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Ancestors of Colon Edwin Van Alstine

      297. Gertruyd Vosburgh242, born WFT Est. 1667-1691242; died Apr 1748242. She was the daughter of 594. Pieter Vosburgh and 595. Jannetje Barentse.

More About Pieter Van Buren and Gertruyd Vosburgh:
Marriage: 20 May 1708, NY242
Child of Pieter Van Buren and Gertruyd Vosburgh is:
  148 i.   Hendrick P Van Buren, born 26 Dec 1708 in New York; died WFT Est. 1760-1800; married Annatje Salisbury 13 Nov 1736 in Dutch Church Cemetary - Albany, New York.

      298. Harmon Janse Van Salsburg, born Abt. 1672 in New York; died Aft. 1709. He was the son of 596. Jan Hendricks Van Salsburg and 597. Emmetje Lucas. He married 299. Janneke Conine 04 Dec 1703 in Albany, Albany, New York.

      299. Janneke Conine, born Abt. 1684 in New York. She was the daughter of 598. Casper Conine and 599. Aletteka Winne.

More About Janneke Conine:
Christening: 28 Dec 1684, Albany, Albany, New York

More About Harmon Van Salsburg and Janneke Conine:
Marriage: 04 Dec 1703, Albany, Albany, New York
Child of Harmon Van Salsburg and Janneke Conine is:
  149 i.   Annatje Salisbury, born WFT Est. 1702-1725; died WFT Est. 1760-1798; married Hendrick P Van Buren 13 Nov 1736 in Dutch Church Cemetary - Albany, New York.

      336. Ulrich Witmer243,244, born 01 Dec 1633 in Bern, Switzerland. He was the son of 672. Peter Widmer and 673. Barbli Engel. He married 337. Barbary Ebbe244.

      337. Barbary Ebbe245,246, born 1643 in Switzerland; died 1700 in Germany.

Notes for Ulrich Witmer:
8th great grandfather.

More About Ulrich Witmer and Barbary Ebbe:
Marriage: 246
Children of Ulrich Witmer and Barbary Ebbe are:
  168 i.   Benjamin Witmer, born 05 Dec 1669 in Bern, Switzerland; died 05 Dec 1756 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Ann Witmer247,248, born Nov 1671 in Pfalz, Germany; died 1725 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania248
  Notes for Ann Witmer:
7th great grand aunt.

  Marriage Notes for Ann Witmer:
7th great grand aunt and uncle.

  More About Ann Witmer:
Marriage: 248

  iii.   Hans Witmer249,250, born 1675 in Pfalz, Germany250
  More About Hans Witmer:
Marriage: 250

      340. Jacob Witmer251,252. He was the son of 680. Hans Witmer and 681. Catherine. He married 341. Veronica Kauffman252.

      341. Veronica Kauffman253,254. She was the daughter of 682. Andreas Kauffman and 683. Elizabeth Kneissle.

  Notes for Veronica Kauffman:
5th great grandmother.

More About Jacob Witmer and Veronica Kauffman:
Marriage: 254
Children of Jacob Witmer and Veronica Kauffman are:
  170 i.   John Witmer, married Elizabeth Martin.
  ii.   Barbara Witmer255,256
  iii.   Catherine Witmer257,258
  iv.   Elizabeth Witmer259,260
  v.   Anna Witmer261,262
  vi.   Abraham Witmer263,264
  vii.   Magdalena Witmer265,266

      342. David Martin267,268. He married 343. Gertrude Sensenig268.

      343. Gertrude Sensenig269,270. She was the daughter of 686. Jacob Senseney and 687. Maria Krey.

More About David Martin and Gertrude Sensenig:
Marriage: 270
Children of David Martin and Gertrude Sensenig are:
  i.   Barbara Martin271,272
  ii.   Christian Martin273,274
  iii.   Jacob Martin275,276
  iv.   Ann Martin277,278
  171 v.   Elizabeth Martin, married John Witmer.

