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Descendants of Thomas Vail

      45. Nathaniel4 Vail, Sr (John J.3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born December 03, 1724 in Woodbridge/Rahway/Plainfield, New Jersey, USA, and died 1783 in St John, New Brunswick, Canada. He married Elizabeth Dennis May 03, 1748. She was born Abt. 1731, and died 1815 in Gagetown, Queens New Brunswick.

Notes for Nathaniel Vail, Sr:
Arrived in Saint John in 1783 on ship "Duchess of Gordon". Was a Loyalist during the Revolution.

Nathaniel "made acknowledgment 4-15, 1749"; (or in modern reckoning, before 1 August, 1748, for the wedding; 26 June, 1749, for the acknowledgment). Nathaniel lived at Elizabethtown, N. J., until after the Revolutionary War when he and part of his family removed to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, he being a Loyalist. He is buried at St. John, N. B. near the falls.

Veal, or Vail. Three, Loyalist Associators at New York, in 1782 to settle at Shelburne, Nova Scotia, namely: Nathaniel, Nathaniel Jr., and Robert. The former had a family of eight persons, and in 1783 was a grantee of St. John, New Brunswick.(Loyalists in the American Revolution, Vol II)

Refugees (Partical) List of sundry persons who have taken refuge within the British Lines and petitioned the Commander-in Chief for relief with report on the said petitions by the Board appointed by His Excellency, Sir Guy Carleton, Commander - in - Chief, to consider the circumstances and claims of the said petitioners,New York, 30 Sept 1782. (Under the heading for refugees from New Jersey):
Nathaniel Vail, has a wife and 3 children (ref as above)

Notes for Elizabeth Dennis:
a member of the distinguished line of one of the early property owners of East Jersey. The progenitor was member of the General Assembly in 1668/9 with Samuel Moore, both very remarkable men for their time.

More About Nathaniel Vail and Elizabeth Dennis:
Marriage: May 03, 1748
Children of Nathaniel Vail and Elizabeth Dennis are:
  128 i.   Hannah5 Vail. She married Abraham Lee.
  129 ii.   Lewis Vail.
  More About Lewis Vail:
Fact 1: went to Upper Canada (Ontario)

+ 130 iii.   Nathaniel Dennis Vail, born WFT Est. 1745-1773 in New York or New Jersey; died WFT Est. 1751-1852 in Upper Gagetown, NB.
  131 iv.   Mary Vail, born July 25, 1749. She married Minard LeFever/Lafore.
+ 132 v.   Elizabeth Vail, born February 20, 1752.
  133 vi.   Martha Vail, born July 13, 1754 in New Jersey; died May 18, 1829. She married Dennis Coombs; born 1749; died April 17, 1827.
  134 vii.   Sarah Vail, born September 12, 1756 in New Jersey. She married Adam Burwell.
  More About Adam Burwell:
Fact 1: went to Welland, Ontario

+ 135 viii.   Catherine Vail, born Abt. 1758 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey; died October 1822 in Gagetown, Queens New Brunswick.
+ 136 ix.   Asher Vail, born February 12, 1759 in New Jersey; died in Gagetown, Queens Co., NB.
+ 137 x.   Robert Vail, born March 31, 1761 in New Jersey; died November 17, 1817 in Sussex Vale, N.B., Canada.
  138 xi.   Reuben Vail, born 1772 in New Jersey, USA; died May 09, 1824 in St. Martins, NB. He married Sarah Scribner March 06, 1800.
  More About Reuben Vail:
Fact 1: Occupation: shipwright
Fact 2: Died at age 52, left large family

  More About Reuben Vail and Sarah Scribner:
Marriage: March 06, 1800

      47. Isaac4 Vail (John J.3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born November 20, 1728 in New Jersey, and died 1805 in Charlestown, Jefferson County, Virginia. He married (1) Elizabeth Jennings. She died 1805. He married (2) Winefred Crabb. He married (3) Rachel Compton February 08, 1762. She was born in Somerset, New Jersey.

Notes for Isaac Vail:
He was brought up as a Quaker but was excommunicated for marrying a Presbyterian lady. "Isaac Vail in early life was settled in New Jersey, but through false evidence or swearing lost his estate in that State. This event was a sore trial to him, and together with the loss of his wife and eldest daughter, perhaps induced him to leave his native State and seek another country."

More About Isaac Vail and Rachel Compton:
Marriage: February 08, 1762
Children of Isaac Vail and Elizabeth Jennings are:
+ 139 i.   David5 Vail.
  140 ii.   Rebecca Vail.
+ 141 iii.   Susannah Vail.
  142 iv.   Agnes Vail, died December 16, 1829. She married CPT William Morgan.
  143 v.   Mary Vail. She married ... Hamman.
  144 vi.   Martha Vail.
  145 vii.   Catharine Vail. She married William Caldwell.
  Notes for William Caldwell:
He is said to have gone to New Orleans and was never heard from afterwards.

+ 146 viii.   Samuel Vail, born 1769 in Virginia; died April 18, 1833 in Milford, Clermont Ohio.
+ 147 ix.   Samuel Vail, born Abt. 1771 in Virginia; died April 18, 1833 in Clermont County, Ohio.
Children of Isaac Vail and Rachel Compton are:
  148 i.   Elizabeth5 Vail.
  149 ii.   Sarah Vail. She married Robert Andrews.
  150 iii.   Lydia Vail.

      48. Sarah4 Vail (John J.3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born December 23, 1730 in Woodbridge, New Jersey, U.S.A., and died 1752. She married Isaac Jennings 1752.

