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Ancestors of Erich and Philipp von Hitritz

      11558928. Richard de Davenport1617, born Abt. 11701617. He was the son of 23117856. Orme or Ormus Davenport and 23117857. ???. He married 11558929. Anabilia de Venables.

      11558929. Anabilia de Venables1617, born Abt. 1169 in Kynderton, Cheshire, England1617. She was the daughter of 23117858. Gilbert de Venables.

More About Richard de Davenport:
Ancestral File Number: FRN7-3K1617

More About Anabilia de Venables:
Ancestral File Number: 8WK9-K21617
Child of Richard de Davenport and Anabilia de Venables is:
  5779464 i.   Vivian de Davenport, born Abt. 1200 in MacClesfield, Cheshire, England; married Beatrix de Hulme.

      11558930. Bertrand de Hulme1617, born Abt. 1175 in Withington, Cheshire, England1617. He married 11558931. ???.

      11558931. ???
Child of Bertrand de Hulme and ??? is:
  5779465 i.   Beatrix de Hulme, born Abt. 1200; married Vivian de Davenport.

      11558944. Henry III Plantagenet, King of England1618,1619, born 01 Oct 1206 in Winchester, Hampshire, England1620,1621; died 16 Nov 1272 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1622,1623. He was the son of 23117888. John "Lackland", King of England and 23117889. Isabella de Taillefer. He married 11558945. Eleanor Berenger 14 Jan 1235/361623.

      11558945. Eleanor Berenger1624,1625, born Abt. 1217 in Aix-en-Provence, France1626,1627; died 24 Jun 1291 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England1628,1629. She was the daughter of 23117890. Raymond V Berenger, Count of Provence and 23117891. Beatrice de Savoie.

More About Henry III Plantagenet, King of England:
Burial: Westminster Abbey, England1630,1631
Children of Henry III Plantagenet, King of England and Eleanor Berenger are:
  i.   Edward I "Longshanks", King of England1632,1633, born 17 Jun 1239 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1634,1635; died 07 Jul 1307 in Burgh-on-the-Sands, Cumberland, England1636,1637
  Notes for Edward I "Longshanks", King of England:

[from Rootsweb robinlt database]

In 1270 Edward left England to join the Seventh Crusade. The first years of Edward's reign were a period of consolidation of his power. He suppressed corruption in the administration of justice, restricted the jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical courts to church affairs and eliminated the papacy's overlordship over England. In 1290 Edward expelled all Jews from England. In 1296 after invading and conquering Scotland, he declared himself king of that realm. The conquest of Scotland became the ruling passion of his life. He was, however, compelled by the nobles, clergy and commons to desist in his attempts to raise by arbitrary taxes the funds he needed for campaigns. In 1307 Edward set out for the third time (at age 68) to subdue the Scots, but died en route near Carlisle.

  More About Edward I "Longshanks", King of England:
Burial: Westminster Abbey, England1638,1639

  ii.   Margaret Plantagenet1640,1641, born 05 Oct 1240 in Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England1642,1643; died 27 Feb 1274/75 in Cupar Castle, Fifeshire, Scotland1644,1645
  iii.   Beatrice Plantagenet1646,1647, born 25 Jun 1242 in Bordeaux, Gascony, France1648,1649; died 24 Mar 1274/75 in Bretagne, France1650,1651
  5779472 iv.   Edmund de Leicester, born 16 Jan 1244/45 in London, Middlesex, England; died 05 Jan 1295/96 in Bayonne, Pyrennes-Atlantiques, France; married (1) Aveline de Forz 09 Apr 1269 in Westminster Abbey, London, England; married (2) Blanche d'Artois Bef. 29 Oct 1275 in Paris, France.
  v.   Richard Plantagenet1652,1653, born Abt. 1247 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1654,1655; died Bef. 12561656,1657
  vi.   John Plantagenet1658,1659, born Abt. 1250 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1660,1661; died Bef. 12561662,1663
  vii.   Catherine Plantagenet1664,1665, born 24 Nov 1253 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1666,1667; died 03 May 1256 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1668,1669
  viii.   William Plantagenet1670,1671, born Abt. 1256 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1672,1673; died Abt. 1256 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1674,1675
  ix.   Henry Plantagenet1676,1677, born Abt. 1258 in Westminster, Middlesex, England1678,1679

      11558946. Robert I Capet1680,1681, born Sep 1216 in Paris, France1682,1683; died 08 Feb 1248/49 in Crusade in Mansoure, Egypt1684,1685. He was the son of 23117892. Louis VIII, "The Lion", King of France and 23117893. Blanca Alphonsa, Princess of Castile. He married 11558947. Matilde de Brabant 14 Jun 1237 in Champagne, France1686,1687.

      11558947. Matilde de Brabant1688,1689, born Abt. 1224 in Brabant1690,1691; died 29 Sep 12881692,1693. She was the daughter of 23117894. Henri II, Duke of Brabant and 23117895. Maria Von Hohenstauffen.
Children of Robert Capet and Matilde de Brabant are:
  5779473 i.   Blanche d'Artois, born Bet. 1245 - 1250 in Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France; died 02 May 1302 in Paris, France; married (1) Enrique I, King of Navarre 1269; married (2) Edmund de Leicester Bef. 29 Oct 1275 in Paris, France.
  ii.   Robert II Capet1694,1695, born Aft. Aug 12501696,1697; died 11 Jul 1302 in Kortrijk1698,1699

      11558948. Hugh, Fifth Lord Dutton1700,1701, born Abt. 1176 in Dutton, Cheshire, England1702,1703; died Aft. 12341704,1705. He was the son of 23117896. Hugh, Fourth Lord Dutton and 23117897. Isabel de Massey. He married 11558949. Muriel le Despencer Abt. 1211 in Cheshire, England1706,1707.

