My Paternal Second G Grandfather

Written by Jeanie BLANTON TRIMBLE

Copyright May 13, 2002



1760-65—birth, probably in Johnson CO NC where John BLANTON Sr. was living at the time.  Source: deed in Johnson CO NC. Also in James Blanton’s Revolutionary War Pension (I think this James is brother to Joshua Sr.) James states that he was born in Cross Creek in 1764, which was the settlement of the area, that one went to for goods and etc.  It is possible that a settler would take his wife to an area where there would be a midwife or doctors services to help with the birthing of the babies.  As John BLANTON, Sr. was in Duplin CO NC by 1770(source deed listed in Duplin CO NC), all of Joshua’s other brothers and sister were born in Duplin.

1770-1829---lived in Duplin CO NC; he moved to Horry Co. SC about 1829.

1786, Jan. 16---Court order---Duplin County Court Records; Wedns. Morning court met at 9’oclock-present-Tho. ROUTLEDGE, Charles WARD, John BECK, Sam’l HOUSTON, Thos. HOOK, Esquires---The jury ordered at last court to lay off new road beginning at the Sampson CO. line at Bulltail Branch, to lead to Duplin CO. Courthouse and join the old road as follows: beginning at the Sampson CO. line, running a direct course to cross Rockfish near Edward DICKSON’S quarter, thence to Duplin road near Bin’s Creek; William BEVEN, overseer with the following hand to open and maintain said road. Joseph BEVEN, Sr., @ Jr., John GOFF Sr., Abraham NEWTON, Joseph EDWARDS, Elijah BOWEN, Daniel BOWEN, Aaron BOWEN, Rubin GREEN, George WILLIS, John ALDERMAN, Daniel ALDERMAN, David ALDERMAN, Brittain POWELL, Hardy POWELL, James BLANN, Jacob NEWTON, James BLANTON, Isaac NEWTON, Robert ROLLINS, John LITTLE, William BLANN, David DAVIS, Joshua BLANTON, John SLAUGHTER, James ROLLINS, Robert SLAUGHTER, Joseph CARTWRIGHT, David ENNIS and Samuel DAVIS.  James and Joshua BLANTON are both on this list along with Mary ALDERMAN’S family. Joshua’s sons, Moses and David, both married girls from the GOFF families.

1786, Nov. 28---witness to deed---Andrew NEELEY of Sampson CO. to James BLANTON of Duplin CO. 100 acres on a branch of Rockfish called Iron Mine Branch, by George MERRIT’S line. Joshua witnessed this deed.

1787, March 24---Joshua marries Mary ALDERMAN; John BLANTON is bondsman with Wm. DICKSON C.C.  A copy of this marriage bond is posted on this site.

1788--- birth of son Moses.

1789, Nov. 26---Grant for 50 acres on Doctors Creek.  Rockfish is the boundary line between New Hanover and Duplin Counties. Rockfish stems off Cape Fear River. This grant mentions Thomas HARVEL and Isham HARIMANS.

1790-FIRST CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES---Wilmington District, Duplin CO NC---Joshua is listed as head of family with 1 free white male of 16 years and upward including head of families; 1 free white male under 16 years of age; 2 free white females including heads of families.  Living next to him at this time is William HARVELL, Mary Hill, Meshack STALLINGS, John COOKE, William BLAND, Sarah LEIGH, Joseph BEVENS, David HENNESY, James COOK, Isaac HALL, John RAWLINGS, William WELLS, Mary BLAND, Hardy POWELL, William JAMES, Henry NEWKIRK and others.  His son Moses was the male listed as under 16, the date of Moses birth is somewhere between 1787 and 1790.  The girl listed in the census is probably Christian (Christianna?) his first daughter, if not, possibly of sister of Mary or Joshua.

1791, March 9---the birth of his son David.

1793, July 5---work on road---Ordered Joshua BLANTON to work on road under Elias JAMES, overseer. Note: In this same year and court orders, John BLANTON Sr., the most likely BLANTON to be the father of Joshua, is exempted from paying a poll tax for 1792 due to being exempt by his age. Note that John is listed as Sr. here so he has a son named John Jr., at this time.

1793---the birth of his son Isaac.

1794---the birth of his son John.

