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Ancestors of Donna Marie Graffius

Generation No. 8

      136. Martin Nicholas Graffius, born May 02, 1722 in Europe; died May 20, 1790.
Children of Martin Nicholas Graffius are:
  i.   Nicholas Graffius, born April 12, 1746 in Saxony; died July 29, 1822 in Hunnington Co. Pa; married Maria Elizabeth Coryell December 14, 1769 in York, Pa.
  More About Nicholas Graffius:
Burial: Union Cemetery , Mannorhill 6 miles from their home

  Notes for Maria Elizabeth Coryell:
Maria had 16 children, 5 of whome died young and no names are recorded.

  More About Maria Elizabeth Coryell:
Burial: Union Cemetery , Mannorhill

  More About Nicholas Graffius and Maria Coryell:
Marriage: December 14, 1769, York, Pa

  68 ii.   Peter Graffius, born April 19, 1749 in Europe; died Bef. February 09, 1826 in Warriors Mark, Hunnington Co, Pa; married Unknown.
  iii.   Rebecca Graffius, born April 18, 1751.
  iv.   John Graffius, born February 24, 1754; died January 01, 1826.
  v.   Abraham Graffius, born August 22, 1756.
  vi.   Elizabeth Graffius, born August 1762; died October 18, 1789.
  vii.   Mary Graffius, born March 18, 1765.
  viii.   Catherine Graffius, born October 23, 1765; married John Michael Africa in York Co, Pa; born Abt. 1757 in Germantown, Pa; died June 30, 1822.
  More About John Africa and Catherine Graffius:
Marriage: York Co, Pa

  ix.   Martin Graffius, born November 10, 1767.
  x.   Jacob Graffius, born November 21, 1770.
  Notes for Jacob Graffius:
He settled on the West Branch of the Susqeuhanna. He had a grandson who lived in Lock Haven

      140. Thomas Graham, born 1725; died June 1798. He married 141. Ms Owens Aft. 1750.

      141. Ms Owens, born Abt. 1730 in Ireland; died Bef. November 1794.

More About Thomas Graham and Ms Owens:
Marriage: Aft. 1750
Children of Thomas Graham and Ms Owens are:
  70 i.   Robert Graham, born 1766 in Augusta, Co, Va; died 1829 in Bradford Township, Clearfield Co, Pa; married Elzabeth Walls 1790 in Lancaster, Pa.
  ii.   John Graham
  iii.   James Graham
  Notes for James Graham:
Served in the American Revolution, Augusta Co. Va.

  iv.   Joseph Graham
  v.   Alexander Graham
  vi.   Mary Graham, born 1768; married John Boyd November 02, 1790 in Augusta Co, Va; died Aft. 1814.
  More About John Boyd and Mary Graham:
Marriage: November 02, 1790, Augusta Co, Va

  vii.   Catherine Graham, born 1772; married David Hogshed November 16, 1790 in Augusta Co, Va; born Abt. 1760 in Augusta, Co, Va; died 1814.
  More About David Hogshed and Catherine Graham:
Marriage: November 16, 1790, Augusta Co, Va

      176. Conrad Kyler 1st, born 1740; died October 10, 1816. He married 177. Catherine.

      177. Catherine, born 1755; died May 12, 1826.
Children of Conrad 1st and Catherine are:
  88 i.   George T Kyler, born 1785; died August 07, 1853; married Christina Shimmel Abt. 1810.
  ii.   Conrad Kyler II, born 1783 in Greencastle, Lancaster, Pa/Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA; died in Moshanon, Clearfield, Pa; married Mary; born Abt. 1789.
  iii.   Henry Kyler, born Abt. 1773 in Cumberland Co, Pa; died in Cumberland Co, Pa; married Mary Hummel.
  iv.   Elizabeth Kyler, born 1778; died March 05, 1857; married Absolom Pearce.
  v.   Leonard Kyler, born 1775; died 1862.
  vi.   John J Kyler, born January 07, 1782; died June 03, 1848; married Mary Magdaline Smeal; born 1787; died 1844.
  vii.   Catherine Kyler, born 1789; married Dennis Crowell.
  viii.   Abraham Kyler, born October 22, 1791; died December 21, 1873; married Elizabeth Stites; born 1799.
  ix.   Jacob Kyler, born October 22, 1791; died August 24, 1873; married Mary A Wise; born 1795.

      178. Johann Georg Schimmel, born December 05, 1758 in Heuchelheim, Hessen, West Germany; died Abt. 1843 in Morris Township, Clearfield, PA. He married 179. Catherine Abt. 1782 in Maryland.

      179. Catherine

More About Johann Georg Schimmel:
Burial: Bigler Cemetery

More About Johann Schimmel and Catherine:
Marriage: Abt. 1782, Maryland
Children of Johann Schimmel and Catherine are:
  89 i.   Christina Shimmel, born 1789; died 1858; married George T Kyler Abt. 1810.
  ii.   John Shimmel, born October 13, 1779 in Maryland; died May 31, 1866; married Elizabeth.
  More About John Shimmel:
Burial: Union Church Cemetery, Philipsburg, Pa

  iii.   Elizabeth Betsy Shimmel, born 1784; married Caleb Gates.
  iv.   Henry Shimmel, born April 10, 1792 in Hunnington Co. Pa; died December 13, 1870; married Sarah Wisor Abt. 1818.
  More About Henry Shimmel:
Burial: Bigler Cemetery

  More About Henry Shimmel and Sarah Wisor:
Marriage: Abt. 1818

  v.   George W Shimmel, born 1793 in Maryland; died October 09, 1877 in Clearfield Pa; married Margaret Abt. 1824.
  More About George W Shimmel:
Burial: Bigler Cemetery

  More About George Shimmel and Margaret:
Marriage: Abt. 1824

  vi.   Adam Shimmel, born 1795; died December 19, 1832 in Franklin, Venango Co, Pa; married Catherine Foulk.
  Notes for Adam Shimmel:
Cause of Death was Drowning While rafting his household goods across the Allegheny river.

  vii.   Lewis Shimmel, born December 04, 1800 in Hunnington Co. Pa; married Margaret.
  viii.   Philip Shimmel, born 1802; died Aft. 1860; married (1) Catherine; married (2) Susanna Bet. 1851 - 1860.
  More About Philip Shimmel:
Burial: Bigler Cemetery

  ix.   William George Shimmel, born 1807; died June 28, 1877 in Clearfield Pa; married (1) Catherine Finland; married (2) May Anna Cooper Abt. 1835.
  More About William Shimmel and May Cooper:
Marriage: Abt. 1835

  x.   Susanna Shimmel, born 1810 in Pa; died April 25, 1879; married Samuel Waring April 17, 1836.
  More About Susanna Shimmel:
Burial: Perk Cemetery, Morrisdale, Pa

  More About Samuel Waring and Susanna Shimmel:
Marriage: April 17, 1836

  xi.   Julia Shimmel, born 1815; married Joel Gates.
  xii.   Catherine Shimmel, born 1812; married George Kyler; born Abt. 1807.

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