More About Sarah Vail:
Residence: Removed to Ohio

More About Isaac Jennings and Sarah Vail:
Marriage: 1752
Children of Sarah Vail and Isaac Jennings are:
  151 i.   Peter5 Jennings.
  152 ii.   Agnes Jennings.
  153 iii.   Grace Jennings.
  154 iv.   Sarah Jennings.
+ 155 v.   Deziah Jennings, born June 14, 1758 in Hunterdon, County, NJ; died July 20, 1828 in Butler County, Ohio, U.S.A..

      51. John4 Crowell (Sarah3 Vail, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born October 25, 1709 in Middlesex County, New Jersey, and died 1760 in Halifax County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Lewis Abt. 1730. She died in Halifax County, North Carolina.

More About John Crowell and Elizabeth Lewis:
Marriage: Abt. 1730
Child of John Crowell and Elizabeth Lewis is:
+ 156 i.   Joseph5 Crowell, born Abt. 1731; died 1787 in North Carolina.

      52. Aaron4 Vail (Arthur3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born June 06, 1722 in Nine Partners, Westchester County, New York, and died August 11, 1776 in Nine Partners, Westchester County, New York. He married Martha Ward Abt. 1747. She was born in Albany, New York, and died February 21, 1812 in Albany, New York.

Notes for Aaron Vail:
Brought up as a Presbyterian he became a member of the Society of Friends, (Quakers), in his 27th year (1749). Two years later he removed with his family to Nine Partners where he continued devoutly attached to the Friends' worship. He was much interested in securing freedom for "the oppressed Africans." He became in about 1764 a minister of the Gospel of the Quakers and continued active as a Quaker Preacher until his last sickness, "a lingering sickness of some years"; he died 11 August, 1776.


      Testimony of the Monthly Meeting of Nine Partners to the memory of AARON (4) VAIL, Quaker Preacher; son of Arthur (3) Vail, of Samuel (2), Thomas (1). This is taken from "Memorials concerning several Ministers and others, deceased; of the Society of Friends": by S. Wood, New York, 1814.

      "Aaron Vail was born in Westchester Co. in the province of New York, in 1722. His parents professed with the Presbyterians, amongst whom he had his education. And being in his youth often under religious concern, he was favoured with seasons of spiritual refrechment (sic), and as he advanced in years his exercise increased, and he frequented the meetings of different societies; but did not witness the Peace of mind his soul saught after, until about the 27th year of his age., when he found his mind led to attend the meetings of our Society, in which he found the consolation of divine love that often broke him into tenderness, and produced longing desires for the prosperity of the truth.

      "About the 29th year of his age he removed to Nine Partners with his family, and continued to be a constant attendant of our meetings for divine worship and was received a member of our Society, in the year 1753; and being careful to attend to that power which had operated in his mind it pleased the Lord to bestow on him a gift in the Ministry. It was his lot to pass through much tribulation and Poverty of spirit: and he became qualified to divide the word aright, and was an able Minister of the Gospel through the sanctifying Power thereof; he was often concerned to travel in the work of the Ministry, and was frequently led to labour in the discipline, that the truth's judgment might not be evaded; and having an excellent gift therein he became very serviceable in the Church.

      "He was likewise much engaged for the freedom of the oppressed Africans, and that Friends might be entirely clear of the gain of oppression, and be redeemed from all selfish views. He was concerned to admonish others to wait on the Lord in silence, as the only way to witness their strength renewed; and practised the same by calling his family to sit in retirement; thus adorning the doctrine he preached by his own example. He was courteous and affable in conversation, and much beloved in his neighbourhood; a kind and loving husband and an affectionate father.

      "A short time before his last sickness, he was exercised in public ministry in a lively manner; saying, that he thought his days work was nearly done: and he appeared to be much concerned that Friends should dwell in the life of religion, that they might witness the ancient power to be their support, by which they would be able to stand in times of trial, as he apprehended a time would come when every foundation would be tried.

      "In his illness he was also much concerned that his wife and children should live near the Lord and know him to be their portion and the lot of their inheritance, and that his children might be preserved in love and tender affection to their mother and one towards another.

"After a lingering sickness of some years, he departed this life the eleventh of the Eighth month, 1776, in the fifty fifth year of his age, after having been a Minister about twelve years."

More About Aaron Vail and Martha Ward:
Marriage: Abt. 1747
Children of Aaron Vail and Martha Ward are:
  157 i.   Lucretia5 Vail, born October 26, 1748 in Westchester County, New York; died Bef. 1775. She married Valentine Brown April 04, 1771 in Nine Partners, Dutchess County New York; born in Nine Partners, Dutchess County New York.
  More About Valentine Brown and Lucretia Vail:
Marriage: April 04, 1771, Nine Partners, Dutchess County New York

  158 ii.   Moses Vail, born April 06, 1750; died July 1750.
+ 159 iii.   Moses Vail, born March 05, 1753 in Nine Partners, New York; died June 05, 1815 in Troy, New York.
+ 160 iv.   Aaron Vail, born January 09, 1755; died 1813 in L'Orient, France.
  161 v.   Esther Vail, born March 19, 1758; died April 02, 1760.
  162 vi.   Jacob Vail, born June 23, 1759. He married Lavina Lester.
  Notes for Jacob Vail:
Was a farmer of Cambridge, Vermont.

+ 163 vii.   William Vail, born April 29, 1761 in Nine Partners, Dutchess County New York.
+ 164 viii.   Anna Vail, born July 08, 1764 in Nine Partners, Dutchess County New York; died July 17, 1859 in Albany, New York.
+ 165 ix.   Samuel Vail, born June 08, 1766; died July 17, 1839 in Albany, New York.
+ 166 x.   Joseph Vail, born April 27, 1770 in Nassau, New York; died April 1827.
+ 167 xi.   Benjamin C. Vail, born September 05, 1773; died December 24, 1851 in Hudson, New ork.

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