1795 July 20---on jury in Duplin Co. Ordered Frederick WILLIAMS, John GOFF Sr., @ Jr., John MATHIS, Hardy POWELL, Brittain POWELL, Joshua BLANTON, Reuben ROGERS, Joshua JOHNSTON, William BEVEN, Thomas POWELL, David HENNESSEY, Thomas BEVEN and Williams GOFF to be on jury.

1796, Jan 18---on order for roadwork.  Ordered John GOFF, Sr., @ Jr., William GOFF, Thomas@ James BEVEN, Ezekiel MATTHEWS, Abraham NEWTON, Joshua JOHNSTON, John BAZIN, Frederick WILLIAMS, William FYRAR, Joseph BEVEN, Jr., Maurice FENNELL, Reuben ROGERS (Mary’s brother-in-law), Joshua BLANTON, William BLAND, Hugh POAMEY, Josiah LEE, James NEWTON,

David ALDERMAN, Jr., Daniel ALDERMAN, Jr., Thomas ALDERMAN, Jonathan WILLIS, James @ Richard BLANTON (brothers to Joshua), Lewis SMITH, Joseph WILLIAMS, Jr., David @ Samuel DAVIS, Aaron @ John BOWEN, John BROWN, John WILSON, David WILLIAMS, John BALKUM, William RHODES and John POWELL.

1797, Oct. 18---deed---John ALDERMAN of Duplin to Joshua of the same county, 200 acres for the sum of 50lbs W. side of Doctors Creek.  John ALDERMAN is Mary ALDERMAN’S father.

1800---SECOND CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES, Duplin CO NC page 629---Joshua is listed as heads of families; 2 males under 10(Isaac and John); 2 males 10 and under 16(Moses and David); 1 male 26 and under 45(Joshua); 1 female under 10 (Christian); 1 female 26 and under 45(Mary); families living by Joshua at this time are Hardy POWELL (living right next door), William HIGHSMITH, William BLAN, James BLAN, Britain POWELL, Josiah LEE, John ALDERMAN Jr., John ALDERMAN Sr., Abraham NEWTON, Hezekiah BELL, Joshua JOHNSTON, Delilah WEST, Edward BOWEN, James ROLLINS, James BLANTON(his brother), Richard BLANTON(his brother), John BROWN, Jonathan DAVIS, Joseph WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, David ALDERMAN, Daniel ALDERMAN, David ALDERMAN Sr., and Daniel ALDERMAN Sr.

1802---birth of his son Enoch.

1804---birth of his son Abraham.

1806---birth of his son Joshua Jr. Note: Joshua Jr. is the last son born to him and Mary.

1808---deed---33 acres grant from NC to Joshua on Doctors Creek; Book-P pages 341-342 of Duplin CO NC. Note: At this time Joshua has been residing in Duplin CO NC and all of his children so far have been born in this county.

1805---deed---207 acres in the Black Branch area of Duplin CO NC from Thomas BELL---Book 4A pages 34-35.

1810---THIRD CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES, Duplin CO NC---Joshua is listed as head of families with 3 males under 10(Enoch, Abraham, Joshua); 2 males 10 and under 16(John and Isaac); 1 male 16 and under 26(David) Note: Moses is married by now; 1 male 45 and up (Joshua); 1 female 10 and under 16(Christian); 1 female 26 and under 45 (Mary).

1811---deed---181/2 acres on Doctors Creek in Duplin CO NC from Maurice and Edmond FENNELL to Joshua---Book 8A pages 234-235---this was etal so it could have been an estate settlement.

1812---deed---100 acres Long Branch area of Duplin CO NC from Maurice and Edmond FENNEL to Joshua---Book 4A pages 445-446.

1812---deed---200 acres Long Branch area of Duplin CO NC from Timothy GREEN to Joshua---Book 7A pages 195-196.

1812---death of his wife Mary ALDERMAN.

1814, Oct. 17---marriage to Keziah ALDERMAN, Mary’s sister.

1816---birth of his daughter Elizabeth.

1818---birth of his daughter Mary.

