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Descendants of William Seward

22. JOEL4 SEWARD (EBENEZER3, CALEB2, WILLIAM1)129,130 was born November 22, 1733 in Durham, Conn, and died Dead. He married URANIA LORANEY SEWARD131 November 2, 1756, daughter of NOAHDIAH SEWARD and HANNAH SMITH. She was born May 5, 1734132, and died Deceased.

Notes for U
Loraney Seward is a cousin.

Marriage Notes for J

More About J
Marriage: November 2, 1756
Children are listed above under (21) Urania Loraney Seward.

23. ENOS4 SEWARD (EBENEZER3, CALEB2, WILLIAM1)133,134,135 was born July 13, 1735 in Granville, Hampton, Ma136, and died August 20, 1820 in Huntington, Pennsylvania. He married SARAH GOSS137 October 31, 1765 in Granville, Hampton, Ma138,139, daughter of PHILIP GOSS and MARY KENDALL. She was born July 4, 1745 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, and died April 18, 1821 in Watertown, Luzerene Co, Pennsylvania.

Notes for E

Hartford County Biographies

Nathan FORBES (1755-1833), s/o Jonathan FORBES, Sr. (1707-1787)

Posted by Ken Forbes <> on Sat, 11 Nov 2000

Surname: Cadwell, Cole, Buckland, Eggleston, Filley, Forbes, Gillett, Goss, Hale, Hamilton, Marshall, McLean, Merrill, Olmstead, Seward, Sweatman, Wood

Here's my present arrangement for the Immediate Family of Jonathan Forbes, Sr.
FORBES, Jonathan, Sr.

bp: April 13, 1707 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

d: 1787 Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts

+COLE, Mehitabel

b: Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

m: September 1735 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

d: Bet. 1747 - July 08 1754 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

Father: Jonathan COLE Mother: Mehitable BUCKLAND

===== CHILDREN and SPOUSES =====

1 FORBES, James

b: Abt. 1736 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

d: poss. Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut

Military: Revolutionary War Veteran? - MA Line

2 FORBES, Ruth

bp: May 29, 1737 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

3 FORBES, Mehitabel (Mabill)

bp: June 25, 1738 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

d: February 22, 1770 Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts


m: Bef. 1756
*2nd Husband of FORBES, Mehitabel (Mabill):

+SWEATMAN, Reuben (m2: Abigail Chilson? She apparently went to Granville, OH as a widow)

b: Abt. 1748 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut?

m: March 19, 1761 Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts

Father: Ezekiel SWETMAN

4 FORBES, Jonathan, Jr.

bp: February 03, 1738/39 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

d: November 23, 1805 Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts

Military: Revolutionary War Veteran - MA Line


b: 1746

d: March 15, 1814 Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts

Jonathan joined with Captain Lebbeus Ball on April 19, 1775. He was appointed a Corporal and left Granville, MA, with his brother?, James, and half-brother, Nathan.

He also served from January 1, 1777, to March 8, 1778, in the 4th Massachusetts Regiment as an Ensign, with Colonel William Shepard, commanding.


FORBES,___, Ensign. Colonel Shepard's Regiment. Neglect of duty and cowardly behavior: dismissed from the service, with the punishment to be published in the newspapers near the camp and in the state where he resides. (14)

5 FORBES, Hannah

bp: May 17, 1741 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

6 FORBES, Rebeckah

b: November 29, 1744 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

d: February 13, 1801 Tolland, Hampden, Massachusetts

Burial: Tolland Cemetery, Tolland, Hampden, MA

+HAMILTON, Thomas II (m2: Judith Underwood)

b: 1740

m: July 20, 1763 Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts

d: October 28, 1820 Tolland, Hampden, Massachusetts

Burial: Tolland Cemetery, Tolland, Hampden, MA

Military: Revolutionary War Veteran

Father: Thomas HAMILTON I Mother: Jane MCLEAN

7 FORBES, Susanna

b: Abt. 1745 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

8 FORBES, Ichabod

b: Bet. 1747 - 1748 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

d: January 15, 1825 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

+MERRILL, Mary Ann

bp: February 28, 1747/48 Hartford County, Connecticut

m: March 09, 1769 West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

d: February 21, 1805 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

Father: Israel MERRILL Mother: Abigail CADWELL

Ichabod's mother may have died during, or just after his birth. The Hebrew meaning of his name is "The Glory of God is departed." Perhaps, the name signifies Jonathan, Sr's sorrow.

