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Ancestors of Billie Jean Rachel

Generation No. 28

      141852712. Richard Lord of West Hall Legh, born Abt. 1160. He was the son of 283705424. William Legh and 283705425. Daughter of John Oughrington.
Child of Richard Lord of West Hall Legh is:
  70926356 i.   Richard Legh, born Abt. 1190.

      141859092. William of Ashill of Hastings, born Abt. 1165; died 1226. He was the son of 283718185. Maud Banastre. He married 141859093. Margaret Bigod.

      141859093. Margaret Bigod, born Abt. 1184; died 1237. She was the daughter of 283718186. Roger 2nd Earl of Norfolk Bigod and 283718187. Ida Isabell of Toeni.
Child of William Hastings and Margaret Bigod is:
  70929546 i.   Henry Sir of Ashill of Hastings, born Abt. 1197; died Bef. August 09, 1250; married Ada of Huntingdon.

      141859094. David Dunkeld PrinceScotland 8thEarl Huntingdon, born Abt. 1143; died June 17, 1219. He was the son of 283718188. Henry 2nd Earl of Huntingdon and 283718189. Adelaide Ada of Warren. He married 141859095. Matilda Maud of Chester of Keveliock.

      141859095. Matilda Maud of Chester of Keveliock, born Abt. 1171; died January 06, 1232/33. She was the daughter of 35466242. Earl of Chester Hugh 3rd & 6th Earl of Chester of Keveliock and 35466243. Bertrade Devereux of Montfort.
Children of David Huntingdon and Matilda Keveliock are:
  i.   Margaret of Huntingdon, born Abt. 1193; died 1228; married Alan Lord of Galloway MacDonald; born Abt. 1186 in Runnemede, Scotland; died 1234.
  ii.   Isobel Isabella of Huntingdon, born Abt. 1192; died 1251; married Robert V the Noble of Bruce; born Abt. 1173; died Abt. 1251.
  70929547 iii.   Ada of Huntingdon, born Abt. 1200; married Henry Sir of Ashill of Hastings.

      141859096. John Sir of Sandbach, born Abt. 1190; died Abt. 1259. He was the son of 283718192. Richard Sir of Sandbach and 283718193. Eva.
Child of John Sir of Sandbach is:
  70929548 i.   Roger Sir of Sandbach, born Abt. 1210; married Clemence.

      141859840. Richard Corbet, born Abt. 1165 in Pontsbury, Shropshire, England; died Bef. 1225. He was the son of 283719680. Baron Thomas the Pilgrim Corbet.
Child of Richard Corbet is:
  70929920 i.   Richard Corbet, born Abt. 1190 in Wattlesborough, Shropshire, England; died Bef. 1235 in Corbet, England; married Lady Johanna of Toret Morton.

      141859842. Bartholomew Toret, born Abt. 1160 in Morton Toret, Salop, England.
Child of Bartholomew Toret is:
  70929921 i.   Lady Johanna of Toret Morton, born Abt. 1192 in Heir of Morton Toret, Salop, England; died Bef. 1239; married Richard Corbet.

      141859916. Robert I FitzHarold of Ewyas, born Abt. 1089. He was the son of 283719832. Harold of Ewyas Lord Sudeley and 283719833. Maud Avranches. He married 141859917. Sybil.

      141859917. Sybil, born Abt. 1101.
Child of Robert Ewyas and Sybil is:
  70929958 i.   Robert of Ewyas, born Abt. 1125; died 1198; married Petronilla of Scudamore.

      141859918. Godfrey of Scudamore, born 1116; died 1164. He was the son of 283719836. Walter of Scudamore. He married 141859919. Matilda Giffard.

      141859919. Matilda Giffard, born 1127. She was the daughter of 70929968. Elias II Lord Giffard and 70929969. Berta FitzRichard of Clifford.
Child of Godfrey Scudamore and Matilda Giffard is:
  70929959 i.   Petronilla of Scudamore, born Abt. 1145; died Aft. October 28, 1204; married Robert of Ewyas.

      141859920. Ranulf Warren, born Abt. 1135. He was the son of 283719840. Ranulf Warren.
Child of Ranulf Warren is:
  70929960 i.   William Warren, born Abt. 1165; died Bef. 1203; married Emma.

      141859936. Elias Lord Giffard, born 1060; died 1121. He was the son of 283719872. Osbert Osbern I Lord of Brimpsfield Giffard and 283719873. Weva Crefon. He married 141859937. Ala.

