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Ancestors of Erich and Philipp von Hitritz

      11388. Henry Champneys, born Abt. 1575 in Somerset, England; died in England. He married 11389. ???.

      11389. ???
Children of Henry Champneys and ??? are:
  i.   John Champney, born Abt. 1598 in England; died 1642 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; married Joanna ??? 1635 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; born Abt. 1610 in England; died 01 Feb 1649/50 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
  5694 ii.   Elder Richard Champney, born 1607 in England; died 26 Nov 1669 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Jane ??? Bef. 1629 in Northampton, England.

      11408. William Comstock, born 1569 in London, Middlesex, England. He married 11409. ??? Abt. 1592 in England.

      11409. ???, born Abt. 1560.
Child of William Comstock and ??? is:
  5704 i.   William Comstock, born Bef. 04 Jul 1595 in Culmstock, Devonshire, England; died Abt. 1683 in New London, New London Co., Connecticut; married Elizabeth Daniel Bet. 1622 - 1623 in England.

      11410. Henry Daniel, born Abt. 1582 in Much Hodham, Hertford, England. He was the son of 22820. John Daniel and 22821. Elizabeth Pebite. He married 11411. ???.

      11411. ???, born Abt. 1586 in England.
Child of Henry Daniel and ??? is:
  5705 i.   Elizabeth Daniel, born 08 Nov 1608 in Culmstock, Devonshire, England; died 1665 in New London, New London Co, Connecticut; married William Comstock Bet. 1622 - 1623 in England.

      11412. William Elderkin, born Abt. 1575.
Child of William Elderkin is:
  5706 i.   John Elderkin, born 1612 in England; died 13 Jun 1687 in Norwich, New London Co., Connecticut; married (1) Abigail Kingsland Abt. 1634 in Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts; married (2) Elizabeth Drake 01 Mar 1659/60 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut.

      11420. Francis Bushnell, born Abt. 1581 in Thatchem, Berkshire, England; died 13 Oct 1646 in Guilford, New Haven Co., Connecticut. He was the son of 22840. John Bushnell and 22841. Margery ???. He married 11421. Ferris Quenell 13 May 1605 in Horsham, Sussex, England.

      11421. Ferris Quenell, born Bef. 17 Apr 1587 in Horsham, Sussex, England; died 10 Mar 1627/28 in Horsham, Sussex, England. She was the daughter of 22842. Henry Quenell and 22843. Beatrix Carter.

Notes for Francis Bushnell:
from Bushell Family Genealogy:
"prob. rem abt. or after 1600 to Horsham, co. Sussex, where he m. and were all his children were born..."

"It would appear that he was an artisan, perhaps a painter and decorator, for in 1610/11, 'Frauncis Bushnell' was paid vs (five shilligs [sic]) for 'cullering the funt' (of the church or altar), also his sons were artisans, for his son Francis was a willwright, his son William a carpenter, and his son John a glazier and later a barber, while his eldest son Edmund was evidently an artisan as well as a farmer."

"In 1635, his five living sons left their native shore bound for America, and four years later he followed with his two dau's, Sarah and Rebecca, in the company of Rev. Henry Whitfield, aboard the St. John. After they had been at sea about ten days, the company formulated a covenant, sometimes called the 'Guilford Covenant' or 'The Plantation Convenant,' upon which his name appears third, while that of the Rev. John Hoadley, who married his daughter Sarah, appears ninth. The company landed at Fair Haven, Connecticut between the 10th and 15th of July 1639 and two months later the deed was signed for their new settlement at Menunkatuck, purchased of the Quinipiac Indians, which they named Guilforde after the shire town in Surry from which some of the emigrants came."

The covenant reads: "We whose names are here under-written, intending by God's gracious permission to establish ourselves in New England, if it may be in the south part about Quinapossack (New Haven), we faithfully promise, each to each, for ourselves and families and all that belongs to us, that we will, the Lord assisting us, sit down and join ourselves together in one entire plantation and be helpful each to the other in any common work, according to everyman's ability and as need shall require; and we promise not to depart or leave each other on the plantation but with the consent of the rest, or the greater part of those who have entered into this engagement.
"As for our gathering ourselves together in a church way, and the choice of officers and members to be gathered in that way, we do refer ourselves to such time as it please God to settle us in our plantation.
"In witness whereof we subscribe our hands this first day of June, 1639."
Signed by Robert Richell, John Bishop, Francis Bushnell, William Crittenden, William Leete, Thomas Jones, John Jurden, William Stone, John Hoadley, John Stone, William Plane, Richard Sutridge, John Housinger, William Dudley, John Parmelee, John Mepham, Thomas Norton, Abraham Crittenden, Francis Catfield, William Noble, Thomas Neish, Henry Kingston, Henry Doude, Thomas Cooke, Henry Whitfield.