Considering that Ichabod was about 10 years old when they moved to Granville, he may have tired of the "small town atmosphere" of Granville, and set out for Hartford to live with an Aunt Mehitable. This may apply to him:

I, Ichabod Forbs, a minor 15 years of age, before this Court made choice of Mehetabel Cole of Hartford, to be his Guardian, which choice this Court allows; and the said Mehetabel has appeared before this Court, and acknowledged herself bound to the Judge of this Court, or his summons, in a recognizance of (unreadable) that she will faithfully discharge the task of a Guardian to said minor during his minority, according to Law.
Hartford Probate Records 1761-1770

The book, East Hartford: Its History and Traditions, by Joseph O. Goodwin, page 62, shows Ichabod Forbes back in East Hartford by 1793.

*2nd Wife of FORBES, Jonathan, Sr.:


b: July 04, 1719 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

m: Bet. October 1748 - September 21, 1757 poss. Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

d: 1808 Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts

Father: Josiah FILLEY Mother: Hesther EGGLESTON

===== CHILD(REN?) and SPOUSE(S?) =====

9 FORBES, Nathan

b: 1755 prob. Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

d: February 03, 1833 Huntington Twp, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

Military: Revolutionary War Veteran - Massachusetts Line

Occupation: Farmer / Cooper

+HALE, Thankful

b: October 07, 1754 Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut

d: Bet. 1820 - 1830 Huntington Twp, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

Father: Joseph HALE Mother: Mercy GILLETT

Nathan Forbes (1755-1833) was the son of Jonathan Forbes (1707-1787) and
Abigail (Filley) Wood (1719-1808). It was a second marriage for both of
them. Nathan was most likely born in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.
Abigail was born there, and her father, Josiah FILLEY, died there in the
time frame October 1748 - May 01, 1750. Windsor land was deeded to Abigail.
Jonathan was shown to be "of Windsore" in two 1754 land transactions, and he
may have
been there as early as 1749. They appear to have removed to Granville,
Hampden/Hampshire County, Massachusetts by 1757.

Jonathan's first wife, Mehitabel COLE, died between 1747 and July 08 1754.


Information found in a Revolutionary War Pension file put a wrinkle in my research. James FORBES (1757-1835) is the same age as Nathan FORBES (1755-1833), and apparently a descendant of Jonathan FORBES, Sr. Nathan also has a half-brother James FORBES (1735- aft 1805?).

Seeking descendants of James FORBES,

b. 1757 - Granville, Hampden, MA

d. May 7, 1835 - Waterford, New London, CT

and his son, Edmund FORBES.

Revolutionary War Pension file No. S.37928 shows a James FORBES who served in Capt. Lebbeus Ball's company of Minute-Men from Granville in 1776. It states that he was 63 years old in 1820 (b.1757), and was living in Waterford, New London, Connecticut. He was apparently baptised in 1757 at the East Granville Church by the preacher Jedidah SMITH.

This James had a single surviving child named Edmund FORBES, who was in Broadalbin, Fulton, New York by 1845.

