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Ancestors of Katherine Tracy Walter

Generation No. 9

      256. Michael Walter, born in Kirchzell, Germany; died in Schrahmuehle, Germany. He married 257. Margarete Agnes.

      257. Margarete Agnes, born in Kirchzell, Germany; died in Schrahmuehle, Germany.

Notes for Michael Walter:
About 1650, he bought or inherited the Schrahmuehle from Matthaus and Ursula Schramm. Schahmuehle was previously called "Eger-Othiger."
Children of Michael Walter and Margarete Agnes are:
  i.   Christian Walter, born December 25, 1671 in Watterbach-Schrahmuehle, Germany; died January 01, 1734 in Kloster Schmerlenbach, Germany.
  Notes for Christian Walter:
Became Benedictine Father and served at the Amorbach Kloster.

  128 ii.   Hans Martin Walter, born in Schrahmuehle, Germany; died in Schrahmuehle, Germany; married Unknown.
  iii.   Unknown Child Walter.
  iv.   Unknown Child Walter.
  v.   Unknown Child Walter.
  vi.   Unknown Child Walter.
  vii.   Unknown Child Walter.
  viii.   Unknown Child Walter.
  ix.   Unknown Child Walter.
  x.   Unknown Child Walter.
  xi.   Unknown Child Walter.

      384. Samuel Hill, died April 02, 1767. He was the son of 768. Nathaniel Hill and 769. Sarah Nutter. He married 385. Sarah Thompson June 12, 1718.

      385. Sarah Thompson, born 1685. She was the daughter of 770. John Thompson and 771. Sarah Woodman.
Children of Samuel Hill and Sarah Thompson are:
  i.   Mary Hill, born Abt. February 15, 1719 in Durham, New Hampshire; married Thomas Chesley.
  ii.   Abigail Hill, born Abt. April 10, 1720.
  iii.   Samuel Hill, born Abt. October 13, 1721; married Abigail Huckins.
  Notes for Samuel Hill:
Living in Lee in 1783 but removed to Danville, Vermont, where he died in 1800.

  192 iv.   Nathaniel Hill, born December 15, 1723 in Durham, New Hampshire; died 1804-1805 in Barrington, Strafford County, New Hampshire; married (1) Mary Unknown Bef. 1758; married (2) Rebecca Unknown Aft. 1764.
  v.   Jonathan Hill, born Abt. August 28, 1726 in Durham, New Hampshire; married Mary Knight March 24, 1757 in Newington, New Hampshire.
  vi.   Sarah Hill, born Abt. September 07, 1727 in Durham, New Hampshire; married Samuel Clark December 12, 1751.
  vii.   Benjamin Hill, born Abt. September 07, 1727.
  Notes for Benjamin Hill:
Lived in Durham, Epping, Deerfield, Brentwood, and Northwood. Died at Fort Ticonderoga.

  viii.   Robert Hill, married Abigail Hogdon.
  Notes for Robert Hill:
Lived in Northwood and Nottingham.

  ix.   Valentine Hill, born Abt. 1730; married Sarah Burley.
  Notes for Valentine Hill:
Lived in Nottingham until about 1780 and then removed to Coxhall/Lyman, Maine.

  x.   Joseph Hill, born in Durham, New Hampshire; married Mary Bamford September 13, 1753 in Durham, New Hampshire.
  xi.   John Hill, died in Dayton, Maine; married Unknown Kenniston.

      388. Archelaus Moore, born April 06, 1722 in Oyster River Parish, New Hampshire; died July 20, 1798. He was the son of 776. John Moor and 777. Hannah Sias. He married 389. Hannah Elkins September 19, 1745 in Kensington, New Hampshire.

      389. Hannah Elkins, born February 24, 1719 in Hampton, New Hampshire; died December 09, 1815 in Loudon, New Hampshire. She was the daughter of 778. Thomas Elkins and 779. Hannah Fogg.

Notes for Archelaus Moore:
Sold home in Canterbury 1/2/1790; lived there until after the marriage of their daughter in 1791; moved to Loudon to live with son John by August 10, 1792.

Justice of the Peace 1/7/1795.
Children of Archelaus Moore and Hannah Elkins are:
  i.   Hannah Moore, born December 01, 1746 in Durham or Canterbury, New Hampshire; died April 06, 1770; married Unknown Clough?.
  194 ii.   John Moore, born November 01, 1748 in Canterbury, New Hampshire; died January 1816 in Loudon, New Hampshire; married Abia Stevens.
  iii.   Elkins Moore, born 1751; died March 25, 1756.
  Notes for Elkins Moore:
Died young.

  iv.   Abigail Moore, born 1754; married Benjamin Sias 1771.
  Notes for Abigail Moore:
1800 living in Danville, Vermont and deeded all her rights in her father's land in Loudon to her brother, John Moore.

      390. Otho Stevens, born 1726. He was the son of 780. Otho Stevens and 781. Abigail Kent. He married 391. Abigail Emerson 1752.

      391. Abigail Emerson, died January 30, 1833 in Canterbury, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. She was the daughter of 782. Benjamin Emerson and 783. Hannah Watts.

Notes for Otho Stevens:
Ancestry of Otho Stevens provided in _Ancestry of the children of Robert Croll Stevens and Jane Eleanor (KNAUSS) Stevens_ Robert Croll Stevens (Pittsford, New York: 1982).

  Notes for Abigail Emerson:
Buried in theCanterbury town cemetery next to her second husband, Deacon Morrill.
Child of Otho Stevens and Abigail Emerson is:
  195 i.   Abia Stevens, born 1753 in Hampstead, New Hampshire; married John Moore.

      392. John Kimball, born April 18, 1712 in Amesbury, Massachusetts; died 1758 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He was the son of 784. John Kimball and 785. Hannah Gould. He married 393. Martha Greele 1736 in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

      393. Martha Greele, born 1719 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 786. John Greele and 787. Mary Anne Collins.

  Notes for Martha Greele:
Alt. spelling is Greeley.
Children of John Kimball and Martha Greele are:
  196 i.   John Kimball, born June 09, 1737 in Amesbury, Massachusetts; married (1) Miriam Hadlock March 02, 1758 in Amesbury, Massachusetts; married (2) Mary Kimball April 16, 1776.
  ii.   Martha Kimball, born April 09, 1738; died March 28, 1744.
  iii.   Daniel Kimball, born January 02, 1743.
  Notes for Daniel Kimball:
Resided at Amesbury, Massachusetts.

  iv.   Jonathan Kimball, born September 17, 1746.
  v.   Martha Kimball, born September 11, 1749.
  vi.   Abraham Kimball, born September 09, 1756.
  Notes for Abraham Kimball:
Resided at Weare, New Hampshire.

  vii.   Sarah Kimball, married Isaac Dow.
  viii.   Ezekiel Kimball.
  ix.   Thomas Kimball.
  Notes for Thomas Kimball:
Never married.

      400. Perez Tracy, born November 13, 1716 in Norwich, Connecticut; died February 12, 1801 in Norwich, Connecticut. He was the son of 800. Winslow Tracy and 801. Rachel Ripley. He married 401. Elizabeth Hyde August 07, 1740 in Norwich, Connecticut.

      401. Elizabeth Hyde, born August 23, 1724 in Norwich, Connecticut; died April 24, 1805 in Norwich, Connecticut. She was the daughter of 802. William Hyde and 803. Anne Basset.
Child of Perez Tracy and Elizabeth Hyde is:
  200 i.   Joshua Tracy, born June 07, 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut; died 1790 in Orwell, Rutland County, Vermont; married Sarah Perkins March 18, 1770 in Norwich, Connecticut.

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