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Ancestors of Billie Jean Rachel

      141867586. Reginald of Baliol, born Abt. 1120. He was the son of 283735172. Bernard (Reginald) of Baliol and 283735173. Maude.
Child of Reginald of Baliol is:
  70933793 i.   Daughter of Baliol, born Abt. 1137; died Abt. 1170; married Warin Baron of Shipbroke of Vernon.

      141867592. William II of Wich Malbank, born Abt. 1075; died Aft. 1119. He married 141867593. Petronilla of Scudamore.

      141867593. Petronilla of Scudamore, born Abt. 1082. She was the daughter of 283735186. Titus of Scudamore and 283735187. Joyce of Clifford.
Child of William Malbank and Petronilla Scudamore is:
  70933796 i.   Hugh Lord of Wich Malbank, born Abt. 1110; died Aft. 1030.

      141867596. Simon of Bedford of Beauchamp, born 1072; died Abt. 1138. He was the son of 251834640. Hugh Sir of Beauchamp and 251834641. Maud Matilda of Taillebois. He married 141867597. Unknown Mistress.

      141867597. Unknown Mistress
Child of Simon Beauchamp and Unknown Mistress is:
  70933798 i.   Hugh of Eaton Socon of Beauchamp, born Abt. 1115; died 1187; married Philippa of Trailly.

      141867598. Geoffrey II of Yelden of Trailly, born Abt. 1110; died Bef. 1185. He was the son of 283735196. Geoffrey I of Yelden of Trailly and 283735197. Albreda of Espec. He married 141867599. Mary.

      141867599. Mary
Child of Geoffrey Trailly and Mary is:
  70933799 i.   Philippa of Trailly, born Abt. 1135; married Hugh of Eaton Socon of Beauchamp.

      141867600. Gilbert of Grosvenor, born Abt. 1135.
Child of Gilbert of Grosvenor is:
  70933800 i.   Robert of Grosvenor, born Bef. 1159; married Alice.

      141867632. Lambert of Multon, born Bef. 1121; died Aft. 1166. He married 141867633. Daughter of Briwere.

      141867633. Daughter of Briwere, born Abt. 1140. She was the daughter of 283735266. Robert of Briwere.
Child of Lambert Multon and Daughter Briwere is:
  70933816 i.   Thomas I of Multon, born Abt. 1158; died Bef. 1201; married Eleanor of Boston.

      141867642. William FitzDuncan, born Abt. 1090. He was the son of 283735284. Duncan II Canmore King of Scotland and 283735285. Athelreda of Northumbria. He married 141867643. Alice Heiress of Copeland of Rumilly.

      141867643. Alice Heiress of Copeland of Rumilly, born Abt. 1112; died 1187. She was the daughter of 283735286. William Lord of Copeland of Meschines and 283735287. Cecilia Skipton of Rumilly.
Child of William FitzDuncan and Alice Rumilly is:
  70933821 i.   Amabel FitzWilliam, born Abt. 1143.

      141867644. Simon of Morville, born Abt. 1118; died Bef. 1141. He was the son of 283735288. Hugh of Kirkoswald of Morville. He married 141867645. Ada of Engaine.

      141867645. Ada of Engaine, born Abt. 1122. She was the daughter of 283735290. William of Burgh-by-Sands of Engaine and 283735291. Eustachia.
Child of Simon Morville and Ada Engaine is:
  70933822 i.   Hugh of Morville, born Abt. 1138; died 1202; married Helwise of Stuteville.

      141867646. Robert III of Stuteville, born Abt. 1105; died Aft. 1183. He was the son of 283735292. Robert II Lord of Cottenham of Stuteville and 283735293. Erneberga FitzBaldric. He married 141867647. Hawise Murdac.

      141867647. Hawise Murdac, born Abt. 1122; died Aft. 1183.
Children of Robert Stuteville and Hawise Murdac are:
  i.   William of Stuteville, born Abt. 1140; married Berta of Glanville.
  ii.   Osmund of Stuteville, born Bef. 1145; died Bef. 1173.
  iii.   Burga of Stuteville, born Abt. 1135; married William Sheriff of Northumberland of Vescy; born Abt. 1115; died Bef. September 1183.
  70933823 iv.   Helwise of Stuteville, born Abt. 1156; died Aft. 1228; married (1) William II Sir 6th Baron of Kendal of Lancaster; married (2) Hugh of Morville; married (3) William Greystoke; married (4) William of Greystoke.

      141867712. William I Sir 5th Baron of Kendal of Lancaster, born Aft. 1109; died 1170. He was the son of 283735424. Gilbert Sir 4th Baron of Kendal of Lancaster and 283735425. Goditha of Taillebois. He married 141867713. Gundred of Warren.

      141867713. Gundred of Warren, born Abt. 1120; died Aft. 1166. She was the daughter of 283735426. William 2nd Earl of Surrey of Warren and 283735115. Elizabeth of Vermandois.
Children of William Lancaster and Gundred Warren are:
  i.   Avice of Lancaster, born Abt. 1155; died 1190; married Richard Constable of Scotland of Morville; born Abt. 1150; died 1189.
  70933856 ii.   William II Sir 6th Baron of Kendal of Lancaster, born Abt. 1154; died 1184; married Helwise of Stuteville.

      141867744. Robert of Newton & Walton Banastre, born Abt. 1142; died 1192. He was the son of 283735488. Thurstan of Newton Banastre.
Child of Robert of Newton & Walton Banastre is:
  70933872 i.   Robert of Mollington Banastre, born 1172.

      141867752. Herbert I Sir of Orreby, born Abt. 1140. He was the son of 283735504. Alard of Orreby. He married 141867753. Agnes of Kyme.

      141867753. Agnes of Kyme, born Abt. 1142. She was the daughter of 283735506. Simon II of Kyme and 283735507. Agnes of Lindsay.
Children of Herbert Orreby and Agnes Kyme are:
  70933876 i.   Philip Justiciar of Chester of Orreby, born Abt. 1160; died Abt. 1230; married (1) Emma of Coventre; married (2) Alice of Baumville.
  ii.   Herbert II of Orreby, born Abt. 1178.

      141867754. Walter of Coventre, born Abt. 1140; died Bef. 1235.
Child of Walter of Coventre is:
  70933877 i.   Emma of Coventre, born Abt. 1165; married Philip Justiciar of Chester of Orreby.

      141867757. Leucha of Halton FitzNeel, born Abt. 1130; died Aft. 1162. She was the daughter of 283735514. William Nigel Fitznigel and 283735515. Agnes of Gand.
Child of Leucha of Halton FitzNeel is:
  70933878 i.   Roger of Mohaut, born Abt. 1160; died 1232; married Nichole.

      141867816. Walter of Toft, born Abt. 1170. He was the son of 283735632. Orme of Toft.
Child of Walter of Toft is:
  70933908 i.   Roger of Toft, born Abt. 1200; married Beatrix of Venables.

      141867820. Gralam of Lostock, born Abt. 1168. He was the son of 283735640. Gralam FitzRichard of Lostock. He married 141867821. Letice Moreton.

      141867821. Letice Moreton, born Abt. 1170.
Child of Gralam Lostock and Letice Moreton is:
  70933910 i.   Richard of Holford of Lostock, born Abt. 1193.

      141868288. Baron William Lord Corbet, born Abt. 1084 in Castle Caus, Salop, Shropshire, England; died Aft. 1155 in Wattlesboro, Salop, England. He was the son of 283736576. Baron Roger 1st Lord of Caus Corbet.
Child of Baron William Lord Corbet is:
  70934144 i.   Simon Lord Corbet, born Abt. 1100; died Aft. 1155.

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