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Updated December 29, 2010

Dear familymembers.

I'm Hans Van Landschoot from Belgium. I started to trace the family in 1995, it was a continuation of a longtime research of my late uncle LEON VAN LANDSCHOOT (died 1980).He did research for almost 30 years on the Van Landschoot family.
I want to thank the many cousins and other researchers who have helped put the the puzzle together. There are still many missing pieces to find. Sharing information is important. Please contact us with questions or if you have information to share.
Please check also this new website.

Hans Van Landschoot
Sleutelbloemdreef 18
Knokke Heist, 8300

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Family Photos

  • Children of Johanna Van Landschoot (102 KB)
    Children of Johanna Van Landschoot and Harry Louis,Escanaba,MI.
  • Map of The North part of Flanders (228 KB)
    On the left you can see a part of Flanders in the 17th century and on the right is a map of the 13th century. It displays the villages where all the (Van) Landschoot's originated.
  • Charles Landschoot and Emma Bruggeman (Book 8) (110 KB)
    Charles with his wife and children. Picture taken in 1904.
  • Charles Landschoot HOME (Book 8) (121 KB)
    House of Charles Landschoot, picture taken between 1915 and 1920. In Phelps, New York.
  • Charles Landschoot HOME (Book 8) (121 KB)
    House of Charles Landschoot, picture taken between 1915 and 1920. In Clifton Springs, New York.
  • 1920 Census Record of Peter Landschoot (book 8) (217 KB)
    This record shows the family of peter Landschoot and Philamena VanDenHemel .
  • SAM Landschoot home in Phelps , New York (Book 8) (128 KB)
    Sam Landschoots home is currently owned by his grandson Arthur Landschoot in Phelps, New York.
  • 1920 Census record of Frank and Sam Landschoot (8) (168 KB)
    THis census record show both families of Frank and Sam Landschoot
  • Bernardus (Van) Landschoot and Maria Pons (Book 2) (16 KB)
    Bernard was a 2nd degree cousin of Peter Landschoot who immigrated to the US in 1851.4 of Bernard children's also immigrated to the US around 1910.They came from Ijzendijke, in the Netherlands. this photo is made around 1920.
  • 1920 Census record Frank Landschoot (book6) (114 KB)
    This census record of 1920 discribes the family of Frank Landschoot and hiw wife Flavia Paes.
  • Jacobus Van Landschoot (Book 2) (20 KB)
    Wedding photo of Jacobus and his wife Elisabeth Toutenhoofd.Jacobus was the son of bernard van Landschoot and Maria Pons.They lived in NY.
  • 1920 Census Record Phillip VanLandschoot (book3) (31 KB)
    Census record of phillip VanLandschoot and Romanie Brouckaert,Mi.
  • 1920 Census Record Joanne VanLandschoot (book3) (126 KB)
    Census record of Louis Henry married to Joanne VanLandschoot;Mi.
  • Adolf Van landschoot ( book1) (69 KB)
    Family of Adolf Van Landschoot and Cordula Lampo. L-R.. Albert,Robert, Marie,Majella,Gerard 'founder(stichter) SLACHTHUIS GERARD VAN LANDSCHOOT en ZONEN.Omer,Bertrand,Lydie;Adolf and Cordula Lampo,Germaine.
  • Kamiel Van Landschoot (book 1) (147 KB)
    Familyphoto of Kamiel Van Landschoot and Urbanie Vereecke with their children.L to R....Jules,Jozef,Maurits,Albert,Renee,Jozef and Leon.(The family researcher). Sitting L to R.;Simonne,Kamiel ,Urbanie Vereecke and Marietje.
  • Amelia and Honore Van Landschoot (Book 2) (21 KB)
    l to r; Children and grandchildren of Bernardus Landschoot and Maria Pons.Honore Van Landschoot, his sister Amelia, children of Amelia:Mary and Elisabeth and the little girl is Elisabeth ,daughter of Honore Van Landschoot.She married a Doupagne in NY.
  • Recent map of our region. East and West Flanders,B (339 KB)
    The villages marked with red are the places where the immigrants came from.
  • Alfons August Van Lantschoot ( Book 2 and 4) (169 KB)
    August arrived in the US in 1906 to began his career as a foundryman and metallurgist.He founded in 1945 the Fairfield Aluminium Corporation ( Falco). He died in 1973.
  • Joanna vanLandschoot (Lois) (book 3) (127 KB)
    Photo of Joanna VanLandschoot married to Henry Lois in Mi;also on the pic Aubin and his wife.Date 1966 in Gladstone,MI.