1820---FOURTH CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATE, Duplin CO NC page 39---Joshua is listed as head of families with 2 males under 10(Alderman @ Simpson); 1 male 10 and under 16(Joshua); 1 male 16-18(Abraham); 1 male 16-26(Enoch); 1 male 45 and up (Joshua); 2 females under 10(Elizabeth and Mary); 1 female 16-18(Christian); 1 female 16-26(Keziah); Note:  David married Nancy GOFF on Nov. 20,1811 and Moses married Mary GOFF on Oct. 16, 1810 with Isaac marrying sometime between the 1810 census and the 1820(I haven’t found his marriage bonds as of this date; Isaac list in this census 2 males under 10, with 1 male 26 and under 45, 2 girls under 10, 1 girl 16-18 so to have 4 children by 1820 he must have married soon after the 1810 census was taken), and they lost their mother, Mary, in 1812, so now living at home in 1820 are his sons, Joshua, Abraham and Enoch and his daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Christian; Mary and Elizabeth being the daughters of Joshua’s second wife, Keziah and 2 sons that I don’t know about.  Listed living next to Joshua in the census is John WILLIAMS, Bryd WILLIAMS, Timothy PIGFORD, John PAGE Jr., John WILSON Jr., Edward BOWEN, Thomas GAUGH, Bryan LEE, Jane WILSON, John WILSON Sr., Boney WELLS, William KNOWLES, Robert KNOWLES, William WHITE, Alfred WARD, David BLAND, Elisha POWELL, William PARKER, Joseph WILIAMS, Martha BELL (wife of Hezekiah BELL who must now be deceased, her maiden name was BAGGETT), John WILLIS, James BLANTON (Joshua’s brother, he is listed on the same page as Joshua; you can find all about him in his time-line listed on this site), William RIVENBARK, and Lewis SMITH.  Listed on the preceding page, 38, is Richard BLANTON (brother to Joshua; Richard married Nancy YOUNG (Nancy is mentioned in the will of Peter YOUNG in his will of 1799 as his daughter, Ann BLANTON) on April 21,1795 and list his age range as 45 and up, the same as Joshua’s.  Richard lists 1 son 16-18 and 1 son 16-26(I think this must be his sons Benjamin F. and Abraham that are listed in his will), 2 girls 16-26 and 1 female 26-45.  I think Richard’s first wife had died by now, and he was now married to Margaret FUSSELL as in his will dated June 12, 1821 Richard writes the following, “wife Margret 1 horse, 8 head of cattle, all hogs, sheep, 4 gees, all household & Kitchen furniture and tools during her natural life; son Benjamin property given to my wife after her death; dau. Margret 1 cow & a two-year-old hefer; son Abraham 1 horse; dau. Nancy 1 cow & calf, 1 two year old hefer extras: Benjamin FUSSEL, David WILLIAMS, wit: Dd. WILLIAMS, Benjamin FUSSEL signed Richard BLANTON, his mark.”  Also listed in this census is a John BLANTON on page 21.  He could be either the Joshua’s son or the Joshua’s brother. In New Hanover CO NC there is listed a John also and we know there were 2 Johns in the area.  John Sr. had a son named John also.  There is a John who married Mary HANCHY in Duplin CO NC 1808; I think this is John Sr’s son but don’t know for sure.  We know later on there is a John who married Tabitha BLAND and I think this is Joshua’s son.

1821-22---birth of his son James CASHWELL. Note: Mary CASHWELL is the name of the Mary ALDERMAN’S mother.

1827---deed---41 acres East side of Long Branch in Duplin CO NC from Joshua to John GREEN.  As Joshua is listed on the 1830 Horry CO SC census record, he must have been selling his property and getting ready to leave the area. From 1789-1817 Joshua had bought 808 ½ acres in Duplin CO NC.  As he is leaving in 1827, he is only selling 41 acres; it is a puzzle as to what happened to the other acreage; more research is to be done to solve this puzzle piece. So far, he has been in all the census records of Duplin CO NC so it is safe to say all his children were born there.

1830---FEDERAL CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES, Horry CO SC---Joshua is listed as the Heads of Families and list 1 male under 5(Noah), 4 males 5 and under 10(Alderman, Wells, Simpson and James Cashwell), 1 male 50 and under 60(Joshua), 1 female under 5(Esther), 2 females 10 and under 15(Elizabeth and Mary), 1 female 40-50(this age group doesn’t fit Keziah; She is listed as being 16-26 in the 1820 census record so I am wondering if Keziah had died and Joshua had remarried at this time; more research is needed for this).

1840---FEDERAL CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES, Horry CO SC---Joshua is listed as head of families and on this list he listed as Joshua Sr. with 1 male under 5, 2 males 10 and under 15(James Cashwell and Simpson), 2 males 15 and under 20(Alderman and Wells), 1 male 60 and under 70(Joshua), 1 female 20 and under 30, 1 female 60 and under 70(This is not Keziah; not the right age, who is this?).

