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Ancestors of Sheldon Kyle George Gonzales

Generation No. 6

      36. Donaciano Aragon, died Unknown. He married 37. Abrana Lopez.

      37. Abrana Lopez, died Unknown.
Child of Donaciano Aragon and Abrana Lopez is:
  18 i.   Andres Aragon, born November 13, 1893 in Socorro, NM; died Unknown; married Estela Martinez January 07, 1915 in Socorro, NM.

      38. Manuel Martinez, died Unknown. He was the son of 76. Juan Domingo Martinez and 77. Longinia Angel. He married 39. Andrea Chaves August 19, 1889 in Socorro, NM.

      39. Andrea Chaves, born September 08, 1860; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 78. Jose Eleuterio Emiliano Chaves and 79. Modesta Apodaca.
Children of Manuel Martinez and Andrea Chaves are:
  19 i.   Estela Martinez, born August 03, 1898 in Luis Lopez,NM; died Unknown; married Andres Aragon January 07, 1915 in Socorro, NM.
  ii.   Petra Martinez, died Unknown; married Teodoro Peralta September 20, 1915 in Socorro, NM; died Unknown.
  iii.   Sofia Martinez, died Unknown; married Manuel Aragon September 07, 1908 in Socorro, NM; died Unknown.
  iv.   Paula Martinez, died Unknown; married Quirino Sais February 19, 1912 in Socorro, NM; died Unknown.

      40. Juan Climaco Armijo, born 1849 in Bosquecito; died Bef. 1882 in San Antonio, NM. He was the son of 80. Matias Armijo and 81. Catalina Savedra. He married 41. Espiridiona Gonzales March 29, 1869 in Socorro, NM.

      41. Espiridiona Gonzales, born December 20, 1855 in Socorro, NM; died September 12, 1940 in San Antonio, NM. She was the daughter of 82. Jose Fabian Gonzales and 83. Mariana Otero Varela.
Children of Juan Armijo and Espiridiona Gonzales are:
  i.   Toche Armijo, born 1872; died Unknown.
  20 ii.   Pedro Armijo, born October 23, 1874; died Unknown; married Magdalena Gonzales.
  iii.   Braulio Armijo, born 1875; died Unknown.
  iv.   Cuneguida Armijo, born Bef. 1882; died Unknown; married Seferino Savedra January 22, 1896 in Socorro, NM; born 1875; died Unknown.

      42. Juan Bautista Gonzales, born August 30, 1845 in Socorro, of Bosquecito, NM (two sets of Parents); died Bef. 1920 in San Antonio, NM. He was the son of 84. Santiago Jesus Gonzales and 85. Victoria Trujillo. He married 43. Albina Gonzales November 30, 1869 in Socorro, of Bosquecito, NM.

      43. Albina Gonzales, born 1855 in Bosquecito (two sets of Parents); died Aft. 1920 in San Antonio, NM. She was the daughter of 86. Juan Cristobal Gonzales and 87. Altagracia Lucero.
Children of Juan Gonzales and Albina Gonzales are:
  i.   Faustin Gonzales, born Aft. 1870; died Unknown; married Jesus Montoya October 28, 1901 in Socoro, of Luis Lopez, NM; born 1870; died Unknown.
  ii.   Leonor Gonzales, born 1883 in Luis Lopez, NM; died Unknown; married Sixto Savedra January 07, 1903 in Socorro, of San Pedro, NM; born March 1872 in San Pedro, NM; died Unknown.
  21 iii.   Magdalena Gonzales, born 1885; died Unknown; married Pedro Armijo.
  iv.   Gertrudis Gonzales, born 1890; died Unknown.

      44. Juan Gabaldon Gallegos, born April 05, 1854 in Socorro, of La Parida, Valverde, (Adopted); died Unknown. He was the son of 88. Jose Miguel Angel Gallegos and 89. Guadalupe Silva. He married 45. Albina Carrillo November 28, 1866 in Socorro, NM.

      45. Albina Carrillo, born 1847 in Valverde, Adopted dau of Juan Barreras y Teresa C.; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 90. Juan Bautista Barreras and 91. Teresa Silva Carrillo.
Children of Juan Gallegos and Albina Carrillo are:
  22 i.   Rogerio Gabaldon, born in Likely son of Juan Gallegos; died Unknown; married Filomena Olguin May 22, 1909 in Socorro, NM.
  ii.   Geronimo Gabaldon, died Unknown; married Librada Trujeque 1900 in Socorro, NM; died Unknown.

