For most of this material, I am indebted to Cohen D. Cochran, whose research was published in THE COLONIAL GENEALOGIST (editors Rodney & Patricia Hartwell, Hermosa Beach, CA), Volume VI, Number 4 and Volume VII, Number 1. I talked with Mr. Cochran back in 1989 and he shared with me a copy of the will of Richard Tullos of Cumberland Co. NC.


ORDER BOOK ABSTRACTS, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY VIRGINIA 1669-1673 by Ruth & Sam Sparacio (The Antient Press), pp 7 & 64, has the following:

-John Lawrence & Cloud Tullus being arrested to this cort at ye suite of Robt. Hitchcock for 680 lb. Tobacco & caske & not appearing—judgement granted Hitchcock.

-Court 19 June 1672 "whereas Capt. John Rogers & Anth. Lynton, churchwardens of ye Parish have presented Sarah Tullus for keepinge unlawfull Society with: John Lawrence & having a bastard childe by him (as it is supposed her Husband was absent from her ten monthes)."

This Sarah Tullos must have been the wife of Cloud Tullos The birth to Cloud of a daughter, Susanna, was registered in St. Stephen's Parish in 1672, but there is nothing to show whether this daughter was the "bastard childe" or not. Cloud and Sarah went on to have other children, and the Lawrence and Tullos families continued to interact with one another, but the exact relationships between the families are still somewhat muddled at this point. Any enlightening information is welcome!

Claudius/Cloud Tullos

Cloud was born about 1641 and first shows up in Northumberland Co. Virginia records in 1665 when he got a patent for transporting 2 people. He is thought to be of Scottish descent, but it isn't known when he immigrated to America nor when he married. His wife was named Sarah (surname unknown). In 1683 his son Cloud, deaf and dumb, was excluded from the levy. Since you had to be at least 21 to qualify for the levy, it is assumed Cloud (Jr.) was born by 1662. Births of three children to Cloud Tullos are recorded in St. Stephens Parish: Richard 3-29-1667; Susanna 2-6-1672 and John 6-12-1682. Another child, Sarah, wife of James Fulks, is named in Sarah Tullos' will, admitted to probate 12 Mar 1713/14. Cloud Tullos died by 19 Jul 1700, when Sarah made motion for probate. His will was proved by the oaths of Vincent Garner and John Walter. (I mention this because the Garner family was also in Prince William Co. VA and Randolph Co. NC in the same areas as the Larrance/Lawrence family.)

John Tullos, son of Cloud & Sarah Tullos

John Tullos was born 12 June 1682 in Northumberland Co. Virginia and died there in 1737. His widow, Barbara Tullos, refused to serve as administratrix. At Northumberland County Court, 11 April 1737, Richard Tullos made petition that he be named administrator for the estate of John Tullos, who died intestate.

The occurrence of the given name Rodham in subsequent generations has caused speculation of a connection between the Tullos and Rodham families. No proof has been found to document such a connection. There was a Matthew Rodham in Northumberland Co. who had a lot of descendants. Cohen Cochran speculated that it is possible that Sarah, wife of Cloud Tullos, was a daughter of Matthew Rodham. Another possible connection could be through Barbara, the wife of John Tullos. Barbara may have been a daughter of Robert and Susanna Mason; Susanna Mason was probably a daughter of Matthew Rodham.

