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WELCOME! 10,2011

Our page needs updating and I have much more info to share. Please e mail us for any connections, etc.

We are researching all our family lines mainly centered in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington DC. The countries of origin were mostly Great Britain (including Scotland, Ireland and Wales), France, Germany, Baden and other European countries. Remember...ALL INFORMATION IS PRELIMINARY. We would love to share with other researchers on these lines.

MOST WANTED: Info on the PARENTS or SIBLINGS of SAMUEL WOOD SR. and his wife, SUSANNA STEUART/STEWART from Anne Arundel, Calvert or St. Mary's County. They were both born abt.1752. HELP!!! I am in Washington State. (:


- GREENE(GREEN)/GOEBEL relatives/researchers look at Genealogy Reports on the descendants of James Green and George Christopher Tobias Goebel.
- LENTZ/BERGER relatives/researchers look at Genealogy Reports for descendants of Charles Lentz and Moriz Berger.

- WAMBAUGH/SHULTZ relatives/researchers look at Genealogy Report on the descendants of George Wambaugh.
- WOOD/MCPHERSON relatives/researchers look at Book on the William McPherson/Wood Line in Maryland including Register Report of Edward Plantagenet I (Longshanks - King of England).
- WEGENG/PRANKE relatives/researchers look at My Family History and All Surnames.

