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Ancestors of Franklin Edgar Tucker

Generation No. 5

      16. Chauncey E. Tucker, born November 12, 1844 in Candor, Tioga County, New York; died December 7, 1915. He was the son of 32. Henry E. Tucker and 33. Emeline E. Potter. He married 17. Mary Jane Currier.

      17. Mary Jane Currier, born May 14, 1850; died February 8, 1898. She was the daughter of 34. Daniel Currier and 35. Martha J. Gilliland.

Notes for Chauncey E. Tucker:
In 1850 census Ulysses Township, Pa as Chauncey, 5, b. NY.
In 1860 census Allegany Twp., PA as Chauncey Ed, 15, b. PA.
In 1870 census Allegany Twp., PA Chauncey Tucker, 25, b. NY.
In 1880 census Allegany Twp., PA: Chauncey Tucker, 35, b. NY, father b. VT, mother b. NY.
In 1900 census Allegany Twp., PA: Chauncey, born Nov. 1844, 55, b. NY, father b. VT. mother b. NY.

  Notes for Mary Jane Currier:
In 1850 census Hebron Twp., PA listed as Mary J. age 1.
In 1880 census Allegany Twp., PA listed as Jane M. age 29, b. PA, father b. NY, mother b. NY.
Children of Chauncey Tucker and Mary Currier are:
  8 i.   Burtrum Henry Tucker, born April 12, 1871 in Pennsylvania; died October 23, 1904; married Francis Louella Morrison February 8, 1891.
  ii.   Fred Tucker, born Abt. 1874; died 1930; married Angie Taylor.
  Notes for Fred Tucker:
Adopted and raised by Daniel Currier. He was also known as John Currier. He had either 7 or 9 children. Not in birth order, and I don't know the names of some.

  iii.   Leon Tucker, born 1877; died 1927; married Jennie French.
  iv.   Benjamin Dennis Tucker, born October 12, 1884 in Andrews Settlement, Potter County, Pennsylvania; died September 28, 1968 in Eustis, Lake County, Florida; married Cora Mae Ames.

      18. David Monroe Morrison, died Unknown. He was the son of 36. ? Morrison. He married 19. Mary Jane Sprague October 2, 1872 in Transit Bridge, Pennsylvania.

      19. Mary Jane Sprague, born November 26, 1859; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 38. ? Sprague.
Child of David Morrison and Mary Sprague is:
  9 i.   Francis Louella Morrison, born August 2, 1873 in Whitesville, Allegany County, New York; died June 30, 1946; married (1) Burtrum Henry Tucker February 8, 1891; married (2) Al Veley Aft. 1904.

      20. Karl Herman Mosch, born August 15, 1836 in Eppendorf, Germany; died November 13, 1917. He was the son of 40. Karl Traugott Mosch and 41. Concordia Leisler. He married 21. Caroline Scheider.

      21. Caroline Scheider, born December 7, 1833 in Lippersdorf, Germany; died August 6, 1900. She was the daughter of 42. ? Scheider.

More About Caroline Scheider:
Burial: Germania Cemetery
Children of Karl Mosch and Caroline Scheider are:
  i.   Herman Carl Mosch, born November 12, 1859 in Lippersdorf, Germany; died February 13, 1895; married Louisa Bratz April 5, 1884 in Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Karl Earnest Mosch, born June 16, 1861 in Germany; died Unknown; married Anna Martha Susan Fowler 1886.
  10 iii.   Emil Earnest Mosch, born May 8, 1864 in Eppendorf, Germany; died October 25, 1937 in Germania, Potter County, Pennsylvania; married Wilhelmina Hedwig Kortz September 21, 1885.
  iv.   Lena Mosch, born May 25, 1867 in Germany; died Unknown; married William Kern.
  v.   Anna Elizabeth Mosch, born January 23, 1871 in Germania, Potter County, Pennsylvania; died November 5, 1935 in Utica, Oneida County, New York; married Frank Schoendorfer March 14, 1887.
  More About Anna Elizabeth Mosch:
Burial: Jersey Shore, Pa.

  vi.   Christian R. Mosch, born November 18, 1874 in Germania, Potter County, Pennsylvania; died Unknown; married Elizabeth Flurschutz January 15, 1895.

      22. Jacob Kortz, born August 17, 1823 in Hessen, Germany; died November 12, 1891. He was the son of 44. ? Kortz. He married 23. Katherine Pflugfelder 1850 in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York.

      23. Katherine Pflugfelder, born June 4, 1829 in Wurtenburg, Germany; died January 17, 1910. She was the daughter of 46. ? Pflugfelder.

Notes for Jacob Kortz:
According to the Abbott Township records of the census of April 1860, Jacob's father was born in Bavaria, Germany.

Jacob Kortz arrived in America about 1838 in order to escape conscription in the German army. Two years later, Katherine Pflugfelder arrived with her family in America. They were old friends in the old country.