St. Stephen's Parish Register records births for seven children to John Tullos: Richard, Sarah, John, Susana, Rodham, Winifred and Jane. The children of John and Barbara Tullos were:

  1. Richard Tullos - born 1 Jan 1701. See further.
  2. Sarah Tullos - born 7 July 1704 (One of my Lawrence cousins thinks this Sarah might be the same as Sarah, wife of Edward Larrance who died 1786 in Fauquier Co. VA. Though a very tempting possibility, thus far, nothing has been found to either prove or disprove this possibility.)
  3. John Tullos - born 11 May 170(6) (the parish register had the year as 1709, an apparent error when the present register was copied from the original)
  4. Susanna Tullos - born 18 Dec 1707
  5. Winifred Tullos - born 15 July 1709
  6. Rodham Tullos - born 24 May 1712. See further
  7. Jane Tullos - born 9 Feb 1714

Richard Tullos, son of John and grandson of Cloud Tullos

St. Stephen's Parish records births of several children to Richard Tiles (sic): Richard in 1730 and twins Elizabeth and Sarah Ann in 1731. By 1751 Richard was living in St. Anne Parish in Albemarle County Virginia. On 8 June 1751 Richard sold 150 acres in Northumberland Co. to Major William Taite, who already owned adjoing land. The deed states that the land "was escheated by Claud Tullos about the year sixteen hundred and eighty, which land descended to his son, John Tullos, and from him to his son, Richard Tullos, one of the parties of this deed." Richard received several patents for land in Albemarle County (which later became Bedford County). On several deeds when he sold land, his wife Elizabeth is named. They appear to have left Bedford Co. by about 1764, moving for a short time to Anson County, North Carolina before settling in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

On 4 Feb 1765 Richard Tullos of Anson Co. NC bought 200 acres of land and a mill in Cumberland County, NC from John Smith, Sandhill. Rassie E. Wicker, in his book MISCELLANEOUS ANCIENT RECORDS OF MOORE COUNTY, NC (1971), page 357, wrote this about Richard Tullos (or Tillis): "The late Neill Dowd who, until his death a few years ago, lived on this land, told the writer that it was said that Tillis attempted to improve his mill by the construction of a flume or ditch along the rocky bank of the creek, to a point downstream where a great head could be secured. The work progressed until a particularly refractory ledge of rock was encountered. In a bull-headed attempt to remove this obstruction, Tillis spent all his means and finally committed suicide. The writer has seen the traces of this flume, and the obstruction which defeated Tillis' efforts. On February 10th, 1780, Elizabeth, Temple and Willoby Tillis conveyed this land and mill to Isaac Saunders." (I don't know if Richard Tullos really committed suicide. Elizabeth Tullos appears on the 1782 tax list for Anson County, and on the 1783 census for Duplin Co. NC. Temple and Willoughby Tullos are also heads of household in the 1783 Duplin Co. census.)

The will of Richard Tullos was written on 21 March 1771 and it was filed before court in October 1771. His will names John Lawrence and son, John Tullos, executors. Richard lived in what is now Moore Co., just over the border from southeastern Randolph County. I think the executor John Lawrence must've been my ancestor who was in Randolph Co. If so, it is the only instance I've found of Tullos/Lawrence dealings in NC.

Richard Tullos' son, Richard, remained in Bedford Co. Virginia, where he died about 1817. He and his wife were Quakers. In September 1774, Richard (Tullas) was granted permission to visit at New Garden Monthly Meeting in North Carolina, which was in Guilford Co. NC. Perhaps he was visiting his mother, or seeing to some business from his father's estate?

Will of RICHARD TULLOS - Cumberland Co. NC

In the name of God Amen - I Richard Tullos being sick and weak in body but sound and perfect mind and memory, thanks be to Almighty God for the same and calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it is appointed unto all men once to die, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following Viz:

First and principally I recommend my soul to God my Maker beseeching his most gracious acceptance of it In and through the prevailing merits and intercession of Jesus Christ my most compassionate Saviour and Redeemer and my body to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors herein mentioned, nothing doubting but I shall receive the same at the

general Resurrection at the Last Day and as for such worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to Bless me with, I do give and dispose of them in manner and form following:

First I will that my debts and funeral charges be paid.

Imprimis I give and Bequeath unto Elizabeth my beloved wife the use benefits and profits of one third part of the Grist Mill and Plantation whereon I now live during her widowhood or life and after her marriage or death to be equally divided between my two youngest sons Temple and Willoughby, and also my sorrel horse her bridle and saddle and whatever

hroned cattle I have, I give to her to be at her disposal entirely.