      372. Hanas Schneeberger279, born Abt. 1680 in Ochlenberg, Langvogte County, Switzerland279; died Abt. 1711 in Ochlenberg, Langvogte County, Switzerland279. He married 373. Verena Weirman Abt. 1703 in Switzerland279.

      373. Verena Weirman279, born Abt. 1680 in Ochlenberg, Switzerland279; died Abt. 1711279.

Notes for Hanas Schneeberger:
Snowberger (Schneeberger) Info. from WFT Vol 15 #3043

The name means 'Man who lives in snow mountain.'

Johannes, or Hans, of Ochlenburg, district of Wangen, Langvogtei, Switzerland, heard of the William Penn Woods, Pennsylvania, where one could worship God as he believed and work and live in freedom. The Snowbergers were original inhabitants of William Tell land.
Hans and a friend, Andread Friedli, did get permission to emigrate with their children. Then permission to emigrate their minor children was refused because of the hazardous ocean crossing. They could go if they wished but must leave the children and a major part of their moneys and property for the care of the children by Pastors.
Hans arrived in Philadelphia Port on October 4, 1751 by ship, the Queen of Denmark, and made his way across country to Waynesboro, PA. He chose a place for its similarity to their own beatiful mountainous country, called Snow Hill. The area was known as Little Switzerland.
We always thought that Hans, called John now, brought his children with him. Instead he stole them from the country one at a time. February 20, 1753 he returned to Switzerland and asked permission again for his children. He was told to leave the country and his children, never to return.
February 20, 1783 Langvogt, of Wangen, announced to the government tha 30 years before, Hans had secreted three of his children out of the country. To do this he made five crossings. His sons, Joseph and Jakob, escaped and followed. The government announced that Hans'property and money of 500 crowns remained. His relatives, Ueberstay, Muhlethaler, Jost, and Konig petitioned for the property and the government consented.
Land grant records show that Snow Hill property was paid for by a single sister of Hans, Catherine. This property, after the death of Hans, was deeded to the Sevendayer Church for a nunnery by Andrew Snowberger.
HAns was a member of the German Reformed Church. His sons and grandsons became ministers of German Baptist, Bretren and Sevendayers. They were also excellent farmers, teachers, weavers, shoemakers, and builders, with a few in public office, Justice of the Peace, Mayor, and owners of an iron foundry.

More About Hanas Schneeberger:
Residence: 04 Oct 1751, Immigration Ship "Queen of Den" Philadelphia

More About Verena Weirman:
Residence: 04 Oct 1751, Immigration ship "Queen of Den" Philadelphia

More About Hanas Schneeberger and Verena Weirman:
Marriage: Abt. 1703, Switzerland279
Children of Hanas Schneeberger and Verena Weirman are:
  i.   Joseph Schneeberger
  186 ii.   Johannes Snowberger, born 01 Feb 1702/03 in Ochlenberg, Wangan, Switzerland; died 1761 in Snow Hill Nunery, Franklin, Pennsylvania; married (1) Catherine (Snowberger); married (2) Barbara Schneeberger 14 Mar 1726/27 in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland.
  iii.   Jacob Schneeberger, born Aft. 1703.
  iv.   Catherine Schneeberger, born Aft. 1703.

      374. Peter Schneeberger279, born Abt. 1680 in Switzerland279; died Abt. 1708 in Switzerland279. He married 375. Elsbeth Schneider WFT Est. 1713-1747279.

      375. Elsbeth Schneider279, born 01 Nov 1663 in Rothenbach, Bern, Switzerland279; died 23 Sep 1719 in Switzerland279. She was the daughter of 750. Hans Schneider and 751. Katharina Urben.

More About Peter Schneeberger and Elsbeth Schneider:
Marriage: WFT Est. 1713-1747279
Child of Peter Schneeberger and Elsbeth Schneider is:
  187 i.   Barbara Schneeberger, born 01 Aug 1703 in Ochlenberg, Wangan, Switzerland; died Abt. 1746 in Snow Hill, Franklin, Pennsylvania; married Johannes Snowberger 14 Mar 1726/27 in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland.

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