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Ancestors of Earl Leland Vaughn

Generation No. 10

      528. John Chaffin, born February 10, 1706/07 in Swansea, Bristol, MA; died January 02, 1796 in Hampden, Connecticut. He was the son of 1056. John Chaffin and 1057. Sarah Hills. He married 529. Mehetabel Mascraft December 17, 1730 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut.

      529. Mehetabel Mascraft, born June 03, 1708 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut; died January 29, 1803 in S.Wilbraham, Hampden, Connecticut.
Children of John Chaffin and Mehetabel Mascraft are:
  i.   Mehetable Chaffin, born February 24, 1732/33 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut; died November 22, 1815 in S.Wilbraham, Hampden, Connecticut.
  ii.   Esther Chaffin, born January 14, 1734/35 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut; died Bef. 1834.
  iii.   Simeon Chaffin, born January 22, 1736/37 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut; died September 13, 1824 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut.
  iv.   Amy Chaffin, born March 02, 1738/39 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut; died Bef. 1747 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut.
  v.   Anna Chaffin, born May 01, 1739 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut; died Bef. 1747 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut.
  264 vi.   Amos Chaffin, born August 09, 1744 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut; died February 03, 1815 in Rochester, Windsor, Connecticut; married Mary Moore.
  vii.   Anna Chaffin, born Abt. 1747 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut; died Aft. 1780 in S.Wilbraham, Hampden, Connecticut.

      534. James Bruce, born May 20, 1720 in Scotland; died 1795 in Bardstown, Nelson, KY. He was the son of 1068. John Bruce and 1069. Sarah Parrell. He married 535. Margaret McMahon January 10, 1743/44 in Winchester, Frederick, VA/Winchester, VA.

      535. Margaret McMahon, born 1727 in Scotland; died Abt. 1796 in Nelson, KY. She was the daughter of 1070. William McMahon and 1071. Elizabeth Blair.
Children of James Bruce and Margaret McMahon are:
  i.   William Bruce, born February 14, 1744/45 in Maryland; died Bet. 1779 - 1836; married (1) Polly Lucas Bet. 1761 - 1794; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (2) Sally Harris May 21, 1807 in Nelson Co., KY; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  ii.   Elizabeth Bruce, born 1747 in Frederick, VA; died Bet. 1773 - 1841; married Thomas Anderson 1767; born 1733 in Hampshire Co., VA; died October 1806.
  267 iii.   Margaret Bruce, born 1751 in Montgomery, Frederick, Maryland/Frederick, Frederick Co., MD; died 1807 in Nelson, KY; married Capt. David Cox May 21, 1768 in Yohogania Co., VA.
  iv.   Jane Bruce, born 1754 in Frederick, VA; died Aft. 1813 in Nelson Co., KY; married William Marshall 1769 in Yohogania Co., VA; born 1750; died Bet. 1775 - 1841.
  v.   Nancy Bruce, born 1756 in Frederick, VA; died Bet. 1770 - 1850; married Samuel Perciful Bet. 1769 - 1800; born 1750; died Bet. 1771 - 1841.
  vi.   Ann Bruce, born 1758 in Frederick, VA; died Bet. 1772 - 1852; married Samuel Glass Bet. 1772 - 1805; born Bet. 1741 - 1761; died Bet. 1775 - 1847.
  vii.   George Bruce, born April 02, 1760 in Frederick, VA; died Aft. 1820 in Ohio; married Mary Barnett Bet. 1777 - 1807; born Bet. 1756 - 1775; died Bet. 1777 - 1860.
  viii.   James Bruce, born April 02, 1760 in Frederick, VA; died January 06, 1835 in Corydon, Harrison Co., IN; married Mary Runyon March 15, 1778 in Brucetown, Frederick Co., VA; born May 27, 1761 in Frederick, VA; died February 04, 1846 in Corydon, Harrison Co., IN.
  ix.   Sarah Bruce, born June 1764 in Frederick, VA; died October 1839 in Greene Co., OH; married Rev. Joshua Garman Abt. 1778; born 1715; died Bet. 1780 - 1809.

