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Updated July 31, 2013

Godfrey Harry Spencer -Sponneck

Bramlin Street

Linton Grange

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 6025

+27 83 628 5161

German: Graf = Count / Reichsgraf = Count-of-the-Empire (Holy Roman Empire) pertains to all 'Von Sponeck' born family members.
Danish: Greve = Count / Rigsgreve = Count-of-the-Realm (Danish Realm) pertains to all 'Sponneck' born family (male & female for life).

THE HOUSE OF SPONECK / SPONNECK began on the 2nd August, 1701, when the Silesian 'Knights', the four siblings 'Von Hedwiger', were together all elevated to the rank and title of 'Counts-of-the-Empire' by the Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I, in Vienna. They were Georg Wilhelm, Anna Sabina, Johann Christoph and Johann Rudolph von Hedwiger. They took their title name from the South German Rhine castle, 'BURG SPONECK' (built by Rudolph I - the first Holy Roman Emperor in 1285) in Kaiserstuhl, Breisgau, Baden-Wuerttemberg. At the time of their elevation Burg Sponeck belonged to the Dukes' of Wuerttemberg in whose employ Georg Wilhelm was, as Governor of the Duke's Possession of Montbeliard, France.
The Knights' 'Von Hedwiger' were originally a noble family (Uradel) from Silesia, East Germany (now Poland) dating back to the 13th Century. They were first officially recorded, as Knights, who took part in the all important and vital 'Battle of Liegnitz' against the Mongols (April 9, 1241).
The later patriarch was one, Balthazar von Hedwiger, who was born in 1510. Balthazar fought against the Turks, under Charles V, and for his bravery (as a young officer, he swam accross the Danube to spy on the Turks) was later honoured with a quartering of his existing 'arms' by the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian II -see the two 'Arms' in photo section - while serving as Privy Councillor to him. Balthazar von Hedwiger's son, Carl, and grandson, Christian, served the Dukes' of Liegnitz as privy councillors. great-grandson, Johann Georg served as a military officer with the rank of Captain in the Wuerttemberg-Oels Regiment.
The great-great grandson of Knight Balthazar, and ancestor of the Danish branch, Colonel Georg Wilhelm, was Governor of Moempelgard from 1699 to 1702 (French, Montbeliard) under his brother-in-law, Leopold Eberhard, Duke of Wuerttemberg-Moempelgard.
In 1702 the youngest brother, Johann Rudolph, who is the current German family ancestor, was just 22 years of age when he became the Duke's governor, as his eldest brother, Georg Wilhelm Reichsgraf von Sponneck, had resigned to return to the military. Colonel Georg was to lead the Danish troops in Holland, allied to Austria (under Prince Eugene, Duke of Savoy) and Britain (under John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough) against the 'Sun' King of France, Louis XIV, during the War of the Spanish Succession. Georg Wilhelm Sponneck subsequently stayed in Denmark, furthering his military career to full 'General' and 'Knight of the Elephant'. He became the Patriarch of the present Danish Branch, 'Sponneck'. (He is the 5th great-grandfather of Godfrey Harry Sponneck and 6th g-grandfather to Kristian Anthony Sponneck.) This senior branch, on the 7th July 1889, were granted the Danish equivalent title of 'Rigsgreverne' (Counts-of-the-Realm) by the Danish King, Christian IX.
Their sister, Anna Sabina, had been married to the Duke of Wuerttemberg-Moempelgard. Anna and the Duke did start a 'de Sponeck' line, which became extinct in the third generation.
The middle brother, Captain Johann Christoph von Hedwiger, Reichsgraf von Sponeck, a batchelor, left no heirs after he was fatally wounded in action at Peterwardein on the Danube River in 1716, under command of the Duke of Savoy, in battle against the Turks. He was thirty-eight years of age!
Today the Sponneck family number twenty-six families world wide in two generations from the two branches (Danish & German) ! A Norwegian Branch dating back to 1750's and relating to Leopold Wilhelm Ludvig Sponneck, the eldest son of Georg Wilhelm, are living in Norway as 'Sponnich' and in America as 'Sponnick'.

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Family Photos

  • Shaun & Karen Lessing-Sponneck (26 KB)
    The marriage of Shaun and Karen took place in Durban, South Africa. Shaun is the eldest son of Paul and Pru Sponneck.
  • Ryan Paul Sponneck (11 KB)
    Ryan is the youngest son of Paul & Pru Sponneck of Durban; he now lives and works in Australia.