Item - I give and bequeath unto my beloved son-in-law James Morgan and daughter Sarah one ewe.

Item- I give and bequeath unto my two sons John and Tapley two hundred acres of land joining the old survey granted by His Majesty Letters Patent unto John Smith bearing date 21 February 1763, to be equally divided between them to quantity and quality, according as they shall agree and if they cannot decide it, to refer it to such manner they shall choose.

Item- I give and bequeath unto my sons Temple and Willoughby the plantation whereon I now live and mill to be equally divided between them when they shall arrive to the age of twenty one years as before mentioned to the other Legatees and until then for my beloved wife to have the whole profits of it, my mill.

Item- I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Bunell(Bupell, Buxell???), Jane Gwyn and son Richard Tullos five shillings each to be paid by my two youngest sons when they come of age of twenty one years.

Lastly I do appoint JOHN LAWRENCE and my son John Tullos as Executors to this my last Will and Testament and do dis-annul all former wills and testaments by me heretofore made and declare this to be my last Will and Testament witness my hand & seal 21 March 1771

Richard Tullos ***SEAL***

James Sanders (Sandery/Sanday?)

Joseph Buchanan

William X Morris (his mark)

October Term 1771

Then was the prosecution of this Will of Richard Tullos in special court in due form of law proved by the oath of William Morris Jr. one of the subscribing witnesses heretofore and ordained and ordered, be filed and at the same time John Tullos one of the Executors in said will mentioned qualified by taking the oath of an Executor agreeable to law.

Witness: Thomas Rutherford C.C.


Rodham Tullos, son of John and grandson of Cloud Tullos

Rodham Tullos (born 1712) moved by June 1735 from Northumberland County to Prince William County, Virginia, where he purchased 100 acres of land in Hamilton Parish from John Boystone. He appears in several records and is on a list of taxpayers in 1751. He lived in that part of Prince William County that became Fauquier County in 1759. The wife of Rodham Tullos was named Susannah. On "10 October 1769, Joshua Tullos and his mother, Susannah Tullos, transferred 100 acres of land in Hamilton Parish, Fauquier County, to Rodham Tullos for a consideration of 18 pounds sterling." Cohen Cochran believes that record indicates that Rodham Tullos (Sr.) had died before 1769 and his widow, Susannah, and son, Joshua, were transferring property which they had inherited to another son, Rodham Tullos (Jr.).

The children of Rodham and Susannah Tullos were:

  1. Joshua Tullos - born 1735 in Prince William Co. and died 1827 in Fauquier Co. Virginia. He married Gladys McDonald in Fauquier Co. in 1770. In his will Joshua spells his name "Tulloss" and his male descendants seem to have continued with that spelling. Joshua did name a son Rodham, but this Rodham Tulloss was born 1772 in Fauquier Co. VA and died 1840 in Williamson Co. Tennessee.
  2. Richard Tullos - born about 1737 in Prince William Co. VA. His will in Fauquier Co. was the first one recorded in the newly created county. He apparently died unmarried, without issue, and left only a very small estate.
  3. Will of RICHARD TULLOS - Fauquier Co. Virginia

    I Richard Tullos do make this my Last Will and Testament I give my Horse to Peter Lawrence all my Clothes ___ I give to Edward Lawrence Jun. The money in Martin Hardin Hand I give to Jeanny Lawrence and the rest of my Estate to my Sisters oldest son __ (looks like N.3. or N.B.) There is 40/or thereabouts in the Hands of William Shumake which I have no Account of, my crop at Seatons to my Sisters eldest son I do hereby impower my Friend John Markham to settle all my Accounts and take charge of the whole til the Child is of Age Given from me this 13th of July 1758 Richard (his mark R) Tullos


    William Marshall

    Thomas Conway

    At a Court held for Fauquier County the 24th Day of May 1759 This will was proved by the oath of William Marshal a witness thereto and ordered to be recorded And it appearing to the Court that John Markham the Executor therein named refused to take upon him the Execution thereof On the motion of Edward Lawrence who made oath according to Law Certificate is granted him for obtaining Letters of Administration of the Estate of the said Richard Tullos with the will annexed he having with Joseph Hudnal and James Foley his Securitys entered into and acknowledged Bond for the same

    Teste Humphrey Brooke Clk.

