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Ancestors of Erich and Philipp von Hitritz

      872. Isaac Bär, born 1719 in Pennsylvania; died 1774 in Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He was the son of 1744. Hans Jakob Bär and 1745. Anna Barbara Frederick. He married 873. Barbara Snyder.

      873. Barbara Snyder, born 1718; died 1796.
Children of Isaac Bär and Barbara Snyder are:
  436 i.   Jacob Bair, born 14 Jul 1747 in Germany; died 1809 in Beaver Twp., Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania; married Catherine Snyder 10 Jun 1775 in Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Anna Bair, born Abt. 1754 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; died Bef. 1807 in Washington Twp., Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania; married Martin H. Schellenberg 1771.

      880. Thomas Butler, born 06 Apr 1699 in Kilkinney, Wicklow, Ireland; died 1767 in Cedar Creek, Shenendoah Co., Virginia. He was the son of 1760. Henry Boteler and 1761. Catherine Lingan. He married 881. Jane Gilbert Abt. 1733 in Frederick Co., Virginia.

      881. Jane Gilbert, born Abt. 1719 in Frederick Co., Virginia; died 1782 in Cedar Creek, Shenendoah Co., Virginia.

Notes for Thomas Butler:
From BILL MASON, MARCH 12, 2000 on Butler-Severns Web Site on My Family.Com -

Thomas is the first known member of this branch of the family to come to Virginia. He was a native of Ireland, but whether he came to this country with his parents or as a young adult is not known.

The first record of him that has been found shows that he was living in Frederick County, VA in 1746. It seems safe to assume that he had not moved his family into the Valley much before that time even though the county had been formed from Orange County in 1738. He is said to have been a member of a well known border family of this name and was related to the BUTLERs of TN, according to Wayland's history of the Shenandoah County, VA. The border family would doubtless be the BUTLERs of Culpeper or Orange County - John, who had died there in 1757 and Walter, who died in 1772. They could have been brothers or cousins. Both Frederick and Culpeper were taken from Orange County - the latter in 1748. Many of the early records have been lost or destroyed, making it difficult to determine relationships and places of residence. These counties are separated by the Blue Ridge Mountains and Frederick formerly included most of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

Besides Thomas, there were several other BUTLERs in Frederick County, including William in 1745, Pierce in 1750, and John in 1751. They were all in the same area and undoubtedly related.

Thomas was living on land which later he received as a grant from Lord Fairfax, dated Jan 6, 1752. This land was on Cedar Creek in Shenandoah County, north of Woodstock, the county seat. These grants were similar to leases - one could sell them but did not own them outright. Accordingly, many of the holders of these lands moved out of the Fairfax domain later on. Thomas sold his lease to Peter Jordon on Sep 8, 1756. There is no evidence that he purchased or was granted another tract, but he continued to live in the Cedar Creek District until his death in 1764.

The Valley was plagued with Indian raids and in the summer of 1764, Thomas and some others were killed and his wife and young son James - then 7 - were abducted.

Thomas left no will, only an inventory dated Aug 7, 1764 in Frederick County. It is interesting to note that linen, pewter, and old books were among the items listed in the inventory. According to Freeman Hart in "The Valley of Virginia", only 44% of the Valley homes had books, as compared with 63% in the Piedmont. The Piedmont District lies along side the Blue Ridge Mountains and includes several counties.

Only four children of Thomas have been identified in histories and official records. The wide range in known birth dates were so unusual that without a doubt there were other children. Known children are: Mary, Joseph, Thomas, and James. Probable children include Robert and Richard.

Thomas Butler is a descendant of Edward Boteler of Eastry County, Kent, England. (See Ancestral Records, Colonial Dames, 1910, Vol. 2, p. 593.) This Edward Boteler of Eastry had two sons, Edward and Henry, who migrated to Maryland before 1700. These two brothers married sisters, Anne and Catherine Lingan, daughters of George Lingan of Maryland. Two of the sons of Henry and Catherine Boteler, Charles who married Sophia ???? and Thomas who married Jane (Vance??), moved to Frederick County, Virginia, and settled there. Just when Thomas Boteler changed his name is not known, but it would seem likely that his new nom de famille was adopted prior to the move to Virginia because the records there carry him as "Thomas Butler".

