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Ancestors of Erich and Philipp von Hitritz

      3350. Robert Southery399, born 1640 in Westbury, Wilshire, England399; died Bef. 1686 in Bethal, Chester Co., Pennsylvania399. He married 3351. ??? Gibbons Abt. 1655399.

      3351. ??? Gibbons399, born Abt. 1640 in Possibly Westbury, Wilshire, England399.
Child of Robert Southery and ??? Gibbons is:
  1675 i.   Margery Southery, born 1670 in Westbury, Wilshire, England; died in Concord Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania (St. John's Church); married John Hannum 27 Jul 1697 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania.

      3352. Thomas Johnston400,401, born in Westmorland, England402,403; died 1658 in Fermanagh, Ireland404,405. He was the son of 6704. William Johnston and 6705. Agnes Maxwell. He married 3353. ???.

      3353. ???
Child of Thomas Johnston and ??? is:
  1676 i.   Robert Johnson, born 1670 in Coolboy, Carnew, Wicktow, Ireland; died Bef. 28 Nov 1732 in New Garden Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania; married (1) Elizabeth Gardner 28 Jul 1685 in Ireland; married (2) Margaret Berthwaite 29 Jun 1693 in Wicktow, Ireland.

      3354. James Berthwaite406,407. He married 3355. Margaret Bould.

      3355. Margaret Bould407.
Child of James Berthwaite and Margaret Bould is:
  1677 i.   Margaret Berthwaite, born 1673 in Braithwaite, Cumberlandshire, England; died Bef. 1732 in New Garden Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania; married Robert Johnson 29 Jun 1693 in Wicktow, Ireland.

      3356. Simon Hadley408,409, born 1640 in County King's, Ireland409; died 06 Jun 1711 in County West Meath, Ireland409. He was the son of 6712. James Hadley and 6713. Jane Roswell. He married 3357. Catherine Talbott 1674 in Moate, West Meath, Ireland409.

      3357. Catherine Talbott410,411, born 1640 in Moate, West Meath, Ireland411; died 20 Apr 1710 in Moate, West Meath, Ireland411.

Notes for Simon Hadley:
Notes for Simon Hadley (1640-1711)

His parents are often incorrectly shown as James Hadley & Friedeswide Matthew

The first authentic record we have that Simon Hadley was in Ireland was recorded about 1680 when he petitioned Parliament for protection against the possible confiscation of his property should the area become forfeited to the Crown as was then threatened. It reads:

To the Honorable, the Trustees appointed by an Act of Parliament made in England, Instituted an Act for granting an Ayd to his Majestie by sale of Forfeited and other estates and Interests in Ireland, etc.

The Peticion and Claims of Symon Hadly of Ballynakill in the Kings County, Gentlemen, Sheweth

That there was a custom given by Edward Vernon, Esq. late Lord of the Manor of Clantarfe in the County of Dublin that any person or persons should have the liberty to build Shedds at Ballyscaddan, being part of the said Manor for Incouragemt of the fishery there and those who built the said Shedds were to hold the said Shedds dureing their upholding the same, paying dureing the Season and whilest fish was made there Sixpence for every Barrell of fish they should make; That the Claimant did build accourding to the said customs four Shedds and has enjoyed the same these seven or eight yeares past two of the Shedds being builte by the Claimant with Lime and stone and the other two Shedds with Clay and stone That the Claimant being apprehensive that the said Manor of Clantarfe may be forfeited and vested in your Honors by the said Act and soe the Claimant may be prejudices and deprived of the said four Shedds soe builte by him as aforesaid.

May it therefore please your Honors to receive and allow of this your Petitioners Claime and if itt shall here-after appear that the said Manor is or will be forfeited that then your Honors would grant the Claimant the saving of his said Improvements soe made by him as aforesaid and to grant him such reliefe as to your Honors shall seem most equitable.
Simon Hadley
And the Claimant will pray
Signed by the Claimant in the presence of us
Ste.Duffe (Public Record Office)
Paul Lovelace (Four Courts,Dublin)
Richard Darling.

It will be noted that this document indicates that he had been there for seven or eight years at that time. How much longer, we do not know.

Simon and his wife Catherine seem to have been the first of the family to join the Society of Friends. At least we find no earlier reference to Hadleys in the Quaker records of Ireland or England. They were members of Moate Meeting, County Westmeath. From the minutes of this meeting we learn that Simon apologized to his Meeting for allowing his son, Simon, too many liberties. He himself was disowned by the Society for "marrying out of Meeting" at his second marriage when 70 years of age. Their son Simon apparently had great difficulty in maintaining his membership because of his repeated participation in military activities.