  • Arnold Van Lantschoot (Book 2 and 4) (139 KB)
    Born in Ursel ,belgium in 1889 and in Rome,Italy in 1969. He was vice prefekt of the Vatican Library.
  • Honore Van Landschoot (book 4) (29 KB)
    Family photo of Honore , his wife Irma D'haens and children.Children are Corneel,Cetil and Helène all are born in Marion,NY.This family came back after 10 y in 1920.
  • Cyriel van Lantschoot ( Book 2 and 4) (131 KB)
    Cyriel Van Lantschoot was a misionary in China between 1905 and 1931. He was born in 1875 in Bellem,Belgium and died in Gent,belgium in 1947.
  • Karel Van Landschoot (book4) (92 KB)
    Familybook of Charles Van Landschoot and Nathalia Sturtewaeghen.Huwelijksboekje van Carolus Van landschoot met Nathalia Sturtwaeghen.Aalter,Belgium.
  • Gerard Van Landschoot (book 1) (16 KB)
    Founder (stichter)of slaughter-house "GERARD VAN LANDSCHOOT EN ZONEN 'and (SONS) in Adegem,Belgium.
  • Henry Van Landschoot (book 4) France (129 KB)
    Henry and his family.His father Charles Louis immigrated to France around 1880.
  • Jozefien VanLandschoot and Bruno VanPethegem.Book2 (47 KB)
    Photo was made shortly before they left Belgium for the US. They immigrated in early 1910.Book 2
  • Charles Van Landschoot (book 4) France (97 KB)
    Descendants of Charles Van Landschoot, he's not on the photo.
  • Ambroos VanLandschoot (book7) (28 KB)
    Civil War pension index card of Ambroos, he was married to Marie Jeanne.he arrived in the US in 1851.Ambroos was married to Mary jane Holliet in 1869 in Atkinson.
  • Jacobus Van Landschoot (book 3) (67 KB)
    House of Jacobus Van Landschoot in the Old Zoute,Knokke,Belgium.House in which Joseph and Phillip were born,see other photos.
  • 1920 Census record of Camiel Landscoot (ND) book 6 (131 KB)
    This record shows the family of Camiel Landschoot, who came from Lapscheure,Belgium at the beginning of this century.
  • Joannes NIJS and Marie Theresie Van Landschoot b5 (199 KB)
    Descendants of Joannes NIJS and Theresia Van Landschoot, photo is taken early 1900 at the wedding of the granddaughter of Theresia Van Landschoot.Gilles Adhemar and Germana DE NIJS. 1st row/Richard Waeghe:2Charlotte De Bourdere/3Gilles Adhemar/4 Germana DE NIJS (daughter) /5 Elieonra Ledeganck /6 Pieter De NIJS (son). 2nd row (middle): Eduard DE Dijcker /Gilles Alma (sister of 3)/9 August De Nijs (son)/10 Octavie Litries :11Prosper ledeganck : (brother of 5) /12 Augusta Waeghe / (sister of 1) / Felix Reichler / 14 Noel De NIJS (son of 9) / 15 Richard De Nijs (son of 6) /Martha De Nijs (daugher of 6) / Van Wassenhove Albert /18Alma Reichler ( daughter of 13) / 19 Gilles Ida (sister of 3) / 20 Julien Van Hijfte.
  • Paul Leopold Van Landschoot (3) Iowa (192 KB)
    Paul Van Landschoot immigrated in 1867 to Iowa. He is a 2nd degree cousin to Phillip and Joseph Van Landschoot of MI who immigrated in early 1900. Paul had 5 children all living in Fremont,Hamilton County,Iowa. This is his death record, he was 93 y old.
  • Peter Landschoot (Book 2) (85 KB)
    Peter Landschoot was born in 1823 in Belgium. He immigrated in 1851. Served in the Civil War. Later he married to Catherine Curley. They had 5 children.
  • John Henry Landschoot (Book 2) (43 KB)
    John was the 3th child of Peter Landschoot and Catherine Curley, he also got 4 sisters.He was born in 1869, Sterling , MI. and died in 1943. He married Anna Bridget O'Rourke.
  • Frank Landschoot ( Book 2) (59 KB)
    Frank , (born 1895 and died 1976)was the son of John Landschoot and Anna O'Rourke. He was the oldest son and he married Eva Cath. Dove.Frank had 5 sisters. Ilene, Mary, Louise, Martha and Alma.This pic shows his family.