Living in the neighborhood close to Joshua are his sons, Joshua Jr., Abraham and Moses.  Also in the area are Silvester HOLLY, Lewis TAYLOR, James NEWTON, John HARRELSON, Josiah HODGES (Elizabeth, Joshua’s daughter, is married to Josiah), Alfred TYLOR, Hugh TYLOR, James WILLIAMSON, Alexander WATS, Alexander LITTLE, Isaac STEVENS, Alfred G. JOURNEYGAN, Hugh GRAINGER, Robert HARDEE, and Isham WATS.  Joshua Jr, is my g grandfather and list in this census record 1 male 20-30(Joshua Jr., 3 females under 5(Elizabeth, Celia and Eliza), 2 females 5-10(I have not found out who these 2 girls are), and 1 female 15-20(Elizabeth; I don’t know her maiden name as of yet).  Moses list 1 male 10-15, 1 male 50-60, 1 girl 5-10, 1 female 20-30 and 1 female 60-70(Mary his wife). I was always told Moses had no children so who are these children?  In his recorded on September 30th, 1842, (he made this will on the 23rd day of September so he must have been quite ill at this time), he mentions no children, only his wife.  Abraham lists 4 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 10-15 and female 20-30.  By the 1850 census record, Abraham has moved back to Duplin CO NC.

1841, Aug.---deed---Horry CO SC Deed Records--- page 561---Joshua deeds land to James K. BLANTON for the sum of $100.00; land described as being on the North side of Mitchell Swamp beginning at Josiah Hodge’s land running by Cainey Branch to the road and to John HARRELSON’S land. Joshua uses Sen. Behind his name at this time.

1841, Aug.---deed---Horry CO SC Deed Records---150 acres---Joshua deeds land to his daughter, Elizabeth HODGES.  “Out of love and goodwill that I have for my daughter Elizabeth HODGES land described as beginning at a little wood stake near the head of Tarkel Branch then directly to the head of Cainey Branch and etc.  Note:  Joshua died in October 1841 so these deeds were made just a little while before his death.  Joshua uses the middle initial of J in this deed, thereby giving us the proof that all three Joshua’s had the middle name of James as his son Joshua is listed as a Jr. in the 1840 census record.

1841, Oct. 26---COURT OF PROBATE, Horry CO SC District---Moses BLANTON, son of Joshua Sr., files for the right of Administration of the Estate of Joshua BLANTON---“Whereas Moses BLANTON has made plea to me to grant him letters of administration for the estate and effects which were of my father, Joshua BLANTON, deceased.”  I believe Joshua Sr., had died in early October from the date of this probate and the date of the earlier deeds mention before.  Joshua had died in testate and on Nov 16, 1841 was given the right to sell all of his father’s perishable good and etc.  On Nov. 16, 1841 an appraisal was made of all of Joshua’s estate.  In Dec. 1842 a sale was held and the following persons were at the sale and bought items from his estate:  Moses BLANTON, Jane BLANTON, Meridith ALFORD, Jesse MINSEY, Jackson FLOYD, Hagard SUGGS, Isaac STEVENS, Samuel SUGGS, Allagood SUGGS, Edward POWELL, James WILLIAMSON, James LC FLOYD, Noah BLANTON, Felix POWELL, Alderman BLANTON, Josiah HODGES, James C. BLANTON, James GRAHAM, Meady STROUD (husband of Joshua Sr’s daughter, Christian), John H. CADE, Joshua BLANTON, James B. POWELL, John H. CAD, Daniel HOLMS, Elijah FIPPS, Joshua STEVENS.




   When I started my research for the missing puzzle pieces for my GG Grandfather, Joshua James BLANTON, SR., I did what a lot of the BLANTON researchers did, I filled my family tree with information that had been researched years ago and was happy with it until I realized that a lot of this information had no real sources, especially the information on Joshua of Prince Edward CO VA.  I began to search diligently for a will to confirm or deny that the Joshua of Prince Edward CO VA was indeed the father of my GG Grandfather.

