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Ancestors of Earl Leland Vaughn

Generation No. 7

      66. Elias Chaffin, born 1804 in Jackson Co., TN; died March 1856 in Jefferson Co., IL. He was the son of 132. Abner Chaffin and 133. Jane Cox. He married 67. Nancy Meador Abt. 1822 in Jefferson Co., IL.

      67. Nancy Meador, born 1805 in Virginia; died Abt. 1850 in Jefferson Co., IL.

Notes for Elias Chaffin:
The first record found containing the name of Elias Chaffin is in the Survey Book of Richard F. Cooke. Witnessed by Edward Lax and Miles Dennis, page 587, Survey No. 511, on file, Putnam Co., Tenn.:

"Elias Chaffin
"By virtue of entry No. 1070 for 75 acres, dated January 21, 1827. I have surveyed for Elias Chaffin 75 acres of land in said county on the waters of Flynn Creek joining Joseph Chaffin's entry beginning at Hickory and Dogwood running South 110 poles with the West 109 poles to a double chestnut oak thence North 110 poles to a hickory black gum and dogwood in said Joseph Chaffin's South B line of his 50 acre tract. Thence East with said line passing the Northeast corner in all 109 poles to the beginning including the house and improvement now occupied by Miles Dennis."

Ranger Book, Jackson Co., Tenn. page 85, Sept. 10, 1829: "Taken up by Elias Chaffin 4 sheep, 2 ewes and lambs, one marked with a smoothe crop off the left ear and an upper slit in the right. One marked with a smoothe crop, - off ear not marked.----Appraised $3.00."
Children of Elias Chaffin and Nancy Meador are:
  33 i.   Elizabeth Chaffin, born Unknown in Tennessee; died October 1866 in Marion Co., IL; married Barney Vaughn 1833.
  ii.   Ruth Chaffin, born December 03, 1822 in Jackson Co., TN; died July 21, 1888 in Marion Co., IL; married Green Lee Chitwood December 02, 1840 in Marion County, IL; born Unknown in Lincoln Co., TN; died Unknown.
  More About Green Lee Chitwood:
Occupation: Farmer and stockraiser
Residence: Sec. 11, Odin Township, Marion Co., IL

  iii.   Sophia Chaffin, born Abt. 1824 in Jackson Co., TN; died Abt. 1890 in Barry Co., MO; married (1) William Wilburn October 08, 1840 in Marion Co., IL; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (2) Urias Vaughn February 10, 1844 in Marion Co., IL; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (3) Eli Albert September 16, 1848 in Clinton Co., IL; born July 11, 1828 in Marion Co., IL; died July 09, 1906 in Wilhurton, Indian Terr., OK, USA.
  Notes for Urias Vaughn:
Urias Vaughn, second husband of Sophia Chaffin, served in the Mexican War in Co. C, 1st Regiment, Illinois Volunteers. He died in the service, 25 April, 1848, Albuquerque, N.M.

  iv.   Millie Chaffin, born 1830 in Tennessee; died Unknown; married Hiram Randolph September 22, 1848; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  v.   Jefferson Chaffin, born 1833 in St. Clair Co., IL; died 1865 in Jefferson Co., IL; married Laverna Reed 1850 in Jefferson Co., IL; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  vi.   Emily Chaffin, born November 19, 1835 in Jackson Co., TN; died Unknown in Greene Co., MO; married James B. Porter September 04, 1851 in Washington Co., IL; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  More About James B. Porter:
Military service: Mexican War Veteran

  vii.   John Chaffin, born October 11, 1837 in Richview, Jefferson Co., IL; died April 13, 1894 in Richview, Jefferson Co., IL; married (1) Sarah M. Tyler May 30, 1854 in Richview, Jefferson Co., IL; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (2) Sarah Baker March 20, 1888 in Carlyle, Illinois; born Abt. 1845; died Unknown.
  More About John Chaffin:
Military service: Civil War Veteran

  viii.   Martha Chaffin, born 1840 in Odin, Marion Co., IL; died February 03, 1864; married Solomon Gray; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  More About Martha Chaffin:
Residence: Farm 3 miles North of Odin, IL

