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Descendants of George Zavitz (Zavietz)

      3. Ester2 Zavitz (George Zavitz1 (Zavietz)) She married Philip Hall. He died January 18, 1773.
Children of Ester Zavitz and Philip Hall are:
  13 i.   George3 Hall.
  14 ii.   (girl 1) Hall.
  15 iii.   (girl 2) Hall.
  16 iv.   (girl 3) Hall.
  17 v.   (girl 4) Hall.

      4. Henry2 Zavitz (George Zavitz1 (Zavietz)) died 1771. He married Frederica. She died April 13, 1775.
Children of Henry Zavitz and Frederica are:
+ 18 i.   George3 Zavitz, born 1748; died 1817.
+ 19 ii.   Elizabeth Zavitz.
  20 iii.   Margaretta Zavitz.
+ 21 iv.   Abraham Zavitz, born 1750; died January 23, 1818.

      5. John2 Zavitz (George Zavitz1 (Zavietz)) died in Easton, Pennsylvania. He married Catharina.
Children of John Zavitz and Catharina are:
  22 i.   Peter (Sevitt)3 Zavitz. He married Mary Duncan February 25, 1779 in Philadelphia.
+ 23 ii.   George Zavitz, died 1803.

      6. Mary2 Zavitz (George Zavitz1 (Zavietz)) She married John Ulric Brinker.
Child of Mary Zavitz and John Brinker is:
+ 24 i.   George3 Brinker.

      7. Jacob2 Zavitz (George Zavitz1 (Zavietz)) was born 1728, and died 1800. He married (1) Magdalene. He married (2) Magdalene.

Notes for Jacob Zavitz:

Jacob moved first to a mill at Spring Valley, Pa. (2 miles east of Center Valley) and then in 1952 to Williams Twp., not far from Easton, and started farming again. Then into Indian territory north of the Blue Mountains about 1763. This was in Hamilton Twp. and he built a mill at Kellersville on Appenzell Creek (this mill and adjoining house and stable were still standing in 1979). In 1764 he bought 150 acres in Pocono Township and an additional 155 acres about a mile below Tannersville in the Pocono Creek/Cranberry Creek area. During the revolution he moved back to Quakertown and was the proprietor of a tavern. It was from here his daughters married.
      Jacob was not one of the "originals" *; they were his sons Jacob II, Henry and Christian.

* Originals must mean those individuals that moved from the United States to Canada.

Children of Jacob Zavitz and Magdalene are:
  25 i.   Abraham3 Zavitz.
+ 26 ii.   Elizabeth Zavitz.
  27 iii.   Sarah Zavitz. She married -Finck.
+ 28 iv.   Susanna Zavitz.
+ 29 v.   Henry Zavitz, born 1748; died 1800 in Port Colbourne.
+ 30 vi.   Christian Zavitz, born 1750 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died April 27, 1826 in Elgin County, buried in Plains Cemetary.
+ 31 vii.   George Zavitz, born March 15, 1753; died September 15, 1826 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
+ 32 viii.   Barbara Zavitz, born December 2, 1765 in Pennsylvania; died September 17, 1849 in Wainfleet -buried Morgan's Point Cemetery.
+ 33 ix.   Catherine Zavitz.
Children of Jacob Zavitz and Magdalene are:
  34 i.   Abraham3 Zavitz.
  35 ii.   Elizabeth Zavitz. She married Johnnas Newcomer.
  36 iii.   Sarah Zavitz. She married Finck.
  37 iv.   Susanna Zavitz. She married Phillip Newcomer.
+ 38 v.   Christain Zavitz, born 1750 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died April 27, 1826 in Elgin County, buried in Plains Cemetery.
  39 vi.   Barbara Zavitz, born December 2, 1765 in Pennsylvania; died September 17, 1849 in Wainfleet, buried in Morgan's Point Cemetery. She married Jacob Ott; born 1763 in Pennsylvania; died April 2, 1848 in wainfleet -buried Morgan's Point Cemetery.
+ 40 vii.   Jacob Zavitz, born August 1752 in Tannersville, Northhampton, Pennsylvania; died July 12, 1815 in Ridgeway, Ontario.
  41 viii.   Mary Zavitz, born 1768; died December 2, 1844 in Yarmouth Township, buried in Seminary Cemetery, Sparta. She married Issac Minor.
  42 ix.   Catherine Zavitz. She married Benedick Fink.
  43 x.   Abraham Zavitz.
  44 xi.   Elizabeth Zavitz. She married Johnnas Newcomer.
  45 xii.   Sarah Zavitz. She married Finck.
  46 xiii.   Susanna Zavitz. She married Phillip Newcomer.
  47 xiv.   Catherine Zavitz. She married Benedick Fink.
  48 xv.   Abraham Zavitz.
  49 xvi.   Elizabeth Zavitz. She married Johnnas Newcomer.
  50 xvii.   Sarah Zavitz. She married Finck.
  51 xviii.   Susanna Zavitz. She married Phillip Newcomer.
  52 xix.   Catherine Zavitz. She married Benedick Fink.
  53 xx.   Abraham Zavitz.
  54 xxi.   Elizabeth Zavitz. She married Johnnas Newcomer.
  55 xxii.   Sarah Zavitz. She married Finck.
  56 xxiii.   Susanna Zavitz. She married Phillip Newcomer.
  57 xxiv.   Catherine Zavitz. She married Benedick Fink.