  I started in Amelia CO VA (the part that later became Prince Edward CO) where I found, from the years 1747-1753, 3 BLANTON men listed on a list of titheables, John, William and Joshua.  Wow! Joshua, this must be mine. I didn’t even think about the John listed as no one had ever mentioned the John of Duplin CO NC or that he could possibly be the father of my Joshua. I started collecting deed information and all I could find on this Joshua.  He was on several deeds, on a list of subscribers in THE SESSION BOOK OF BRIERY CHURCH which is located in Prince Edward CO VA in 1774, listed in the early 1782-85 census records of VA in the area of Prince Edward CO VA listing 14 white souls (ALDERMANS OF AMERICA states that there must be some servants in this list, but after reading Joshua’s will of Garrard/Mercer CO KY you will see that there is exactly 14 white souls in this will that are listed in Prince Edward), listed on a LIST of TITHEABLES by Peter LEGRAND June 12, 1776 Prince Edward CO VA and listed in Prince Edward CO for the years 1782,1784(listed with Richard and for Wm BLANTON), and 1785(listed with Jesse(Jesse is listed as a son of Joshua in his will in Garrard/Mercer CO KY) and Richard).  (There was a Joshua still listed in the census records for Prince Edward in 1800-10 but he disappeared by 1820 and was not of the age range to be Joshua Sr. I found out later that this was Joshua, son of Richard BLANTON (this Richard stayed in Prince Edward and left a will there in 1799) of Prince Edward).


   Family tradition was that Joshua Sr. of Prince Edward wife’s name was Lucy and I even found a will in Prince Edward for John CHRENSHAW that listed a Lucy BLANTON as his daughter.  This Lucy is also named as Joshua’s wife in his will of Garrard/Mercer CO KY, and Lucy is found on the Garrard CO KY census record for 1800.  For a complete listing of Joshua of KY’s family read his will located on this site.


  After discovering this will and reading the information that Louise McDonald has included in her book, THE BLANTON FAMILY RECORDS, (she states that Emigration To Other States from Southside VA by Elliot of South Hill VA proves the migration of Joshua BLANTON of Prince Edward CO VA to Garrard/Mercer CO KY), it has become very clear that this Joshua of Mercer CO KY is not my Joshua, the Joshua Sr., of Duplin CO NC. I think the fact that a Lewis HAWKS is mentioned as executor in Joshua Sr’s will of KY made the elimination of this Joshua of KY as a possible father for my Joshua of Duplin CO NC very clear.  Lewis HAWKS married Joshua of KY’s daughter, Patsey, in Prince Edward CO VA. On September 20, 1786.  With Lewis being named as executor of Joshua of KY’s will written on July 21, 1796 and probated on August 7, 1796, the evidence is there that Lewis and his wife followed Joshua of KY to the area and was there with him when he died. Also more evidence for this puzzle piece is the 1795 Mercer CO KY Taxable Property record, which lists Joshua with 2 black, 2 horses and 14 cattle.  Another piece of evidence to conclude the immigration of Joshua of Prince Edward CO VA to Mercer CO KY is the name of his son, Jesse, showing up on tax records in Prince Edward CO VA and then finding Jesse listed as his son in his will in KY.


   I then discovered that there was a John BLANTON who had been in Duplin CO NC as early as 1770(he bought land in this year in Duplin and stated in the deed that he was from Johnston CO NC), and that he has 7 sons as listed per his census record of 1787 in Duplin CO NC.  This John lives in the same area as my Joshua and is bond for Joshua’s marriage in 1787.  Please refer to his time-line located on this site.  John and his sons buy land in the Doctors Creek area of Duplin CO and are listed living close to each other in the census records from 1787-1830.  It would make no sense whatever for Joshua to travel to Duplin CO NC when all his family has moved to KY.  Also already stated, Joshua Jr. of KY had married there and is still there in 1810(per census records).  The only logical conclusion for this is that the father of my Joshua Sr. was John of Duplin, who was most likely the John of the Amelia CO VA titheables record beforehand mentioned.  John names his sons all the family names, James, Joshua, Richard, William, John Jr. and Alexander and possible Abraham.  Since John of Duplin CO NC left no will, there is no proof of these sons, only the time-lines, area of residence, census records and etc to prove the close relationship of these men.  I have therefore concluded, by reason of eliminating the Joshua of Prince Edward CO VA for reasons aforesaid mentioned, at this time, that John of Duplin CO NC is the father of Joshua Sr. my GG Grandfather.  I invite all the Joshua researchers to help me find the lost puzzle piece that will prove the parentage of Joshua Sr. of Duplin.