  • Peter Elmer Landschoot (Book 2) (65 KB)
    Peter was the 4th child of Frank Landschoot and Eva Dove.Born in 1921 and died in 1979.This pic shows his family.
  • Mary Vanlandschoot and Hiram Wood (book7) (284 KB)
    Weddingcertificate of Mary Van landschoot and Hiram Wood.Mary is probably one of the first Van Landschoots born in the US. about 1852.Her father and 2 brothers came to the US around 1851. Two of them served in the civil War.
  • Kamiel Van Landschoot and Urbanie Vereecke (Book1) (118 KB)
    This family pic was taken in 1994.It was taken for the 70th anniversary of my aunt Marietje Van Landschoot. She, her other sister and youngest brother, my father are still alive.155 persons were at this reunion.You can find the information of these persons in the 3th report, descendants of Jan Van Landschoot
  • Phillip Van Landschoot (Book 3) (86 KB)
    This is Phillip Van Landschoot and family. He immigrated at the beginning of this century with his halfbrother Joseph to the US. You can find him in the second report.
  • Matrassen ( Bedding) Van Landschoot (book4) (149 KB)
    Van Landschoot bestaat 75 jaar. In 1925 stichtte Willem Van Landschoot het bedrijf als éénmanszaak. Vanaf 1958 leidde zijn enige dochter de firma samen met haar echtgenoot. In 1978 werden hun beide zonen, Luc en Guy De Coninck, actief in het bedrijf. Vandaag staan Luc De Coninck en zijn echtgenote Rina in voor de productie en de aankopen. Guy De Coninck en zijn echtgenote Martine zijn verantwoordelijk voor de verkoop en de administratie. Tot in 1988 specialiseerde Van Landschoot zich in de aanmaak van alle types van matrassen. Door de acquisitie in 1988, van de firma HERMAT in Beaumont (B) kwamen daar lattenbodems en boxsprings bij, een perfecte aanvulling van het VL-aanbod. Op die manier is de groep Van Landschoot een leverancier geworden met een volledig assortiment zelf geproduceerde bedding artikelen. De slogan van VL is dan ook terecht: "Slaapcomfort van A tot Zzzz". ENGLISH......... THE STORY OF VAN LANDSCHOOT starts as early as 1925. In that year, it was Willem Van Landschoot who has founded a small one-person company, already then specialised in bedding. From 1958 on, his daughter and her husband have built out the company. In 1978, their 2 sons, Luc and Guy De Coninck, became active within the business. Nowadays, Luc De Coninck and his wife Rina manage the production and the purchase department. Guy De Coninck and his wife Martine take care of the administration and the commercial department. Till 1988 Van Landschoot has been specialised in the production of mattresses of all kind. In that year, the company HERMAT in Beaumont (B) has been acquired, which formed a perfect union with Van Landschoot, since the machinery in Beaumont was fit for the production of slatted bed frames and boxsprings. In this way, Van Landschoot became a full scale bedding group wich manufactures a complete range of all items for the bedroom. That's why the pay off sounds, with reason: "Comfortable Sleeping from A to Zzzz".
  • Hans Van Landschoot (Book 1) (15 KB)
    This is a pic of the author. Hans Van Landschoot
  • Leon VanLandschoot , Art photographer ( Book 3) (36 KB)
    His son and grandson were members of Wallonie Libre in Belgium.
  • Leon Van Landschoot ( Book 1) (8 KB)
    Leon was the person , who made the research about the family between 1955 and 1979. He died in 1980 of cancer.
  • Gustaaf Van Landschoot,Ijzendijke,(NL) book 8 (172 KB)
    Gustaaf Van Landschoot married Amelia Immesoete in 1891 in Ijzendijke. 4 of his brothers immigrated to the US between 1885 and 1900. Second picture is the son of Gustaf, his name is Petrus ( left on the photo, right person is unknown. 3th photo is the grandson of Gustaaf, his name is Avillus married to Georgette Mussche. They don't have children; both passed away a few years ago.
  • Jacobus Van Landschoot and Rosalie Stockx (3) (59 KB)
    Parents of Phillip Van Landschoot,father of Joanna and Joseph Van Landschoot.All 3 immigrated to the USA.
  • Adrianus Van Landschoot (Book 3))birthcertificate (170 KB)
    Adrianus was born 6/30/1811 in Knokke, Belgium. He married Chrisina Fincent.The certificate is in French. You can read his name in the center of the page" Adrien".
  • Phillip Van Landschoot (3) Michigan (128 KB)
    Familypicture of the descendants of Phillip Van Landschoot and Romanie Brouckaert.Aubin and his wife Albertine from Belgium are also on the picture.