      8. Joseph2 Zavitz (George Zavitz1 (Zavietz)) was born 1734, and died September 25, 1794 in Allentown, PA.. He married (1) Clora Catharine Dieter(Ditthart). He married (2) Clora Catharine Dieter (Ditthart).

Notes for Joseph Zavitz:

Joseph was a Colonel in the Bucks County Militia during the American Revolution. Later he was a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly. He is buried in the Old Allentown Cemetery in Allentown, PA., located at the corner of 10th and Linden Streets. It lists his name on a plaque near the entrance to the cemetery as having been a veteran of the Revolutioary War, showing his rank as a private, however. His grave could not be located there, although it could be because many of the inscriptions are worn with age and deterioration and are not readable. It was also obvious that many head stones were missing altogether. However, graves of George Savitz and his wife Mary were found...George is the nephew of Joseph.

Evidence now seems to be mounting that Joseph was indeed a private. See the following from the records of the Daugters of the American Revolution:

p.143] Miss Effie M. Hecker.
DAR ID Number: 158482
Born in Miamisburg, Ohio.
Descendant of Joseph Savitz, as follows:
1. Benjamin F. Hecker (1832-1909) m. 1860 Eliza J. Zimmer (1840-1918).
2. Jacob Hecker (1809-89) m. 1830 Mary Ann Nagle (1810-92).
3. Jacob Nagle (b. 1785) m. Mary Savitz.
4. Joseph Savitz m. Gloy Dicter.
Joseph Savitz (1735-94) served as private in Capt. George Shriver's company, Northampton
County, Pennsylvania militia. He died in Pennsylvania.
Also No. 141587.

Further information now throws doubts about Joseph's his service in the Pa. Assembly.

I received the note below from a David Haguaard who is the editor of the Biographical History of Pennsylvania Legislators in
response to to a note I had sent him regarding the service of Joseph Savitz (Zavitz) in the Pennsylvania Assembly. Joseph is the
son of the original George. In notes I received either from you or from Jim Zavitz it indicated that he had served sometime after
the American Revolutionary War. He sent the following (he mistakenly refers to me as Mr. Savitz):

Dear Mr. Savitz:

I don't believe that your ancestor Joseph Savitz served in the
Pennsylvania House of Representatives. We have a comprehensive list of
legislators who served during the Eighteenth Century and I did not find
his name. It is possible the list is mistaken; if so, please let us know!

If you could find out his death date, you might be able to find an
obituary that would tell you more about what his political involvement
was. Sometimes obituaries are very helpful, sometimes not. Have you
looked at his will and inventory? If he died without a will, you could
get a better idea of his death date from the orphans court papers. Death
dates are most often found in the church records. Let me know if you
would like some tips on researching more about his life.

Good luck in learning more about your ancestor. And let us know if you
find out he served in the Pennsylvania legislature!