In 1764, he was killed on his own land in a raid by the Indians. His wife, Jane and his seven year old son, James were captured. Jane escaped the next day, but James (their son) was held captive for 18 mos. until his older brother, Joseph exchanged him by the Treaty of Carlisle.

More About Thomas Butler:
Baptism: 06 Apr 1720, Kilkinney, Wicklow, Ireland
Cause of Death: Killed by Indians
Children of Thomas Butler and Jane Gilbert are:
  i.   Richard Butler, born 1733.
  ii.   Mary Butler, born 1734; died 08 Jun 1776 in Shenendoah Co., Virginia; married Col. John Tipton; born 13 Aug 1730 in St Paul's Par, Baltimore Co., Maryland; died Aug 1813 in Washington Co., Tennessee.
  Notes for Col. John Tipton:
Around 1755 moved from MD to VA, 5 mi. SE of Woodstock (Maurertown). In Oct 1782 moved to Washington Co., TN. on Sinking Creek. Buried there. Information on Tipton Family of TN and MD from East TN Hist Soc Pub Vol 1, pg 67, History of Wash Co TN, 1988, pg 516, and Hist. of Shenandoah Co., VA by J W Wayland.

Colonel John Tipton, the politician.
Information from the book "Tennessee Cousins" and LDS file (GHVZ-L9) In 1747 he and father and family moved to Shenandoah Valley Virginia. He was a prominient man in the early North Carolina and Tennessee history He was Justice of the Peace in Shenandoah Co. Virginia. He was asigner of the Woodstock Resolution (Declaration of Rights). In 1775 he was a Captian in the Shenandoah Co. Virginia. He was a member of the North Carolina Legislature then when the area in which he lived became part of thenew state of Tennessee, he was a member of the first legislature inTennessee.
Before moving to North Carolina he was a member of the General Assemble of Viriginia in 1776-1780. He became a Colonel in the Continial Armyon April 9, 1779. He was Sheriff in Shenandoah in Oct. 6, 1781-1783.Was Washington Co. Tax Collector in 1785. He and John Sevier had a war. John Sevier wanted the area where they lived to become a state named Franklin. John Tipton did not want this to happen. John Tipton wonthe war and Franklin never became a state. Later the area became a part of Tennessee and John Sevier was thefirst Governor of Tennessee and as mentioned above Tipton was in the first legislature. He raised race horses and was a friend to Andrew Jackson who became President.