JAMES' (1757-1835) ANCESTRY
James FORBES (c.1635 Scotland - 1692 Hartford) 2nd great-grandfather
James FORBES (1677 Hartford - 1753 Hartford) great-grandfather
Jonathan FORBES (1707 Hartford - 1787 Granville) grandfather

then probably, either of the following men as his father:

James FORBES (c.1736-aft. 1807 Suffield, CT?)
I originally thought this James was the Revolutionary War vet.
Jonathan FORBES, Jr. (1738/39-1805)


East Hartford: 1707 to sometime between 1748 and 1754
Windsor: 1748-54 to 1757
Granville: 1757 to 1787

Nathan's probable parents were Jonathan FORBES, Sr. and Abigail FILLEY-WOOD. This was a second marriage for both of them, and is verified by historical documents. Jonathan's first wife, Mehitabel COLE, a daughter of Jonathan COLE and Mehitabel BUCKLAND, was noted as deceased during the administration of her father's will on July 8, 1754. Mehitabel probably died between 1747 and July 8, 1754; note the remark "dec'd wife of Jonathan Forbes" in the following source:

Lucius Barnes Barbour, Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut, (Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland 1977), page 186.

Jonathan married Abigail FILLEY-WOOD between October 1748 and September 21, 1757. She is shown as his wife, and the daughter of Josiah FILLEY in, at least, the following four documents:

Jonathan FORBES to Jonah GILLETT - Volume 11, pg 50, 21 Sep 1757
Jonathan FORBES to Nathaniel FILLEY - Volume 11, pg 207, 27 Apr 1758
Jonathan FORBES to Alexander ALLYN - Volume 12, pg 151, 27 Nov 1762
Jonathan FORBES to Josiah FILLEY - Volume 12, pg 235, 09 Nov 1763

January 19, 1748/49: Hartford deed where Jonathan Forbes of Hartford sells property to Stephen Abbey.

February 2, 1754: Windsor deed where Jonathan Forbes of Windsor sells his Meadowland property in Hartford to Mr. Russell Woodbridge.

June 6th 1754: Jonathan FORBES of Windsore purchases 50 acres in Bedford (Granville) from Benjamin WOODBURY of Sutton, Guardian to John WHITE of said Sutton.

September 21, 1757: Jonathan Forbes of Bedford (Granville) sells 119 acres in Windsor to Jonah Gillet. This deed identifies Abigail as the daughter of the late Josiah Filley.

April 27, 1758: Jonathan and Abigail Forbes of "Grandville" along with Solomon Holladay sells property in Windsor that Abigail accrued from the estate of her brother Erasmus Filley, who obtained it from the estate of his father, Josiah Filley.

Abigail FILLEY-WOOD was first married to a Mr. WOOD. Is is suggested that he was a Mr. Obadiah WOOD. I don't see where this comes from except Obadiah is listed on the same note paper produced by Donald Lines Jacobus, which is stored at the Connecticut Historical Society.

The Connecticut Historical Society maintains the following handwritten notes by Donald Lines Jacobus in the Forbes folder:

manw. III. 549**
Josiah Filley, Windsor
m 11 Oct 1748 = Esther

Abigail = (1) by 1748 ____Wood

(2) by 1761 ____Forbes

**Manwaring, Probate Records; Volume III, page 549.

"Page 390-1-2 (probated will abstract) Filley, Josiah .... Will dated October, 1748.
(Mention of wife Esther, sons Josiah, William, Samuel, Erasmus, daughters Esther Filley, Dorcas Allyn, Deliverance Holliday and Mary Rowley)
... I give unto my daughter Abigail Wood L40 old tenor..."

"Page II (Vol XVII) 5 February, 1754: An account of debts paid by William Filley, executor, was now exhibited in Court, which account this Court accepts. This Court order that the estate be distributed among the heirs of the the deceased..."

"Dist. File: 7 July, 1761: To Mrs. Esther Filley, widow; to Josiah, to Samuel, to the heirs of William Filley, to Abigail Forbes, and to Mary Rowell. By Job Drake, Nathaniel Filley and Henry Allyn."

Jacobus also wrote the following baptism records for the children of Obadiah Wood:
Marsha bp 04 July 1736
Mabel bp 26 Feb 1737
Timothy bp 05 Aug 1739
Mindwell bp 24 May 1743

I have a copy of a July 11, 1732 Hartford deed where James Forbes (Jr. 1677-1753) transfers 30 acres to his son, Jonathan Forbes. Said property lies adjacent to neighbors, Jonathan Cole and Obediah Wood. It's probable that these two individuals were his father-in-law, and his wife's first husband (or wife's father-in-law).