In addition to his fishery properties in Dublin, Simon owned an iron foundry in Kings County.

Moate Meeting records reveal that Catherine Talbot, wife of Simon, died the 20th.of 4th.month 1771, and was buried four days later. Shortly afterwards, Simon married Elizabeth _______.

From a record in the Office of Arms, Dublin Castle, we learn that Simon died in 1711. Administration of his property was granted 6 June 1711 to his widow Elizabeth Hadley and to his children, John Hadley, Elizabeth Miller, and Jane Kiernan. No mention is made of his son Simon. No doubt he had already received his share of the estate in preparation for his departure to America.

Information from The Hadley Family by Lyle H. Hadley and an article in the Pennsylvania Traveler Post, v. 16, #3, pg.3

General Hadley Information

The name Hadley is found in several of England's counties including Suffolk, Middlesex, Hertford, Stafford, and Somerset. It is a place name and most authorities on British surnmaes agree that "Hadley" is compounded of two old Anglo-Saxon words which mean "a wild heath where cattle graze." Since people also gave their family name to places of residence, we also see names such as Monken-Hadley in Middlesex, and Williton-Hadley and Withycombe-Hadley in Somerset. The latter is derived from Alexander Hadley and his descendants, who held these and other manors in Somerset.

Some of the early forms of Hadley include de Haddeleigh, and de Haddesley. Later, Cadogan de Hadley simplified the spelling. This was retained by his descendants who held Bulkley in Cheshire. Another form that has been found is Hadleigh and as early as the fourteenth century as Hadley or Hadly. These forms were continued in Ireland where the name has never been common. When the Quaker Hadley's went from Ireland to Pennsylvania in 1712, both of the forms Hadley and Hadly were used by members of the same family.

There is much information on the Somerset Hadleys which can trace their ancestry to King Edward I. However, no record has been found which specifies which particular member of this family went from England to Ireland and became the ancestor of the Hadleys who were in Kings County, Ireland, at a later date.

For many years preceding the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland, there had been much travel and intercourse between Somerset and Ireland. Representatives of many Somerset families, realted to the Hadley's by blood or marriage, bought lands in Ireland and became permanent residents there. Others went to Ireland as governmental and military officers. Tradition says that the ancestor of the Quaker Hadley's went to Ireland from Somersetshire, he was an officer in the English army and he married _______ Talbot in Ireland. ??
Child of Simon Hadley and Catherine Talbott is:
  1678 i.   Simon Hadley, born 1676 in Dublin, Ireland; died 17 Nov 1756 in New Castle Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania; married Ruth Miller 1697 in Kings, Moate Monthly, Westmeath, Ireland.

      3358. Robert Miller412,413, born 1651 in Moate, West Meath, Ireland413; died Abt. 1731 in West Meath, Ireland413. He married 3359. Margaret Berthwart Abt. 1675 in Moate, West Meath, Ireland413.

      3359. Margaret Berthwart414,415, born Abt. 1655 in Ireland415; died in Ireland.
Child of Robert Miller and Margaret Berthwart is:
  1679 i.   Ruth Miller, born 12 Feb 1676/77 in Moate, Westmeath, Ireland; died 18 Feb 1750/51 in New Garden Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania; married Simon Hadley 1697 in Kings, Moate Monthly, Westmeath, Ireland.

      3392. Dirck Jans Woertman, born 1630 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands; died Aft. 10 Apr 1694 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York. He was the son of 6784. John William Workman and 6785. Hannah Harmtje. He married 3393. Merritje Teunis Dynse 10 Apr 1661 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York.

      3393. Merritje Teunis Dynse, born Bef. 03 Apr 1644 in New Amsterdam, Kings Co., New York416; died 1690 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York. She was the daughter of 6786. Teunis Nyssen Denyce and 6787. Femmetje Seals.

