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Descendants of John Waggener

12. ERASMUS WITHERS3 ALLEN (MARGARET2 WAGGENER, JOHN1) was born February 06, 1711/12 in Essex Co., Virginia, and died Abt. 1787 in Rowen Co., North Carolina. He married SARAH STRASHLEY January 06, 1737/38. She was born February 13, 1715/16 in England, and died 1805 in U.S..

Notes for E
Erasmus Withers Allen was born in Essex County. He moved to Spotsylvania County in the early 1740's, apparently with a number of his other cousins: John Waggener, James Herbert Waggener, and Samuel Waggener, Jr., who are named on some of the records listed below (Also his cousin Lucrecia Waggener, who married Edward Coleman.) From these records, one can presume he was a prominent land owner, owning at one point over 1,000 acres. He served as a Lieutenant in 1755, during the French and Indian War. It appears that he left Spotsylvania County in about 1770, moving to Rowan County, where he apparently joined his cousin Samuel Waggener, Jr. there.


From Virginia County Records, Vol. 1, Spotsylvania County 1721-1800, edited by William Armstrong Crozier; 1978:

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book C-1734-1742. Aug. 4, 1741. William x Marsh of St. Geo. Par., to Erasmus Withers Allen of St. Ann's Par., Essex Co. L18 curr. 304 a. in Spts Co. Larkin Chew, Tho. Reeves. Aug. 4, 1741. Elizabeth, wife of William Marsh, acknowledged her dower, etc.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D--1742-1751. Edward Ware of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., and Lucy, his wife, to Erasmus Wethers Allen of St. Ann's Par., Essex Co. L55 curr. 300 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., part of a pat. granted Thomas Allen and George Musick, September 28, 1728. Benja. Winslow, Hugh Sanders, Richd. Phillips. June 5, 1744.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D- 1742-1751. April 28, 1750. William x Mash of St. Mark's Par., Cul. Co., to Obediah Howerton of St. Geo. par., Spts. L30 curr. 300 a. in Spts. Co. Nathaniel x Allen, Thomas x Allen, May 1, 1750. Sarah, wife of Erasmus Wes. Allen, James x Jones, John Faulconer. May 1, 1750.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D- 1742-175. Erasmus Wethers Allen of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to James Waggoner of same Par. and county. L30 curr. 300 a. in Spts. Co. Nathaniel x Allen, Thomas x Allen. May 1, 1750. Sarah, wife of Erasmus Wethers Allen, acknowledged her dower, etc.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D-1742-1751. Obediah x Howerton of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to John Waggoner of county and Par. afsd. L40 curr. 300 a. Witnesses, Erasmus Wrs. Allen, George Blakey, Samuel Waggoner. April 2, 1751.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Administration Bonds-Will Book B. L100 Thomas Allen, admr. of Nathaniel Allen, deed, with Erasmus Withers Allen, sec. July 2, 1754.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Colonial Militia, Order Book- 1755-1765. Erasmus Withers Allen, Lieutenant of company under Capt. Philemon Hawkins, commission dated July 21, 1755.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book E-1751-1761. May 1, 1759. Erasmus Withers Allen and Sarah, his wife, of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to Edward Coleman of Par. and Co. afsd. L106 curr. 300 a. in Spts. Co. Joseph Allen, Thos. Collins. May 1, 1759.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book E-1751-1761. Zachary Lewis, William Robinson, Richard Tutt, William Waller, Robert Jackson, Fielding Lewis, Rice Curtis, Joseph Brock, Richard Brooke, Roger Dixon, Charles Lewis, and John Carter, Gentlemen, the Present Vestrymen of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to Erasmus Withers Allen of Par. and Co. afsd. 499 a., part of the Glebe land. Witnesses, Philip Vincent Vass, Edwd. Herndon, Joseph Herndon. Nov. 5, 1759.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D-1761-1772. Farish, Robert, Spotsylvania, Co., Apr. 16, 1769. Wit. Erasmus W. Allen, John McCalley, Abraham Estes. Ex. wife Julia. Lleg. wife Julia Farish. (Page 526)

