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Welcome to my home page! Please contact me if you find a connection. I am willing to share information. Any additional information or corrections that you may have to contribute would be greatly appreciated. I would especially like to hear from anyone who has information to add regarding BALDWYNs, BOLDWYNs, CARELOCKs, CARLOCKs, CARLOUGHs, CEARLOCKs, CORLOCKs, CURLOCKs, GARLOCKs, KARLOCKs, KEARLOCKs, KEERLOCKs, KERLOCKs, or their descendants. Also, please let me know if you have additional information about the Mexican branch of the CARLOCK family as it is difficult for me to research records from Mexico. I will be constantly adding photographs and updated information, so please feel free to visit this site often. This is a work in progress.

I am also the list administrator for the BALDWYN, BOLDWYN, CARELOCK, CARLOCK, CARLOUGH, CEARLOCK, DOBKINS, GARLOCK, GERLACH, GOODNIGHT, and TXBEXAR Rootsweb mailing lists. Please consider subscribing to any of these free Rootsweb mailing lists if you are researching any of these surnames or localities. These lists can be accessed through the following site:

The surname GERLACH has been Anglicized as GARLOCK, CARLOCK, and CARLOUGH. Various alternative spellings have also evolved over the years, including my maiden name of CEARLOCK (pronounced like CARELOCK), CARELOCK, CURLOCK, KARLOCK, KEARLOCK, KEERLOCK, and KERLOCK. There is also some debate as to whether or not Stephen GARLICK (ca. 1755 - 1826) may have been the son of John "Hans" Christian GARLOCK (1724 - 1822), a member of this family. At this point I have not included Stephen GARLICK in the above-mentioned report due to lack of evidence supporting this theory.

Also note that information about some of the families that married into my early DODSON family (HUNT, SMOOT, DURHAM, etc.) is controversial and presently being debated by researchers. A thorough discussion of these topics can be found on Glenn GOHR's "Jamestown DODSONs and Other Puzzles" page, located at the following site:


Information in my reports should not be accepted as "proven" and should be independently verified with original documentation.

Please report any broken links found on this page.


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Family Photos

  • Nina and Sue CEARLOCK, 1958 (24 KB)
    My mother and me, 1958.
  • My mother, my sisters, and me, 1962 (37 KB)
    (L - R) My sister Linda, me, my sister Julie, and my mother. Note the mother and daughter look-alike dresses.
  • Pam TILLEMAN and Michael BANKS, 2000 (35 KB)
    My daughter Pam TILLEMAN, age 18, and her future husband Michael BANKS, age 19, at her high school prom, 2000. Michael is wearing his Texas A&M Corps of Cadets uniform.
  • Duane CEARLOCK as a toddler (25 KB)
    My father as a toddler.
  • Pam TILLEMAN, 1999 (38 KB)
    My daughter Pam, age 17, in 1999. Pam graduated Magna Cum Laude from Judson High School, Converse, TX, May 23, 2000. The ceremony was held in the Alamodome in nearby San Antonio, TX.
  • Clyde and Vallie CEARLOCK, ca. 1906 (26 KB)
    (L-R) My gg-uncle Clyde CEARLOCK and my gg-aunt Vallie CEARLOCK, children of Joseph Edward "Ed" CEARLOCK and Mary HICKS CEARLOCK of Fayette Co., IL, ca. 1906.
  • The family of Voris and Irene CEARLOCK, ca. 1938 (31 KB)
    My paternal grandparents and their children. (L - R) Voris, Bruce, Duane, Nyle, Delbert, and Irene.
  • Matthew TILLEMAN, 1999 (29 KB)
    My son Matthew, age 15, in 1999. Matthew played right offensive tackle on the Judson High School subvarsity football team in 1999.
    This is a photo of Nellie TUNSTALL SWEATNAM CEARLOCK, second wife of my paternal grandfather Voris CEARLOCK.
