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Ancestors of Patsy Irene Derden

Generation No. 8

      128. James Dearden, born Abt. 1743; died Aft. 1810 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina. He was the son of 256. George Dearden and 257. Anne. He married 129. Sarah "Sally" Bobbitt Abt. 1763.

      129. Sarah "Sally" Bobbitt, born Abt. 1747 in Granville County, North Carolina; died Aft. 1810 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

Notes for James Dearden:
James Dearden apparently changed the spelling of his last name shortly after 1800. He was born sometime between 1742 and 1744.

After his mother's death, using the money from his inheritance, he bought 200 acres of land on November 9, 1778 and is found on the tax lists 1781-1795. In these tax lists, the surname Dearden is also found as Durden, Durdin, Darden, Dardain, Derden, Durding, Darding and Deerton. Jame's "Dardin" had his land surveyed in Chesterfield County, South Carolina in 1797 and granted in 1798.
No document has yet been uncovered to ascertain the order of birth of the children of James and Sally.

In 1786, in Warren County, North Carolina, the census shows:

1 male 21-60

5 males under 21

3 females

James is the only Derden in any records of Bute and Warren Counties of an age to be
our ancestor and the only James in North Carolina.

Children of James Dearden and Sarah Bobbitt are:

      Children of James Dearden and Sarah Bobbitt are:
  i.   Luke Derden.
  ii.   Martha Derden, born Abt. 1764.
  iii.   John William Derden, born Abt. 1769.
  64 iv.   David Derden, born Bef. 1780 in Probably Georgia; died Aft. 1850 in Texas; married Elizabeth Abt. 1799 in Possibly Perry Co., Alabama.
  v.   Marcus "Mark" Derden, born July 24, 1791 in South Carolina; died September 16, 1854 in Lancaster County, South Carolina; married Dorothy Hill June 04, 1817 in Chesterfield, South Carolina.
  vi.   James Derden , Jr., born 1790-1800.

      176. Thomas McCants, born Abt. 1741 in Williamsburg Districk, S.C.. He was the son of 352. James McCants and 353. Agnes McKneely. He married 177. Burgess Bef. 1778 in S.C..

      177. Burgess, died Bef. 1778 in Williamsburg, Charleston Dist., S.C..

Notes for Thomas McCants:
OCCUPATION: Planter; DAR American Patriot, Gen Marion's Brigade-Rev War

Thomas was an American Patriot in the Revolutionary War. He is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.

Location: Williamsburg; source: Moore V. 3, Boddie; Notes: Son of James #2846. Revolutionary War service: Private in Marion's Brigde

Thomas's will in Prince Fredericks Parish, Georgetown District bequeaths To my beloved wife one feather bed, etc, a negro girl named NANNY, the use of my house and plantation during her widowhood, one negro man named MINGO and PHILLIS his wife, and one negro wench named RYNAH. Among other bequest in his will, dated June 17, 1791, was included a negro girl named JUDEY, to dau AGNES;

[1796] To son SAMUEL, a negro man named LITTLE MINGO, and a boy named TOBY;

[1797] To dau MARY, a negro girl named DOLL;

[1798] To THOMAS, a negro man named DERRY with his wife HANNAH and half of the tract of land I now live on;

[1799] To JOHN, a negro man named BRASS and boy named DERRICK and likewise the remaining half of the land I now live upon. These appear to be the children of his 1st wife Burgess.


[1801] To ROBERT, a negro boy named CESAR and likewise a tract of land containing 190 acres adjoining the tract I now live on;

[1802] To dau JANE, a negro girl named FLORAH;

[1803] To JAMES, a negro boy named JOE and likewise a lot at Kingstree number 42;

[1804] To dau, JANNET, a negro girl named PEGG. To the child my wife is now with at the age of 21 years a negro boy named FRIDAY to it & its heirs forever, otherwise to my dau Mary. If my wife dies, or remarries, then Mingo, Phillis & Rynah and the issue of said Phillis & Rynah shall be equally divided among five of my children viz Robert, Jane, James, Jannet and the child of my wife. I do appoint my wife, Ann, son Samuel & my brother-in-law Wm Reid Executrix & exec.


[1806] Wit: Joseph Scott, Hugh McCullough, John Hamilton (Kingstree SC, Apparatus 18, #1)

[1807] Citation Mar 4, 1824 to Robert McCants, Admin with Will annexed. Inventory and appraisement by William Flagler, James S. Fleming and Asa Brown.


[1809] 1790 Census list Thomas McCants living in Georgetown District, Prince Fredericks Parish having four males under 16 yrs, 2 males over 16, four females and seventeen slaves. Prince Fredericks Parish originally was a part of Williamsburg District and became a part of Georgetown District in 1785. Thomas is listed as one of the Revolutionary Soldiers.


[1811] Granted 190 Acres at Cedar Swamp in 1787.

[1812] Cedar Swamp - McCants Cemetary on Holmes Swamp (No tombstone).

      Children of Thomas McCants and Burgess are:
  88 i.   Samuel McCants, born Bef. 1778 in Kingtree, SC and West Felecina Parish, La.; died Bef. 1818 in West Felecina Parish, La.; married Margaret Packer Abt. 1800.
  ii.   Agnes McCants, born Bef. 1778; married Barrett.
  iii.   Thomas McCants, born February 09, 1775 in Williamsburg, Charleston Dist., S.C.; died September 09, 1833 in Monroeville, Alabama; married Ann Thompson July 21, 1790 in S.C..
  Notes for Thomas McCants:
The Presbyterian Church of Monroeville, AL, has retained some of the records of the now defunct Bell's Landing Pres Ch; A history written 1932, excerpt. "John McCants and his brother Thomas came from South Carolina from Darlington District about the year 1800 and settled in the lower edge of Wilcox County.

At this time John McCants had a son, Thomas, who was about four years of age, destined later to be a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church for years. Near their home on or before the year 1816 a hewn log house was built for a church in which they worshiped until about 1819.

A discussion arose as to the ownership of the ground on which the log church was erected, originally settled by Thomas McCants, Sr., which was not legally entered by him. A neighbor, Peter McArthur, procured government titles to the property and thus brought on a dispute. As a result Thomas withdrew from the Presbyterian Church and united with the Methodists.

He rec'd from his father, Thomas, in his Will 17 Jun 1791, a negro man named DERRY with his wife HANNAH and half of the tract of land I now live on.

  iv.   John McCants.
  v.   Mary McCants.
      Children of Thomas McCants and Ann Reid are:
  i.   Jane McCants, born 1778 in Williamsburg, Charleston Dist., S.C.; died Abt. 1843 in East Felicia Parish, La.; married (1) Henry McKnelly; married (2) James Pollard.
  ii.   Jannet McCants, born 1787; died Abt. 1881 in S.C.; married Abner Brown.
  iii.   Robert McCants, born Abt. 1779 in St. John's Parish, Berkley Co., Virginia; died 1850 in Charleston Dist. SC; married Martha "Patsy" Hamilton.
  iv.   James McCants, born June 10, 1784 in St. John's Parish, Berkley Co., Virginia; died February 28, 1816 in Santee Channel, SC; married Jane McCants February 21, 1805 in Berkley Co., S.C..
  v.   Sarah Ann McCants, born February 27, 1793 in Williamsburg, Charleston Dist., S.C.; died August 30, 1860 in SC; married (1) John McLaughlin; married (2) John Murphy , Sr. June 26, 1822 in S.C..

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