    An arial photo of the CASTLE SPONECK on the Rhine which here forms the border between Germany and France. The damage to the 'workshop' buildings on the left of the picture was caused by an American bomb dropped when the Americans were crossing into Germany at the end of the Second World War. Fortunately the 'Manor House' was not hit neither the reconstructed 'Tower' that housed the art studio. Top of Picture: Grave of Prof. Buehler who purchased the 'Burg' in 1913 and whose family still own it. Below grave, is original castle stones from the first Roman castle built in the fourth century!
  • Hunting Medal with Crown & Shield (67 KB)
    This is the family heirloom from the German family, that was awarded to the editor on occasion of the family reunion in Jechtingen 2001, during the banquet and by Dr Henning von Sponeck. It was awarded for the organisation of such a successful and beneficial reunion of the two Spon(n)eck branches. Carved from a Stag's horn deplicting the 9 towered 'count' crown and the family shield.
  • Winnie B.J. Sponneck - 88th Birthday (129 KB)
    (1922-2012) The Dowager Winnie BJ Spencer-Sponneck on the occasion of her 88th Birthday Tea was held at her flat at Bluewater Beach on 05-09-2010. Present: Her brother, Kenneth and his wife, Ruth, Daughters, Sonja and Lynette with husbands Noel and Peter, son, Godfrey with Lynette's daughter, Vanessa and husband, Craig with two great granddaughters!
  • Carl Bjorn & Monique du Mont Sponneck (55 KB)
    Recently married to Monique du Mont, Carl Bjorn is the son of Clan head, John William & Jeanette Sponneck of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Carl is a qualified and practicing Attorney in the city.
  • Captain Carl Valdemar Sponneck (6 KB)
    (1821-1900) Danish Royal Library. The Patriarch of the present family Sponneck World Wide! Valdemar and Nikoline had three sons of which only the youngest survived to adulthood. Also named Carl Waldemar, he had four sons from whom the whole Sponneck famly of today decend.
  • Carmen Sponneck (5 KB)
    (1872-1946) Olga Sponneck Collection. Carmen, elder daughter of Georg Leopold Sponneck of the now extinct Danish senior line.
    The original Arms of the 'Von Hedwiger' family from 1200's till 1550's when it was 'quartered with 'star', 'moon' and 'fish in silver stream' which was again changed in 1701 with 'leopard' 'supporters' and 'inescutcheon of Imperial Sea Eagle'when it was incorporated in the new family title of Counts-of-the-Empire von Spon(n)eck.
  • Nikoline Mathilde Nyholm (5 KB)
    (1836-1894) Nikoline and Carl Valdemar had a very unfortunate family history in that they lost their first son, Nicolai, at the age of 8 years; then the second son, Theodor, at age 21 years through a horse riding accident. Carl Valdemar II alone survived!
  • Frederik Wilhelm Sponneck (4 KB)
    (1842-1921) Privy-Councillor, Chamberlain, Envoy, Rigsgreve - served in America as Danish Envoy. Brother of Georg Leopold Sponneck and son of Carl Wilhelm Eppingen Sponneck.
  • Edmond Francois & Annie Li-Sponneck (79 KB)
    Edmond & Annie were married in Dongguan City, China on the 28th March 2008. Edmond is the second son of John Eppingen from his first marriage in the UK. He is half-brother to the Editor. Hearty congratulations Eddie and Annie!
  • Carl Valdemar Nicolai Nyholm Sponneck (6 KB)
    (1856-1864) Nicolai died a while after this picture. The cause of his death is unknown but likely of some illness.
  • Alice Mathilde Sponneck-Mueller (8 KB)
    (1914-2011) Our longest living member of the Danish Sponneck family, Alice, died at age 97 and lived in Denmark. Aunt Alice was the 'longest living Sponneck/Sponeck in our family history'! She was mother to Niels, Axel and Sonja Mueller. Wife to late Dr Oluf Bruhn Mueller. Daughter of Carl Valdemar & Astrid Vogelius Sponneck and only sister to John Eppingen, Cai George, Carl William and Harry Sponneck. This family saved the 'Sponneck' name from extinction!
  • Eduardo & Beatrix Sponeck Foncillas (54 KB)
    In the gardens of the Burg Sponeck 2001 Jechtingen
  • Olof & Stefanie von Sponeck and Family (122 KB)
    Lt.Olof and Stefanie live in Germany. On holiday with Constanze, Hans-Ferdinand, Richard and little Johannes Theodor. Grandchildren of proud Onkel Ottmar v.Sponeck.