  • Family of Ed and Mary CEARLOCK, ca. 1905 (26 KB)
    (L-R) My gg-grandfather Joseph Edward "Ed" CEARLOCK, Clyde CEARLOCK, Vallie CEARLOCK, my gg-grandmother Mary HICKS CEARLOCK, and my g-grandfather Claude CEARLOCK, ca. 1905.
  • Irene CEARLOCK and her sons (22 KB)
    In back, my grandmother, Irene FUNK CEARLOCK. In front (L - R), Delbert, Nyle, Duane, and Bruce.
  • Pam TILLEMAN and Michael BANKS, 1999 (33 KB)
    My daughter Pam, age 17, and her future husband Michael BANKS, age 18, in 1999.
  • Earl and Margaret FUNK with CEARLOCK grandsons (319 KB)
    This is a photo of my great-grandparents Earl FUNK and Margaret WARD FUNK, with their three oldest CEARLOCK grandsons. The grandsons, from oldest to youngest, are my father Duane CEARLOCK and my uncles Nyle and Bruce CEARLOCK. This photo was taken ca. 1937, on Earl FUNK's farm, near Millersville, Christian Co., IL. This farm remained in the FUNK family for three generations, starting with Earl's father Henry FUNK and continuing through Earl's son Cordell "Cork" FUNK. The buildings were torn down and the family left this farm after Cordell's death in 1969.
  • Claude and Clyde CEARLOCK, ca. 1899 (29 KB)
    (L-R) My great-grandfather Claude CEARLOCK and his brother Clyde CEARLOCK, ca. 1899.
  • The CEARLOCK Family, 1961 (33 KB)
    (L - R) Back row: Ola, Delbert ("Debe"), Bruce, Nyle, Duane, and Maxetta. Middle row: Janet, Merle BALDWIN, Irene FUNK CEARLOCK BALDWIN holding newborn Julie, and Nina. Front row: Linda, Diana, Lynn (now "Dave"), and Sue.
  • Family of Walter and Sue TILLEMAN, 1984 (29 KB)
    My then husband Walter, daughter Pam, me, and son Matthew, 1984.
  • Pearl HITCHCOCK and Audria CARNEY as young ladies (206 KB)
    (L - R) Pearl HITCHCOCK and my great-grandmother Audria CARNEY. I estimate this photo to have been taken around 1903 to 1910. Audria and Pearl were neighbors, listed two households away from each other in Oconee Township, Shelby Co., IL, at the time of the 1900 census. At that time Audria was listed as 11 years old and Pearl was listed as 10 years old.
  • Vallie CEARLOCK, ca. 1911 (29 KB)
    My gg-aunt Vallie CEARLOCK. Vallie died two weeks after childbirth, when she was only about 18 years old. Her son Donal MCWHIRTER was raised by her parents, Ed and Mary CEARLOCK.
  • The CEARLOCK Family, ca. 1966 (34 KB)
    (L - R) Back row: Delbert ("Debe"), Bruce, Nyle, Duane, and Merle BALDWIN. Middle row: Ola, Maxetta, Janet, Nina, and Irene FUNK CEARLOCK BALDWIN. Front row: Mike, Diana, Lynn (now "Dave"), Curt, Sue, Linda, and Julie.
  • FUNK family farm, near Millersville, IL (340 KB)
    This is a painting of the FUNK family farm which my mother painted as a gift for my grandmother. This farm was located near Millersville, Christian Co., Illinois. The family left this farm and the structures were torn down after my great-uncle Cordell "Cork" FUNK's death in 1969. His father and grandfather before him had also lived and farmed on this same farm. The house was in three sections, including two additions, with the oldest section being the two-story section at the front of the house. This view is from the right side of the house. I visited this farm many times from 1958 to 1969, and remember it well.
  • Phillip CEARLOCK, ca. 1919 (34 KB)
    My gg-uncle Phillip CEARLOCK, ca. 1919.
