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Ancestors of Erich and Philipp von Hitritz

Generation No. 20

      705280. David Morris He married 705281. ???.

      705281. ???
Child of David Morris and ??? is:
  352640 i.   Phillip Morris.

      709632. Richard de Sandford1029, born 1379 in Sandford, Shropshire, England1029. He was the son of 1419264. Nicholas de Sandford and 1419265. Alice le Boteler. He married 709633. Maude de Banastre.

      709633. Maude de Banastre1029, born 1384 in Bretherton And Croston, Lancashire, England1029. She was the daughter of 1419266. William de Banastre and 1419267. Sibil de Houghton.
Child of Richard de Sandford and Maude de Banastre is:
  354816 i.   John Sandford, born 1411 in Sandford, Shropshire, England; married Julianne Corbet.

      709634. Robert Corbet1029, born 1384 in Moreton Corbet, Shropshire, England1029. He married 709635. Margaret Mallory.

      709635. Margaret Mallory1029, born 1396 in Shawbury, Shropshire, England1029.
Child of Robert Corbet and Margaret Mallory is:
  354817 i.   Julianne Corbet, born 1414 in MOreton Corbet, Shropshire, England; married John Sandford.

      709652. Griffith Warren1030,1031, born Abt. 1340 in , Ightfield, Shropshire, England1031; died in Y1031. He was the son of 1419304. Griffith Warren and 1419305. Matilda le Strange. He married 709653. Margaret Corbet.

      709653. Margaret Corbet1032,1033, born Abt. 1345 in Of, Ightfield, Shropshire, England1033; died in Y1033. She was the daughter of 1419306. Peter Corbet.

More About Griffith Warren:
Ancestral File Number: 8WKH-WL1033
Record Change: 21 Sep 19991033

More About Margaret Corbet:
Ancestral File Number: 8WKH-XR1033
Record Change: 21 Sep 19991033
Child of Griffith Warren and Margaret Corbet is:
  354826 i.   John Warren, born 1365 in Of, Ightfield, Shropshire, England; married Emma Matilda Cheney.

      709654. John Cheney1034,1035, born Abt. 1360 in , Willaston, Cheshire, Eng1035; died 1035.

More About John Cheney:
Ancestral File Number: 8WKK-681035
Record Change: 21 Sep 19991035
Child of John Cheney is:
  354827 i.   Emma Matilda Cheney, born Abt. 1375 in Of, Willaston, Cheshire, Eng; married John Warren.

      712896. Jr. John Dymoke1036, born Abt. 1316 in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, England1036; died 16 Apr 1381 in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, England1036. He was the son of 1425792. John Dymoke and 1425793. Blessis. He married 712897. Margaret Ludlow Abt. 1353 in England1036.

      712897. Margaret Ludlow1036, born Abt. 1318 in Lincolnshire, England1036; died 26 Mar 1415 in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, England1036. She was the daughter of 1425794. Jr. Thomas Ludlow and 1425795. Katherine.
Child of John Dymoke and Margaret Ludlow is:
  356448 i.   Thomas Dymoke, born Abt. 1355 in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, England; died Abt. 1423 in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, England; married Elizabeth Hebdon Abt. 1400 in England.

      712898. Richard Hebdon1036, born Abt. 1344 in England1036; died Aft. 1380 in England1036. He married 712899. Katherine Wyham Abt. 1378 in England1036.

      712899. Katherine Wyham1036, born Abt. 1351 in England1036; died Aft. 1386 in England1036.
Child of Richard Hebdon and Katherine Wyham is:
  356449 i.   Elizabeth Hebdon, born Abt. 1380 in England; married Thomas Dymoke Abt. 1400 in England.

      712900. Robert Conyers1036, born Abt. 13381036; died Aft. 13781036. He was the son of 1425800. III John Conyers and 1425801. Elizabeth d' Aton. He married 712901. ???.

      712901. ???1036.
Child of Robert Conyers and ??? is:
  356450 i.   Christopher Conyers, born Abt. 1378 in England; died Aft. 1424 in England; married ???.

      712928. Walter Tailboys1036, born 1351 in Kyme, Lincolnshire, England1036; died 20 Sep 14171036. He was the son of 1425856. Henry Tailboys and 1425857. Eleanor Boroughdon. He married 712929. Margaret.

      712929. Margaret1036, born Abt. 13511036.
Child of Walter Tailboys and Margaret is:
  356464 i.   Jr. Walter Tailboys, born 1391; died 10 Apr 1444; married Unknown.

      712934. Reynold de Grey1036, born 1362 in Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales1036; died 18 Oct 14401036. He was the son of 1425868. Reynold de Grey and 1425869. Eleanor Le Strange. He married 712935. Margaret de Ros.

      712935. Margaret de Ros1036, born Abt. 1366 in Helmsley, Yorkshire, England1036; died Abt. 14141036. She was the daughter of 1425870. Thomas de Ros and 1425871. Beatrice Stafford.
Children of Reynold de Grey and Margaret de Ros are:
  i.   Eleanor Grey1036, born Abt. 13821036
  356467 ii.   Margaret Grey, born Abt. 1397 in Chewton, Somerset, England; married Lord Bonville William Thomas Bonville in Chewton, Somerset, England.

      712936. Roger Heron1036, born Abt. 13301036; died Abt. 14001036. He was the son of 1425872. William Heron and 1425873. Isabel. He married 712937. Margaret Hastings.

      712937. Margaret Hastings1036, born Abt. 1365 in York Castle, Yorkshire, England1036; died 14071036. She was the daughter of 1425874. Ralph Hastings and 1425875. Isabel Sadington.
Child of Roger Heron and Margaret Hastings is:
  356468 i.   William Heron, born Abt. 1355; died Abt. 1395; married Isabel Scott.

      712938. Jr. Richard Scott1036. He was the son of 1425876. Richard Scott.
Child of Jr. Richard Scott is:
  356469 i.   Isabel Scott, born Abt. 1361; married William Heron.

      712942. Jr. Robert Ogle1036, born 13801036; died 12 Aug 14361036. He was the son of 1425884. Robert Ogle and 1425885. Joan de Heton. He married 712943. Maud Grey.

      712943. Maud Grey1036, born Abt. 13801036; died 22 Aug 14511036. She was the daughter of 1425886. II, Lord of Warke Thomas Grey and 1425887. Jane Mowbray.
Child of Robert Ogle and Maud Grey is:
  356471 i.   Ann Elizabeth Ogle, born Abt. 1400; married William Heron.

      712944. VIII William Gascoigne1036, born Abt. 1368 in Yorkshire, England1036. He was the son of 1425888. VII William Gascoigne and 1425889. Elizabeth Mowbray. He married 712945. Joan Jane Wyman.

      712945. Joan Jane Wyman1036, born Abt. 1370 in Yorkshire, England1036.
Child of William Gascoigne and Joan Wyman is:
  356472 i.   IX William Gascoigne, born Abt. 1398 in Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England; died Abt. 1446; married Margaret Clarell.

      712948. Ralph de Neville1036, born Abt. 1390; died 26 Feb 1456/57. He was the son of 712954. Ralph de Neville and 1425897. Margaret de Stafford. He married 712949. Mary de Ferrers Abt. 1413.

      712949. Mary de Ferrers1036, born 1394; died 25 Jan 1457/58. She was the daughter of 1425898. Robert de Ferrers and 712955. Joan Beaufort Plantagenet.
Child of Ralph de Neville and Mary de Ferrers is:
  356474 i.   John de Neville, born 1416; married Elizabeth de Newmarch.

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