  • Christoffer Nyholm (34 KB)
    (1781-1859) Portrait of Nyholm from Papa Carl Valdemar's collection. This is the picture of his wife, Nikoline Mathilda Nyholm's grand-uncle C.Nyholm, born 1781. Both he and his father were named 'Christoffer' and both were Danish Pastors'. Our Christoffer, in this picture, was also Chaplain to the Danish forces fighting Napoleon's forces in France. That would put this pencil print date to about 1800, making it one of the earliest pictures of an ancestor we have. Georg Wilhelm Reichsgraf (Rigsgreve) Sponneck's portrait dates to 1739, making it the oldest portrait of a family member.
  • CASTLE SPONECK - Jechtingen - Kaiserstuhl on Rhine (420 KB)
    Another arial photo of the 'Burg' Sponeck as in present times!
  • CASTLE SPONECK Tower and Early Ruines. (41 KB)
    The tower was rebuilt in 1931. The orginal Castle Sponeck was built in 1285 on the ruins of an earlier castle built by the Romans in the Fourth Century. In the forefront can be seen the ruines of this Roman Castle uncovered in 1970's.
  • John & Lynn Sponneck (63 KB)
    Congratulations to John Anthony and Lynn Swoish Ellix Sponneck, on their marriage at Gretna Green, Scotland on the 24 September 2008!
  • Henning and Eva von Sponeck (26 KB)
    On occasion of my first visit to Germany.
  • Julie & Max von Sponeck (22 KB)
    Brother & sister Max and Julie von Sponeck are from Heidelberg and are the children of Henning & Eva von Sponeck.
  • Lise Inge Sponneck (15 KB)
    Lise Sponneck is the daughter of John William and Jeanette Sponneck of Port Elizabeth.
  • Joseph Wilhelm Maximilian Von Sponeck (23 KB)
    (1877-1945) From a painting in Ottmar's Lounge done from a photo. All the family paintings were distroyed during the war. He died of heart attack en route back home after buying seed etc in Berlin while the Russians were invading his land and property.
  • Colonel Anton Frans Heinrich von Sponeck (23 KB)
    (1848-1905) This resplendid Gentleman's father (Wilhelm *1813) saved the German Line from extinction with the birth of his two sons. Anton was born in 1848 and died in 1905. He was father to General-Leutnant Theodor v.Sponeck and Colonel Joseph Wilhelm Maximilian v. Sponeck.
  • Maria-Sylvia v.Teichman und Logischen (20 KB)
    (1892-1967) This photo of Ottmar's Mom was sent to me by him. The wife of Joseph Wilhelm Maximilian von Sponeck.
  • Craig Sven & Claire Caroline Bradfield-Sponneck (35 KB)
    Congratulations to Craig and Claire who got married on 13 June 2009. And yet another Family Sponneck is established. Surely now the 'Sponneck' Clan will be around for many years to come! Craig is the future head of the House of Sponneck by order of seniority!
  • Christiane Huberta (Jane) von Sponeck (41 KB)
    Daughter of Hans-Kurt Graf Sponeck and Granddaughter of General Hans von Sponeck, Jane married a Herr Krumnow in Frankfurt and now lives in the United States. This picture was taken for a English Magazine who carried an article on her.
  • Niels Waldemar Mueller (27 KB)
    This street is named Sponneckvej (Sponneck Street) for Wilhelm Carl Eppingen Sponneck - Danish Lawyer, Diplomat and Minister of Finance amongst other offices and appointments.
  • Carl Bjorn Sponneck (26 KB)
    Carl Bjorn Sponneck B.A. Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth. Carl is now practicing law in Port Elizabeth with a private law firm.
  • (Gottfried) Ottmar von Sponeck (40 KB)
    Ottmar Sponeck is father to Olof and his wife, Stefanie, and Grandfather to the Sponeck Four! Ottmar was responsible for the meeting finally between the Danish and German Branches in the early 1990's.
  • Charlotte Amalie Hilleborg von Eppingen (5 KB)
    (1758-1822) Wife of Colonel Georg Wilhelm III Reichsgraf von Sponeck and Matriarch of the current Sponneck family. Great-great-great-grandmother of Godfrey Harry Sponneck.
  • Sonja Mueller-Heineke (6 KB)
    On Alice 93rd Birthday
  • Zachary Carl Sponneck (24 KB)
    Our younger generation are growing up quickly now! Here is Zac - the son of Carl John Sponneck of London. Zac is the eldest of the 14th Generation of Sponneck since the first record being Balthazar von Hedwiger whose great grandson was the first Count of Sponneck!
  • Dr. Oluf Bruhn Muller (17 KB)
    (1912-1991) On the presentation of his medal from King Frederik IV who died in 1972. The Cross of the Order of Chivalry for twenty-five years loyal service.