I visited with the Town Historian of Granville, Massachusetts. Mr. Miller and I were able to find that Abigail died in 1808, and that she joined the East Granville Church in 1757. This information missed the publication of the following book:

Vital records of Granville, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. (1914).

Abigail was 36 years old in 1755, and Jonathan was 48 years old.

I believe that one of the reasons for the lack of records in the community of Granville is that they dismissed their minister, Rev. Jedidiah SMITH, for being a Loyalist, about 1776. It would be a decade or two later before the Rev. Timothy Mather COOLEY would replace him. By then, Nathan and Thankful had removed to Pennsylvania.

Nathan was probably born in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT since his father, Jonathan, sold his Hartford property from Windsor in 1754. Jonathan also purchased 50 acres in Granville (previously Bedford) Hampden Co. (post-1812 Hampshire Co.) MA in 1754, noting Windsor as his residence. He sold his property in Windsor in 1757 being "of Granville." The Granville Church records show that Abigail (Nate's mom) was a member there since 1757.

Nathan lived in the vicinity of Jonathan FORBES. The deed of Mr. Gideon DEMING III (son of Gideon DEMING II and Prudence MERRILL) locates Nathan FORBES on his one side, and Jonathan FORBES on the opposite side. These plots are in the vicinity of Holden Hill and Blandford Road in Granville. Gideon DEMING's third cousin, Thankful DEMING, married the grandson of Jonathan FORBES, Sr. (Russell FORBES).

Joseph MILLER to Gideon DEMING - Granville Deed, Book 24, page 627, 21 May 1788.
Land adjacent to Jonathan FORBS (Jr.?) and Nathan FORBS

I located the vicinity of Nathan's lands when I traveled to Granville, and spent 2-3 days there acquiring facts. I obtained copies of the deeds, and ascertained the location on a 1738 map, and a present day map. He lived in the vicinity of Holden Hill and Blandford Road. The 3 acre parcel, situated right along Blandford Road, was the location of his cooper's shop.

A big industry in Granville was coopering, that is, barrel-making. Consequently, both Nathan, and his son, Amos, were coopers. They plied that trade in the bustling metropolis :) of Harveyville, PA, along with holding down a farm.

"Wooden bowls and wooden ware were manufactured by Deacon Enos Seward, who ran a turning lathe for that purpose. He also made piggins, pails, and tubs, and probably did coopering. Nathan Forbes and his son Amos were coopers, and supplied their neighbors with barrels, tubs, churns, pails, etc. . . ."

The "History of Huntington Valley" 1886.

Nathan sold his last parcel of property in Granville, MA on July 10, 1792. By April 27, 1793, Nathan is in Huntington Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania (vicinity of Harveyville), purchasing property from Philip Goss. This Philip Goss (1746-1833) was probably Sarah Goss' brother and married to Hannah Darby (1754-1834). Sarah (Goss) SEWARD's sons, Eli and Enos Seward, served as witnesses to the deed signing.

Most settlers, heading to Pennsylvania, traveled in the winter. They hauled their goods on sleds, and were able to cross frozen streams with little trouble. They packed seeds to raise crops, and found the new location to be propitious for farming since the soils of New England proved to be very rocky.

Dr. Ebenezer SEWARD, who was born in Durham, Middlesex Co., CT, was the father of Deacon Enos SEWARD. Enos married Sarah GOSS, and they lived just north of Nathan FORBES in Granville. I believe that the SEWARDs and the FORBESes traveled to Pennsylvania together.

Sarah GOSS was born in Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT. Her father's family removed to Granville about 1750-52. They later removed from there and are found in the Wyoming Valley (Luzerne Co.) PA about 1769. Sarah, of course, remained in Granville until 1792-93, and raised a family of ten children. One, of whom, married Clarissa FORBES (1783-1875).