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book G - 1766-1771. Dec. 12, 1770. Erasmus Withers Allen of Spts. Co., to John Chapman of same Co. Po. of atto. Witnesses, Abraham Estes, Jona. Clark, William Spindle. No date of record.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book J -1744-1782. Erasmus Withers Allen and Sarah, his wife, of Province of North Carolina, to Richard Loury of Caroline Co., L250 curr. 499 a. in Spts. Co., Va., bounded by lands of Harry Beverley, Decd., Mrs. Mary Dawson, Abraham Estes, and John McCauley. Witnesses, Vincent Vass, Francis Turnley, Benjamin Chapman, Thomas Chapman. March 16, 1775.
Children of E
37. i.   RACHEL4 ALLEN, b. April 16, 1743, Virginia; d. Unknown, South Carolina.
  ii.   MARY ALLEN ALLEN, b. November 23, 1739; d. Unknown; m. JOHN CHAPMAN; b. 1709; d. 1775, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia.

13. THOMAS3 ALLEN (MARGARET2 WAGGENER, JOHN1) died 1743 in Spotsylvania Co., Virginia. He married ELIZABETH. She died Unknown.
Children of T
  i.   NATHANIEL4 ALLEN, d. 1754, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia; m. ELIZABETH; d. Unknown.
  ii.   THOMAS ALLEN, JR., d. Unknown.
  iii.   ELIZABETH ALLEN, d. Unknown.
38. iv.   JOHN ALLEN, d. Unknown.
  v.   ANDREW ALLEN, d. 1783; m. HANNAH; d. Unknown.
  vi.   ZACHARIAH ALLEN, d. Unknown, Orange Co, Virginia; m. ELIZABETH; d. Unknown.

14. ZACHARIAH3 ALLEN (MARGARET2 WAGGENER, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1730 in Virginia, and died Abt. 1790. He married (1) MARY WOODY. She died Unknown. He married (2) LAVINA JONES. She died Unknown.

Notes for Z
The descendant information that I have for Zachariah Allen came from Rosemary Neuhausel (


From Rosemary Neuhausel :

Zachariah's will was dated September 27, 1789 or May 1790, in Orange County, North Carolina. She also reports that Zachariah and Mary Woody were married in Orange County, North Carolina, but that Mary is buried in Lawrence County, Indiana. Rosemary also says that she has information that Zachariah served in the Revolutionary War, but that she has not been able to verify this.
Children of Z
39. i.   JOHN4 ALLEN, b. 1783, Randolph Co., North Carolina; d. February 20, 1865, Lawrence Co., Indiana.
  ii.   ROBERT ALLEN, b. 1781; d. 1854; m. HANNAH LITTON; d. Unknown.
  iii.   JAMES ALLEN, b. January 12, 1771, Burke Co., North Carolina; d. November 15, 1855, Davies Co., Indiana; m. TABITHA LITTON, April 26, 1794, Lincoln Co., North Carolina; b. March 18, 1774, Lincoln Co., North Carolina; d. August 20, 1841.
  iv.   JOSEPH ALLEN, d. Unknown.
  v.   GEORGE ALLEN, d. Unknown.
  vi.   ELIZABETH ALLEN, d. Unknown.
  vii.   WILLIAM ALLEN, d. Unknown.
  viii.   MARY JEAN ALLEN, d. Unknown.
  ix.   SARAH ALLEN, d. Unknown.
  x.   RUTH ALLEN, d. Unknown; m. JOHN WHITTED, June 03, 1803, Orange Co., North Carolina; d. Unknown.

15. SAMUEL3 WAGGENER, JR. (SAMUEL2, JOHN1) was born Bet. 1710 - 1720 in Virginia, and died 1805 in North Carolina. He married (1) BETTY. She died Unknown. He married (2) MARY TATE. She died Unknown.

Notes for S
Samuel Waggener would have been born on the estate of his parents, Samuel Sr. and Christiania Waggener, in Essex County. Several sources have his birth date between 1710 and 1720. Samuel's parents seem to have died around 1729, and Samuel seems to have inherited their plantation. These lands would have been been close to the plantation of his grandparents, John and Rachel Waggener. Their plantation was apparently west and north of the town of Tappahannock. Some of this land originally came to his father Samuel Sr., from his brother John. It apparently was close to the brick building of the upper church of the Southfarnham Parish.