      544. Thomas Wimberly, born July 25, 1674 in Spaulding, Lincolnshire, England; died 1752 in Bertie County, NC. He was the son of 1088. John Wimberly and 1089. ?. He married 545. Mary Belle Abt. 1705 in Bertie County, NC.

      545. Mary Belle, born Abt. 1687 in Nansemond County, VA; died Unknown in Bertie County, NC.
Children of Thomas Wimberly and Mary Belle are:
  i.   Judith Wimberly, born Abt. 1707 in North Carolina; died Unknown; married Charles King Abt. 1727; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  ii.   Abraham Wimberly, born Abt. 1709; died Unknown.
  iii.   Isaac Wimberly, born Abt. 1711; died Unknown.
  iv.   Jacob Wimberly, born Abt. 1713; died Unknown; married ? Abt. 1733 in Chatham County, NC; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  v.   Susannah Wimberly, born Abt. 1715; died Unknown.
  vi.   Malachi Wimberly, born Abt. 1717; died Unknown.
  vii.   Selfey Wimberly, born Abt. 1719; died Unknown.
  viii.   Thomas Wimberly, born Abt. 1721; died Unknown.
  ix.   William Wimberly, born Abt. 1723; died Abt. 1785 in Edgefield District, SC; married Mary Abt. 1744 in Edgefield District, SC; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  x.   Mary Wimberly, born Abt. 1727; died Unknown.
  xi.   Sarah Wimberly, born Abt. 1729; died Unknown.
  272 xii.   Lewis Wimberly, born Abt. 1731 in Chatham County, NC; died Unknown; married ? Abt. 1749 in Bertie County, NC.

      548. John Barbee, born 1683 in Middlesex County, VA; died February 19, 1748/49 in Essex Co., VA. He was the son of 1096. William Barbee and 1097. Elizabeth Beaumont. He married 549. Ann Miller December 25, 1709.

      549. Ann Miller, born 1693 in Middlesex County, VA; died October 20, 1766 in Essex Co., VA. She was the daughter of 1098. John Miller and 1099. Michel.
Children of John Barbee and Ann Miller are:
  i.   William Barbee, born 1711; died March 1758 in Orange Co., NC; married Rachel Dodson Abt. 1731; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  274 ii.   Christopher Barbee, born 1713 in Middlesex County, VA; died 1777 in Wake County, NC; married Margaret Abt. 1743 in Chatham County, NC.
  iii.   John Barbee, born 1715 in Orange Co., NC; died 1792 in Orange Co., NC; married ? Abt. 1735; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  iv.   Joseph Barbee, born Abt. 1717; died Unknown.
  v.   Mary Barbee, born Abt. 1719; died Unknown.
  vi.   Rose Barbee, born Abt. 1719; died Unknown.
  vii.   Michael Barbee, born Abt. 1723; died Unknown.
  viii.   Francis Barbee, born 1727; died Aft. 1762; married ? Howes Abt. 1747; born Unknown; died Unknown.

      832. Col. Joseph Gerrish, born March 20, 1681/82 in Newbury, MA; died January 10, 1765 in Newbury, MA. He was the son of 1664. Moses Greenleafe Gerrish and 1665. Jane Sewall. He married 833. Mary Little February 26, 1703/04 in Newbury, MA.

      833. Mary Little, born January 13, 1685/86 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA; died June 1761 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA. She was the daughter of 1666. Moses Littell and 1667. Lydia Coffin.

Notes for Col. Joseph Gerrish:
- Three Other Children died as infants. Notes on Children: Moses ran a Ferry in Newburyport in 1736. Joseph was elected several times as Newbury representative to the general Court and was involved in the separation of Newburyport and the debates leading up to the revolution.

- Says the Rev. Jacob Little "Col. Joseph Gerrish had such muscular power, that he swam the Merrimack River, near its mouth, every year until he was past 70. The weight of four of his children was 1,200 Ibs. "

- His house was located on Orchard Street in Byfield and is still standing near the Great Meadows Farm. I believe this was also where his grandfather William Gerrish lived, although not in the present house. It is said there is a large bolder on the property, the "Gerrish Rock". I have not yet located it.