    June 8 1759 We the appraisers hath apprais'd the estate of Richard Tullos decd. According to order of Court all that was brought to our view

    To 1 horse…L 4.10.0 one Chist 4 L. his Wairing Clothes 40/….. L 6.14.0

    To 1 Broad Axe & other rifles 15 L. Three Bushells & a peck of Corn 6/6… L l.l.6

    L 7.15.6

    Richard Lutteril Clement Norman George Crosby

    At a Court held for Fauquier County the 28th day of June 1759. This inventory & appraisement was returned and ordered to be recorded.

    Test Humphrey Brooke Clk.

    Received the Remainder of the Estate of Richard Tullos Deceased

    To Cash………………L 11.4.1

    To Tobacco ……………520

    Edward Larrance

    At a Court held for Fauquier County the 23d day of October 1760. This Inventory was returned & Ordered to be recorded.

    Test. H. Brooke CC.


  4. Rodham Tullos - was born about 1740 in Prince William Co. VA. He married in 1764 in Fauquier Co. to Ann James Finnie, widow of John Finnie and daughter of John James. Rodham appears to have intermittently used the spelling Tulloss, as have some of his descendants. Rodham and Ann had seven children, including a son, Rodham, who was born 1780 in Fauquier Co. and died there 1842.
  5. (Jeanny) Tullos- The will of Richard Tullos in 1759 makes a bequest to his "Sisters oldest son" who was underage at that time. Since the will also makes a bequest to Jeanny Lawrence, it is thought that this Jeanny was the sister of Richard Tullos. It is possible, however, that the sister's name is not given in the will. Peter Lawrence and Edward Lawrence Jun. were also named in the will, and they had a sister, Jean Lawrence who could have been the Jeanny Lawrence named in the will. If the Jeanny Lawrence was the sister of Rodham Tullos, it is possible that she was a young 2nd wife for Edward Sr., but I've never seen anything to indicate a 2nd wife for him (nor when his 1st wife might have died). Edw. Sr.'s 4 sons all seem to have been born by 1745, and Jeanny couldn't have been born herself until about 1732 or later, so she certainly doesn't appear to have been the mother of any of Edward's children. Nor does Jeanny appear to have been the wife of one of the 4 sons named in the will of Edward Larrance Sr. Edward Sr. did name one (and only one) grandchild in his will: Rodham Tullos Lawrence. This Rodham Tullos Lawrence was baptized in 1762 in Prince William Co., so it is uncertain whether he was born by 1759 or not. His parents are not known, but he married Elizabeth Lawrence, a daughter of Richard Lawrence and grandaughter of Edward Larrance Sr. You can make all sorts of guesses as to Richard Tullos' sister and her child, but the fact is that for now it's all a big mystery.

Robin Lawrentz e-mailed me the following, which I have not been able to check on yet: "One item you might like to double check is from the "Fauquier County, Virginia Guardian Bonds 1759-1871" by John Gott, published by Heritage Books, Inc. It appears the Rodham Tullos was adopted by Edward Lawrence. He was granted guardianship of Rodham Tullos when his father died leaving him an orphan. The original executor of the Tullos estate declined to take the responsibility and Edward volunteered. I would guess that he was named in the will so that his inheritance could be returned to him. Since the Lawrence surname was tacked on to his original name I have to assume that Edward also adopted him."