Samuel seems to be selling the land in Essex County, in the records below from the early 1740's. He shows up purchasing land on records in Spotsylvania County in the mid-1740's and 1750's, indicating he had moved there by then. His sister Lucrectia and a number of his cousins, all seem to have moved to Spotsylvania County in about this time. These include John Waggener, James Herbert Waggener, Joseph Allen, and Erasmus Withers Allen. Samuel seems to begin selling his land in Spotsylvania County in the mid-1750's and he purchased land in Rowan County, North Carolina in about 1764. Clearly he had more there by then. He seems to have been joined there 5-6 years later by his cousin Erasmus Withers Allen. The story of Samuel and his descendants seems to have been well documented by Walter S. Waggoner and Donna Lee Carter, and I am indebted to them for all the information they have shared.


These two deeds document the sale by Samuel of all or most of the land he owned in Essex County. This is land that he grew up on and subsequently inherited from his parents when they died around 1729-30. Some of the land was inherited by Samuel's father, from his brother John in about 1696. The rest was apparently subsquently purchased by his father. The church that seems to be mentioned is apparently the Upper Church of the Southfarnham Parish. This was apparently a brick building and the land was apparently donated by his father. The description of the parcels are quite detailed and list the names of what must have been many of the neighbors and friends of the Waggener family in Essex County. Herbert Waggener was the brother to Samuel's father.

****** From ESSEX COUNTY DEED BOOK 1738-1742, pp 321-325; from Walter S. Waggoner:
4/5 Jan 1741 This indenture made the fourth and fifth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty one Between SAMUEL WAGENER of the County of Essex and Parish of Southfarnham of one part and Patience Gatewood of the County and Parish aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that ye said SAMUEL WAGENER for the sum of seventeen pounds Three shillings Curr. money of Virga. hath granted unto the said PATIENCE GATEWOOD and to HER heirs assignes a certain parcel of land containing forty nine acres being in the County and Parrish aforesaid being part of a tract of one hundred twenty five acres of land formerly granted by PATENT to JOHN EVANS deceas'd as by said PATENT bearing date in the year of our Lord one thousand Six hundred and Eighty Seven may appear and purchased by SAMUEL WAGENER Deceas'd Father of the aforesaid Samuel of THOMAS EVANS Son of the aforesaid John Evans and bounded Beginning at a Corner Red oak near the Road leading by the UPPER CHURCH in Southfarnham Parrish being the Corner of the CHURCH LOTT, So along the line of ye Lott and the aforesaid Road to a hickory standing by the ROAD Side and divides ye sd land from the land of HENRY REEVES, from thence along the sd Dividing line East to a Corner Red oak standing on a hillside and is a Corner tree between said SAMUEL WAGGENER, HENRY REEVES and SARAH WEBB thence South West to a Corner white oak standing by the side of the Road that leads from the CHURCH to PISCATATWAY FERRY Thence to the place where it first began, All which said premises are now in ye actual possession To Have and To Hold the said land unto the said PATIENCE GATEWOOD her heirs and assigns forever. In Witness whereof the parties have set their hands and Seals
At a court held for Essex County at Tappahannock on the 19th day of January 1741 JOHN ALLEN, GEORGE REEVES and WILLIAM UPSHAW DAVIS made oath that they did see SAMUEL WAGENER sign & deliver this Lease and Release to PATIENCE GATEWOOD as his act and deed which on the motion of the said PATIENCE is admitted to record