FRANCIS BUSHNELL, SENIOR, was one of the party and he has been identified as the Francis Bushnell who married, March 13, 1605, at Horsham, Sussex, England, Ferris Quynell or Quenell (bapt. at Horsham April 17, 1587, daughter of Henry and Beatrix (Carter) Quynell). The baptisms of their eleven children are recorded in the Horsham registers. The first child, Edmund, married in England and perhaps remained there. Francis, Junior, with his wife, came to New England on the ship Planter in 1635. William, John, Richard, Rebecca and Sarah also at one time or another came over. Of the rest of the eleven children, Stephen, Thomas and Mary died young, and Elizabeth, baptized on the 5th of March 1627/8, was buried a few days later with her mother on the 10th of March. The mother was then about forty-one years of age. The next year (June 2, 1629) Francis Bushnell, Senior, married (2) Joane Kinward, and two years later her burial is recorded at Horsham, June 21, 1631. No proof has been found that he had a third wife in New England. He died at Guilford in 1646, about eighteen years after the death of his wife Ferris, the mother of his children.

Children of Francis Bushnell and Ferris Quenell are:
  i.   Edmund Bushnell, born 27 Apr 1606.
  5710 ii.   Deacon Francis Bushnell, born 08 Jan 1608/09 in Horsham, England; died 04 Dec 1681 in Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut; married (1) Mary Grombridge 27 Jun 1631 in Horsham, Sussex, England; married (2) Grace Wells Abt. 1662 in Guilford, New Haven Co., Connecticut.
  iii.   Lt. William Bushnell, born 03 Feb 1609/10 in Horsham, Sussex, England; died 12 Nov 1683 in Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut; married Rebecca Chapman 1643 in Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut; born Abt. 1617 in Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut; died 14 May 1703 in Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut.
  iv.   John Bushnell, born Bef. 23 Apr 1615; died 1667; married Jane ???.
  Notes for John Bushnell:
from Bushnell Family Genealogy:

"John Bushnell, erroneously stated to have been the father of all the Bushnell immigrants, was a glazier and embarked from the Port of London, Eng. in the spring of 1635 in the ship Hopewell. He first settled at Salem, Mass."

James Savage pg. 317
John, Salem, a glazier, came in the Hopewell, capt. Bundocke, 1635, aged 21, had gr. of ld. 1637, but prefer. to live at Boston, where , by w. Jane, he had...

  v.   Richard Bushnell, born 20 Apr 1623 in Horsham, England; died 17 Jul 1660 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut; married Mary Marvin 11 Oct 1648 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut; born 15 Dec 1628 in Great Bentley, England; died 26 Mar 1713 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.
  Notes for Richard Bushnell:
RICHARD BUSHNELL (bapt. April 20, 1623, at Horsham, Sussex, England, son of Francis and Ferris (Quenell) Bushnell) married at Hartford, Conn. October 11, 1648, Mary Marvin (bapt. December 16, 1628, at Great Bentley, Essex, England, daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Marvin). Richard's name appears in 1656 among those who were owners of home lots in Norwalk, Conn. to which place the Marvin family had removed. His will, bequeathing to wife and four children but not giving the names of the children, was dated at Norwalk December 1, 1659, and he died, aged about thirty-seven, within the next few months, since the inventory of his estate was dated July 17, 1660.

When the will was proved, March 6, 1661/2, his widow was then the wife of Thomas Adgate, formerly of Saybrook, but now one of the proprietors of the new settlement at Norwich. To that town the Bushnell children were taken with their step-father's family, and registered there: The names and ages of the children of Richard Bushnell, deceased, who stand in relation with the second wife of Thomas Adgate as their mother. Joseph was born in May 1651, Richard in September 1652, Mary in January 1654, and Marcie in March 1657. Their plaec of birth is not indicated, but until not long before his death Richard Bushnell had been settled in Saybrook. Mary (Marvin) (Bushnell) Adgate died in Norwich the 29th of March 1713 in her 85th year.