  • Lt.Colonel Georg Wilhelm III Sponneck (11 KB)
    (1741-1801) Lieutenant Colonel in Danish Army. Career Soldier. Married Charlotte Amalie Hilleborg von Eppingen, Lad-in-Waiting. He was no doubt introduced to her by his aunt, Christiane Amalie Sponneck, who was also Lady-in-waiting to the Danish Royal House.
  • Johann Kristian Anthony Sponneck with dad Kristian (36 KB)
    Johann and Dad, Kristian. These are our English family members and the grandchildren of John Eppingen from his first marriage. Johann is the grandson of John Anthony Spo.
  • The Family Sponneck Grage (44 KB)
    Lynette Anne Sponneck married Pastor Klaus-Peter Grage in Port Elizabeth, then went to live in Germany where the children were all born. L-R Benjamin, Pierre, Lynette, Lynn & Vanessa.
  • Hans-Christof von Sponeck (85 KB)
    Hans-Christof served for more than thirty years as United Nations Diplomat around the world and also as Assistant Secretary General to Kofi Annan. He is now retired and lives together with his wife, Nelda in Germany.
  • Colonel Wilhelm Sponneck* (1 KB)
    (1888-1966) Danish Army Officer. Photograph autographed by himself across the beltline. Grandson of Wilhelm Carl Eppingen Sponneck (Finance Minister of Denmark about 1850). He is the grandfather of Helen Schou Sponneck.
    A full colour shield of the family arms stripped of all the other parts of the Coat-of-Arms.
  • Charlotte Joan Sponneck (29 KB)
    Our English Family - Kris and daughter, Charlotte. Kris is the son of John Anthony Sponneck and Anne Crabbe Sponneck from Reading, UK.
  • Peter and Nicole Sponneck van Wyk, (18 KB)
    Our beautiful bride, Nicole Renee, married Peter Raymond van Wyk, on the 28th February 2009.
  • General Georg Wilhelm Hedwiger rigsgreve Sponneck (49 KB)
    (1672-1740) 1st Count of Sponneck - Patriarch of the Danish Branch of the present Sponneck Family. 5th Great-Grandfather of the Editor - Godfrey Sponneck. The General was awarded both orders of Denmark; (White) Knight of the Dannebrog (Danish Flag) and (Blue) Knight of the Elephant - highest Danish order reserved for royalty and heads of state. Georg Wilhelm had been head of the Montbeliard Government of the Duke of Wuerttemberg-Moempelgard between 1699 and 1703 before resigning and returning to the military to lead the Danish forces in alliance with England, Denmark and Germany/Austria against France in the War of the Spanish Succession.
  • Nicole Renee Sponneck (26 KB)
    A close up of the Bride as she prepares to be married to Peter Raymond van Wyk of Springs, Gauteng, South Africa.
  • Anna Sophie Bojanowa von Bojanowsky (49 KB)
    (1670-1733) Anna Sophie Bojanowsky, wife of General Georg Wilhelm and Matriarch of the Danish Sponneck Family; she descended from landed Lords and high old nobility (Uradel) of Silesia. 1st Countess of Sponneck (1701).
  • Astrid & Waldemar Sponneck (29 KB)
    Carl Valdemar & Astrid Vogelius, taken together at their villa in Selsey, South England a year before his death in 1944 after a short illness. This is the couple that saved the Danish/English branch of Sponneck from extinction with four sons, Carl W., Cai George, John Eppingen and Harry and a daughter, Alice Mathilde! Mama Astrid then came to live out her years in South Africa with her sons. She died in 1965.
  • Astrid Vogelius Stephensen-Sponneck (22 KB)
    (1877-1965) Sent to Papa Carl V. Sponneck with inscription:- "from your little wife" dated 1901.
  • HANS GRAF SPONECK STREET in Germersheim (51 KB)
    Visit to Germersheim with Hans Jurgen Schrader in 2001. This was the town where General Hans was incarcerated and later executed by the Nazis in 1941/44. Read the full story in the book section hereunder.
    The Coat-of-Arms as confirmed for the Counts of Sponeck/Sponneck created such in August, 1701 and incorporating the original von Hedwiger Arms, 1st Quartering (Gold Lion in Red Shield) from the 12th Century. (Notice the 2nd Quartering 'fish' in 'silver stream' representing the Danube River and the 'star' and 'moon' as icons of the Turks related to the noble deed of Balthazar v Hedwiger 1529 as related above).
  • Beverley Shannon Sponneck-Blake (32 KB)
    Beverley Blake, M.Ed.(cum Laude) is married to Donovan Blake and they have two children. Bev completed her Masters Degree (Cum Laude)2008. Here she graduates with her Batchelor of Education Degree (Cum Laude) in 2006. She is currently Head of Department, Education, University of Johannesburg.