  • Family of Duane and Nina CEARLOCK, 1989 (32 KB)
    (L - R) Back row: Matthew HATTOON, Walter TILLEMAN, and Brad HOLLIBAUGH. Middle row: Julie HATTOON, Amanda HATTOON, Linda HOLLIBAUGH, and Mathew TILLEMAN (in red jacket). Front row: Pam TILLEMAN, Sue TILLEMAN, Nina CEARLOCK, Duane CEARLOCK, Phillip HOLLIBAUGH, and Bobby HOLLIBAUGH.
  • Four Generations of Females, 1958 (73 KB)
    Me and three generations of my female ancestors, 1958. I am the baby, seated on my mother Nina BALDWYN CEARLOCK's lap. My grandmother Imogene PYLES BALDWYN is standing. My great-grandmother Pearl PLEASANT PYLES is seated next to my mother.
  • Levi SEARS (1816 - 1891) of Fayette Co., IL (230 KB)
    This is a photo of my ggg-grandfather Levi SEARS of Bingham, Fayette Co., IL. (Photo compliments of Seth W. PHILLIPS, swphillips1@charter.net.) Note that Levi's parents were civilian Civil War casualties, killed by the same bullet as they stood in the doorway of their home in Bingham, Fayette Co., Illinois, Aug. 11, 1864. Their tombstone says that they were killed by Union soldiers. Reportedly they were either killed by Union soldiers or outlaws dressed as Union soldiers who were attempting to steal a saddle. Levi's daughter Emily SEARS HICKS is pictured in the Henry HICKS family photo on this page. See the following site for further information about the murder of Levi's parents: http://www.genealogytrails.com/ill/fayette/johnsears.html
  • Family of Ed and Mary CEARLOCK, ca. 1930 (25 KB)
    (L-R) My gg-grandfather Joseph Edward "Ed" CEARLOCK, his grandson Donal MCWHIRTER, and my gg-grandmother Mary HICKS CEARLOCK, ca. 1930.
  • Irene FUNK, Senior Portrait, Class of 1932 (38 KB)
    My grandmother Irene FUNK's senior portrait. She graduated in 1932 from Pana High School, Pana, IL.
  • Family of Duane and Nina Cearlock, Dec. 23, 2000 (32 KB)
    Duane and Nina CEARLOCK with all of their daughters, grandchildren, and their son-in-law. (L-R) Front row: Duane CEARLOCK, Nina CEARLOCK, and Phillip HOLLIBAUGH. Second row: Bobby HOLLIBAUGH, Pam TILLEMAN, and Amanda HATTOON. Third row: Matthew TILLEMAN, Julie HATTOON, and Sue TILLEMAN. Back row: Brad HOLLIBAUGH and Linda HOLLIBAUGH.
  • 4-Generations of the PLEASANT Family, ca. 1939 (32 KB)
    (L-R): My gg-grandfather, A.C. PLEASANT; my mother Nina BALDWYN; my g-grandmother, Pearl PLEASANT PYLES; and my grandmother, Imogene PYLES BALDWYN. Imogene was only 5 feet, 1 inch tall, so none of the adults in this picture were very tall.
  • Me and My Children, Dec. 23, 2000 (34 KB)
    In front: Sue TILLEMAN. In back (L-R), Matthew TILLEMAN and Pam TILLEMAN.
  • My Daughter and Her Future Husband, Dec. 23, 2000 (31 KB)
    My daughter Pam TILLEMAN and her future husband Michael BANKS in their Texas A&M game-day attire. Michael played baritone for the Aggie band and was a member of the Corps of Cadets.
  • Wedding photo of Duane and Nina Cearlock, 1954 (40 KB)
    This is a wedding photo of my parents, Duane CEARLOCK and Nina BALDWYN CEARLOCK, June 21, 1954.
  • Family of Duane and Nina CEARLOCK, 1965 (102 KB)
    Christmas, 1965, with my parents, Duane and Nina CEARLOCK, and my sisters (L - R) Linda and Julie. I am standing in the photo.
  • Wedding photo of Sue and Walter TILLEMAN, 1978 (72 KB)
    Me and my ex-husband Walter on our wedding day, June 11, 1978.
