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Ancestors of Herbert Davis Vogel, Jr.

Generation No. 4

      8. Israel Vogel, born March 14, 1841; died June 20, 1909. He was the son of Johann Georg Vogel and Carolina Dieterlen. He married 9. Frederica Margaret Wagner November 2, 1865 in Freedom Township, MI.

      9. Frederica Margaret Wagner, born October 10, 1845 in Father's Farm, Freedom, MI; died May 20, 1906 in Chelsea , MI. She was the daughter of Johannes Wagner and Christina Hahn.

Notes for Frederica Margaret Wagner:
Freidreiche Margaret Wagner was best known to her friends as "Ricka" (an abbreviation of Freidreiche). She was the wife of Israel Vogel and the daughter of John Wagner. She was born on her father's farm in Freedom, Michigan on October 10, 1845. She is buried in the family lot in Oak Grove Cemetary.
      There is no information regarding her mother, but there is some reason to believe her name was Genther, and it is known that she died when Ricka was still a very little girl; and, that following her death, Ricka was taken to live with her Uncle William Wagner in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she lived until her marriage in 1865.
      It is improbable that she ever attended school for a single day. Her Aunt Priscilla (A typical Moravian) undertook her early training and education, and it must be admitted that she did a creditable job.
      Shortly after her marriage to Israel Vogel they lived on North Street in Chelsea. The house has been removed. Later they bought and moved into the house which is on the east side of East Street at the corner of Jackson Street in Chelsea. Both Israel and Fredreiche died in that house.
      The Wagner household at that time consisted of three sons and a daughter, and Ricka was, in reality, the housemaid; she was carefully taught all the household arts and to read and write. The family attended the Congregational Church and her Aunt was at least outwardly religiously inclined. A short religious service was held early every morning in which a chapter of the Bible was read; each member of the household reading one verse in turn, after which the "Duchess" would make a long prayer.
      I ( ) during my sophmore year at the University, lived in the household and can well imagine the conditions under which Ricka grew up. It surely could not be a happy childhood. I do not believe that she was discriminated against in favor of her cousins in the household; they were subject to strict discipline and routine, but she certainly did not receive the educational privileges as did her cousins. They were all university graduates. There is no evidence that she was ever paid for her services except in room and board.
      She was a great reader and could easily be called well educated, through her own efforts. Considering the condition in which she was reared, she still developed many wonderful attributes: she learned the value of a dollar; she developed a steadfast, unquestioning faith in God; she believed that every minute was precious and not to be wasted in unprofitable amusement; she was honest, sincere, and out-spoken. Above all, she was a lady; first, last, and always.
      I cannot even once, remember seeing her idle or seeing her seated with her hands in her lap through all the years that preceeded her invalidism. When household duties did not claim all of her time, she would have many, many other things to do.
      She loved flowers, and grew them in quanity, and very successfully until prevented by sickness. Many times each year she decorated a great many graves in the cemetary. When late in life, and she was confined to the wheel chair, I would wheel her out to the garden where she would watch me work and tell me what to do, and we still had lots of flowers: petunias, vebenas, styeriums, stock, asters, pansies, etc., and it is a question wheter she or I enjoyed it the most.
      At night she would busy herself mending or making our clothes. She made oll of my shirts, and I was, indeed, proud of the fine workmanship. Or she would sew carpet rags, or piece quilts. I believe at her death she had more than 80 quilts in various stages of completion. While she never opposed the playing of games, she never played one herself, she did not have the time.