  • SPONNECK STREET (Sponnecksvej) in Copenhagen (247 KB)
    Niels Sponneck-Mueller shows us the street in Copenhagen named after Wilhelm Carl Eppingen Sponneck - Danish Minister of Finance around 1850 and Great Grand Uncle to the present Sponnecks.
  • Carl Waldemar Sponneck & Family (46 KB)
    A family outing to the Restaurant in Brisbane, Australia. Carl is the son of Harry & Daisy Sponneck. Born in South Africa Carl returned with his parents to Australia were Harry was born.
  • Lt. John Errol Sponneck (101 KB)
    A portrait of my brother J. Errol on one of his cruises.
  • Kristian Anthony Sponneck (6 KB)
    Kristian Anthony Sponneck - Son of John Anthony Sponneck. Our English family from John Eppingen's first marriage in the UK in 1937.
  • Sponneck ARMS in Castle Frederiksborg! (29 KB)
    Arms of Frederik Wilhelm Von Sponneck taken by Ulrik Heineke on the occasion of our visit to the Danish Castle. Amongst the Noble Families Arms in the tower!
  • Book Launch - Carl Wayne and Tracey Roberts (23 KB)
    Carl Wayne Sponneck-Roberts and wife, Tracey Jackson-Roberts representing his family, my sister Sonja Matilda (who was baby sitting for them) and brother Anthony and sister Lee-Anne.
  • King Christian IX Denmark (16 KB)
    (1818-1896) Danish King who granted the 'Sponneck' family the Danish equal title to 'Count of the Empire' or 'Reichsgraf von Sponneck' being 'Rigsgreve' or 'Count-of-the-Realm' in 1889. My Grandfather, Carl Valdemar Sponneck, was then 19 years old!
  • SPONECK STREET, Jechtingen, Kaiserstuhl, Germany (81 KB)
    Leading down to the Castle is 'Sponeckstrasse' shown to us here by Beverley on our first visit to Burg Sponeck in 1994.
  • Goetz-Dietrich und Margaret von Sponeck von Bezold (56 KB)
    (1921-2008) 'Dieter' and Margaret at the Sponeck Reunion in 2001 August. Dear Dieter passed away peacefully on the 28th March 2008 just short of his 87th birthday. Our condolences to dear Margaret and all the family!
  • Crown Prince & Princess Frederik & Mary (27 KB)
    The Danish heir to the throne, Crown Prince Frederik is now a father of four. A son and daughter and now a pigeon pair of twins!
  • Emperor Maximilian II Habsburg (5 KB)
    (1527-1576) Holy Roman Emperor under whom Balthazar later served as Privy Councillor and who granted the quartering of the Hedwiger arms to include the 'fish in stream', 'star' and 'moon' in the second and third quartering.
  • Lynette Anne Sponneck-Grage (149 KB)
    Lynette and sister Sonja are the only two Lady Sponnecks in their generation. She is the daughter of John Eppingen and Winifred Spencer-Sponneck. Taken on occasion of daughter's wedding.
  • Prince Joachim of Denmark & Marie Cavallier (17 KB)
    Prince Joachim, 4th in line to the Danish Throne, married for the second time, Marie Cavalilier of Paris, France on the 24th May 2008. The two princes of Denmark are 7th Cousins twice removed of the Editor. Marie is by virtue of the marriage, Princess of Denmark.
  • The Crown Prince of Denmark family 2011 (24 KB)
    Prince and Princess Frederik and Mary with the twins and their first two little ones.
  • Godfrey Sponneck (47 KB)
    Portrait of the 8th Count displayed in the Kaiserstuehler Hof Hotel, Breisach, Germany on occasion of the family reunion of 2001 banquet held there.
  • Sonja Matilda Sponneck-Roberts (82 KB)
    Sonja is the only other Lady Sponneck born in her generation. She is the sister to Lynette, Godfrey and Errol Sponneck. She is seen here at her mothers 80th Birthday Party in 2002.
  • Goetz-Dietrich v.Bezold & Margarete von Sponeck (42 KB)
    (1921-2008) Goetz-Dietrich (Dieter) von Bezold married Margarete von Sponeck on the 2nd May 1960 in Munich, Germany where they have a beautiful home. Margarete was the second daughter of Lt General Theo Sponeck and sister to Hans-Henning Graf Sponeck.