  iii.   Robert Butler, born 1737.
  iv.   Catherine Butler, born 1742 in Virginia; died 1798 in Elizabethton, Carter Co., Tennessee; married Rev. William Louis Reno 27 May 1760 in Prince William Co., Virginia; born 09 Feb 1738/39 in Prince William Co., Virginia; died 1798 in Sevier Co., Tennessee.
  Notes for Rev. William Louis Reno:
From Guy Reno ms.: "The old baptist minister". Eldest son of John and Susannah, he moved to Chartiers Creek southwest of Pittsburg with his parents and became a baptist minister (History of Alleghany County, PA by Creigh, p. 37). The history of Yohoganis County, Virginia (presently Allegheny County, PA) states that on August 28, 1778, William Reno, a minister of the gospel, came to court and gave the required oaths of loyalty to and support of the colonies in the Revolutionary War. Four years later, William sold his land (436 acres on Robinson's Run) to Hugh Breckenridge on August 3, 1782, about the time his father and brother Benjamin sold theirs (late 1782). He was in Shenandoah County, Virginia, in 1783, and then went to Washington County, Tennessee (formerly Burke County, Morgan District, North Carolina) which later became Carter County, Tennessee, where he was actively engaged as a traveling minister. "A register of members of Sinking Creek Church, Book I to 1791" lists church members as Garrett Reasoner, Keziah Reasoner, Charles Reno, Elizabeth Tipton, Samuel Tipton, Catherine Reno, William Reno, and John Reno. William Reno is listed as a "clerk in behalf of the church" in a document dated July 5, 1785 in "Papers relating to Sinking Creek Church 1783-1875". When the Big Pigeon Baptist Church was organized on December 6, 1787, in Cocke County, Tennessee, "Will Reno" is shown as one of the elders. In a document dated December 6, 1787 on page 2D of "The Old Church Book" of Cocke Co., members of the Baptist Society of Big Pigeon River constitute the principles of the church, "constituted by Eldership of Isaac Burton and Will Reno...". According to the book, "Over the Misty Blue Hills - The Story of Cocke County, Tennessee" by Ruth Webb Odell, he and Jonathan Mulkey preached there in 1785 and 1786. On page 152 it says "About the year 1785 and 1786, at the settlement of French Broad and Big Pigeon Rivers in which settlements were found a few people distinguished by the name of Baptist. It pleased the Lord in the course of his divine providence to visit us by his ministers, namely, Jonathan Mulkey and William Reno, who labored in the word and doctrine among us." On page 154 of the same book, it says, "...following excerpts are from the Minutes of Big Pigeon Church; on page 3 of Record Book D: On February 28, 1789 at the home of Samuel Job on Big Pigeon River. Elder William Reno preached. Jonas Cane received into the Church. Elder Reno, moderator...". Meanwhile, other Renos still attended the Sinking Creek church as evidenced by a letter dated July 21, 1798 (appendix to Guy Reno ms.) from Catherine Reno, widow of William Reno, to the Sinking Creek Baptist Church in Carter Co., TN mentions her daughter Mary Reno and Mary's husband Thomas Hudeburk in her plea to have a bond of 100 pounds taken by S. D. Hudeburk returned to her and Mary. No Renos are mentioned in records of the Sinking Creek church after 1796.
Sherman Reno in his document on the Reno Family, says that in Pennsylvania Archives, Series 3, Volume 3, "Virginia Certificate' there was a deed to Lewis Renoe, for 400 acres on Robinson's Run, Washington County, PA. He further says "The Lewis Renoe, mentioned above, becomes clearly indicated as the Reverend William Renoe in a later record when these same lands are sold. Evidently William Renoe had a middle name unused and unknown before. Because of the religious struggles of high intensity in western Pennsylvania at about this time, it could be that the Reverend wished not to be known by the name of William. The Baptist church was dividing into several branches and under a great deal of stress. It could have been that when the Rev. William Rennoe applied for a deed from the Yohogania County officials that they were intractable Church or England oriented and would not grant a title to a Baptist minister. In any case the Rev. William Rennoe was also Lewis Rennoe or more completely put, the Rev. William Lewis Rennoe."
Tradition says that William was at the Massacre of Pigeon River in 1798 and saved many settlers but on his way home, but that he was slain by Indians in Sevier County, Tennessee. However, there was a William Reno who was surety for the marriage of Elizabeth Shoults to William Gourley on January 19, 1799, in Carter Co., TN, and another record where William Reno was surety for Jonathan Reno to Sarah Rodgers marriage on December 27, 1800, in Carter County.

  440 v.   Joseph T. Butler, born 1742 in Frederick Co., Virginia; died 15 Jan 1811 in New Castle Twp., Coshocton Co., Ohio; married Elizabeth Burley Jul 1764 in Frederick Co., Virginia.
  vi.   Thomas Butler, born 06 May 1747 in Frederick Co., Virginia; died 22 Sep 1825 in Big Spring, Wayne Co., Ohio; married Rebecca Daugherty; born Abt. 1743.
  vii.   Edward Butler, born 1750.
  viii.   James Butler, born 1757 in Cedar Creek, Shenandoah Co, Virginia; died 1832 in Knox Co, Ohio; married Elizabeth Rodehaver; born 1761.
  Notes for James Butler:
This James is a known son of Thomas, and the birth record is known from accounts of his father's death by the Indians and his recovery. The death record you attach is from a recollection of Benjamin when he was 84 referring to Ben's brother, James. It's clear from his bro. James's will that Ben. or his interviewer made a simple mistake. I haven't seen any solid information on James (bro. of Joseph). I suspect he was killed in the Revolutionary War or died of disease. Some people list Elizabeth Rodehaver as the wife of your James (bro. of Ben). If there are two or three
Elizabeth Rodehaver's, maybe one was the wife of James (b. 1757) who was born in 1761 per your date. BUT we know for certain that another James Butler (b. 1792, son of the Thomas who is, in turn, the son of Joseph Sr.) married an Elizabeth Rodehaver (b. 1801). Many descendents left bios documenting this and I have tracked the family in the 1800s in Coshocton Co. The sources will be in my file. I have the actual books, but there is a CD available that has these bios. It's called something like, Coshocton Co. Family Histories. In other words, I suspect an error. BUT if there is a record for an Elizabeth Rodehaver b. 1761, then maybe it's true.