Children of Israel Vogel and Frederica Wagner are:
  4 i.   Lewis Phillip Vogel, born October 31, 1873 in Chelsea; died November 26, 1954 in Chelsea MI; married (1) Pearl May Davis October 25, 1899 in Home of her parents at 7PM; married (2) Elizabeth Schoenith- Graber June 11, 1917.
  ii.   Carolina (Carrie) Vogel, born September 25, 1867 in Chelsea MI; died November 10, 1941 in Chelsea MI; married Clarence William Maroney December 9, 1891 in St. Paul Lutheran Church Chelsea MI; born June 2, 1859 in Chelsea MI; died August 18, 1936 in Chelsea MI.
  Notes for Carolina (Carrie) Vogel:
The following are notes of Karl Vogel, Carries brother:
"Carrie as she was known to all her friends was unquestionable the village belle during her girlhood days and she had all that was needed to win the title. She was a beautiful girl, wonderfully proportioned, vivacious, active, possesed of boundless energy, full of fun, and of a friendly and cooperative nature.
      Before her marriage in 1891 she was a popular and efficient saleslady in George Kempf's Dry Goods store on North Main Street in Chelsea. After her marriage, she lived the rest of her life in what had been the Davidson home at the corner of Railroad and McKinley Streets in Chelsea, one of the oldest houses in town that Clarence remodeled by the addition of a large porch, a number of plate glass windows, and other alterations making it into a large and attractive home that occupied a large corner lot.
Carrie was a great lover of flowers, and her large and well tended garden contained many well grown varieties, including a host of many different oriental poppies, all lovely. She was a talented mimic, and in latter life she delighted in dressing up and impersonating many characters to the delight of the children, my own (Karl) included, whenever they visited her.
      She was a member of the Eastern Star, an organization where she held many offices down through the years. She was an early member of the "Cythererians", a ladies group that included all the first ladies of the village in its membership; and she and the members of her family were long members of the Congressional Church.
      During the long illness of her mother Ricka Vogel, Carrie took over, for years, many of the old home household duties, including the family wash and much of its mending and clothes repairs. She was indeed a loyal and ever helpful daughter and sister.

      I (Karl, her brother) well remember the day of her marriage to Clarence Maroney, and the extensive preparations that preceded it. I was eight years old at the time. They moved immediately into their home across the tracks, and since "Mac" had alwaysbeen my boyhood idol, I took it on myself to go over to their house bright and early the next morning for breakfast, their very first meal at home and their very first visitor I have often wondered how welcome I was.

  Notes for Clarence William Maroney:
As written by Karl Vogel brother of Carrie and Lewis Vogel.
"His parents were devout Roman Catholics, but early in life Daniel joined the Free Masons and he was a loyal nd active member of that organization until his death.
      Clarence or "Mac" as he was familiarly called, was a fine figure of a mand, over six feet tall and broad shouldered, with curly black hair and a handsome, clean shaven face. He was a building contractor and a carpenter by trade, and as a carpenter he was truely and artist.

  iii.   Minne Vogel, born July 20, 1871; died January 24, 1955 in Chelsea Nursing Home; married Alvin Marriott September 21, 1905 in Chelsea.
  iv.   Karl Vogel, born May 3, 1883 in Chelsea MI; died February 9, 1959 in Omaha, Ne; married Mary Celina Wood December 19, 1912 in Omaha , Nebr; born March 12, 1888 in St. Joseph, Mo; died March 11, 1966.
  v.   Anna Christina Vogel, born September 11, 1869.

      10. Charles Melville Davis, born March 18, 1834 in Lodi Township, Washtenaw Co, Mich.; died October 7, 1918 in Chelsea, Mich. He was the son of Randolph Davis and Mary (Polly) Geddes. He married 11. Minerva Lorinda Geddes April 6, 1862.

      11. Minerva Lorinda Geddes, born February 1, 1842 in Lodi Township, Washtenaw Co, Mich.; died December 25, 1916 in Lodi Township, Washtenaw Co, Mich.. She was the daughter of Henry Geddes and Maria Margaret Isabell Jones.

Notes for Charles Melville Davis:
He was only briefly married to to Maria Margaret Isabell (Davis) when the Civil War broke out sohe hires someone to take his place in the Army. Charles Davis loved music. He had a lovely tenor voice and sang in the church choir and played the violin for dances. He loved to draw and always had a large5 cent tablet in his rolled-top walnut desk. He drew horses and danced the jig to amuse his grandchildren. He even danced the occasioan jig in his 80's. He always carried pepermints in his pocket for his grandchildren. His granddaughter, Marjorie (Mapes) Atkins recalls, "He used to tell me when he'd bake a cake, 'If it's good, I did it. If it isn't, you made it.' "

More About Charles Melville Davis:
Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery,Chelsea Mich.

