       25. Abigail Harrington, born 1780 in Ireland; died Aft. 1850.

Notes for Patrick Calahan:
Patrick was sent to the spring as a boy to get a pitcher of water. He fell and broke the pitcher and was afraid to go home "so he ran off and caught a boat to Canada"

       Children of Patrick Calahan and Abigail Harrington are:

  i.   James Calahan, died in Abiline, Kansas.

  ii.   Deanna Calahan.

  iii.   Charles Calahan, born 1809.

  12 iv.   George Calahan, born November 2, 1817 in Canada; died December 17, 1880 in Burr Oak, Kansas; married Mary Bates January 1, 1842 in Canada.

  v.   Patrick Calahan , Jr., born 1820; married Louanna or Souanna 1850 in York, Illinois.
       27. Lavinia Pawley.

       Child of Lavinia Pawley is:

  13 i.   Mary Bates, born January 9, 1825 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada; died November 8, 1903 in Lenora, Kansas; married George Calahan January 1, 1842 in Canada.
       28. Oscar Stevens. He married 29. Amanda Ford.
       29. Amanda Ford.

       Child of Oscar Stevens and Amanda Ford is:

  14 i.   Alfred Stevens, born June 9, 1849; died September 23, 1901 in Gove County, Kansas; married Nancy M. Marvin September 10, 1871.
       30. Willard F Marvin, born May 13, 1825 in Pitsford, Rutland County, Vermont; died July 21, 1882 in Glenville, Minnesota. He married 31. Huldah Wilcox November 25, 1849 in Illinois.
       31. Huldah Wilcox, born April 30, 1826 in Floyd Oneida, New York; died WFT Est. 1855-1920. She was the daughter of 62. Eleazer Curtis Wilcox and 63. Cynthia Noble.

       Children of Willard Marvin and Huldah Wilcox are:

  15 i.   Nancy M. Marvin, born September 29, 1851 in Wisconsin; died June 15, 1921 in Burroak Kansas; married Alfred Stevens September 10, 1871.

  ii.   Joseph Curtis Marvin, born November 7, 1854.

  iii.   Munson Willard Marvin, born February 22, 1860.

  iv.   Cynthia Hellen Marvin, born April 25, 1861.

  v.   Viola Almeda Marvin, born February 2, 1863.

  vi.   Clara Huldah Marvin, born May 7, 1865.

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