  • Clara Van Landschoot Leopold DeMeyer (book5) (114 KB)
    Clara Van Landschoot and Leopold deMeyer celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in Maldegem Donk,Belgium.
  • Jacobus Van Landschoot and some of his children.b3 (45 KB)
    L to R: Andries - Henri Stockx - Mathilde - Leontine - Christine. Zittend(seated) L to R : Gustav - Constant - Jacobus - Rosalie Stockx - August Verbeke - Sylvie - Louis.
  • Achiel Van Landschoot (book4) (25 KB)
    Achiel Van Landschoot and Irma Carette were married in 1919 in Aalter. They moved to the French speaking part of Belgium in the late 20's. Photo with his children.Father and boys.
  • Van Landschoot (USA and belgium ) (3) (8 KB)
    L to R : Phillip Van Landschoot his half brother Joseph Van Landschoot and Phillips brother Andries who stayed in belgium.
  • Camille Van Landschoot and Urbanie Vereecke (1) (147 KB)
    Listed on this page, my grandfather and grandmother with their children. L to R. Mijn grootouders met hun kinderen van L naar R. Jules ( my father) Jozef,Maurits,Albert,Leo,Gerard and Leon. Zitten : Simonne ,Camille, Urbanie and Marietje (Mary)
  • Petrus Van Lantschoot Printer=drukker. (2) (155 KB)
    Picture taken on a fair of printing equipment in 1890 in Brussels,Belgium
  • Leonard Van Landschoot ,Elodie Sturtewagen (book8) (102 KB)
    Leonard was related to the 4 brothers who immigrated to New York, he was their cousin. L To R Marcella,bertha and Yvonne
  • Descendants of Eduardus Van Lantschoot (2) (163 KB)
    Afstammelingen van Eduardus Van lantschoot en Eugenie Standaert ter gelegenheid van het 50 jarig jubileum van Emma.
  • Children of Eduardus Van Lantschoot (2) (136 KB)
    Children (kinderen) van Eduardus Van Lantschoot gehuwd met 1st maat Nathalie De Pauw en 2de met Marie Eugenie Standaert in 1870 Bellem,Belgium. L to R: Juul -his wife Charlotte Moens/Petrus and his wife Mathilde Van Lierde/ August and his wife Irma Bellaert/ Henricus and his wife Esther de Crook/Richatd VanDe Putte. Seated (zittend) L to R: Elvire - Marie-Eugenie - Emma - Cyriel - Louise - Romanie - Sidonie.
  • Ceasar August Van Landschoot (5) (103 KB)
    Picture of Ceasar August Van landschoot and his wife Nathalia Dhaenens.Ceasar was a cousin to the 2 Civil War soldiers,Charles and Ambroos Van Landschoot.Date of pic about 1920.
  • Julia Van Landschoot (5) 1838 (214 KB)
    Julia was a niece of the 2 Civil War soldiers Charles and Ambroos Van Landschoot.She was married to Petrus Willemarck .Included is also a picture of her son Victor Willemarck , his wife and 3 children, Julien;Prosper and Omer Willemarck.
  • Henry Landschoot (2) (62 KB)
    The Landschoot gas station was on Mt. Hope Avenue across from the main gate of Mt. Hope Cemetery.Henry, leased the station for about 7 years from the man who owned the greenhouses that are also in the picture. I understand the station owner eventually leased the station to another man who promised to pay more and who had connections to a larger gasoline supplier.Info from Karen Doupagne.
  • Cornelius Lantschot (69 KB)
    Cornelius was a wealthy merchant during the 17th century. He donated all his money to the church. He has not descendants.
  • Johannes VanLandschoot (Book 8) (166 KB)
    This is the weddingcertificate of Joh. Van Landschoot en Preselenia .1834 in Ijzendijke , Holland.With lots of descendants living in New York state. Report coming soon.
  • Phillip Van Landschoot (Book 3) (84 KB)
    Descendants of Phillip Van Landschoot and Romanie pic taken at the reunion on july 30th 1999.
  • JAN VAN LANSCOOT (1352) (212 KB)
    This Jan Van Lanscoot had the same scutcheon as Cornelius Lantschot, who died in 1652. His pic is also, on this homepage here.It says that he was a regristar in Maldegem.
  • Cyriel Van Lantschoot ( book 2 and 4) (244 KB)
    Cyriel immigrated to the Us in 1906 with 3 brothers and his parents. They settled in Fairfield,Iowa.