More About Minerva Lorinda Geddes:
Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery,Chelsea Mich.
Children of Charles Davis and Minerva Geddes are:
  5 i.   Pearl May Davis, born July 10, 1874; died December 17, 1915 in Chelsea MI; married Lewis Phillip Vogel October 25, 1899 in Home of her parents at 7PM.
  ii.   Irvina Davis
  iii.   Minna Ursla Davis, born February 1, 1869; married Samuel A. Mapes September 29, 1897 in Chelsea, Mich.

      12. John Adam Elliott, born November 14, 1837; died January 7, 1887 in Charlotsville, VA in Maplewood Cemetary. He married 13. Mary Elizabeth Doss February 27, 1867 in Charlotsville, VA in First Baptist Ch.

      13. Mary Elizabeth Doss, born April 17, 1845; died December 6, 1918 in Louisville, Ky buried in Maplewood Cemetary, Charlottesvile.
Children of John Elliott and Mary Doss are:
  6 i.   William Eugene Elliott, born December 23, 1871 in Lynchburg, VA; died September 11, 1932 in Washington, DC; married Cora Belle Hudson April 10, 1895.
  ii.   Lola Loriene Elliott, born January 25, 1875 in Lynchburg, VA.
  iii.   Robert Doss Elliott, born October 28, 1877; died March 29, 1914 in Buried with Sister in Maplewood Cemetary, Charlottesville, Va.

      14. John Daniel Hudson, born June 8, 1844 in Nelson County; died 1922 in Richmond, Va., Buried in Ronceverte, WV. He was the son of Samuel Hudson and Sarah Pon Mountcastle. He married 15. Elizabeth Whitehead Wright October 27, 1869 in Amherst, Va.

      15. Elizabeth Whitehead Wright, born July 7, 1850 in Amherst County, Va.; died July 24, 1894 in Ronceverte, WV (Riverview Cemetery). She was the daughter of Wright.

Notes for John Daniel Hudson:
      Resident of Ronceverte, W.Va., he is buried there.

      Medium height, slightly heavy with blue eyes and reddish sandy hair and a smartly kept Vandyke beard. He was aristocratic in bearing and quite forceful in manner with a marked courtesy of the "Old South".
      He was the assistant manager of the " Old White" at White Sulfer Springs, West Virginia. Being an excellent horseman, he was very interested in fine horses. In later years he was an enthusiastic story teller with his accounts of activities during the war between the States.

      He was a young Confederate soldier during the War between the States. He spoke of the time he tended General Lee's Horse, Traveler when he was 16 yrs. old.     

      It was said by our family that he served in Picketts Division. He did serve early in the war in Comany G, 7th Virginia cavalry under Ashley. His card was 44371224- documented by the DOA, Wash D.C.
      He lived last years of his life in a Hotel on Grace Street in Richmond, VA. He died in Charlottsville, Va. hospital.

More About John Daniel Hudson:
Fact 1: Young confederate soldier

  Notes for Elizabeth Whitehead Wright:
Died at 3:45 AM of Typhoid Fever
Children of John Hudson and Elizabeth Wright are:
  7 i.   Cora Belle Hudson, born April 13, 1876 in White Sulfer Springs; died February 10, 1959 in DC, buried Maplewood Cem Charlottesville, VA; married William Eugene Elliott April 10, 1895.
  ii.   Leonidas Spurgeon Hudson
  More About Leonidas Spurgeon Hudson:
Fact 1: Nickname Lon

  iii.   Robert Lee Hudson, born March 20, 1876; died July 14, 1943.
  Notes for Robert Lee Hudson:
Buried in Riverview Cemetary, Ronceverte, West Virginia, Hudson Plot.

  iv.   John Hudson
  v.   Clarence Dickerson Hudson
  vi.   Isla Hudson, born September 20, 1892; died August 23, 1972 in Maplewood Cemetary; married Roy S. Cole.

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