Jacob was an expert wood finisher by trade, and the fine dust of his occupation finally affected his lungs. He was advised to seek a new home "among the pines", but we do not know how he happened to select Germania, PA to begin his new life. They arrived in Germania on April 7, 1860, on the birthday of their oldest daughter, who was seven years old. The neighbors in Troy were sure that they would return after suffering the hardships of the forest, but it was Grandma Kortz's pride and determination that prevented their return to easier living.

They built a new house of native pine situated on the high hill about two miles from Germania. Jacob, at the age of 40, was drafted into the 99th Regiment, Company D, Pennsylvania Infantry, on Feb 21, 1865. He was mustered out on July 1, 1865.

As a result of being in the Civil War and tramping the swamps of Virginia, Jacob developed rheumatism which caused blindness. He had fought in place of Mr Bodler, the Germania shoemaker, and joined the Bucktail Division. After his eyesight failed, he was cautious and fed his cattle by hand instead of using a pitchfork, for fear of injuring them. He always carried a gun and an axe for protection from wild animals when he collected the cows. Once he did encounter a bear and two cubs: when the bear attacked him, he could not scare the bear with the axe, so he yelled loudly until the animals fled in one direction while he ran in the opposite direction, much faster than the bears did.

Jacob had two nephews living in America which hoped to visit Germania, but to the great sorrow of the family, one was killed in the war.

There are Pflugfelders living in Renovo, PA, which are thought to be half-brothers of Katherine. In Troy, there are cousins residing, namely Charles Mebs and Charles Teschon, who were coppersmiths by trade. They were considered wealthy and visited the Kortz family once a year and kindly brought scarce articles such as grain, flower seeds, and yarn.

A John Frederick Pflugfelder (father of Katherine?) was naturalized as an American citizen on Oct. 3, 1840 (page 531, Philadelphia Naturalization Records. Oath of Allegiance was made in the Quarter Sessions Court).

More About Jacob Kortz:
Burial: Germania Cemetery

  Notes for Katherine Pflugfelder:
The cemetery records at the Potter County Historical Society indicate that Katherine was born in 1836 and died in 1907.
Children of Jacob Kortz and Katherine Pflugfelder are:
  i.   Louisa Frederika Kortz, born April 7, 1853 in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York; died November 19, 1940; married Walter King Sheldon November 28, 1871 in Lock Haven, Clinton County, Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Katherine Dordea Kortz, born December 24, 1855 in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York; died March 31, 1934 in Frinks Station, Potter County, Pennsylvania.
  More About Katherine Dordea Kortz:
Burial: Germania Cemetery

  iii.   Theresa Charlotte Kortz, born February 22, 1859 in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York; died February 19, 1928; married Christian Frederick Straley May 18, 1884 in Germania, Potter County, Pennsylvania.
  iv.   Adolph Kortz, born October 17, 1864 in Germania, Potter County, Pennsylvania; died February 17, 1950; married Louise Hauber.
  11 v.   Wilhelmina Hedwig Kortz, born April 27, 1866 in Germania, Potter County, Pennsylvania; died February 12, 1940 in Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania; married Emil Earnest Mosch September 21, 1885.
  vi.   Emily Kortz, born April 27, 1868 in Germania, Potter County, Pennsylvania; died October 26, 1916; married Charles Welfling October 26, 1892 in Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania.
  vii.   Anna Kortz, born January 27, 1870 in Germania, Potter County, Pennsylvania; died January 6, 1942; married Marcus Handwerk October 16, 1894.

      24. ? Thompson. He married 25. ?.

      25. ?.

Notes for ? Thompson:
Married Cherokee Indian. Was killed in Indian uprising.

More About ? Thompson:
Cause of Death: Killed in Indian uprising

  Notes for ?:
Name not known, but was Cherokee Indian. Married to ? Thompson. Was killed in Indian uprising.

More About ?:
Cause of Death: Killed in Indian uprising
Fact 6: Cherokee Indian
Child of ? Thompson and ? is:
  12 i.   Samuel Thompson, born Abt. 1835 in New Jersey; died Unknown in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey; married Susan Kimm.

      26. Simon Kimm, born March 21, 1800 in Prussia; died January 13, 1870. He married 27. Anna Elizabeth Zimmerman.

      27. Anna Elizabeth Zimmerman, born April 9, 1801 in Prussia; died March 25, 1886.
Children of Simon Kimm and Anna Zimmerman are:
  i.   Mary Kimm, born Abt. 1833; married ? Dibble.
  ii.   Henry Kimm, born January 14, 1836 in Hesse; died May 12, 1897; married Hannah Bacon November 29, 1861 in McKean County, Pennsylvania.
  iii.   Jacob Kimm, born Abt. 1838; died April 30, 1910 in Sweden Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania; married Almira Peet.
  13 iv.   Susan Kimm, born March 1842 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; died April 29, 1933; married Samuel Thompson.
  v.   Sally Holstien Kimm, born 1845 in Pennsylvania; died 1894; married Lewis Lyman March 24, 1874.

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