  • Georg Laurentius Julius Sponneck (10 KB)
    (1827-1902) Georg was the second line Sponneck. He had two sons and three daughters. Of the two sons, 2 daughers were born and to the other a son and daughter. This grandson died unmarried after a full life with no heirs.
  • Carl John Sponneck (13 KB)
    Carl John Sponneck, named for his great-grandfather is one of four 'Carls' Sponneck in the family yet living. Here, Carl enjoys the Reunion Dinner of 2001. Carl hails from the United Kingdom and is the son of John Anthony Sponneck.
  • Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I (30 KB)
    (1640-1705) Leopold I, detail of a portrait bust, c. 1700; in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. It was he who elevated the Hedwiger siblings to 'Counts of the Empire' in August 1701.
  • The Jim Sponnick Family of the USA (263 KB)
    Jim & Debbie Sponnick with children Adam & Lisa. Jim is a decendent of the Norwegian branch of the Sponneck family. His great-grandfather, Karl G. Jorgensen Sponich (later calling himself Charles George Sponnick) immigrated to USA from Norway in 1882. Jim is a senior official in the Space Exploration Program and resides in Colorado, USA.
  • Helen Schou Sponneck (33 KB)
    At Grandmother Helen's party in 2000. Helen is the last in line of the Elder Danish Line Sponneck and daughter of Lennart Iver Sofus Wilhelm Sponneck and granddaughter of rigsgreve Wilhelm Colonel Sponneck whose picture appears here also.
  • Hans-Mark & Helene (nee Kyed) Von Sponeck (27 KB)
    Hans-Mark von Sponeck married Helene Kyed on the 9th April 2011 (on his Mom's birthday), at the beach resort of Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique, East Africa. Helene is of Danish nationality. Hearty congratulations to the couple and the families of the bride and groom!
  • Carl William Sponneck (41 KB)
    Carl William Sponneck was born in the UK and resides for most of his life in Melbourne, Australia. He is a windower and the son of Cai George Sponneck (second of the four sons of Patriarch Carl Valdemar Sponneck).
  • Nicole & Beverley Sponneck (37 KB)
    The two daughters of the editor! Bride Beverley and Bridesmaid Nicole von Sponneck - 2000 BC!
  • James (Jim) Sponnick and Family (53 KB)
    Here Jim and Christine with son, Brian recieve their Certificate of Attentance at Family Reunion in Germany 2001 from myself. This is the other 'Jim Sponnick' and uncle to the other family. Jim lives in Duluth, USA.
  • Four Generations of elder Danish Sponneck Family (61 KB)
    The Danish Family celebrate Great Grandmother Helen Schou's birthday party! Granny Helen, Helen and her mother, Dorrit, with Helen's two children, Casper Sponneck Dufour and Camilla Maria Sponneck Dufour. Helen and her Mother are the last two members of the Elder Danish Sponneck line and both live in Copenhagen.
  • Von Sponeck - Hans-Mark & Helene (31 KB)
    Beach Wedding - Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique. Here are Hans-Mark von Sponeck and his beautiful Danish bride, Helene Kyed, Graefin/Grevinde von Sponeck, from Denmark. Mark is the second son of Nelda & Hans-Christof Graf Sponeck, United Nations Diplomat & Assistant UN Secretary-General (retired).
  • Antoinette Sophie Sponneck (19 KB)
    (1887-1942) The daughter of Wilhelm Carl Eppingen Sponneck - she married Count Knuth and their family still live in Denmark.
  • Marius Sabinus Sponneck (13 KB)
    (1787-1874) Oluf Muller Collection - 1850 metal photo - One of the earliest photographs taken on metal plate. Given to the editor by Niels Muller, May 1998. Great-Great-Grandfather of the Editor.
  • Hans-Mark von Sponeck (2 KB)
    Mark at the Wedding of his brother, Alex to Marie. Mark, like his brother Alex and sister Anna-Christine were born in America. Mark is founder director of GNG (Global Nomads)
  • Colonel Wilhelm Sponneck (19 KB)
    (1888-1966) Regimental Chief of Thorsgaardes Kaserne (Military Base) in Randers, Denmark. (1940). Grandfather to Helen Schau Sponneck of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her father was last in Line of the older family line and died in 1980 with only a daughter.
  • Wilhelm Carl Eppingen Sponneck (31 KB)
    (1815-1888) Picture from the Orslev Convent collection of Olga Sponneck.(Daughter) Great-Grand Uncle of the Editor.
  • Anna-Christine von Sponeck (15 KB)
    Photo taken at Jechtingen Sponeck Reunion 2001! Anna is the beautiful and only daughter of Hans and Nelda Sponeck.