- Both Joseph Gerrish (03/20/1681/2 - 01/10/1765) and his wife Mary Little (01/13/1685/6 - 06/DD/1761) are buried in the Walnut Hill Cemetery on Bachellor Street in West Newbury. There are many Bartletts buried here as well.

- His father Moses Gerrish (05/09/1656 - 12/04/1694) married Jane Sewall (10/25/1659 - 01/29/1716/7) the daughter of Henry Sewall (1614 - 05/16/1700) and Jane Dummer (1628 - 01/13/1700/01) and sister of Samuel Sewall. Samuel Sewall often mentions Colonel Joseph Gerrish and visiting at his home in Newbury. Samuel describes Joseph at age 13 driving Joseph' grandmother (Jane Dummer Sewall) to Boston in a carriage. Jane Dummer Sewall is a cousin of the Governor Dummer for whom Governor Dummer Academy in Byfield is named.

- An account could be written of Joseph's sons Joseph, Samuel, and Jacob that might make them sound like they one the Revolution single handedly as all commanded regiments. However, Jacob rather tarnished the family name being court martialed for having been found asleep in a haystack during the Battle of Bunker Hill. An appeals court later acquitted him.

More About Col. Joseph Gerrish:
Burial: Unknown, Walnut Hill Cemetery, West Newbury, MA
Elected: State Rep. from Newbury for 20 years.
Military service: Indian wars

More About Mary Little:
Burial: Unknown, Walnut Hill Cemetery, West Newbury, MA
Children of Joseph Gerrish and Mary Little are:
  i.   Moses Gerrish, born April 15, 1706 in Newbury, MA23; died February 18, 1772 in Newbury, MA; married Mary Moody April 18, 1728 in Byfield, MA23; born 170823; died Unknown.
  More About Moses Gerrish:
Individual Note: 1735, Leased part of ferry at Newburyport
Occupation: Farmer in Byfield, MA

  ii.   Joseph Gerrish, born September 10, 1708 in Newbury, MA; died May 26, 1776; married Catherine Brown; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  More About Joseph Gerrish:
Elected: Several times representative to General Court
Individual Note: Rode Pony Express to Boston
Military service: Colonel in Revolution; French & Indian War

  416 iii.   Capt. Stephen Gerrish, born January 22, 1711/12 in MA; died 1789 in Boscawen, NH; married (1) Martha Chase; married (2) Joanna Hale July 15, 1741 in Boscawen, NH.
  iv.   Mary Gerrish, born September 10, 1714; died Unknown; married ? Griggs in Roxbury, MA; died Unknown.
  v.   Jane Gerrish, born October 12, 1717 in Newbury, MA; died Unknown in Boscawen, NH; married Phineas Stevens November 24, 1741; died Unknown.
  Notes for Phineas Stevens:
First minister at Boscawen, NH.

  vi.   Elizabeth Gerrish, born March 05, 1719/20; died Unknown; married Steven March June 14, 1753 in Portsmouth, NH; died Unknown.
  vii.   Sarah Gerrish, born July 18, 1722 in Newbury, MA; died Unknown; married Moses Newell; died Unknown.
  More About Sarah Gerrish:
Adoption: By Judge Samuel Sewall

  viii.   Judith Gerrish, born January 07, 1723/24; died August 1765; married Daniel Thurston in Bradford, MA; died Unknown.
  ix.   Col. Samuel Gerrish, born April 03, 1728; died 1795 in West Newbury, MA; married Sarah Johnson in West Newbury, MA; died Unknown.
  More About Col. Samuel Gerrish:
Burial: Unknown, Bridge St. Cemetery
Military service: Revolution; French & Indian War

  More About Sarah Johnson:
Burial: Unknown, Bridge St. Cemetery

  x.   Rebecca Gerrish, born October 29, 1732; died Unknown in West Newbury, MA; married Joshua March January 01, 1750/51 in West Newbury, MA; died Unknown.

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