****** From Deed Abstracts of Essex County, Virginia, Ancient Press, 59-60. (pp166-169); from Walter S. Waggoner:

2 Feb. 1743 THIS INDENTURE made this twentieth day of February in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and forty three Between SAMUEL WAGGENER of Essex County in SOUTHFARNHAM Parish of the Colony of Virginia of the one part, and HENRY PURKINS of the aforesaid County and Parish and Colony of Virga: of the other part; Witnesseth that the said SAMUEL WAGGENER for the consideration of Sixty five pounds Currt. money of Virga: to him in hand paid hath granted unto him the said HENRY PERKINS his heirs or assigns forever, all the right which is due to him the sd SAMUEL WAGGENER of a certain parcell of Land being in the County and Parish aforesaid, containing One hundred and Seventy acres more or less, with Plantation, the GRAVE YARD in the Orchard where the said SAMUEL WAGGENERs Father and Mother was buried only excepted, which said land is bounded, beginning at a corner Hickory between HERBERT WAGGENORs Land and the land of ROBT. SP. COLEMAN's, that formerly belonged to one TAYLOR, and ZACHARIAH ALLEN's Land, that THOMAS MEADOR and WILLIAM ALLEN bought of RACHEL JORDEN, and from thence down HOBBS HOLE ROAD binding on the line of the said ZACHARIAH ALLEN till it comes to the Great red Oake in the Old Field at the CROSS ROADS, and binding from thence along the line of THOMAS MEADOR to DAVID FALCONERs Land, then binding the said FAULCONERs line till it comes to HENRY REEVES Land, that was formerly HOPE MEADOR's, and binding the said REEVE's line till it comes to a line of a parcell of Land that the sd. SAML. WAGGENER sold to PATIENT GATEWOOD by the CHURCH, so binding on the said PATIENT GATEWOODs line till it comes to the land that was formerly JOHN REEVES along the sd. REEVES line to the line that was formerly FRANCIS TAYLORs, now belonging to ROBT. SP. COLEMAN, and binding on the said COLEMANs line till it comes to the first mentioned beginning corner; with all houses orchyards but the above mentioned GRAVE YARD only excepted; meadows pastures water and heriditaments to the same belonging; To have and to hold the sd. Land and premisses unto the said HENRY PURKINS his heirs and assigns for ever; to be held of our Sovereign Lord the King his heirs and Successors by the Quitrents accustomed; and do warrant the same from me the sd. SAMUEL WAGGENER and BETTY his Wife, we our heirs or assigns or any other person claiming under them. In Witness wherof they the said SAMUEL WAGGENER and BETTY his Wife have set their hands and affixed their seals
Signed seled and delivered in the presence of
Memorandom; That on the Twentieth day of February in the year 1743, possession and seisin of Land and the premisses was given by SAMUEL WAGGENER and BETTY his Wife by turf and twig to the said HENRY PERKINS within named, according to the meaning of the within written deed in the presence of us the Subscribers
At a Court held for Essex County at Tappa. on the 19th day of June 1744 SAMUEL WAGGENER and BETTY his Wife (the said BETTY being first privately examined) acknowledged this Indenture and the livery of seisin thereon endorsed to HENRY PURKINS to be their act and deed which was admitted to Record and is truely recorded


These records document that Samuel moved to Spotsylvania County in the mid-1740's and then left the area about 10-15 years later.

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D- 1742-1751. November 15, 1744. Edward Coleman and Lucrea his wife, of St. George Parish Spotsylvania Co., Va., to Samuel Waggoner of Essex Co., and South Farnham Parish, 12 Pounds, 100 acres in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., Va.
Witnessed by: James Waggoner. Joseph Reynolds, Kerenhappuch Reeves. February 5, 1744.

( Edward Coleman is Samuel's brother-in-law, married to his sister Lucrecia. James Waggener is his 1st cousin, the son af Herbert Waggener.)

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D-1742-1751. Obediah x Howerton of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to John Waggoner of county and Par. afsd. L40 curr. 300 a. Witnesses, Erasmus Wrs. Allen, George Blakey, Samuel Waggoner. April 2, 1751.

(Erasmus Withers Allen is Samuel's 1st cousin, son of William Allen, Sr. and Margaret Waggener.)

****** Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book E-1751-1761. August 17, 1754 Samuel Waggener and Bettie, his wife, of St. Geo. Parish, Spts. Co., to Edward Coleman of Co., and Parish afsd. L40 curr. 100a St Geo. Par., Spots. Co. Joseph Allen, Rich'd Long, Mossom x Poe. October 1, 1754.

(It appears that this may be the same 100 acre parcel that Samuel purchased from Edward Coleman about ten years earlier. Samuel is apparently in the process of moving to North Carolina.)


From Donna Lee Carter:

****** North Carolina- 1764 Rowan County, N.C. Deed Book '6', pp 113-114. "James Mcgowen and wife, Ann, to Samuel Waggoner for 45 Virginia money 320 acres on Oil Feild Creek. 8 January 1764

Witnesses: William Hall, William Waggonr"

(This William Waggener is probably the son of Samuel.)



Although the original "paper" book had page numbers, the on-line version did not.