      11422. Thomas Grombridge, born Abt. 1562 in Horsham, England; died 29 Oct 1619 in Horsham, Sussex, England. He married 11423. Agnes Ives 10 Sep 1587 in Horsham, Sussex, England.

      11423. Agnes Ives, born 1566 in Horsham, England; died in Sussex, England. She was the daughter of 22846. John Ives and 22847. Elizabeth Jennyns Emarye.
Child of Thomas Grombridge and Agnes Ives is:
  5711 i.   Mary Grombridge, born 01 Jul 1606 in Horsham, England; died 1660 in Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut; married Deacon Francis Bushnell 27 Jun 1631 in Horsham, Sussex, England.

      11440. Thomas Elye, born 1600 in Wouston, Hampshire, England; died 30 Mar 1631 in Basingstroke, Hampshire, England. He was the son of 22880. Richard Elye and 22881. Elizabeth Gore. He married 11441. Elizabeth Gore 1622 in Basingstroke, Hampshire, England.

      11441. Elizabeth Gore, born 1603 in Southampton, England. She was the daughter of 22882. William Gore and 22883. ???.
Children of Thomas Elye and Elizabeth Gore are:
  i.   Thomas Ely, born 1623.
  ii.   Elizabeth Ely, born 1628.
  5720 iii.   Richard Ely, born 1625 in Basingstoke, England; died 24 Nov 1684 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut; married (1) Joane Phipps 1646 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England; married (2) Elizabeth Fenwick Abt. 1663 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.

      11520. Robert Wiswall, born 1570 in England; died Bef. 16 Apr 1616 in England. He was the son of 23040. Robert Wiswall and 23041. ???. He married 11521. ???.

      11521. ???

More About Robert Wiswall:
Burial: 16 Apr 1616, England
Children of Robert Wiswall and ??? are:
  5760 i.   Elder Thomas Wiswall, born Bef. 30 Sep 1601 in Warrington, Lancashire, England; died 06 Dec 1683 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; married (1) Elizabeth Berbage 1632 in England; married (2) Isabella Muston Abt. 1670 in Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.
  ii.   John Wiswall, born Bef. 30 Sep 1601 in Warrington, Lancashire, England; died 17 Aug 1687 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts; married Margaret Smith 1638 in England; born 18 Oct 1607 in St Mary, Somerset, London, England; died Aft. 1638 in Massachusetts.
  Notes for John Wiswall:
Thomas Wiswall and wife Elizabeth, and John Wiswall and wife Margaret, came from England about the year 1635, and were among the earlier settlers of Dorchester, Mass., where they were members of the first church on the 23 Aug. 1636. Thomas Wiswall subscribed to the school fund there in 1642, and was selectman in 1644.

      11524. Christopher Jackson, born 1575 in Stepney, London, England; died Bef. 05 Dec 1633 in Stepney, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England. He was the son of 23048. George Jackson and 23049. Elizabeth Wytham. He married 11525. ??? Abt. 1592 in Stepney, London, England.

      11525. ???, died Abt. 1602.

Notes for Christopher Jackson:
(Register of St. Antholin, London, England). Christofer Jackson & Elizabeth Tillar were m. 2 Feb. 1590.

(Register of St. James Clerkenwell, London). Christopher Jackson & (???) Snell were m. 10 Oct. 1599.

(All records of St. Dunstan's were collected by Mrs. Lewis Linzee, except as noted).

(Jackson's History of Newton).

(Memoir of Dr. James Jackson, by James Jackson Putnam).

(Lineage of Hoar and Jackson Families, by Alfred Wyman Hoar, Delano, Minn. 1898).

More About Christopher Jackson:
Burial: 05 Dec 1633, Whitechapel and Stepney, London, Co. Midd., England
Children of Christopher Jackson and ??? are:
  i.   Christofer Jackson, born 17 Aug 1593 in London, Middlesex, England; died Abt. 1597 in England.
  ii.   Elizabeth Jackson, born 17 Aug 1593 in London, Middlesex, England.
  Notes for Elizabeth Jackson:
A twin to Christofer.

  5762 iii.   John Jackson, born 06 Jan 1601/02 in St. Dunstan's Parish of Stepney, London, England; died 30 Jan 1674/75 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts; married (1) Mary ??? 1632; married (2) Katherine ??? Bef. 1640; married (3) Abigail ??? 1640; married (4) Margaret Taft 21 Feb 1640/41 in St. Dunstan's Parish of Stepney, London, England.

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