    Now, let’s regress for a while; located in the Caroline and Spotsylvania CO VA court records in 1731 is an order for the children of Thomas BLANTON to be bonded out, as they were not being properly educated.  Ann BLANTON, who is asking the Church Parish to bind these boys out, the boys being John, William and Joshua, is bringing about this order. They were bonded out to a William MORRIS.  Their father, Thomas BLANTON, is believed to be the son of Thomas and Jane MAGUFFEY BLANTON who lived in the Old Rappahannock CO, the part that became Essex CO, and who left a will there in 1797, naming Thomas as a son.  You can find this will on THE BLANTON HISTORIANS listed under wills.  Also for the story of Thomas and Jane MAGUFFEY follow the link to BLANTON BEGINNINGS on the same site. An excerpt from the GRAVES FAMILY OF ESSEX CO PAGE 760 reads as follows: “ Digressing for a moment, we note in the following deed how some of this land was acquired: D & W 17 p 310 May 16, 1724, Thos BLANTON with consent of his wife, Ann, for 1686 lbs. tob. Sells to Jane (this is Jane MAGUFFEY, his mother), the widow of Richard HILL for life and at her decease to her son John” all that his part” of a tract of land containing 47 a. which his brother, John BLANTON sold to Richard HILL, decd. In 1719, being part of Major BEVERLEY’S tract patented Sept. 21, 1674; wit. Wm. REYNOLDS, Thos, GRAVES and Philip SANDERS.


   What a wonderful puzzle piece to find these three BLANTON men listed living in close proximity in Amelia CO VA in the early 1700s(John, William and Joshua).  There were 4 boys that we know of born to Thomas and Ann,


   1. Richard was either to old to be bonded out or to young; we find him listed in the enumeration of records of the state of VA for the years 1782-1785 census record with the following: 9 white souls, 4 dwellings and 3 other buildings and on the VA taxpayers list for Amelia CO VA in 1782-1787.  Joshua is living 11 families away with the 14 white souls. As Richard died in 1799, we don’t find him on any other census records, but his sons, John, Joshua and James do appear on future records.


  2.   William is not listed with his brothers on the Amelia CO VA tax list. I made this conclusion due to the age range of the William that is listed as being on Thomas TABB’S List above Flatt Creek in 1747. He was too young at this time to be on a tax list.  I believe this William is the younger child mentioned in the bonding out of Ann BLANTON’S CHILDREN as being 4 years old in 1738/9; this would match the age of the ‘WILLIAM of the French and Indian War that is so listed in his military service record.  This William BLANTON from Caroline CO VA who was in service in the French and Indian War, name appears in the Order Books for the county court in claims for land bounties services rendered. Appears in the size roll of Major Andrew Lewis's company for December 1757. Roll gives name, age, height, occupation, country, county, and description. It cites " William BLANTON, 22, 5' 7 3/4" carpenter, Virginia, Caroline, brown, large good limbs, black hair. &Quot; {Virginia's Colonial Soldier by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, 1988, page 117-121.  A letter from Major Andrew Lewis to George Washington dates this size roll as about Sept. 1, 1757 119 of above book. 15 February, 1780: "At a court held for Greenbrier County Feb. 15th--1780:
I do hereby certify that William BLANTON an inhabitant of this state made proof to this court that he served as sergeant in the First Virginia Regiment until he was thereof discharged and that he never proved such service before nor received any bounty in land for the same agreeable terms of the King of Great Britain Proclamation of 1763--therefore a certificate is granted him (No. 1148). <Test> John Arthur, Clerk" {Land Bounty Certificates Nos. 304-1099, 1200-1206, 1100-1163 & Land Bounty Certificates for Service In the French & Indian War in Virginia copied 1902-03 from the originals in the Virginia State Land Office as found on microfilm in the Virginia State library in Richmond, Virginia}

21 June, 1780: Land-Office Warrant #1148 states "To the principal surveyor of any county within the Commonwealth of Virginia. This shall be your warrant to survey and lay off in one or more surveys, for William BLANTON, his heirs or assigns the quantity of two hundred acres of land, due to said BLANTON for military service performed by him as a Sergeant in the late war between Great Britain and France according to the terms of the King of Great Britain Proclamation of 1763 a certificate of which only now is received into the Land Office. Given under my Hand, and the Seal of the said Office, on this 21st Day of June in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty. A Grant for 200 acres sold to John Estill recorded in Book No. Folio 75." {French & Indian War Military & Importation Warrants, 1-1389, Vol. 1,2,3 located at the Virginia State Library in Richmond, Virginia}


 If he was 22 in 1757 then his birth date can be listed as approx. 1735 and this matches the birth of Ann BLANTONS youngest son that she had bonded out in 1738/39; he is stated as being 4 years old at the time.