David Haugaard, Editor
Biographical Dictionary

However, he later sent me another note regarding George Savitz as follows:

Dear Mr. Vaseau:

I did discover that a George Savitz represented Northampton and Wayne
counties in the 1807 Pennsylvania legislature. I don't know if he is
related to Joseph Savitz.

Good luck in your research.

David Haugaard, Editor
Biographical Dictionary

I think this George must be the son of the Jacob (the son of the original George) whose grave I found in Allentown when I was there last year. George was also reportedly the first Postmaster of Allentown. I have revised my notes in my database to
reflect these comments.

I have written another note back to Mr. Haguaard asking that he let me know what document he found this information in so we can reference this.

Oct. 2, 1999:

The following is the latest note from Mr. Haugaard concerning Joseph's service in the Ps. Assembly:

Dear Mr. Vaseau:

I think I may have misinformed you in my previous letter to you
concerning whether your ancestor Joseph Savitz served in the
Pennsylvania Assembly. I discovered that there was in our listing a
Joseph Savage who served as a representative of Bucks County in the
assemblies of 1779, 1780, 1782, and 1783. In the last mentioned
assembly, however, the spelling is Joseph Savitz. We assumed that this
was the same person, and that Savitz was simply just a different
spelling for Savage. However, that may not be the case, therefore,
Joseph Savitz served in 1783 whereas a Joseph Savage served the three
earlier terms. Or perhaps it is all the same person with two different
spellings. Good luck in figuring this out. Let me know when you find
out. The easiest way would be to look if there are separate estate files
for a joseph savage and a joseph savitz.

David Haugaard

Oct 3, 1999, received this note from David Zavitz re: surname:

Sun, 3 Oct 1999 18:34:24 -0700 (PDT)
David Zavitz <>
David Vaseau <>

Forgot to mention that Leslie listed SAVAGE as a
derivation. He notes that in many old documents he
studied the name was spelled differently even in the
same document and Savage was one of those. So, Joseph
could have been the earlier member.

October 9, 1999:

The following was received from Mr. David Haugaard, editor of the Biographical Dictionary of Pennsylvania Legislators:

Dear Mr. Vaseau:

In reply to your several questions:

1) The proper name of the legislature during the colonial period was the
Pennsylvania Assembly, 1682-1775. Under the 1776 state constitution the
legislature was known as the Pennsylvania General Assembly, 1776-1789.
Under the 1790 state constitution, a senate was also created: the two
legislative bodies were the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and
the Pennsylvania Senate. Together, the two bodies were the Pennsylvania
General Assembly. The titles remained the same under the 1838 state
constitution which remained in effect until at least the 1874 constitution.

2) the source for George Savitz's service for a footnote: Henry W.
Shoemaker, state archivist, ed., Historical List of the General
Assembly, 1790 to 1890, prepared by the Pennsylvania State Archives, no date.

3) the source for the information I sent you concerning Joseph Savitz:
List of Pennsylvania Legislators, 1682-1790, prepared by the
Biographical Dictionary of Pennsylvania Legislators Project, 1986.

4) the term in the assembly was for one year. The term did not change
until two years until the 1874 state constitution.

5) to find out about the revolutionary involvement of Joseph Savitz, I
would suggest a book which extracts materials from the many volumes of
the Pennsylvania Archives. I believe it is prepared by Mildred Corson
Williams. Anyway the book is entitled Patriots of Bucks County and
there is a copy at the Bucks County Historical Society. There is also a
book of extracts prepared by her about the Loyalists of Bucks County, of
which there is a copy at the historical society. There is also a list
there of the people who took the oath of allegiance to the revolutionary government.

Good luck with your research.

David Haugaard, Editor

Oct. 4, 199.

Note received from David Zavitz:

While brousing the site I ran across a
reference to the Daughters of the American Revolution.
After our discussion about spelling I thought you
might like this one!

