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Ancestors of William Frazier Turner

      348. Eusebius Stone1, born 1732 in ,Henry, Va1. He was the son of 696. William Stone and 697. Frances Taylor. He married 349. Susanna Ballard January 12, 1753 in ,Hanover, Va.1.

      349. Susanna Ballard1, born Abt. 17321. She was the daughter of 698. Richard Ballard.
Children of Eusebius Stone and Susanna Ballard are:
  i.   Richard Stone1, born 1753 in ,Patrick, Va.1.
  ii.   John Stone1, born 17601; married Mary Philpot July 10, 1792 in ,Henry, Va.1.
  iii.   Stephen Stone1, born 17621.
  174 iv.   Jeremiah Stone, born 1764.
  v.   Micajah Stone1, born 17661.
  vi.   Milly Stone1, born 17671; married Lewis Franklin 1787 in ,Henry, Va.1.
  vii.   William Stone1, born 17701; married Elizabeth Nunn September 14, 1793 in ,Henry, Va.1.

      352. Valentine Crumley1, born Abt. 1711 in Wurtemburg, Germany1; died 1793 in Weissenberg Tnsh, Lehigh, Pa1. He married 353. Catherine.

      353. Catherine1, born Abt. 17151.

Notes for Valentine Crumley:
Came to Philadelphia 19 Sep. 1794 on ship "Patience"

Children of Valentine Crumley and Catherine are:
  176 i.   George Crumley, born Abt. 1737 in Germany; died 1806; married Elizabeth.
  ii.   Paul Crumley1, born October 28, 17541; died December 06, 18291.
  iii.   Christian Crumley1, born Abt. 17561.
  iv.   Daniel Crumley1, born Abt. 17601.
  v.   Maria Crumley1, born Abt. 17621.

      368. David Snodgrass1. He married 369. Elizabeth Banting January 22, 1737/38 in Christ Church1.

      369. Elizabeth Banting1.
Child of David Snodgrass and Elizabeth Banting is:
  184 i.   David Snodgrass, born in ,,Pa.; died 1814 in ,Wash., Va.; married Margaret Glenn.

      370. James Glenn, born Abt. 1710. He married 371. Martha.

      371. Martha.
Child of James Glenn and Martha is:
  185 i.   Margaret Glenn, born Abt. 1740; died 1816 in Washington Co., Va.; married David Snodgrass.

      408. Thomas Jr Millard1, born Abt. 1673 in ,,Pa1; died Abt. 17611. He was the son of 816. Thomas Millard.
Children of Thomas Jr Millard are:
  i.   Elizabeth Millard1, died 17501; married Samuel Harris.
  ii.   Wolf Millard1.
  iii.   Thomas Millard1, died 17641; married Lydia.
  iv.   Jonathan Millard1, married Mary.
  204 v.   Timothy Millard, born Abt. 1700; died Aft. 1762; married Ann Prigg.
  vi.   Joseph Millard1, born Abt. 1709 in Union Tnshp, Berks, Pa1; died Aft. 17811; married Hannah Lincoln 1741.
  vii.   Benjamin Millard1, born Abt. 1714 in Union Tnshp, Berks, Pa1; died 1758 in Union Tnshp1; married Jane.

      410. Prigg.
Children of Prigg are:
  205 i.   Ann Prigg, married Timothy Millard.
  ii.   William Prigg.

      412. George A Henton1, born Abt. 16801; died November 19, 1747 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa1. He married 413. Percis Boone 1718.

      413. Percis Boone1, born in Stoke Canon, Devonshire, Eng, Near Exeter1. She was the daughter of 826. George Boone and 827. Sarah Uppey.
Children of George Henton and Percis Boone are:
  206 i.   George Jr Henton, born Abt. 1715 in ,Philadelphia, Pa; married Elizabeth Thompson.
  ii.   Thomas Henton1, born 1721 in ,Berks, Pa1; married Ann Yarnall 1747.
  iii.   John Henton1, born 1723 in ,Berks, Pa1.
  iv.   Persis Henton1, born Abt. 1725 in ,Berks, Pa1.
  v.   Joseph Henton1, born 1725 in ,Berks, Pa1; married Elanor Robeson 1752.
  vi.   Robert Henton1, born 1727 in ,Berks, Pa1; married Charity Thompson 1753.
  vii.   William Henton1, born 1731 in ,Berks, Pa1; married Mary Bell.
  viii.   Hannah Henton1, born 1731 in ,Berks, Pa1; married Josiah Boone 1750.
  ix.   Catherine Henton1, born 1733 in ,Berks, Pa1; married Jeremiah Harrison.
  x.   Alice Ann Henton1, born 1735 in ,Berks, Pa1.
  xi.   Ruth Henton1, born 1737 in ,Berks, Pa1; married Michael Warren.