  • Henry HICKS Family of Fayette Co., IL, ca. 1891 (45 KB)
    Front row (L-R): My ggg-grandfather, Henry HICKS; Otis HICKS; my ggg-grandmother, Emily SEARS HICKS. Back row (L-R): Johnson Pollard HICKS; my gg-grandfather, Joseph Edward CEARLOCK; my gg-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth HICKS CEARLOCK; Thomas CEARLOCK; Rebecca Jane HICKS CEARLOCK; my ggg-grandfather, James Robert CEARLOCK; Izetta HICKS CEARLOCK (James's third wife); and Alice HICKS. Note that Thomas CEARLOCK was a first cousin to James Robert CEARLOCK. James's father John Henry CARLOCK/CEARLOCK was a brother to Thomas's father Elias G. CARLOCK/CEARLOCK.
  • Nina BALDWYN as a child (21 KB)
    My mother, Nina BALDWYN, as a child.
  • Children of John and Cynthia NEIGH before 1893 (34 KB)
    All 11 children of John NEIGH and Cynthia FIX, before 1893. The children spelled their surname "NIGH". Both John and Cynthia died in 1856, making it possible that that was the year the photograph was taken. Back row (L-R): Cynthia, Aaron, Jacob, John, Elmira, and Elvira. Front row (L-R): Cornelia, Matilda (my ggg-grandmother), William, Virinda, and Mary.
  • Pam TILLEMAN, Dec. 23, 2000 (33 KB)
    My daughter Pam TILLEMAN, Dec. 23, 2000.
  • Duane CEARLOCK and brothers, ca. Jan. 1, 2000 (32 KB)
    My father and his brothers, ca. Jan. 1, 2000. Top: Duane. Middle (L-R) Nyle and Bruce. Front: Delbert.
  • Family of Jacob CARNEY and Susan CLOE, ca. 1889 (33 KB)
    Back row (L-R): My gg-grandmother, Susan CLOE CARNEY; and my gg-grandfather, Jacob CARNEY. Front row (L-R): my g-grandmother, Audria CARNEY; Anna Maude CARNEY; and Grace CARNEY.
  • Voris CEARLOCK in World War II Uniform, with Sons (34 KB)
    Early 1940s. My grandfather, Voris CEARLOCK, and his four sons (L - R): Duane (my father), Nyle, Bruce, and Delbert "Debe".
  • The CEARLOCK Brothers and Wives, ca. Jan. 1, 2000 (33 KB)
    (L-R) Front: Sue. Second row: Delbert and Nyle. Third row: Nina (my mother), Jeanie, and Nila. Fourth row: Duane (my father) and Bruce.
  • Nancy Anna DICKERSON CLOE MOUNT, before 1927 (27 KB)
    My ggg-grandmother, Nancy Anna "Anna" DICKERSON CLOE MOUNT, before 1927.
  • 4 Generations of CEARLOCKs, July 28, 2000 (48 KB)
    4 generations of descendants of Claude and Audria CEARLOCK, July 28, 2000. (L - R) Front row: Jeani CEARLOCK (wife of Nyle); Marge CEARLOCK (wife of Forrest); Forrest "Frog" CEARLOCK; twin sons of Rex CEARLOCK (one named Alexander and one named Justin); with Austin CEARLOCK, son of Tracy CEARLOCK standing in front of them (blue shirt). Second row: My mother, Nina CEARLOCK; Nila CEARLOCK (wife of Bruce); Sue CEARLOCK (wife of Delbert); Dena CEARLOCK (wife of Tracy) holding her newborn daughter Jensen (born July 18th); and Tracy CEARLOCK. Back row: My father Duane CEARLOCK, Bruce CEARLOCK, Nyle CEARLOCK, Delbert CEARLOCK, and Rex CEARLOCK. Note that Rex and Tracy are the adopted sons of Delbert and his first wife Ola. My father is also named Rex, but goes by his middle name of Duane. Forrest also had a brother named Tracy, a great-uncle to the Tracy in this picture. Forrest was my great-uncle, a brother to my grandfather Voris. Nyle, Bruce, and Delbert are brothers to my father Duane.