The early inhabitants of the Wyoming Valley met several hardships. The Wyoming Massacre was one of the blights imposed upon them. The British and the Indians conspired and massacred several settlers. Scores of others didn't stop running until they got back to Connecticut.

The bulk of the settlers of the Wyoming Valley made their way to Pennsylvania in the 1790's, since the Indian problem was licked, and the American Revolution was over (1783).

Nathan fought with the Massachusetts Line of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. A description of his service is detailed below.

Nathan's Military Service

The "History of Granville, Massachusetts," by Albion B. Wilson shows Nathan Forbes joining up with Captain Lebbeus Ball and leaving Granville on April 20, 1775. Lebbeus Ball was the 3rd great-grandfather of Sir Winston Churchill.

Nathan Forbes' Revolutionary War pension file includes an affidavit where Nathan cites that he was with Captain John Ferguson's Company, Colonel Samuel Brewer's Regiment from about May 1, 1776 to his discharge at Bennington, VT in April 1777. Massachusetts Line.

"Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War," page 851 shows Nathan Forbes as a Private with Captain Lebbeus Ball Company of Minute-Men, which marched April 20, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775: service 1 month; reported discharged May 18, 1775. also Private with Captain William Cooley's Company, Colonel John Moseley's (Hampshire County) Regiment; enlisted August 17, 1777; discharged August 19, 1777; service 4 days; company marched towards Bennington on an alarm.

History of Huntington Valley

"Nathan Forbes was one of the early pioneer settlers, but his name is not in the list of taxables that we have frequently had cause for searching to verify dates. His family belonged to the Connecticut immigrants who claimed shares in the Susquehanna purchase, but his claim was just outside of the limits of the certified township of Huntington and a Pennsylvania claimant held the property. His claim was located above the place held by Philip Goss, known as the Enos Seward lot, which reached the northern boundary of the certified township. Although the whole tract described in these sketches was called Huntington until 1813, when a division was erected, and the half next the river was named Union.

The division was effected during the July session of the county courts for that year. In April, 1834, Fairmount township was formed of all the district lying north of the certified township which included the farm claimed by Nathan Forbes. After losing his home, he besought another, the place lately owned by William Trescott, now owned by his daughter, Ida Simpson, where the Forbes family lived afterward, and where Nathan and his wife both ended their days. His wife was Thankful Hale, and claimed relationship to Capt. Nathan Hale of Washington's army, who suffered death by hanging in New York by the authority of the British officers. Having been tried and true friend of Washington, who entrusted a secret commission to the youthful Captain to obtain information. He assumed the dress and character of a teacher, his business before entering the army, being a graduate of Yale College. After obtaining the required information, as he was embarking on his return, he was arrested, and with cruel haste was executed, Sept. 22, 1776. His last words were: "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country." With the sad story of Nathan Hale we all became familiar, through his aged relative.

Nathan Forbes was familiarly called Captain, probably from holding some command as a local militiaman. Military trainings were held often and companies were commanded by old Revolutionary soldiers until age forbade the exercise. He was a pensioner for his services in Washington's army.

Their children have all been mentioned with the families with whom they had married. Mrs. Forbes was afflicted with rheumatic lameness, that deprived her of the power of walking for many years previous to her death. But her mind was vigorous, and in memory's storehouses she appeared to have a continuous supply of interesting subjects, generally relating to the war for Independence."

A noted genealogist, Donald Lines Jacobus, shows Thankful Hale's birthdate as October 07, 1746. The year cannot be right. Nathan FORBES, himself, was closer to the source than the gentleman previously mentioned. Nathan made this statement in a November 08, 1820 Luzerne County, PA court document:

"I am by occupation a cooper and aged 65 years, and unable to do much. I have a wife, Thankful by name, aged 66 years, but who from weakly habits has been confined to her bed . . ."

By doing the math, you can see that she was born in 1754. You can also see that she was suffering from a malady in 1820. Mrs. M.L.T. HARTMAN* tells us in her 1886 publication that Thankful was afflicted with "rheumatic lameness" until her death. The 1830 Census shows Nathan with one female resident who was 6 to 16 years younger than Thankful. This may have been a second wife. I think the facts point to Thankful's death occurring between the years 1820 and 1830.