  • Colonel Wilhelm Sponneck (68 KB)
    (1888-1966) Father of last surviving member of the elder Danish line, Lennart Sponneck. Colonel in the Danish Army and Regimental Chief of Thorsgaardes Army Base in Randers, Denmark. One can see the photo autographed by himself accross the beltline.
  • Elizabeth Susanna Sophie Sponneck (21 KB)
    (1846-1905) Call name was Susanna Sponneck-Pio. She married Prof Pio who was very important for the Education in Denmark and was recognised by the Crown therefore.
  • Captain Carl Valdemar (Jens) Sponneck (21 KB)
    (1821-1900) Great Grandfather of the Editor.
  • John William & Jeanette van der Berg-Sponneck (14 KB)
    John & Jeanette Sponneck live in Port Elizabeth. John is an engineer at the PE Municipality and serves on various boards and committees in the city of Nelson Mandela Bay Metropol.
  • Carl Valdemar Sponneck (16 KB)
    (1870-1944) Grandfather of the editor - born in Denmark, lived in London, Melbourne and again finally passing away back in London in 1944.
  • Captain Craig Sven Sponneck (20 KB)
    Captain Craig Sponneck is currently serving in the South African Defense Force. He is the son of John William and Jeanette Sponneck. Craig is now married to Claire Bradfield and they live in Walmer, Port Elizabeth. Our newest little Sponneck (their first offspring) is due this month of April 2010.
  • Craig & Claire Sponneck (35 KB)
    The Wedding photo of Craig and Claire Sponneck on the 13th June 2009 who appeared before me Godfrey Sponneck as Praest in the Methodist Chapel, Port Alfred, South Africa.
  • John Eppingen Sponneck '73 (7 KB)
    (1910-1989) Father of the Editor - taken by PE Post on the occasion of his first visit back to Denmark since coming to SA in 1938.
  • Carl Waldemar III Sponneck & Family (102 KB)
    Carl, Julie, Shannon and Andrew live in Brisbane, Australia
  • Johann Sponneck (35 KB)
    Johann is the son of Kristian Sponneck of the United Kingdom family and grandson of John Anthony Sponneck
  • Thursnelda von Sponeck-von Rossler (39 KB)
    (1795-abt.1865) Thursnelda was the daughter of Carl Friedrich Christian Wilhelm Von Sponeck, Prof of Heidelberg University and Head Forester. He had a number of books published. Information with compliments from Dr Theo Failmezger of New York - a distant cousin. She had a sister and no brothers.
  • Colonel Wilhelm Sponneck - Regimental Chief (37 KB)
    (1888-1966) On parade at Thorsgaardes Kaserne (Barracks) in Randers, Denmark
  • Wilhelm Carl Eppingen S and Family (20 KB)
    (1815-1888) Wilhelm Sponneck - Danish Minister of Finance - with his wife Antoinette von Lowzow and only daughter, Elisabeth Susanna Sophie, married Prof. Pio of Denmark.
  • Generalleutnant Hans Emil Otto von Sponeck (22 KB)
    (1888-1944) A portrait of the General during the early days!
  • Harry Sponneck (24 KB)
    (1916-1980) In 1940 Harry served in the British Expeditionary Army in France, was saved at Dunkirk, and returned with the British forces to the North African Theatre of the War. He is the fourth son of Carl Waldemar (Papa) Sponneck and Astrid Vogelius Stephensen-Sponneck. Interestingly, he would have both times stood against the forces of his German cousin, LtGeneral Theo Graf Sponeck who commanded a Tank Corps at Dunkirk and commanded the 90th Light Division of the Afrika Korps in the Desert.
  • Luke Matthew van Wyk (15 KB)
    Son of Nicole Renee Sponneck van Wyk and Peter Raymond van Wyk of Springs, Gauteng, South Africa. Grandson of Godfrey Sponneck.
  • Winifred Benetta Jane Spencer-Sponneck (10 KB)
    (1922-2012) Surviving all her Sponneck family generation, she will celebrate her 89th birthday September 2011. Mother of the Editor. Winnie is from the Birmingham Jewellers Spencer Clan. (See their website hereunder)
  • Lisa Sponnick / Mike Oertli Wedding in the USA (43 KB)
    Lisa Sponnick married Michael Oertli in Colorado, USA recently. The Bride is the daughter of Jim Sponnick - A director in the Space Exploration Program whose family originate from Norway and are related to Sponneck from 1750's.
  • Godfrey Sponneck Clan in 1987 (31 KB)
    Family Photograph. L-R: Nicole Renee, Denise Dinah, Beverley Shannon & Godfrey Harry S.
