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Ancestors of Brenden Alan Trussell

      320. Shadrach Odom, born Abt. 1760 in S.C.; died 26 July 1785 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina. He married 321. Millie Breland Abt. 1782 in S.C..

      321. Millie Breland, born 1770 in Boggy Gut, Beaufort, S.C.; died Dead. She was the daughter of 642. Abraham Breland and 643. Jemima "Jamie" Unknown.
Children of Shadrach Odom and Millie Breland are:
  160 i.   William Odom, born Abt. 1787 in S.C.; died Abt. 1851 in Hancock Co., Ms; married Jane Johnson 13 May 1814 in Marion Co., Ms.
  ii.   Shadrach Odom, born Abt. 1794 in S.C.; died Dead in S.C.
  iii.   Richard Odom, born Abt. 1796 in S.C.; died Dead in S.C.

      328. Peter Messer, born Bet. 1750 - 1760 in South Carolina; died in Henry, Al. He married 329. ? Peity.

      329. ? Peity
Child of Peter Messer and ? Peity is:
  164 i.   Dempsey Messer, born 1813 in Georgia; married Arnicy.

      336. Thomas Seale, born 07 January 1759 in Cumberland, North Carolina; died 12 November 1825 in Greensboro, Green, Al. He was the son of 672. Charles Seale and 673. Lydia Muse. He married 337. Rachel Baxter.

      337. Rachel Baxter, born 1760 in North Carolina. She was the daughter of 674. Eli Baxter.
Children of Thomas Seale and Rachel Baxter are:
  168 i.   Littleton Seale, born 21 September 1784; died 1850 in Baldwin Cnty, Alabama; married (2) Ruhuamah Williams 1807 in Baldwin Cnty, Alabama.
  ii.   Benjamin Seale, born WFT Est. 1779-18069; died WFT Est. 1784-18859
  iii.   Temperance Seale, born 07 December 17869; died WFT Est. 1787-18809
  iv.   Moses Seale, born 01 February 17899; died WFT Est. 1790-18799
  v.   Bluford Seale, born 28 January 17919; died WFT Est. 1792-18819
  vi.   Eli Seale, born 11 April 17939; died WFT Est. 1794-18839
  vii.   Arnold Seale, born 20 April 17959; died WFT Est. 1796-18859
  viii.   Wright Seale, born 04 October 17969; died WFT Est. 1797-18869
  ix.   Jilson Seale, born 19 July 17999; died WFT Est. 1800-18939
  x.   Senith Seale, born 11 May 18029; died WFT Est. 1803-18969

      338. IV Williams George, born 1740 in Edgecombe Cnty, North Carolina9; died 1819 in Putman Cnty, Georgia9. He was the son of 676. III Williams George and 677. Chloe Priscilla. He married 339. Mabel Perry 17829.

      339. Mabel Perry, born WFT Est. 1705-17699; died WFT Est. 1797-18579. She was the daughter of 678. Phillip Perry and 679. Joan Hunter.
Children of IV George and Mabel Perry are:
  i.   Francis Williams, born WFT Est. 1761-17909; died WFT Est. 1794-18699
  ii.   Chloe Williams, born WFT Est. 1761-17909; died WFT Est. 1792-18729
  iii.   Wilson Williams, born WFT Est. 1761-17909; died WFT Est. 1794-18699
  169 iv.   Ruhuamah Williams, born 1786 in Edgecomb Cnty, North Carolina; died 1848 in Hancock Cnty, Mississippi; married Littleton Seale 1807 in Baldwin Cnty, Alabama.
  v.   William Williams, born 17869; died 18439
  vi.   Jehu Williams, born 17899; died 18669
  vii.   Wiley Williams, born 17959; died WFT Est. 1826-18859

      340. William W. Entrekin, born 28 February 1762 in York County, PA; died 1844. He was the son of 680. John Entrekin and 681. Elizabeth/Mary Milwee. He married 341. Rachel Bryant 1786 in Burke County, GA.

      341. Rachel Bryant, born Bet. 1750 - 1774; died 1826 in Georgia.
Children of William Entrekin and Rachel Bryant are:
  170 i.   John Bryant Entrekin, born 1801 in Georgia; died 1865 in Jackson Co., Ms; married Matilda (Standord?) Stanford.
  ii.   Sarah Entrekin, born 1791.

      344. Absolam Breland Sr., born Abt. 1760 in Pitt Co., SC; died Abt. 1835 in Beaufort Co., North Carolina. He was the son of 642. Abraham Breland and 643. Jemima "Jamie" Unknown.

Notes for Absolam Breland Sr.:
Absalom Breland moved from Pitt Co. N.C. to Beaufort Co. in 1768, when his father Abraham sold his land. Absalom first appears in revolutionary War records, receiving 2 identification certificates for militia duty in the Granville Co. Regiment (South Carolina).

In the 1790 census Absalom's family consists of a wife & six children.

In 1802 Absalom obtained a state grant for 60 1/2 acres in Beauford District on the waters of Boggy Gut, a branch of the Savanna River, bordering on Abraham Breler.

In the 1810 census Absalom was indicated as having :
4 sons under 10
3 daughters under 10
1 son 10-16

In the 1830 census Absalom is the only remaining original Breelo family in Beauford Co. S.C. with his wife and 5 slaves.
Children of Absolam Breland Sr. are:
  172 i.   Jesse Sr. Breland, born 27 June 1799 in South Carolina; died 21 July 1874 in Perry Co., Ms; married Mary Bostick Abt. 1819 in S.C..
  ii.   Absalom Breland Jr.
  iii.   Samuel Breland
  iv.   Henry Breland
  v.   Joseph/Josiah T. Breland, born Abt. 1804; married Sally ?.
  vi.   Hiram Breland
  vii.   Robert Breland
  viii.   Elisha Breland

      348. Elisha Breland Jr., born 1787. He was the son of 696. Elisha Breland Sr.. He married 349. Dorcas ?.

      349. Dorcas ?, born 1792.

Notes for Elisha Breland Jr.:
Information that Elisha Breland II is the father of Lemuel Breland was taken from "Brelands remaining in South Carolina" page 6-4.
Child of Elisha Jr. and Dorcas ? is:
  174 i.   Lemuel (Lumiska ) Breland, born 1811 in South Carolina; married Elizabeth Black 1829 in Greene Co, Mississippi.

      360. David Grantham, born 1755 in North Carolina; died 28 February 1824 in S.C.. He was the son of 720. Thomas Grantham and 721. Mary Ellis. He married 361. Elizabeth Bass Abt. 1781 in N.C..

      361. Elizabeth Bass, born 1759 in N.C..

More About David Grantham:
Fact 6: Ancestral File AFN: 19BZ-6P2

More About Elizabeth Bass:
Fact 6: Ancestral File AFN: 19BZ-570
Children of David Grantham and Elizabeth Bass are:
  180 i.   Campbell Grantham, born 18 July 1801 in North Carolina; died in Alabama; married Anna Flowers 18 February 1824 in Alabama.
  ii.   Asher Grantham, born 1782.
  iii.   Green Grantham, born 1784.
  iv.   Zodok Grantham, born 1786.
  v.   Adam Grantham, born 1788.
  vi.   Jonas Grantham, born 1790.
  vii.   Bryant Grantham, born 1792.
  viii.   Elizabeth Grantham, born 1794.
  ix.   Gabriel Grantham, born 1803.
  x.   Riley Grantham, born 1805.
  xi.   James Grantham, born 1807.

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