 It is said he settled in Greenbriar CO VA, which was later Monroe CO VA, and that he married Christianna GUINN.  VA tax records. Here are some facts on a William BLANTON listed in the following: CAMPBELL T E COLONIAL CAROLINE A HISTORY OF CAROLINE COUNTY VIRGINIA RICHMOND VA. (I think this is information on 2 different Williams).
p. 159. Is included in a list of people who were in court for swearing and drunkenness;
p. 166 is one of two soldiers from the are who participated in the capture of Ft. Duquesne on Nov 25 1758 where he was shot through the thigh.  The House of Burgesses voted him a pension on account of his wounds.
p. 329 A " Caroline freeholder" who registered one young slave with the court between 1732 and 1734(This isn’t the William who was born in 1735 and was wounded in the war; he has not been born yet; this must be the William, son of Thomas and Jane MAGUFFEY BLANTON mentioned above).
p. 351 served as a Caroline Juror 3 times between 1732 and 1745(this is not the William born in 1735).
p. 372 included in a list of troops from Caroline which fought with the Virginia regiment in the French and Indian War " Noted that he was wounded"
p. 463 was sued by John SUMMERS in 1756 for assault and battery, convicted and fined one penny for damages. 


   William of Greenbriar is granted 400 acres in Greenbriar CO VA on the eighth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty three (1783).  Benjamin HARRISON, the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia at the time, deeds this land to him.  William pays 2 pounds for the land.  It is located next to the families of CLENDINAN, HANDLEY and STEWART. 
If you notice on the 1747 Amelia CO TX records, William is there only for the year 1747. Is this the WILLIAM that was Constable in 1773 in Botetourt CO VA? On May 13, 1774 in Botetourt County a Thomas BLANTON was granted 238 from BOWEN, REES and Levicia, his wife in Glade Cr BR Roan Oke.


   The only other mention of a William in the area is on the 1784 Prince Edward CO VA tax list where he is listed as follows: Joshua, Richard for WM. BLANTON.    He does not show back up in the area and it is safe to say he left the area and never returned.   The men named John, Richard, Joshua, James and William that show up in later tax and census records in Prince Edward CO VA are the sons of Richard BLANTON Sr. and are listed in his will of 1799 which is included on this site.

  3- John is found on the Amelia CO VA tax list 1734-1764 an every name index.  He is listed in the year 1751 in Wood JONES List, Raleigh Parish below Deep Creek (51b), in the year 1752 he is listed in Wood JONES list, Raleigh Parish below Deep Creek (52b), in the year 1753 he is listed along with Joshua in Jno NASH’S list, Nottoway Parish (53g).  In 1753 there is also a John listed in Abraham TALLEY’S list, below Cellar Creek (53i), also John is listed in the 1755 tax list in Amelia CO VA.  In the DEED BOOK 5 AND DEED BOOK 6, AMELIA COUNTY, VIGINIA; DEEDS 1753-1759 John BLANTON is deeded, on Oct. 18, 1753, for the consideration of 90 pounds, 134 acres in Raleigh Parish on Namoseen Creek, from MILLER AND CURRIE purchased of Samuel TARRY, Gent. late Sheriff of Amelia CO., on July 24, 1752 with all houses, gardens and etc. John is found selling land to Dancy STANLY of Charles City, Co. Va. On Nov. 22, 1753 for the consideration of 220 pounds, 150 acres adjoining mouth of spring branch on Nimmiseen Creek just below the bridge, Cordle’s Creek and Nimmiseen Creek, with all houses, etc. Dandy STANLY obtains possession after Betty, wife of John BLANTON, relinquished her right of dower.