  • Ryan Paul Sponneck (35 KB)
    Another one of our younger generation, Ryan, relaxed and enjoying himself! Like his dad, Ryan is in the shipping business. He lives in Brisbane and is still single! He is the youngest son of Paul and Pru Sponneck of Durban, South Africa.
  • Carl Waldemar Sponneck (76 KB)
    (1870-1944) Second Patriarch of the Sponneck family being the only surviving child of Carl Jens Valdemar Sponneck. Here portrayed in his Lodge Regalia, London.
  • Astrid Vogelius Stephensen-Sponneck (23 KB)
    (1877-1965) Grandmother of the Editor and wife of Carl Valdemar the II Sponneck.
  • Generalleutnant Carl Anton Theodor von Sponeck (16 KB)
    (1896-1982) At the surrender of the Afrika Korps at Tunesia to General Freiberg of New Zealand in 1943.
  • Paul & Pru Sponneck (15 KB)
    On board the Cruise Ship Queen Elizabeth II between New York & Southhampton. Paul is son of Carl William Sponneck and Lilli Harder of Denmark. He is a director of a shipping firm in South Africa. His sons are Wayne, Shaun, Mark and Ryan, counts Sponneck
  • Carl Bjorn and Monique du Mont Sponneck (109 KB)
    Carl Bjorn Sponneck married Monique du Mont in Port Elizabeth on the 5th November, 2011. The happy couple seen here leaving the Church ...
  • Nikoline Mathilde Nyholm-Sponneck (29 KB)
    (1836-1894) Great-Grandmother of the Editor and wife of Carl Valdemar the 1st, Sponneck.
  • (Lt.Gen.) Carl Anton Theodor von Sponeck (26 KB)
    (1896-1982) Picture from von Bezold collection shows Uncle Theo in his later years! He died at 86 years of age!
  • Bill & Lilli Harder-Sponneck (30 KB)
    (1901-1990 - 1915-1976) Carl William & Lilli Sponneck married in joint wedding with Alice Sponneck and Dr Oluf Mueller in 1939 in London.
  • The Bridal Couple - Wayne & Diana Aldana-Sponneck (22 KB)
    Wayne & Diana Aldana Sponneck
  • Susanne Christine Trojel-Sponneck (14 KB)
    (1791-1880) Gift from Niels Muller. Photo taken in about 1850. Great-great grandmother of Godfrey Harry Spo. Oluf Muller Collection.
  • Nicole Renee Sponneck, B.Ed. (Hons) (29 KB)
    Nicole is teaching at Selpark Junior School in Springs, Gauteng, South Africa where she is living after her wedding in February 2009. Nicole is a Primary School Teacher with a Batchelor of Education Degree with Honours. She is married to Peter van Wyk and they live on the East Side of Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Johann Anthony Sponneck (9 KB)
    Johann is the son of Kristian Anthony Sponneck of London branch of the family.
  • Mark Frank & Anneli Sponneck (40 KB)
    Family portrait from 2011 with Mark, Anneli, Lukas and Sienna Sponneck living in South Africa ...
  • Charlotte Sponneck (67 KB)
    A young lady with a very famous family name, Charlotte, to be found in our family tree. Charlotte is the elder daughter of Kristian Sponneck of London.
  • Nicole von Sponneck & Peter van Wyk (192 KB)
    Nicole Renee von Sponneck and Peter Raymond van Wyk got engaged at Warwick Castle in the UK during their recent visit to Peter's family.
  • Christiana Lee Sponneck (56 KB)
    Born 26-12-2004 in Acton, London, Christiana is the daughter of Carl John Sponneck and Lee Maddox Sponneck. She represents the 14th Generation from Bathazar von Hedwiger and the 10 Generation from the 1st Count Sponneck - General Georg Wilhelm von Sponeck, Reichsgraf von Sponeck
  • Kristian Anthony Sponneck (19 KB)
    Our English family - Kristian Sponneck is becoming well known in the UK as a showbiz performer!
  • Premier Lt. Georg Leopold Sponneck (15 KB)
    (1843-1933) The son of Carl Wilhelm Eppingen Sponneck, Danish Finance Minister, Politician and Bank Director. Georg had two daughters, Olga and Carmen, who never married. He was first in the Danish Army then Military Librarian in Denmark.
  • Olga Sponneck (30 KB)
    (1875-1964) A portrait of Olga Sponneck. Spinster daughter of Georg Leopold Sponneck of the Elder Danish Line now extict.
  • Wayne & Diana Aldana-Sponneck (34 KB)
    The Wedding Couple with the brides parents and sister! Wedding conducted in Bogita, Columbia on 28 December 2002.

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