*Margaret Lewis TRESCOTT married Stephen HARTMAN, the son of Johannes & Regina (Baer) HARTMAN. She was 1st cousin, once removed to Lucy (Trescott) FORBES. Lucy and Margaret had a common ancestor in Samuel & Hannah Cook (Purchase) TRESCOTT. Margaret was also a contemporary to most of the people she wrote about since she lived 1817-1896.

The "History of Huntington Valley" was originally penned in 1886. What we have today is a copy of a copy of a 1949 newspaper reprint that occured in the Shickshinny newspaper, "Mountain Echo."

There are some typographical errors in the newspaper reprint. For instance, "Ida SAMPSON" is really Ida (Trescott) SIMPSON. She married Charles S. SIMPSON (page 127 of the Trescott Genealogy). Her father, William H. TRESCOTT, was the one who first took in the FORBES children when their father Nathan FORBES (1815-1866) was killed on William TRESCOTT's construction project. Nathan was a carpenter.

Thankful claimed to be related to the famous Captain Nathan Hale (1755-1776). I ran both her ancestry and his ancestry back to England, but couldn't locate a kinship through the HALE surname. There may be an allied family connection I haven't discovered yet. One publication claims that she was a first cousin to Nathan Hale.

Abigail married Lloyd MARSHALL. Lloyd's father died a few months after the Wyoming Massacre, and his older brother, Job MARSHALL, was one of the unfortunate murdered. Apparently, his mother, Mary, hauled the family back to Connecticut. They returned later.

Nathan, Jr. was born 1778. No trace of him after the 1800 Census.

Amos married Lucy TRESCOTT, who was born in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. She has an ancestry that reaches back to Wales and England.

Clarissa married Titus SEWARD, the son of Enos and Sarah (Goss) SEWARD.

Thankful married Nathaniel GOSS II, who was the nephew of Sarah Goss-SEWARD.

"Hale, House, and Related Families - Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley"
by Donald Lines Jacobus and Edgar Francis Waterman, Page 279

"Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files"
Volume II: F - M; Page 1227

Revolutionary War Pension File No.: S42201

"History of Huntington Valley" by M.L.T. Hartman 1886
Pages 36, 43, 44, and 46.

U.S. Census Massachusetts: 1790
U.S. Census Huntington Twp, Luzerne Co, Pennsylvania 1800-1830

Deed to property purchased from Philip Goss dated 27 Apr 1793,
Volume 5, Page 42, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania Deeds. ("Nathan Firbs")

The "History of Granville, Massachusetts," by Albion B. Wilson (1954)

Affidavit in pension file dated 16 July 1818, and prepared in Luzerne County, PA, in the Court of Common Pleas.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revoulution, 17 Vols.

Volume 13
page 1019
Seward, Enos.Private, Capt. William Cooley's co., Col. John Moseley's (Hampahire Co.) regt.; enlisted Aug. 17, 1777; discharged Aug. 19 (also given Aug. 21), 1777; service, 4 (also given 6) days; company marched towards Bennington on an alarm. Roll sworn to at Granville.

More About E
Burial: August 1820, Old Goss Cem, Luzerene Co., Pensylvania

Notes for S
Sarah was a decendant of William White, off the Mayflower.