"... Further evidence suggests that the line of Samuel Waggoner came to North Carolina via Virginia and not Holland. In A Book of Garrets, 1600 to 1960 compiled by Hester E. Garret, there is a section on "The Waggoner Family." This source lists Samuel Waggoner of Essex County, Virginia as having been born 22 December 1710 and having married Bettie. (See Deed 18 Jan 1772 where Samuel's wife is listed as Bett or Betty.)..."

"...In deeds dated January 8 and 9 of 1764 Samuel Waggoner, a planter, purchased three hundred and twenty acres of land from John McGown and his wife Ann. The land of the deed purchase lay along the banks of the Old Field Creek in Rowan County, North Carolina. This land was part of the Granville Tract of the northern part of North Carolina.

The area of North Carolina settled by Samuel Waggoner and his family was a wilderness. As mentioned in the Moravian Records, there were bear, wolves and panthers in the area when the Waggoners arrived. Indians, including the Cherokees, roamed the area. Sometimes the Indians were peaceable and sometimes they were not. Lawlessness prevailed and outlaws and highwaymen were common. The pattern of settling on the frontier on the very edge of civilization was a pattern which the Waggoners were to repeat again in Tennessee, Missouri and in Illinois...."

"...By the time of the State Census of Surry County (Rowan has begat Surry), North Carolina 1784-1787, Samuel Waggoner who still lived on the banks of Oldfield Creek is listed as having one slave. In the same census Samuel's adult sons Gabriel, Joseph, and William do not have slaves. However, by the Federal Census of Stokes County (Surry has begat Stokes) of 1790, the father and the sons are all listed as having one slave per household. By 1796 Samuel Waggoner had three slaves, and in the Federal Census of 1800 there are nine slaves in the Samuel Waggoner household. The nine slaves of Samuel Waggoner indicate a substantial degree of economic prosperity but does not compare to the wealth and prosperity of neighbor Joseph Winston who had twenty-one slaves in 1800...."

"...A witness to the two McGown-Samuel Waggoner deeds of 8 and 9 January 1764 was William Waggoner. William Waggoner was undoubtedly the son of Samuel Waggoner. William kept a lower profile than his father Samuel, but his name appears frequently in deed records, and he left a will entered in Stokes County, March of 1804. He appears to have preceded his father in death by as much as a year or so although his name appears in his father's will.

In a deed of 18 January 1772, Samuel Waggoner refers to a section of 120 acres of the original 360 acre 1764 McGown-Samuel Waggoner grant as land "...Samuel gave his son, William Waggoner but by his will made gift null and voidů" The William Waggoner who attests to the 1764 McGown-Samuel Waggoner deed is an adult who has reached his majority and whose oath is binding in court. By the time of the 18 January 1772 Waggoner-McAnally deed, William Waggoner must have been old enough to have been approaching his thirties.

The Joseph Waggoner (son of Samuel) family Bible provides the date of Samuel's birth as 20 September 1720 and his death on February 10 of 1805. In 1764 Samuel would have reached the age of forty-four and was certainly old enough to have had a son who was at least twenty-one. Who better to attest to the McGown deed than Samuel's own son William? William had undoubtedly accompanied his father down the Great Wagon Road from Virginia to the area of the Town Fork Settlement and the banks of Old Field Creek in North Carolina.

Other evidence from deed records of 1778 links William the son to Samuel the father. In 1778 Samuel Waggoner and his sons all obtained land grants from the state legislature of North Carolina. The state legislature of 1778 had confiscated all Tory lands and passed an act providing grants of land to those patriots who were willing to take an oath of allegiance to the Revolutionary government not once, not twice but thrice. ..."
Children of S
40. i.   WILLIAM4 WAGGONER, SR., b. Abt. 1746; d. September 1803, Stokes Co., North Carolina.
41. ii.   JOSEPH WAGGONER, b. August 19, 1747, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia; d. October 06, 1845, Stokes Co., North Carolina.
42. iii.   GABRIEL WAGGONER, b. Unknown; d. December 1822, Stokes Co., North Carolina.
  iv.   THOMAS WAGGONER, d. Unknown.
  v.   ELIZABETH WAGGONER, d. Unknown.
  vi.   SUSANNA WAGGONER, d. Unknown.
  vii.   MARY WAGGONER, d. Unknown.
  viii.   SARA WAGGONER, d. Unknown.
  ix.   ANNE WAGGONER, d. Unknown.

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