      11558949. Muriel le Despencer1708,1709, born Abt. 1191 in Cheshire, England1710,1711. She was the daughter of 23117898. Thomas DeSpenser and 23117899. Rohise Seagrave.
Children of Hugh, Fifth Lord Dutton and Muriel le Despencer are:
  i.   Hugh, Sixth Lord Dutton1712,1713, born Abt. 1212 in Dutton, Cheshire, England1714,1715; died 12341716,1717
  ii.   Thomas, Seventh Lord Dutton1718,1719, born Abt. 1214 in Dutton, Cheshire, England1720,1721; died 12721722,1723
  iii.   John Dutton1724,1725, born Abt. 1215 in Dutton, Cheshire, England1726,1727
  iv.   Adam Dutton1728,1729, born Abt. 1217 in Dutton, Cheshire, England1730,1731
  5779474 v.   Geoffrey de Dutton, born Abt. 1220 in Dutton, England; married Idonea de Lacie.

      11558950. John de Lacie, Earl of Lincoln1732,1733, born Abt. 1192 in Lincolnshire, England1734,1735; died 22 Jul 1240 in Stanlaw, Chester, England1736,1737. He was the son of 23117900. Roger de Lacie and 23117901. Maud de Clare. He married 11558951. Margaret de Quincey 1223 in Lincolnshire, England1738,1739.

      11558951. Margaret de Quincey1740,1741,1742, born Abt. 1208 in Winchester, Hampshire, England1743,1744; died Aft. Mar 1265/66 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England1745,1746. She was the daughter of 23117902. Roger de Quincy and 23117903. Hawise de Meschine.
Children of John de Lacie and Margaret de Quincey are:
  i.   Maude de Lacy1747,1748, born Abt. 1223 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England1749,1750; died 03 Oct 12881751,1752
  ii.   Ionia de Lacy1753,1754, born 12231755,1756
  iii.   Edmund de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln1757,1758, born 12271759,1760; died 21 Jul 12571761,1762
  5779475 iv.   Idonea de Lacie, born 1230 in Cheshire, England; married Geoffrey de Dutton.

      11558980. Hugh de Dutton, born 1172. He was the son of 23117960. Hugh de Dutton and 23117961. Isabel de Massey. He married 11558981. Muriel le Despencer.

      11558981. Muriel le Despencer
Child of Hugh de Dutton and Muriel le Despencer is:
  5779490 i.   Thomas de Dutton, born Abt. 1214; married Philippa de Standon.

      11558982. Vivian de Standon, born Abt. 1194 in Standon, Staffordshire, England. He married 11558983. Roese ???.

      11558983. Roese ???, born Abt. 1194 in Standon, Staffordshire, England.
Child of Vivian de Standon and Roese ??? is:
  5779491 i.   Philippa de Standon, born Abt. 1230 in Standon, Staffordshire, England; married Thomas de Dutton.

      11560072. Sir Robert Ryan FitzRichard Latham1763, born 22 Jun 1240 in Lancaster, England; died 04 Jul 1302 in Lancaster, England1764,1765. He was the son of 23120144. Richard FitzRichard Latham and 23120145. Lady Amicia de Alfreton. He married 11560073. Katherine de Knowlesley 26 Jan 1266/67 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England.

      11560073. Katherine de Knowlesley1765, born 07 May 1247 in Hazeltonford, England1766,1767; died 19 Sep 1277 in Lancaster, England1768,1769. She was the daughter of 23120146. Thomas de Knowlesly and 23120147. ???.

More About Sir Robert Ryan FitzRichard Latham:
Burial: 06 Jul 1302, Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England1770,1771
Occupation: Knight Of The Royal Garter1772,1773

More About Katherine de Knowlesley:
Burial: 20 Sep 1277, Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, Eng1774,1775
Occupation: housewife/mother1776,1777
Children of Robert Latham and Katherine de Knowlesley are:
  5780036 i.   Sir Thomas Lemar Latham, born 23 Feb 1268/69 in Lathom, Lancaster, England; died 17 Sep 1370; married Eleanor de Ferrers 25 Jun 1293 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England.
  ii.   Jane Janette Latham1777, born 10 Mar 1269/70 in Lancaster, Eng1778,1779; died 14 Nov 1344 in St. Bernice Retreat, Wessex1780,1781
  Notes for Jane Janette Latham:

She was a nun. She enter the Order of St. Bernice in 1293.
Person Source

  More About Jane Janette Latham:
Burial: 16 Nov 1344, St. Bernice Cemetary, Wessex1782,1783
Occupation: Nun1784,1785

  iii.   Hugh Sebastion Latham1785, born 14 Dec 1272 in Avonlea, Eng1786,1787; died 24 May 1294 in Igmar, Turkey1788,1789
  Notes for Hugh Sebastion Latham:

He fought and was killed in one of the last crusades.
Person Source

  More About Hugh Sebastion Latham:
Burial: 25 May 1294, the Holy Martyrs Chapel, Igmar, Turkey1790,1791
Occupation: Crusader/soldier1792,1793

  iv.   Phillip Andrew Latham1793, born 07 Jul 1277 in Lancaster, England; died Abt. 13771794,1795; married Mary de Chester 24 May 1300 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England1796,1797; born 03 Mar 1279/80 in Essex, England; died Bef. 13801798,1799.
  Notes for Mary de Chester:

She was a 4th cousin to Phillip.

  More About Mary de Chester:
Burial: Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, Eng1800,1801

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