      414. James Thompson1, born 1666 in Of Dover, Strafford, NH1; died in York, York, Maine1. He was the son of 828. William Thompson and 829. White. He married 415. Eunice Elizabeth Frye March 03, 1700/01 in Kittery, Maine1.

      415. Eunice Elizabeth Frye1, born 1678 in Kittery, York, Maine1. She was the daughter of 830. Adrian Frye and 831. Sarah White.

Notes for James Thompson:
Resided York, Me. 1710
Moved to Meadow, Brunswick, Me in 1727
Children of James Thompson and Eunice Frye are:
  i.   Charity Thompson1, married Robert Henton 1753.
  ii.   Judith Thompson1, born Abt. 1701 in Kittery, York, Me1; married John Smith July 01, 17241.
  iii.   Alexander Thompson1, born Abt. 1705 in Of Kittery, York, Me1; married Sarah Grover May 20, 17311.
  iv.   James Thompson1, born February 22, 1706/07 in Kittery, York, Me1; died September 22, 1791 in Topsham, Sagadahoc, Maine1; married (1) Mary Higgins; married (2) Lydia Brown Harris; married (3) Reliance Hinckley April 13, 1732 in Biddeford, York, Maine1.
  v.   Cornelius Thompson1, born October 14, 1709 in York, York, Me1; died 17921; married Hannah Smith 17401.
  vi.   Sarah Thompson1, born April 17, 1711 in York, York, Me1; died May 07, 17111.
  vii.   Mercy Thompson1, born April 01, 1712 in Of Kittery, York, Me1; married (1) Benoni Austin (Asten) December 13, 1731 in Biddeford, York, Me1; married (2) David Jenkins May 17, 1744 in Brunswick, Cumb., Me1.
  viii.   Joseph Thompson1, born March 23, 1713/14 in Kittery, York, Me1; died 17591; married Mary Hinckley.
  ix.   Dinah Thompson1, born May 06, 1716 in Kittery, York, Me1; married Jonathon Thompson October 01, 17371.
  x.   Benjamin Thompson1, born September 09, 1717 in Kittery, York, Me1; married Abigail Philbrook October 17, 17441.
  xi.   Sarah Thompson1, born November 08, 1719 in Kittery, York, Me1; married Scammon.
  xii.   Mary Or Marciel Thompson1, born December 10, 1722 in Kittery, York, Me1.
  xiii.   Richard Thompson1, born June 11, 1724 in York, York, Me1; married Elizabeth Maddox.
  207 xiv.   Elizabeth Thompson, born April 19, 1726 in York, York, Me; married George Jr Henton.

      432. James Moore1, born 1711 in ,,Ireland1; died 1791 in ,Rockbridge, Va.1. He was the son of 864. James Moore. He married 433. Jane Walker April 01, 1734 in ,,Pennsylvania1.

      433. Jane Walker1, born May 1712 in Newry, Down, N Ireland1; died January 07, 1793 in ,,Va1. She was the daughter of 866. John Walker and 867. Katherine Rutherford.

Notes for James Moore:
Migrated to Pa in 1726 with brother Joseph. They settled near Nottingham.
Brother John and sisters Margaret and Rachel stayed in Ireland
Resided in Rockbridge Co Va

Children of James Moore and Jane Walker are:
  i.   Elizabeth Moore1, born in ,,Pa.1; died in ,Augusta, Va.1; married Michael Coalter.
  ii.   John Moore1, born 1735 in ,,Pa.1; died in ,,Ky1; married Jane Walker.
  iii.   Margaret Moore1, born Abt. 1736 in ,,Va.1; died Abt. 1736 in ,,Va.1.
  iv.   Mary Moore1, born 1736 in ,,Pa.1; died in ,Rockbridge, Va.1; married (1) Samuel Paxton; married (2) Alexander Stuart January 30, 1826 in ,Augusta, Va.1.
  v.   Rachel Moore1, born 1736 in ,,Pa.1; died January 30, 1826 in ,Augusta, Va.1; married William McPheters in ,Augusta, Va.1.
  vi.   Joseph Moore1, born January 1745/46 in ,,Va.1; died in ,,Ky.1; married (1) Elanor Marquis; married (2) Margaret Coalter.
  vii.   Jane Moore1, born January 1746/47 in ,,Va.1; died 1818 in ,,Va.1; married Joseph Coulter Walker.
  216 viii.   James Moore, born Abt. 1748 in ,Rockbridge, Va; died July 14, 1786 in Abbs Valley, Montgomery, Va; married Martha Poage.
  ix.   Alexander Moore1, born Abt. 1750 in ,,Va1; died Abt. 17751.
  x.   Samuel Moore1, born Abt. 1750 in ,,Va.1.

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