More About S
Burial: April 1821, Watertown Cem, Huntington Valley, Luzerene, Pennsylvania

Marriage Notes for E
Ina Poyner Seward Papers: Modified for Madysen Diane Umlauf 02-15-2001 by: Diana (Snyder) Umlauf

Family History

Mayflower Decendants through the Seward Famil

-1- # 37,837- William White, of the Mayflower Passenger List-his son-
-2- #37,795- Resolved White, m. Judith Vassal- his daughter-
-3- #37,615- Anna White, m. John Hayward- her daughter-
-4- #17,312- Judith Hayword. m. Philip Goss Jr.- her son-
-5- #15,401- Philip Goss Jr, m. Keziah Cooley- his son.
-6- #15,905-Philip Goss, m. Mary Kendel,- his daughter-
-7- #15,907-Sarah Goss, m. Enos Seward, at Granville, Hampden Twp., Mass. Oct. 31, 1765, Enos private in Rev. War., Professer of Fowler History Durham Conn. Page 269, moved from Granville to Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pa. Dec. 7, 1807.- his son
-8-Ebenezer Seward, m. Eleanor Baker -his son
-9- Alric Levi Seward, m. Eliza Smith- his daughter-
-10- Juliette Seward, m. John Rishel- her daughter-
-11- Bertha Rishel, m. Bernard (Ben) Snyder- her son-
-12-Robert Snyder, m. Marguerite Cox- his daughter-
-13-Diana Snyder, m. Michael Umlauf- her son-
-14-Jason Umlauf, m. Leigh Smith -his daughter
-15-Madysen Diane Umlauf

This information can be found at the Library of Congress

CS71.S515 1950z
Johnston, Adrian Lightner, b. 1871.
[Genealogical data relating to the descendants of
Ebenezer Seward, copied from family records writ-
ten in a copy of the 4th ed. of I.D. Williamson's, An
arguement for the truth of Christianity ... Mayflower
ancestry of the Goss and Seaward (Seward) fami-
lies] [microform]. -- [S.l. : s.n.], 1950.
1 v. (various foliations) ; 29 cm.
Master microform held by DLC.
Call number of original: CS71.S515 1950z.
Microfilm. Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress
Photoduplication Service, 1984. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.
I. Title.
Microfilm 84/3180 (C) DLC AACR 2

One proof found that Sarah Goss, was indeed the daughter of Philip Goss, descendants of the Mayflower and was married to Enos Seward or Seaward. The book of Wyoming & Lackawanna Valleys, Pennsylvania Genealogies & Family Histories, Volume I-II Genealogical Family History of The Wyoming Lackawanna Valleys Pennsylvania The Wyoming Lackawanna Valleys Ashley Family

More About E
Marriage: October 31, 1765, Granville, Hampton, Ma140,141
Children of E
27. i.   ENOS JR5 SEWARD, b. September 4, 1766, Middletown, CT; d. August 6, 1842.
28. ii.   ELI SEWARD, b. July 12, 1768, Greenville, Hampton Co., Mass; d. February 24, 1841, Ohio.
29. iii.   AMOS SEWARD, b. August 13, 1770, Granville, Hampden Co., Massachusette; d. June 25, 1804, Huntington Luzerne, Pennsylvania.
  iv.   GAD SEWARD142,143,144, b. June 10, 1773, Granville, Hampden Co., Pennsylvania145; d. Deceased; m. ??? THOMPSON; b. Bet. 1773 - 1780; d. Deceased.
  More About GAD SEWARD:
Residence: 1820, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania146

  v.   DAVID SEWARD, b. March 18, 1775, Granville, Hampton Co., Mass147; d. September 11, 1777, Granville, Hampton Co., Mass148.
30. vi.   LEVI SEWARD, b. April 13, 1778, Granville, Mass; d. August 6, 1851, Huntington Twp, Luzerne Co, Pa..
  vii.   SARAH SEWARD, b. May 25, 1780, Granville, Hampden, MA; d. Deceased; m. SAMUEL LAWRENCE; b. Bet. 1775 - 1785; d. Deceased.
31. viii.   TITUS SEWARD, b. July 9, 1783, Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts; d. April 24, 1851, Harveyville, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.
  ix.   MARY SEWARD, b. July 12, 1785, Granville, Hampden, MA; d. Deceased; m. GEORGE GOODWIN, November 1815; b. Bet. 1780 - 1790; d. July 1823149.
Marriage: November 1815

32. x.   EBENEZER SEWARD, b. May 6, 1789, Granville, Mass; d. October 24, 1854, Howard Co., Indiana.

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