  Notes for Solomon Gray:
Military pension file No. XC-2675-334

  More About Solomon Gray:
Military service: Union Army, Co. G, 153rd Illinois Infantry

  ix.   Henry Chaffin, born 1842 in Illinois; died Unknown in Died young.
  x.   James Marion Chaffin, born 1843 in Illinois; died 1914 in Sandoval, Marion Co., IL; married Mary E. Warner July 20, 1865; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  More About James Marion Chaffin:
Residence: Carrigan Township, Marion Co., IL

  xi.   Mary Ellen Chaffin, born August 04, 1847 in Illinois; died March 23, 1916 in Carrington, Marion Co., IL; married (1) George W. Meredith March 14, 1867; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (2) Elisha Mitchell June 06, 1915; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  More About Mary Ellen Chaffin:
Burial: 1916, Antioch Cemetery

  xii.   Matilda C. Chaffin, born Unknown; died Unknown.

      68. Isaac Wimberly, born Abt. 1775 in Bertie County, NC; died Abt. 1849 in Smith County, TN. He was the son of 136. Lewis Wimberly and 137. Martha Barbee. He married 69. ? Abt. 1794 in Cannon County, TN.

      69. ?, born Unknown; died Unknown.
Children of Isaac Wimberly and ? are:
  i.   William Wimberly, born July 24, 1810 in Smith County, TN; died February 11, 1868 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, IL; married Rebecca Wakefield December 06, 1832 in Shelby County, IL; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  34 ii.   Abraham Wimberly, born 1812 in Tennessee; died Unknown in Tennessee; married Sarah or Sarah Morgan Abt. 1833 in Tennessee.

      70. John Morgan, born 1777 in Virginia; died Unknown. He married 71. ? Abt. 1800.

      71. ?, born Abt. 1780; died Unknown.
Child of John Morgan and ? is:
  35 i.   Sarah or Sarah Morgan, born 1812 in Virginia; died Unknown; married Abraham Wimberly Abt. 1833 in Tennessee.

      104. Thomas Gerrish, born September 12, 1786 in Boscawen, NH; died February 19, 1875 in Webster, NH. He was the son of 208. Col. Henry Gerrish and 209. Martha Clough. He married 105. Betsey Gerrish September 19, 1805 in Boscawen, NH.

      105. Betsey Gerrish, born December 31, 1787 in Boscawen, NH; died October 11, 1821 in Boscawen, NH. She was the daughter of 210. Joseph Gerrish and 211. Mary Bartlett.

Notes for Thomas Gerrish:
Lived on Boscawen Plain
Deacon of 1st Congregational Church
Moved to Webster in March 1867
His son, Henry died the same day in Patoka, Illinois
Children of Thomas Gerrish and Betsey Gerrish are:
  i.   Mary Gerrish, born 1806; died 1806.
  ii.   Joanna Eliza Gerrish, born August 22, 1807; died Unknown; married Adams Shepherd February 23, 1830; died Unknown.
  More About Joanna Eliza Gerrish:
Residence: Moved to Orio, Wabash County, IL

  52 iii.   Henry Gerrish, born May 30, 1809 in Sandoval, Marion County, IL; died February 19, 1875 in Patoka, Marion County, IL; married Eunice Crouch.
  iv.   Joseph Gerrish, born March 07, 1812; died April 15, 1816.
  v.   Mary Bartlett Gerrish, born March 24, 1815 in Boscawen, NH; died June 03, 1884 in West Lebanon, NH; married (1) Jefferson Gage Thurber March 06, 1834 in Monroe, MI; born December 30, 1807; died May 06, 1857; married (2) Samuel Wood September 05, 1871 in West Lebanon, NH; born September 1807; died Unknown.
  Notes for Jefferson Gage Thurber:
Presidential elector in 1848.
Speaker of Michigan House in 1858.

  vi.   Harlan P. Gerrish, born June 06, 1818; died April 13, 1876 in Clay City, IL; married Almira Clement; born December 02, 1819; died February 20, 1853.
  vii.   Elizabeth Gerrish, born September 05, 1820; died Unknown; married Jeremiah W. Wilson March 31, 1847 in Hopkinton, NH; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  viii.   Thomas Gerrish, born September 05, 1820; died Unknown; married (1) Susan M. Colby September 03, 1856; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (2) Caroline H. Lewis August 30, 1870 in Webster, NH; born Unknown; died Unknown.

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