  • Wedding Photo of Matthew and Julie HATTOON, 1989 (32 KB)
    Wedding photo of my sister Julie CEARLOCK and Matthew HATTOON, Jan. 7, 1989
  • Jacob CARNEY and Susan CLOE CARNEY (39 KB)
    My gg-grandparents, Jacob CARNEY and Susan CLOE CARNEY.
  • Wedding Day With My Grandmothers, June 11, 1978 (32 KB)
    (L-R): My paternal grandmother, Irene DEWITT; my maternal grandmother, Imogene BALDWYN; me, Walter, and Earl DEWITT.
  • My seventh birthday party, 1965 (28 KB)
    (L - R) My sister Julie, me, my mother, and my sister Linda
  • Kate CLOE MOUNT and John MOUNT (31 KB)
    My ggg-aunt, Kate CLOE MOUNT, and her husband, John MOUNT
  • William Hayes NIGH and wife, before 1903 (49 KB)
    My gr.-gr.-gr.-gr.-uncle William Hayes NIGH (1824 - 1902) and his wife, probably his second wife, Martha E. MCCOMES NIGH (1831 - 1905)
  • My sisters and me in the kiddy pool, ca. 1963 (33 KB)
    (L - R) Me, Julie, and Linda.
  • (L-R) Pam and Matthew TILLEMAN, ca. 1985 (27 KB)
    My children, Pam and Matthew TILLEMAN, ca. 1985
  • James Robert CEARLOCK (1851 - 1926) (379 KB)
    My ggg-grandfather, James Robert CEARLOCK (1851 - 1926) of Fayette, Christian, and Montgomery Counties, IL.
  • Mom's birthday party, 1967 (34 KB)
    June 14, 1967. Look at those tans! We spent a lot of time at the swimming pool that year. (L - R) My sister Julie, my mother, my sister Linda, and me.
  • Amanda HATTOON as an actress/vocalist, 1999 (46 KB)
    This is the front page of Section E of the "Corpus Christi Caller-Times", July 9, 1999. My niece Amanda HATTOON is the young girl by the word "SUMMER". She was one of the cast members of the play "The Sound of Music" which played at the Harbor Playhouse in Corpus Christi, TX, during the month of July, 1999. Although Amanda used her real name for this play, her stage name is Mandy MOON. Amanda started singing with her father's band when she was a small child. Her father's stage name is Matt TOON. His photograph hangs on the wall in the Hanging Tree Saloon in Bracken, TX, just northeast of San Antonio, where he has performed on numerous occasions. He is currently a member of the San Antonio Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band "Texas Tide."
  • Nina CEARLOCK and Kyle BANKS, 2007 (340 KB)
    This is a photograph of my mother Nina BALDWYN CEARLOCK and my grandson Kyle Ryon BANKS, July 2007.
  • Knate Marion NORRIS of Pulaski Co., KY (36 KB)
    My ggg-grandfather, Knate Marion NORRIS, of Pulaski Co., KY
  • Duane and Bruce CEARLOCK, and wives, 2007 (345 KB)
    Nov. 1, 2007, (L-R), my parents, Nina and Duane CEARLOCK, with my aunt and uncle, Nila and Bruce CEARLOCK. Note that my mother painted the pictures seen hanging on the wall in the photograph.
  • The George PYLES Family, ca. 1903 (45 KB)
    The George PYLES family of Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY, ca. 1903. Back row (L-R): unidentified teenage male; Leonies PYLES (my g-grandfather); Anna PYLES, and Willie PYLES. Front row (L-R): unidentified elderly male; unidentified young male; unidentified elderly female; George PYLES (my gg-grandfather); Easter NORRIS PYLES (my gg-grandmother); and Chester PYLES.