      141859937. Ala, born 1065.
Child of Elias Giffard and Ala is:
  70929968 i.   Elias II Lord Giffard, born Abt. 1095; died Bef. 1166; married Berta FitzRichard of Clifford.

      141859938. Richard FitzPons of Clifford, born 1088; died 1129. He was the son of 283719876. Pons FitzPons. He married 141859939. Maud of Pitres.

      141859939. Maud of Pitres, born 1088. She was the daughter of 283719878. Walter FitzRoger Constable & Sheriff Gloucester and 283719879. Berthe FitzRoger.
Child of Richard Clifford and Maud Pitres is:
  70929969 i.   Berta FitzRichard of Clifford, born Abt. 1112; married Elias II Lord Giffard.

      141859940. Robert "The Devout" FitzHarding, born Abt. 1095; died February 05, 1170/71. He was the son of 283719880. Harding FitzEadnoth and 283719881. Livida of Gloucester. He married 141859941. Eva FitzEstmond.

      141859941. Eva FitzEstmond, born Abt. 1099; died March 12, 1169/70.
Child of Robert FitzHarding and Eva FitzEstmond is:
  70929970 i.   Maurice "Make Peace" FitzHarding, born Abt. 1120; died June 16, 1190; married Alice Berkeley.

      141859942. Roger III Berkeley, born Abt. 1105; died 1170. He was the son of 283719884. Roger II Berkeley.
Child of Roger III Berkeley is:
  70929971 i.   Alice Berkeley, born Abt. 1140; died Aft. June 16, 1190; married Maurice "Make Peace" FitzHarding.

      141859944. Walter of Lytchett & Woolcombe Maltravers, born Abt. 1122; died Aft. 1150. He was the son of 283719888. Hugh of Lytchett & Woolcombe Maltravers.
Child of Walter of Lytchett & Woolcombe Maltravers is:
  70929972 i.   John I of Lytchett Maltravers, born Bef. 1150; died June 1200; married Alice Heiress FitzGeoffrey.

      141859946. Roger FitzGeoffrey, born Abt. 1126.
Child of Roger FitzGeoffrey is:
  70929973 i.   Alice Heiress FitzGeoffrey, born Abt. 1152; died 1180; married John I of Lytchett Maltravers.

      141859952. Richard Fitzpons, born Abt. 1078 in Lahnyndhry Castle, Wales; died Aft. 1127 in Bronllys, Breconshire, Wales. He was the son of 283719904. William of Normandy and 283719905. Unknown of Ponthieu. He married 141859953. Maude Fitzwalter.

      141859953. Maude Fitzwalter, born Abt. 1081 in Cliffordcastle, Herefordshire, England.
Child of Richard Fitzpons and Maude Fitzwalter is:
  70929976 i.   Walter I FitzRichard of Clifford, born Abt. 1115 in Clifford Castle, Clifford, Herefordshire, England; died 1190 in Godstow, , Oxfordshire, England; married Margaret of Toeni.

      141859954. Ralph of Toeni, born Abt. 1088 in Cliffordcastle, Herefordshire, England; died Abt. 1133 in Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England. He married 141859955. Alice Cheney of Toeni.

      141859955. Alice Cheney of Toeni, born Abt. 1092 in Cliffordcastle, Herefordshire, England.
Child of Ralph Toeni and Alice Toeni is:
  70929977 i.   Margaret of Toeni, born Abt. 1118 in Flamstead, Herefordshire, England; died 1185; married Walter I FitzRichard of Clifford.

      141859960. Owain Gwynedd ap Gruffudd, born Abt. 1100; died December 1169. He was the son of 283719920. Gruffydd ap Cynan and 283719921. Angharat verch Owain. He married 141859961. Gwladus verch Llywarch.

      141859961. Gwladus verch Llywarch, born Abt. 1098; died Bef. 1155. She was the daughter of 283719922. Llywarch ap Trahaearn and 283719923. Dyddgu verch Iorwerth.
Children of Owain Gruffudd and Gwladus Llywarch are:
  70929980 i.   Iorwerth Drwyndwn ap Owain Gwynedd, born Abt. 1129; died Abt. 1174; married Margaret Madoc.
  ii.   Gwenllian verch Owain, born Abt. 1120; married Owain Cyfeiliog ap Gruffudd; born 1125; died 1197.

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