      46. Jose Facundo Olguin, born December 02, 1853 in Socorro, of San Pedro; died Unknown. He was the son of 92. Jose Miguel Olguin and 93. Luisa Montoya. He married 47. Jesusita Silva February 04, 1880 in Socorro, NM.

      47. Jesusita Silva, born 1858; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 94. Pedro Maria Silva and 95. Regina Montoya.
Children of Jose Olguin and Jesusita Silva are:
  i.   Carmelita Olguin, born 1885; died Unknown; married Dolores Solorio; died Unknown.
  ii.   Facundo Olguin, died Unknown.
  iii.   Lucas Olguin, born 1889; died Unknown.
  23 iv.   Filomena Olguin, born 1891; died Unknown; married Rogerio Gabaldon May 22, 1909 in Socorro, NM.

      48. Pedro Torres, born January 16, 1865 in Sabinal, NM (Possible son of Teodora Torres); died November 11, 1937 in LA, California. He married 49. Deloipa Baca Abt. 1888 in Sabinal, NM.

      49. Deloipa Baca, born October 02, 1876 in San Jose, NM; died October 11, 1952 in Los Angeles, CA. She was the daughter of 98. Jesus Maria Baca and 99. Manuela Sanches.
Children of Pedro Torres and Deloipa Baca are:
  24 i.   Alfredo B Torres, born December 21, 1890 in Sanchez, Arizona; died February 15, 1920 in Contadero, NM; married Francisquita Chaves February 24, 1909 in Rosedale, NM.
  ii.   Jose Torres, born April 24, 1892 in Kelly, NM; died Unknown.
  iii.   Pablita Torres, born May 01, 1893 in Socorro, of Polvadera, NM; died Unknown; married Caudlo Hardenado? October 05, 1908 in Socorro, NM; born November 25, 1877 in San Marcial, NM; died Unknown.
  iv.   Lorenzo V Torres, born July 07, 1895 in Socorro, of Polvadera, NM; died January 07, 1962 in San Pedro, California; married Margarita Lucero January 06, 1915 in Socorro, NM; born February 06, 1899 in Tome, NM; died Unknown.
  v.   Romelia Torres, born May 19, 1899 in Salomonville, AZ; died Unknown; married Donaciano Jaramillo October 10, 1914 in Socorro, NM; died Unknown.
  vi.   Jesusita Torres, born May 1900; died Unknown.
  vii.   Geronimo Torres, born May 21, 1904 in Kelly, NM; died June 26, 1904 in Kelly, NM.
  viii.   Pedro Torres, born August 09, 1906 in Magdalena, NM; died Unknown.
  ix.   Jemmih Torres, born Abt. 1907; died Unknown.
  x.   Deloip B Torres, born December 17, 1907 in Rosedale, NM; died Unknown.
  xi.   Isaac Torres, born December 07, 1908 in Rosdale, NM; died March 22, 1931.
  xii.   Aurora Torres, born February 18, 1918 in New Mexico; died November 02, 1988 in Los Angeles, CA; married Victor Feria Private; born Private.

      50. Felipe Jesus Chaves, born February 11, 1829 in Belen, NM; died Abt. 1899 in Paraje, NM. He was the son of 100. Jose Maria Chaves and 101. Barbara Petra Luna. He married 51. Yginia Barreras July 08, 1861 in Belen, NM.

      51. Yginia Barreras, born January 11, 1848 in Socorro, of Sevilleta; died February 17, 1920 in Contadero, NM. She was the daughter of 102. Mariano Barreras and 103. Josefa Vallejos.
Children of Felipe Chaves and Yginia Barreras are:
  i.   Isaias Chaves, born June 03, 1864 in Socorro, of Paraje; died Unknown; married Emilia Abt. 1909 in Socorro, NM; born 1888; died Unknown.
  ii.   Barbarita Chaves, born January 03, 1871; died Unknown.
  iii.   Sara Chaves, born January 1874; died Unknown; married Defino Gonzales; died Unknown.
  25 iv.   Francisquita Chaves, born March 09, 1885 in Contadero, NM; died September 28, 1936 in San Antonio, NM; married (1) Alfredo B Torres February 24, 1909 in Rosedale, NM; married (2) Felimon Sedillo June 20, 1921 in Morenci, Arizona.
  v.   Matilde Chaves, born February 26, 1887; died Unknown.
  vi.   Jeremias Chaves, born December 12, 1891 in Contadero, NM; died Unknown in Albuquerque, NM; married (1) Francisquita Torres November 08, 1913 in Socorro, of Montecello, NM; born May 12, 1890 in Montecello, NM; died December 16, 1924 in Socorro, NM; married (2) Andelisia Romero October 14, 1925 in San Marcial, NM; born April 16, 1902 in La Mesa, NM; died April 27, 1993 in Albuquerque, NM.