Notes for Dirck Jans Woertman:
1. Richard John Workman (Dirk Jan Woertman) Born about 1630 in Amsterdam
Died after 1694 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Marrietje Teunis Denyse - Chr. 4/3/1644 in Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y.
Died 1690 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Married about 1660 CHILDREN:
1. Haramita Woertman - Chr. 6/6/1661
2. Femmetje (Phoebe) Woertman - Chr. 1/6/1663
3. John Derick Workman (Jan Derick Woertman) Chr. 1665
4. Geertruy (Woertman) Sprong - Chr. 1667
5. Teunis Derick Woertman - Chr. 12/28/1669
6. Paulis (Paul) Woertman - Chr. 4/2/1672
7. Catherine Woertman - Chr. 1667
8. Denyse (Dennis) Woertman - Chr. 7/27/1678
9. Lysbeth (Elizabeth)(Woertman) Van Zutphen - Chr. 4/4/1681
10. Annetje (Woertman) Riemer - Chr. 6/15/1684
11. Marretje Woertman - Chr. 11/21/1686
12. Peter Derick Woertman - Chr. 1688
13. Lorewyck Derick Woertman - Chr. 1690

Richard John Workman emigrated to America in 1647. He was known simply as "Dirk (or Derick) Jan until 1680 when he resumed the surname of Woertman. In 1661, Richard and his wife were admitted to the Brooklyn Dutch Church. He owned property in Brookly and operated the Brooklyn ferry. The property was sold in 1687. Richard was made town officer in Brooklyn in 1673. After his wife's death, he married Annetje Aukes, a widow.

Marrietje Teunis Denyse was the daughter of Teunis (Cornelius) Nyssen and Femmetje (Phoebe) Seals. Teunis came to America in 1638 from Bissnick (Bunnich) in the province of Utrecht, Holland. He lived in New Amsterdam (Manhatten, N.Y.) and died there. Femmetje was the daughter of Jan Seals and Cornelius Buys, and the widow of Henrichs the Boor. Marrietje was the second of 11 children born to Teunis and Femmetje.

More About Merritje Teunis Dynse:
Ancestral File Number: 93F5-H4416
Christening: 03 Apr 1644, Dutch Ref Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands416
Children of Dirck Woertman and Merritje Dynse are:
  i.   Jan Derkison Woertman, born Bef. 06 Jan 1662/63 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York; died in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York; married Anna Maria Andriessen Abt. 1690 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York; born 1670 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York; died Bet. 1712 - 1767.
  Notes for Jan Derkison Woertman:
2. John Derick Workman (Jan Derick Woertman) Chr. 1665 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Anna Maria Andries (Andriessen) Chr. 1670 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Married 1/17/1690 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
1. Andries Woertman - Chr. 11/22/1691
2. Dirk Woertman - Chr. 11/26/1693
3. Jan Evertsen Bout Woertman - Chr. 5/4/1695
4. Peter Woertman - Chr. 9/30/1698
5. Elizabeth Woertman - Chr. 9/19/1699
6. Hermitien (Woertman) Coesvert - Chr. 10/25/1704
7. Anna (Woertman) Pieterse - Chr. 4/30/1707
8. Abraham Workman (Woertman) - Chr. 4/27/1709
9. Jan (Jane) Woertman - Chr. 10/25/1710
10. Femmetje Woertman - Chr. 8/23/1716.
John Derick Workman started the move west in 1699 when he moved from Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. to Somerville, New Jersey. By the year 1704 he had located in Raritan, New Jersey where he remained for a number of years. He then moved to Pluckemin, N.Y. where he erected a long old-fashioned house made of logs that was to be known for many years as the "Workman Homestead". Here a descendant, Jan Woertman, known as Squire Wortman (due to the fact that he owned 500 acres) entertained the patriots, Gisbert Sutphen, Aaron Melick, and Colonel Stephen Hunt when they met to plan their resistance to the British army a year before the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was herem, too, that Jan Wortman, trained by his father in the family trade as a blacksmith, shod the horses of George Washington and his entrourage during the Revolutionary War. The Woertman tradition in America had been one of civic loyalty. Richard John (Derick Jans) had begun it in 1673 when he became an officer of his own in Brooklyn. John Derick (Jan Dercik) continued it as Justice of the Peace in New Jersey. Squire Jan Wortman, his nephews and sons planned and worked for the revolutionary forces.

Anna Marie Andries was the daughter of Andries Jureadusen and Annetje Pieteise Praa. Annetje was baptized in 1652 in Leyden, Holland. She was the daughter of Pieter Praa and Maxine.

  1696 ii.   Peter Derick Woertman, born 1688 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York; died 1735 in Allegheny Co., Maryland; married ??? 27 Apr 1705.

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