  • Wedding photo of Chris and Julie DOTI, 2009 (533 KB)
    This photograph of my sister Julie and her husband Chris DOTI was taken at their wedding, Jan. 3, 2009, on Banderas Bay, near Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Voris CEARLOCK in World War II uniform, ca. 1941 (31 KB)
    This is a photo of my paternal grandfather, Voris CEARLOCK, in his World War II uniform.

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  • Descendants of George W. CARLOCK/CEARLOCK (1592 KB)
    This is a privatized outline descendant report for George W. CARLOCK/CEARLOCK (s/o David CARLOCK; Frederick CARLOCK/CARELOCK; David GERLACH/CARLOCK; Johan Peter “Hans” GERLACH) (b. ca. 1779, NC), the progenitor of the Illinois branch of the CEARLOCK/CURLOCK branch of the CARLOCK family tree. Note that through George's wife Rachel LANDERS's GUTKNECHT/GOODNIGHT and LANDIS/LANDERS ancestry, all descendants on this branch are also distant cousins to the United States President Harry S. TRUMAN. Furthermore, through Rachel's GUTKNECHT/GOODNIGHT ancestry, they are also distant cousins to the famous Texas cattleman and trailblazer Colonel Charles GOODNIGHT.
  • Descendants of Johan Peter GERLACH (8574 KB)
    This is a privatized ten-generation outline descendant report for Johan Peter ”Hans” GERLACH, with emphasis on his CARLOCK, CARELOCK, CEARLOCK, CURLOCK, and CARLOUGH descendants in America. This compiler has not yet done extensive research on Johan Peter's GARLOCK descendants in America. All other CARLOCK, CARELOCK, and CEARLOCK reports on this page link back to this report. Please contact this compiler, Susan Cearlock Tilleman, via e-mail for information about additional generations of descendants for this family or information about black CARLOCK and CARELOCK families.
  • Outline Descendant Report for Luther C. CEARLOCK (158 KB)
    This is a privatized outline descendant report for the descendants of Luther C. CARLOCK/CEARLOCK/CURLOCK (s/o George Washington CARLOCK/CARELOCK; John CARLOCK; Lemuel CARLOCK; Hanchrist CARLOCK; David GERLACH/CARLOCK; Johan Peter “Hans” GERLACH) (b. 1841) of Kentucky and Texas, the progenitor of the Oklahoma branch of the CEARLOCK (pronounced like CARELOCK) and CURLOCK family. Note that Luther C. CARLOCK/CEARLOCK/CURLOCK's great-grandfather Hanchrist CARLOCK of Virginia was a soldier in the United States Revolutionary War, serving under the command of General George WASHINGTON.
  • Outline Descendant Report for Milton T. CARLOCK (64 KB)
    This is a privatized outline descendant report for Milton Thompson CARLOCK (s/o John Landis CARLOCK; Jacob "Jake" CARLOCK, Sr.; Hanchrist CARLOCK; David GERLACH/CARLOCK; Johan Peter “Hans” GERLACH) (1831 - 1881) of Illinois and Oaxaca, México, the progenitor of the Mexican branch of the CARLOCK family. Note that Milton Thompson CARLOCK's great-grandfather Hanchrist CARLOCK of Virginia was a soldier in the United States Revolutionary War, serving under the command of General George WASHINGTON. Also note that some of Milton Thompson CARLOCK’s descendants migrated to the United States.
  • Outline Descendant Report for William CARELOCK (898 KB)
    This is a privatized outline descendant report for the descendants of William A. (or J.) CARELOCK (s/o Samuel A. CARELOCK, Jr.; Samuel A. CARLOCK/CARELOCK, Sr.; George CARLOCK; Frederick CARLOCK/CARELOCK; David GERLACH/CARLOCK; Johan Peter "Hans" GERLACH) (b. 1818) of Union Co., North Carolina, grandson of Samuel A. CARLOCK/CARELOCK, Sr., the progenitor of the white branch of the CARELOCK family. Please contact this compiler, Susan Cearlock Tilleman, via e-mail for information about black CARELOCK families. Also note that a few members of the CARLOCK and CEARLOCK families also on rare occasions used the "Carelock" spelling for their surnames.

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