  I believe there are 2 Johns listed in the Amelia CO VA tax record, and the John listed with Joshua on the in the year 1753 is most likely my John of Duplin Co NC;  he is listed along with Joshua in Jno NASH’S list, Nottoway Parish (53g).  John is listed in the State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787 Duplin County a List of Capt. STALLIN’S District taken by Daniel TEACHY and returned April 1786,  as follows:  p. 4, # 122--- 1 White male 21-60, 7 white males 21 and above 60, 4 white females all ages.  Listed right next to him # 123 is James BLANTON, 1 white male 21-60. 1 white male 21 and above 60, 1 white female all ages.

  4- Joshua was probably born in the year 1728 in Spotsylvania CO VA and is the son of Thomas and Ann BLANTON. Note the following, the abstracts of Spotsylvania CO VA court records:

1737, 6 Sep p. 515 (84) On petition of Ann Blanton, it is ordered that the Church wardens of St. George Parish bind out John Blanton, Joshua Blanton, and William Blanton, children belonging to Thomas Blanton (who hath neglected to educate and bring them up as he ought to do) under the Covenants as the Law in such cases doth direct.  Virginia County Court Records Order Book Abstracts of Spotsylvania Co., Va. 1732‑4 by Sparacio


The boys will be under 21 with birth dates 1716 to 1737.


Also found in the Caroline Court Records by DORMAN is the following:

1738\9, 9 Feb on petition of Anne Blanton church wardens of St. Margaret's Parish bind her two children (one age 10, 21st of last Oct, the other aged 4 the 13th of last Nov) apprentices to William Morris page 521 Caroline Co., Va.  Order Book by Dorman (William Morris in Greenbrier Co., Va. in 1784) Note that one year later Ann is petitioning the Caroline Court and there are only two children to be bounded out


  He is found on the Amelia County, Virginia Tax List An Every Name Index also; he is listed for the year of 1750 on Jno NASH’S list, Nottoway Parish- (50g), in the year of 1751 he is listed on Jno NASH’S list, Nottoway Parish- (51g), in the year of 1752 he is listed on John NASH’S list, Nottaway Parish- (52g), and in the year 1753 he is listed on Jno NASH’S list, Nottaway Parish- (53g). In a list of titheables taken by Thomas SCOTT, between Bush and Buffalo Rivers for the year 1757 Joshua is listed with Jno. WATSON Sr. and Jr., Dick, Jacob, Peter, Cate and Pegg (these last must be slaves). 
    Listed in Schreiner-Yantis, Netti, and Florence Speakman Love, compilers. The 1787 Census of Virginia 3 Vols. Springfield, VA: Genealogical Book in Print, 1987. as follows: Vol.II, p. 1228,” Prince Edward County Tax List”.  BLANTON, Joshua  Self  0-1-5-7-13-none; this breaks down as follows: Joshua is listed in the Prince Edward County-Tax List “A” as himself being charged with the tax, 0 white males above 16 and under 21, 5 blacks above 16, 7 blacks under 16, 13 horses, mares, colts and mules. Note: In Vo. II, p. 1294 “Prince Edward County Person Property Tax 1787” there is listed a Jesse BLANTON who is probably the son of Joshua as he list a Jesse as a son in his will.  As I will be doing a time-line for this Joshua who moved to Garrard CO KY ,this will be all that is listed for him in this time-line of Joshua Sr. of Duplin CO NC.  As I thought this was the father of my Joshua Sr. of Duplin CO NC, I have done extensive research on him and will include this research in my time-line on him in the future.


  I have included these 4 men, Richard, John, Joshua and William, as I believe they are all brothers, sons of Thomas and Ann BLANTON.  Richard stayed in Prince Edward CO VA and left a will there in 1799; Joshua moved to Garrard/Mercer CO KY and left a will there in 1796; John probably moved to Duplin CO NC and left no will but did deed certain lands to his son in Duplin; William is believed to have moved to Greenbrier CO KY and has records there from about 1780.  Descendants of William are believed to have ties to the Joshua Sr. of Garrard CO KY and some of his descendants moved to Indiana.


   As I have stated before, my family is from the John BLANTON of Duplin CO NC.  I have no proof of his being the father of Joshua Sr., who is the study of this time-line and is my GG Grandfather, but the evidence is very strong that he is indeed Joshua’s father.  I have every confidence that in time the puzzle piece that is needed to fit this tree all together will be found.


   God bless this BLANTON family and all the researchers that have put many hours into the research of this family and God bless my BLANTON HISTORIANS who are dedicated to the research of all the BLANTON families.




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