"Joseph SEVITS 1734-94 served in Capt. George
Shriver's Company in Northampton PA militia. He died
in PA."
It goes on to list his descendent all SEVITS. It's
wild. Everytime you think you have it straight
another reference uses a different spelling for the
same people.
ie. Joseph Sevits m. Gloy Dictor

From a Web Site ( called Northampton County, Pennsylvania in the Revolution, the following information was found:

A listing for a Joseph "Sweitz" who served in the 7th Company, Class 3rd, 1st Battalion of the Northampton County Militia during the Revolutionary War. I believe the spelling of the last name is wrong...probably the “w” and the “e” were transposed either by the person originally making the entry, or by the person creating the web page. I believe that the name should be Sewitz, one of the derivatons of Savitz, Zavitz, Sevits, etc. I am sure this is Joseph Savitz, son of the “original” George. This belief is reinforced by the listing from the Daughters of the American Revolution indictaing that Joseph served in a company commanded by a Capt. George Shriver. This newest listing shows that a George Shriver serevd in the same company, although as a private, not a captain. It could have been that George Shriver was promoted later as a result of companies casualties of it’s original officers.

Stated source for this listing is History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Lehigh Publishing Co., Allentown Pa. Date: 1914

The following is a preface to the listings found at this web site which gives a brief overview of the situation in the American colonies that led to the actual outbreak of war which I believe is valuable in understanding the passion of those that were involved.

With the passage of the stamp act by the British Parliament on March 22, 1765, the American Colonies rebelled against helping boost the treasury of the English government which was low due to European wars. Within the repeal of the stamp act by Parliament March 18, 1766 was a clause which allowed Parliament the right to tax the colonies. In 1767 came a bill taxing tea, glass, paper, and painter’s colors. A bill introduced to Parliament on April 2, 1770, repealed all of this taxation except for tax on tea. Thus began the series of events leading to the American Revolution. Early in June, 1774, the Philadelphia Committee on Correspondence called a meeting at Philadelphia to ascertain the sentiments of the people. The representatives from Northampton County were William Edmonds, Peter Kichline, John Okely, and Jacob Arndt.

On December 21, 1774, a Committee of Observation for Northampton County was formed with the following members elected: Jacob Arndt; David Deshler; Casper Doll; Yost Dreisbach; Philip Drum; Nicholas Dupui Sr.; Andrew Engelman; Thomas Everett;Joseph Gaston; George Gilbert; Manuel Gonsales; Lewis Gordon; John Griesemer; John Hartman; Melchior Hay; John Hays Jr.; Peter Kachlein; Nicholas Kern; Henry Kooken; Daniel Knauss; Anthony Lerch; Michael Messinger; Abraham Miller; Jacob Morey; Michael Ohl; John Okely; George Taylor; Abraham Westrook; John Wetzel.
The Committee of Observation for Northampton County then chose the following for the Committee of Correspondence for Northampton County: Jacob Arndt; Lewis Gordon; Peter Kachlein; Henry Kooken; John Okely; George Taylor.

On January 9, 1775, the Committee of Observation chose Jacob Arndt, Peter Kachlein, John Okely, and George Taylor as representatives of Northampton County to the Provincial Convention held January 23-28, 1775 at Philadelphia. On May 6, 1775, at a meeting of the Northampton County Committee of Observation, a letter from the Philadelphia committee raised the question of whether to organize and arm men. On May 22, 1775, at the court house in Easton, the Committee of Observation endorsed the actions of the Continental Congress and recommended the men of the county muster and arm themselves.

More About Joseph Zavitz:
Alt. Surname Spelling: October 3, 1999, Savitz as "Savage"
Military service: Veteran of Revolutionary War
Political Office: Served in the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1779, 1780,1783 and 1783. Each term was for one year. He represented Bucks County
Children of Joseph Zavitz and Clora Dieter(Ditthart) are:
+ 58 i.   Rachel3 Zavitz, born May 4, 1774; died September 25, 1859.
+ 59 ii.   Maria Zavitz, born 1781.
  60 iii.   John Zavitz. He married (1) Mary Beier. He married (2) Marion Schneyder.
  61 iv.   S. George Zavitz. He married Maria Amdor; born 1781; died 1852.
  62 v.   Sybilla Christina Zavitz, born August 9, 1756.
+ 63 vi.   Joseph Zavitz.

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