  • Henry Van Landschoot (Book 5) (20 KB)
    Photo of Henry Van Landschoot shortly after his visit to Belgium, he died in detroit and was married to Marie Madeleine De Vuyst. They had two daughters, Mary maaried Sam Goethals and Pauline , she married a Nenninger.
  • Alfons August Van Lantschoot and family (book 2-4) (124 KB)
    This photograph was taken around 1910.Alfons wtih his wife Emma Smessaert and cyriel in between.Top row August(was the founder of Fairfield Aluminium Corporation /FALCO/, Ernest and Maurice.
  • Anthony Bouwhuis -MarieTheresia VanLandschoot 7 (284 KB)
    Marie Theresia is one of the first Flemish families in Moline,Illinois. She came over with 3 brothers and her mother as early as 1851. She married Anthony Bouwhuis in 1855. THe first child they got was Marie Theresia Bouwhuis and she was the second child out of Flemish settlers in Moline;Ill.
  • Medal Of St Helène of Jean and Ange VanLandschoot (62 KB)
    Both have served in the French army of Napoleon I in the war of 1792-1814 .
  • Children of Johanna Van Landschoot and Henry Louis (102 KB)
    (3) These are the children of Joanna Vanlandschoot Louis: The frist pic with 4 people are from right are Tony Louis: Elisabeth Louis Vinskoskie: Thresa Louis Gillis Louis J. Louis: The side pic is of Margret Louis Cole: The bottom pic is of Rose Louis ODonnell: Thresa Louis Gillis: Eisabeth Vinskoskie
  • Charles Louis Van Landschoot (book 4) (140 KB)
    Charles immigrated to France in 1878.He had 2 children,6 grandchildren;7 gr.grandchildren. Benjamin and Anthony Van Landschoot are the only ones left carrying the Van Landschoot name. They are both 4th generation descendants of Charles and Sophie. 1st pic:Henry Van landschoot and his wife. 2nd pic: Wife of Henry;Nathalie Cadoret and son Charles with his wife Marie Claudepierre. 3th pic:Louis (son of Charles Louis),his wife Angeline Derweirdt,children Marie Jeanne and Henri.Family photo taken in the Panne,Belgium.
  • Louis J. Louis son of Johanna Van Landschoot (3) (57 KB)
    This picture shows Louis Louis family. The Louis J. Louis Family the son of Joanna Van Landschoot and Harry Louis , grandchildren and greatgrandchildern. From right back standing are:George Louis: Donald Louis: Fred Louis: and Ray LaCombe: sitting from right is Judy Louis LaCombe: Louis J. Louis: Cindy Louis: Paluin Louis: sitting on floor from right are: Debra Louis: Tim Louis: Brenda Louis:
  • Louis Van landschoot ( book 4) belgium (257 KB)
    Louis as a bicycle tourist is Spain,article in dutch.Nederlands artikel.
  • Judy Louis and Ray LaCombe (3) (81 KB)
    Judy is a grandchild of Johanna Van Landschoot and Henry Louis.Her father was Louis J. Louis. She is one of my contacts on the LOUIS VANLANDSCHOOT line.
  • Serafien and Charles-Louis Van Landschoot (book 2) (144 KB)
    Serafien and Charles are 6th degree cousins, they were married to the sisters Marie and Mathilde Verselder.A brother Jules Verselder immigrated to the USA. Charles's son Renee immigrated to Illinois in 1912.
  • Lodewijk Fockenier (3) (104 KB)
    On top of the picture. He was married to Johanna Theresia van Landschoot.Both are from Knokke. Their son Antone immigrated to the USA too, still haven't found him.
  • Maria De Meyer ,wife of Ferdinand Van Landschoot 4 (67 KB)
    Maria De Meyer immigrated with all her children to the US in 1913.Some of them were immigrated a few years before. She left Belgium with 9 children shortly after her husband Ferdinand van Landschoot died in sept. 1912 in St Laureins.Pic from Karin Ras who lives in NY.
  • Magdalena Van Landschoot 4 (258 KB)
    picture of Magdalena Van Landschoot with her husband Edmond versluys and her to children Germaine and Margereth.Magdalena Van Landschoot was a daughter of Ferdinand VL and Maria De Meyer.Pic from Karin Ras of NY.
  • Joanna Van Landschoot (book 3) UP Michigan (102 KB)
    Children of Joanna Van Landschoot and Harry Louis. Both from Knokke , Belgium , immigrated in late 1890's to Gladstone,MI.
  • Leonore Louis (20 KB)
    daughter of Harry Louis and Johanna Van Landschoot

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