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Ancestors of Patsy Irene Derden

Generation No. 13

      4098. Capt. John Holland, born 1616 in London, England; died Abt. 1710 in Suffolk, Va.. He was the son of 8196. Capt. John Holland , Sr. and 8197. Judith Holland. He married 4099. Elizabeth Mary Oudelant in Dorchester, MA.

      4099. Elizabeth Mary Oudelant, born Aft. 1637 in Isle of Weight County, VA; died Bef. 1737 in Nansemond Co, VA. She was the daughter of 8198. Cornelius Oudelant and 8199. Elizabeth.

      Children of Capt. Holland and Elizabeth Oudelant are:
  2049 i.   Elizabeth Holland, born Abt. 1649 in Nansemond County, Virginia; married Stephen Darden.
  ii.   Henry Holland, born 1660 in Holland, Nansemond Co., Virginia; died June 20, 1733 in Holland, Nansemond Co., Virginia; married Margaret Elizabeth Carr Abt. 1672.
  iii.   James Holland, born 1662 in Nansemond Co., Virginia; died Abt. 1733 in Nansemond Co., Virginia; married Anne.
  iv.   John Holland, born November 01, 1664 in Holland, Nansemond Co., Virginia.
  v.   Joseph Holland, born 1666 in Holland, Nansemond Co., Virginia.
  vi.   Michael Holland, born 1666; married Judith Abt. 1695 in Goochland Co., Virginia.

      5632. Andrew Cant? Kant, born in Scotland. He was the son of 11264. Alexander Cant.

Notes for Andrew Cant? Kant:
OCCUPATION: 1634-Minister At Pitsligo

      Child of Andrew Cant? Kant is:
  2816 i.   Andrew Cant II, born 1590 in Aberdeen, Scotland and County Down, Ireland; died April 27, 1663 in Aberdeen, Scotland; married Lady Margaret Irvine.

      5634. Alexander 9th. EarlOf Drum Irvine, born in Scotland; died Abt. 1630. He was the son of 11268. Alesander 8th. Earl Of Drum Irvine and 11269. Lady Elizabeth Keith. He married 5635. Lady Marion Douglas 1590.

      5635. Lady Marion Douglas, born in Scotland; died 1630 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She was the daughter of 11270. Robert Earl Of Buchen Douglas and 11271. Christian Stewart 4th. Countess Of Buchan.

Notes for Alexander 9th. EarlOf Drum Irvine:
Alexander Irvine 9th Laird

Death Date: About 1630


Chosen in 1604 to be one of the "Lords of the Articles by Estates of
Parliament. Member of the court of High Commission, and restored the
present Mansion of Drum in 1619.

Spouse: Marion Douglas Lady

Spouse Mother: Christian Countess

Marriage Date: 1590

Children: Alexander

      Children of Alexander Irvine and Lady Douglas are:
  2817 i.   Lady Margaret Irvine, married (1) Andrew Cant II; married (2) Sir George Ogilvie Of Dunlugas.
  ii.   Alexander 10th. EarlOf Drum Irvine, died 1658; married Magdalene Scrimgrour.
  Notes for Alexander 10th. EarlOf Drum Irvine:
Sheriff Principal of County Aberdeen 1634. King Charles I planed to make
him Earl of Aberdeen, but the outbreak of the Great Rebellion prevented it
apssing the Great Seal. Held extensive estates in the counties of Aberdeen
Forfar, Banff, and Kincardine. June 1640 during the absence of Sir
Alexander, Drum Castle was besieged by the forces of General Monroe, and
William, 7th Earol of Marichal and was defended by it's lady. Sir
Alexander, gave himself up at Aberdeen June 9th, 1640 and was taken to
Edinburgh, where he was fined 10,000 Merks.

He was the 10th. Earl of Drum.

  iii.   Robert Irvine.
  iv.   Janet Irvine.
  v.   Anne Irvine.

      6208. Philip Holmes, born 1608 in Lancaster, England; died Aft. 1655 in County Cork, Ireland. He was the son of 12416. Thomas Holmes.

      Child of Philip Holmes is:
  3104 i.   Thomas Holmes, born 1637; died May 25, 1688 in County Limerick, Ireland; married Anne Gilbourne Abt. 1660.

      6210. John Gilbourne, born Abt. 1600; died Aft. 1675 in County Cork, Ireland.

      Child of John Gilbourne is:
  3105 i.   Anne Gilbourne, born 1638 in Ireland; married Thomas Holmes Abt. 1660.

      6212. Edward Pomeroy, born Abt. 1570 in Brixham, Devon, England; died January 26, 1656/57. He was the son of 12424. Thomas Pomeroy and 12425. Honor Rolle. He married 6213. Wilmot Peryman June 28, 1602 in Drewsteignton, Devon, England.

      6213. Wilmot Peryman, born Abt. 1580 in England; died January 22, 1660/61 in Brixham, Devon, England.

      Child of Edward Pomeroy and Wilmot Peryman is:
  3106 i.   Samuel Pomeroy, born Abt. 1616 in Brixham, County Devon, England; died 1700; married Martha Smith Abt. 1656.

      6214. Thomas Smith, born Abt. 1585 in Malborough, Wiltshire, England; died February 20, 1639/40 in County Cork, Ireland. He married 6215. Catherine Cope Bef. 1636.

      6215. Catherine Cope, born Abt. 1605 in County Cork, Ireland.

      Child of Thomas Smith and Catherine Cope is:
  3107 i.   Martha Smith, born Abt. 1636 in Gill Abbey, City of Cork, Ireland; died Aft. 1689 in Pallice, County Cork, Ireland; married Samuel Pomeroy Abt. 1656.

      6220. Moses Deane, born Abt. 1564 in Deans Fort, Suffolk, England. He married 6221. Alice Ludlow Abt. 1589.

      6221. Alice Ludlow.

      Child of Moses Deane and Alice Ludlow is:
  3110 i.   Matthew Deane, born 1625 in Suffolk, England; died January 10, 1709/10 in County Cork, Ireland; married Mary Wallis Abt. 1647.

      6222. Thomas Wallis, born Abt. 1630 in Somerset, England.

      Child of Thomas Wallis is:
  3111 i.   Mary Wallis, born Abt. 1630 in Somerset, England; died Bef. November 15, 1680 in County Cork, Ireland; married Matthew Deane Abt. 1647.

      7696. Edward Lewis, born Abt. 1610 in Wales; died Abt. 1635 in Wales. He married 7697. ?.

      7697. ?, born Abt. 1614 in Wales.

      Child of Edward Lewis and ? is:
  3848 i.   William Lewis, born 1632 in Wales; died 1658 in Ireland; married Mcclelland.

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