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Descendants of Gerke M. Tjarks

      26. Larry Wayne4 Tjarks (Elmer Marvin3, George2, Gerke M.1) was born July 12, 1940 in Peoria, Illinois. He married Betty Marie Skinner September 14, 1963.

More About Larry Wayne Tjarks:
Occupation: Northern Regional Research Lab. Peoria,IL
Children of Larry Tjarks and Betty Skinner are:
  58 i.   Stephanie Lynn5 Tjarks, born October 12, 1967. She married Christopher Stear August 06, 1988.
  59 ii.   Christopher Scott Tjarks, born July 20, 1972.

      27. David Lee4 Tjarks (Elmer Marvin3, George2, Gerke M.1) was born June 17, 1942 in Peoria, Illinois. He married Constance Kay Risius May 31, 1964.
Children of David Tjarks and Constance Risius are:
+ 60 i.   Jeric Joseph5 Tjarks, born August 23, 1967.
+ 61 ii.   Jason David Tjarks, born July 18, 1969.

      28. Douglas Marvin4 Tjarks (Elmer Marvin3, George2, Gerke M.1) was born March 11, 1944 in Peoria, Illinois. He married Monica Ann Sylvester June 11, 1966.

More About Douglas Marvin Tjarks:
Occupation: Caterpillar Tractor Company Employee
Children of Douglas Tjarks and Monica Sylvester are:
  62 i.   Susan Kay5 Tjarks, born 1967 in Peoria, Illinois; died 1967 in ( stillborn) Peoria, Illinois.
  63 ii.   Tracy Kathleen Tjarks, born January 11, 1968.
  64 iii.   Ross Patrick Tjarks, born August 19, 1973.

      29. MaryJo4 Tjarks (Elmer Marvin3, George2, Gerke M.1)84 was born November 30, 1947 in Peoria, Illinois84. She married James Hibberd Finley85,86 November 27, 1971 in Bartonville, illinois86, son of Joseph Finley and Edith Hibberd.
Children of MaryJo Tjarks and James Finley are:
+ 65 i.   Tamme Jo5 Finley, born August 30, 1972.
  66 ii.   Tonya Jo Finley86, born March 07, 1974 in Peoria, Illinois86.

      30. Kathleen Ann4 Tjarks (Elmer Marvin3, George2, Gerke M.1) was born January 24, 1950. She married Everette Thomas Adams September 17, 1971.

More About Kathleen Ann Tjarks:
Divorced: January 1999
Children of Kathleen Tjarks and Everette Adams are:
  67 i.   Kerri Kathleen5 Adams, born November 01, 1972.
  68 ii.   Malanie Ann Adams, born September 14, 1977.

      32. Jack Eldon4 Tjarks (Donald George3, George2, Gerke M.1) was born May 13, 1947 in Peoria, Illinois. He married Karen Christine Allhouse August 02, 1975 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, daughter of John Allhouse and Gertrude Knivinen.
Children of Jack Tjarks and Karen Allhouse are:
  69 i.   Thomas Nathaniel5 Tjarks87, born January 19, 1977 in Grande Prarie, Texas87. He married Sarah Diann Ford87 November 20, 1999 in Crowley, Texas87.
  70 ii.   Martha Alice Tjarks, born January 19, 1977 in Grande Prarie, Texas.

      33. Janet Lynn4 Tjarks (Donald George3, George2, Gerke M.1) was born July 02, 1949 in Peoria,Illinois. She married (1) James Allen Bennett February 22, 1969. She married (2) Donald Huffman June 02, 1984.

Notes for Janet Lynn Tjarks:
      It was as though my memory was frozen in time.
      On December 3, 1999 my wife Joyce and I attended the funeral of my cousin Janet Tjarks Huffman.      
      Janet was the daughter of Donald and Ellen Tjarks.
      Services for Janet were held at the Grace Lutheran church in Champaign, Illinois. Officiating was The Most Reverend Roger Digges.
      Janet died of cancer. She was fifty years old. Yet in my mind I could still vividly recall the beautiful slender dark haired little girl who used to stop by our house on Gulf Stream Ave., in Bartonville, on her way home from school.
      Janet was a lovely little girl and thatís how I knew and remember her.
      Janetís death was not unexpected for she had suffered from her illness for a long time.
      But when death came it was still very hard to accept and it saddened all of us a great deal.
      As Reverend Digges spoke of Janet, the mother of two children and the grandmother of three little ones, a picture immerged of Janet Lynn Huffman, that makes her passing even more difficult to accept. It is very clear that a woman of this magnitude will sorely be missed.
      Janet was described by her Pastor as a woman of wisdom who guided people to good decisions that were reached during difficult times.
      Pastor Digges spoke of Janetís strong faith in God and he told us of the courage and strength that she had in dealing with her illness.           
      It was clear to all of us that Janetís love of her family had given her the strength to extend her life with her children and her grandchildren.
      Janet Lynn Tjarks Huffman was, without question, a respected, loving, courageous, and wise woman, who we will all miss.
                              Gary Tjarks-Family Tree News

More About Janet Lynn Tjarks:
Divorced: September 1975, Janet and James Allan Bennett
Divorced 2nd: January 1989, Janet and Donald Huffman
Children of Janet Tjarks and James Bennett are:
  71 i.   Vicky Lynn5 Bennett, born June 27, 1969. She married Robert Todd Foster June 07, 1990.
  72 ii.   Bruce Wade Bennett, born December 09, 1970.

      39. Verle Allen4 Melz (Harold Dale3, Grace Elizabeth2 Tjarks, Gerke M.1)88 was born April 07, 194988. He married (1) Sandy Kay Lance88. He married (2) Deborah MacDonald88 June 04, 198888.

More About Verle Allen Melz:
Divorced: Sandra Kay Lance88
Children of Verle Melz and Sandy Lance are:
  73 i.   Michelle Ellen5 Melz88, born June 15, 197088.
  74 ii.   Gregory Allen Melz88, born November 14, 197288.
Child of Verle Melz and Deborah MacDonald is:
  75 i.   Nicole Michelle5 Field88, born November 15, 198488.

      40. James Lee4 Melz (Harold Dale3, Grace Elizabeth2 Tjarks, Gerke M.1)88 was born May 08, 195588. He married (1) Elaine Marie Nelson88 March 21, 197588. He married (2) Rozella Marie Jones Fleming88 July 16, 198388.

More About James Lee Melz:
Divorced: October 1979

More About Elaine Marie Nelson:
Divorced: October 1979
Child of James Melz and Elaine Nelson is:
  76 i.   James Lee Melz5 Jr.88, born August 31, 197688.
Children of James Melz and Rozella Fleming are:
  77 i.   Jennifer Leaf5 Fleming88, born November 11, 197088.
  78 ii.   Steven Dalton Fleming88, born October 07, 197688.

      41. Deborah Sue4 Carlson (Hazel Bernice3 Melz, Grace Elizabeth2 Tjarks, Gerke M.1)89 was born December 21, 195189. She married Tom Stevenson89 May 17, 197589.
Children of Deborah Carlson and Tom Stevenson are:
  79 i.   Mathew Thomas5 Stevenson89, born December 17, 197789.
  80 ii.   Julia Michelle Stevenson89, born June 04, 198289.

      42. Rebecca Lynn4 Carlson (Hazel Bernice3 Melz, Grace Elizabeth2 Tjarks, Gerke M.1)89 was born June 14, 195389. She married Gregory Bower89 July 03, 1976.
Child of Rebecca Carlson and Gregory Bower is:
  81 i.   Marc Gregory Franklin5 Bower89, born December 15, 198889.

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