      888. John Jones, born 1720 in Westmoreland Co., Virginia; died 1762. He was the son of 1776. Nathan Jones and 1777. Sarah Howson Calvert. He married 889. Eleanor Moss 16 Aug 1744 in Maryland.

      889. Eleanor Moss, born Abt. 1724. She was the daughter of 1778. William Moss and 1779. Margaret ???.
Child of John Jones and Eleanor Moss is:
  444 i.   John Jones, married ???.

      896. Johann Jacob Fast, born WFT Est. 1674-1704 in Germany; died 02 Mar 1731/32 in Göcklingen, Duchy Of Kurpfalz, Pfalz, Germany. He married 897. Anna Margarethe Fuchs Abt. 1717 in Pfalz, Germany.

      897. Anna Margarethe Fuchs, born WFT Est. 1682-1706 in Germany; died Abt. 1732 in Germany284. She was the daughter of 1794. Johann Heinrich Fuchs.

Notes for Johann Jacob Fast:
The funeral services were held at sexton Mosser's barn.

Göcklingen is in the Duchy of Kurpfalz - Death could be 1732

More About Johann Jacob Fast:
Fact 8: Farmer
Children of Johann Fast and Anna Fuchs are:
  i.   Maria Elizabeth Fast, born Abt. 1718 in Germany; died 18 Dec 1757; married Johannes Bruner 15 Nov 1745; born 07 Sep 1720 in Göcklingen, Duchy Of Kurpfalz, Pfalz, Germany.
  ii.   Johann Christian Fast, born 09 Oct 1722 in Göcklingen, Duchy Of Kurpfalz, Pfalz, Germany; died Mar 1795 in Pennsylvania; married Elizabeth ???.
  iii.   Johann Michael Fast, born 28 Sep 1725 in Göcklingen, Duchy Of Kurpfalz, Pfalz, Germany; died 31 May 1822; married Margarethe Weiss; born 1725; died 09 Jun 1772 in Germany.
  448 iv.   Nicklaus Fast, born 26 Dec 1727 in Göcklingen, Duchy Of Kurpfalz, Pfalz, Germany; died 03 May 1818 in German Twp., Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; married Cadarina Margaretha Dörner 1749 in Ilbesheim, Duchy of Zweibrucken, Pfalz, Germany.

      898. Johann Bernhard Dörner, born Abt. 1696 in Germany284; died 03 Mar 1771 in Ilbesheim, Pfalz, Germany284. He was the son of 1796. Johannes Dörner and 1797. Katharina Lentz. He married 899. Anna Katherina Pfuster WFT Est. 1711-1746 in Pfalz, Germany.

      899. Anna Katherina Pfuster284, born Abt. 1700 in Germany; died 1757 in Germany. She was the daughter of 1798. Jakob Pfuster.

Notes for Johann Bernhard Dörner:
Ilbesheim is in the Duchy of Zweibrucken

More About Johann Bernhard Dörner:
Fact 9: Kurt Stuck
Fact 10: Ilbesheim, Duchy Of Zweibrcken, Pfalz, Germany
Occupation: Master Shoemaker
Children of Johann Dörner and Anna Pfuster are:
  i.   Cadarine Dörner, born Abt. 1721; married (1) Johann Dentzer; married (2) Ludwig Dentzer 22 Nov 1740.
  ii.   Johann Heinrich Dörner, born 05 Sep 1722.
  449 iii.   Cadarina Margaretha Dörner, born 19 Sep 1724 in Ilbesheim, Duchy Of Zweibrücken, Germany; died 08 May 1795 in German Twp., Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; married Nicklaus Fast 1749 in Ilbesheim, Duchy of Zweibrucken, Pfalz, Germany.
  iv.   John Jackob Dörner, born 25 Jan 1726/27; died 1809; married Barbara Strum.
  v.   Anna Barbara Dörner, born 10 Dec 1729; married (1) Johann Konrad Kerth 22 Sep 1750; married (2) Johann Hellman 15 Aug 1780.
  vi.   Georg Jakob Dörner, born Abt. 1731; married Anna Katherina Hellman 20 Feb 1756.
  vii.   Johann Peter Dörner, born 23 Nov 1738; died 21 Oct 1740.
  viii.   Johann Peter Dörner, born 27 Aug 1741.
  ix.   Johann Valentin Dörner, born 04 Oct 1744.

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