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Ancestors of Felix and Anna Dugas: List of Individuals

NameBirth dateBirth locationDeath dateDeath location
Pat DugasUnknown   
Phyllis DugasUnknown   
Pierre Alcide DugasApril 02, 1875 Unknown 
Pierre Nicholls DugasApril 05, 1872 Unknown 
Polonia DugasOctober 24, 1778   
Rosa DugasAbt. 1736AcadiaMarch 1829Assumption Parish, La.
Rosalia DugasUnknown   
Severin DugasUnknown   
Simon Aristide DugasFebruary 21, 1830 Unknown 
Sophia Adelaide DugasJanuary 1777   
Sophia Eugenia DugasJune 29, 1797   
Theodoro DugasUnknown   
Thomas DugasMarch 27, 1870Paincourtville, La.January 12, 1947Paincourtville, La.
Thomas DugasUnknown   
Thomas Clovis DugasDecember 29, 1809Ascension Parish, La.Unknown 
Ulysses DugasFebruary 1895   
Victor DugasApril 10, 1779   
Ana DuonJune 1771   
Francoise Marie DuonJune 1771   
Honore DuonAbt. 1715 January 1784Ascension Parish, La.
Jean DuonAbt. 1741 November 1805Saint James Parish, La.
Joseph DuonMarch 07, 1774   
Marguerite DuonAbt. 1782 August 1852Assumption Parish, La.
Marie Magdalena DuonDecember 12, 1785   
Rosalia DuonAugust 1781   
Ann Maria DupuisUnknown   
Charles DupuisUnknown   
Julie DupuisUnknown   
Magdalena DupuisAbt. 1741AcadiaSeptember 1816Assumption Parish, La.
Martin DupuisUnknown Bef. 1726 
Catherine Josephe Forest    
Pierre Forest    
Anna Sophia ForetUnknown September 1796ASC-4,22
Bonaventure ForetUnknown Aft. 1778 
Charles Foret1712   
Clement Ancalete ForetNovember 24, 1773Ascension Parish, La.May 1775Ascension Parish, La.
Felicitas ForetNovember 24, 1773Ascension Parish, La.April 1775Ascension Parish, La.
Francisco Achille ForetFebruary 07, 1784   
Joseph ForetUnknown Unknown 
Joseph ForetUnknown   
Juan Baptiste ForetUnknown   
Louis ForetMay 28, 1782   
Margarita ForetUnknown   
Margarita ForetUnknown January 1773Ascension Parish, La.
Margarita ForetUnknown   
Marguerite Angelique ForetNovember 10, 1778Ascension Parish, La.February 1824Ascension Parish, La.
Maria Reina ForetDecember 03, 1788   
Marie ForetUnknown 1773 
Marie ForetUnknown Bef. 1819 
Olivier ForetUnknown   

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