      52. Jose Chaves Herrera, born September 21, 1828 in Belen, of Sabinal, NM; died Unknown in San Pedro Celestino. He was the son of 104. Manuel Chaves and 105. Manuela Ysidora Herrera. He married 53. Ysabel Apodaca Fajardo October 15, 1848 in Socorro, NM.

      53. Ysabel Apodaca Fajardo, born 1833 in La Parida; died Unknown in San Pedro Selestino. She was the daughter of 106. Juan Fajardo and 107. Desideria Anaya Apodaca.
Children of Jose Herrera and Ysabel Fajardo are:
  i.   Jose Francisco Herrera, born March 14, 1850 in Socorro, of San Pedro Selestino; died Unknown.
  ii.   Julio Herrera, born 1851 in Las Palomas, NM; died June 18, 1938 in Socorro, NM; married Valentina Morales September 22, 1883 in Socorro, NM; died Unknown.
  iii.   Ruldo Herrera, born February 20, 1862 in La Mesilla, Dona Ana; died Unknown.
  26 iv.   Juan Climaco Herrera, born April 01, 1865 in Los Cruzes, NM; died Abt. 1938 in San Antonio, NM; married Amadita Herrera January 25, 1897 in La Canada Alamosa, NM.
  v.   Manuela Herrera, born June 18, 1867 in Los Cruces, NM; died Unknown.
  vi.   Marcelina Herrera, born Abt. 1869; died Unknown; married Leandro Armijo December 23, 1892 in Socorro, NM; born Abt. 1865; died Unknown.
  vii.   Antonio Herrera, born November 1870; died Unknown.
  viii.   Helena Herrera, born March 10, 1873 in Los Cruces, NM; died April 03, 1938 in Hot Springs, NM.
  ix.   Ysidro Herrera, born May 15, 1877 in Las Palomas, NM; died February 24, 1926 in Socorro, NM (Not Sure on Same Name); married Rosa Fontes April 28, 1910 in Sierra, County; born June 26, 1892 in Monticello, NM; died Unknown.

      54. Victoriano Herrera, born March 16, 1851 in Socorro, of San Lorenzo, NM; died Bef. 1910 in Canada Alamosa. He was the son of 108. Jose Antonio Herrera and 109. Dominga Torres. He married 55. Gorgonia Sedillo October 19, 1870 in Socorro, NM.

      55. Gorgonia Sedillo, born September 13, 1854 in Sabinal, NM (Need copy of Bautismal); died Aft. 1910 in Canada Alamosa. She was the daughter of 110. Vicente Sedillo and 111. Cornelia Romero.
Children of Victoriano Herrera and Gorgonia Sedillo are:
  i.   Telesfora Herrera, born January 10, 1873; died Unknown.
  27 ii.   Amadita Herrera, born March 29, 1870; died April 28, 1949 in Florida, NM; married Juan Climaco Herrera January 25, 1897 in La Canada Alamosa, NM.
  iii.   Manuel Herrera, born January 29, 1879; died Unknown.
  iv.   Valeria Herrera, born 1880; died Unknown.
  v.   Patricio Herrera, born March 17, 1883; died Unknown; married Beatriz Tafoya September 28, 1908 in Monticello, NM; born July 04, 1890; died Unknown.
  vi.   Melecia Herrera, born August 21, 1887 in Monticello, NM; died Unknown; married Brigido Montano November 22, 1913 in Monticello, NM; born October 08, 1882 in Chihuahua, Mexico; died Unknown.
  vii.   Magdalena Herrera, born January 15, 1890 in Monticello, NM; died November 13, 1935 in Monticello, NM.
  viii.   Valentin Herrera, born August 04, 1894; died 1943.

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