Updated October 16, 2011

George & Letitia Wambaugh
Puyallup, WA United States

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My Family History




Family Photos

  • William McPherson Wood (34 KB)
    William McPherson Wood was the eldest of four sons born to William Samuel Wood and Mary Ellen Eyler. "Uncle Willy" or "Will" was known for his striking good looks and his ability to sell anyone anything.
  • Albert W. Wambaugh (55 KB)
    This is a photo of George's paternal great-grandfather. He and Clara Annie Shultz owned "A.W. Wambaugh, Cheap Cash Grocery" in York County (possibly Yoe), PA.
  • Augustus Shutt and Louis Augustus Wood (111 KB)
    Augustus Shutt Wood (on left) was the second son of William Samuel Wood and Mary Ellen Eyler. He later changed his name to Frank Augustus. "Uncle Gus" was a cabinet maker and the family "seanachie" or story teller. On the right is his son, Louis Augustus Wood. Lou is a very active 79 yr. old, who is also a retired cabinetmaker.
  • Emmett Ellsworth Stevens and Catherine A. Berger (103 KB)
    This is a photo of Emmett and Catherine probably on their honeymoon in Niagra Falls.
  • William Samuel Wood, b. 1854 - d. 1939 (82 KB)
    William Samuel Wood was born January 21, 1854 and died June 20, 1939 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the son of William Henry Wood and Mary Tongue Garner. He married Mary Ellen Eyler, August 29, 1889. They had four sons - William McPherson Wood, Augustus Shutt Wood, Robert Garner Wood and George Gaither Wood.
  • Mary Goebel Green (64 KB)
    This is a photo of Letty's paternal grandmother, Mary Goebel Green, also known to her family as "Aunt Mamie."
  • The Berger adult siblings at a party! (153 KB)
    Rear L - R Magdalene Berger Hoeckel, Catherine Berger Stevens, Andrew John Berger. Front - L to R - Agatha Berger Greene, Julian Ross Greene, Sr. and Esther Berger (Andy's wife.)
  • A.W. Wambaugh Cheap Cash Grocery, York (?Yoe), PA (84 KB)
    This is the store owned in York or Yoe, Pennsylvania by Albert Wambaugh. Albert and Clara Anna lived over the store. If anyone has any information on its location or history, please e mail us. We only have the photo.
  • Margaret Lentz Berger and Andrew J. Berger (11 KB)
    This is a photo of Letty's maternal grandmother and grandfather, ages 36 and 40 respectively.
  • Verna Martha Wambaugh & George W. Wambaugh,Jr. (33 KB)
    This is a photo taken about 1974 of George and his Mom, Verna, in El Paso, Texas after an award ceremony with the U.S. Army Medical Corps.
  • George Washington Wambaugh's Adult Children. (122 KB)
    This is photo of the three adult children of George Washington Wambaugh b. 1872 (York, PA), d. 1942(Baltimore, MD) and Clara Annie Shultz b. 1872, d. 1935 and one grandson at his graduation from St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary School in 1956. (L to R): Beulah Grace Wambaugh Arndt, George Wilmar Wambaugh, William Leroy Wambaugh and George Wilmar Wambaugh, Jr.(grandson).
  • Franny and John Cronin - Happy 25th Anniversary! (26 KB)
    This is a photo of Francine (Franny) Hoeckel (Letty's 1st cousin) and her husband, John Cronin on April 9, 2002 while celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on a cruise. What a beautiful couple!
  • Harry and Marion Green Dundore (23 KB)
    This is a wonderful photo of Letty's Aunt Marion - so beautiful - and her handsome husband Harry on the beach. Marion is the sister of Julian Ross Greene, Sr.
  • A wonderful old photo! Albert Wambaugh & Family! (168 KB)
    This is an early photo of Albert W. Wambaugh, George Washington Wambaugh (child) and Clara Annie Shultz Wambaugh taken in York, PA probably around 1894-96.
  • Kurt Wood, Krystle and Norma - 2002! (79 KB)
    This is a wonderful photo of Kurt Wood, (son of Elmer Wood and Marge [Margaret]nee Telichak), his wife, Norma and his daughter, Krystle Wood.
  • Julian R. Greene, Jr (Ross) & Letitia (Letty) (39 KB)
    Ross and Letty at an early Christmas.
  • George Washington Wambaugh and Ann Hunt Wambaugh (83 KB)
    This is a photo ca 1918-19 of George Washington Wambaugh, Ann Hunt Wambaugh and their first two children, George Wilmar Wambaugh and Beulah Grace Wambaugh (Arndt).
  • The Goebel Clock (129 KB)
    This clock belonged to George Goebel and is now in the possession of his descendants.
  • Andrew J. Berger, Jr. and his wife, Esther Hoffeld (44 KB)
    Uncle Andy and Aunt Esther looking happy and laughing! I will always remember them this way.
  • Agatha Loane Berger's Upholstery Shop (61 KB)
    This great photo was sent to us by a gentleman researching the history of this 19th century house at 865 N. Howard St., Baltimore, MD. Agatha operated her upholstery shop from this location and lived here with her husband John Berger and family from 1906-1912.
  • Margaret Berger with Agatha & Aunt Ella? (38 KB)
    In this photo, probably taken abt. 1935, (L to R) there is Margaret nee Lentz/Kreiner Berger, Agatha Berger (Letty's mother) and someone identified in Agatha's handwriting as Aunt Ella. We are not sure who Ella is, however, Letty has a memory of her mother saying it was her mother's sister. But which sister? Hmmm....a mystery?
  • Sisters Ida and Lilly Goebel, ca. 1930's (225 KB)
    This is photo of Ida and Lilly Goebel, daughters of George C. T. Goebel. They were the older sisters of Letty's grandmother, Mary (Aunt Mamie.) Mary's mother, Louisa, died while she was an infant and her sisters raised her along with her father.
  • William Leroy Wambaugh and his wife, Helen (184 KB)
    Wedding photo of Uncle Roy and his wife, Helen Williams, 7 years ago. They have both recently passed, Helen in Sept. 2003 and Uncle Roy in July, 2004.
  • Lillian Catharine May Goebel, age 18. (7 KB)
    This beautiful photo is of Lilly Goebel Lynch, ca. 1892.
  • Happy Days at the Beach - Esther, Joyce, Magdalene (57 KB)
    This is a happy photo of Aunt Esther (Esther Hoffeld Berger), Cousin Joyce (Catherine Berger Stevens' daughter) and Aunt Magdalene (Magdalene Berger Hoeckel.)
  • Wonderful old photo of Catherine and Agatha! (69 KB)
    This is a beautiful old photo of Catherine Berger, age 2 1/2 and Agatha Berger, age 5 mos., ca. 1918
  • Julian Ross Greene and Agatha Berger Greene (79 KB)
    The photo on the left was taken May 18, 1934 of Letty's Mom and Dad, Agatha and Julian. The second photo was taken ca 1975 of the same handsome couple. They were married for over 40 years.
  • Wambaugh Graves in York, PA (102 KB)
    This map was drawn in 1980 by William Leroy Wambaugh of the area in York that includes several Wambaugh/Wanbaugh/Wanbach gravesites. Albert W. Wambaugh is buried in Longstown Cemetery. Locust Grove Cemetery has many Wambaughs and Wanbaughs. We have never visited these gravesites. Uncle Roy did not live in York but visited his grandfather there with his father, George Washington Wambaugh.
  • "The Happy Family" (222 KB)
    This photo was taken about 1945-46 of George W. Wambaugh Sr., George Jr. and Verna Martha Wood Wambaugh.
  • Two generations - George and George! (48 KB)
    Son and father at college graduation in 2000. L to R. George Wilmar Wambaugh, III and George Wilmar Wambaugh, Jr.
  • Two generations - George III and Letty! (45 KB)
    Son and Mom at 2000 college graduation. L to R. George Wilmar Wambaugh, III and Letitia Louise Greene Wambaugh
  • Julian R. Greene, Jr and Harry R. Dundore (24 KB)
    Here is a photo of Ross and Harry, Jr. (Pal), ca. 1942-43.
  • Catherine Kreiner Lentz, Stuart and Marie Lentz (96 KB)
    This is a photo of my great grandmother, Catherine Lentz, with her son, Stuart on her R and his wife, Marie (nee Kreiner) on her L. For any of my family, please notice the resemblance between Stuart and Uncle Andy.
  • The Greenes, Bergers and Dundores at a Cotilion! (40 KB)
    This is a photo from the night my Dad, Julian Greene, became Grand-Knight of the Knights of Columbus. It is a formal Cotilion. L to R Agatha, Jul, (me hidden), Uncle Andrew Berger, Aunt Esther Berger and Marion, Harry and Harry Jr. Dundore with Leslie's lap on R.
  • The Berger Family at Catherine's First Wedding. (85 KB)
    This is photo of the entire Berger family. From L to R. Back row: Catherine, Glen Rowland (her first husband) and Agatha Berger. Front row: Magdalene, Margaret Lentz Berger, Andrew John Berger, Sr. and Andrew John Berger, Jr.
  • Two cousins - Betty and Letty at Washington beach! (71 KB)
    First cousins Betty and Letty at a reunion in August, 2001 in Washington. We visited this beautiful beach on the Pacific Ocean at the Sandpiper Motel.
  • The Wedding of Agatha Berger and Julian R. Greene (180 KB)
    This is the wedding photo of Letty's parents. On the L is Catherine Berger Stevens (Agatha's sister) and on the R is Harry Dundore, Sr. (Julian's sister Marion's husband.)
  • James Roy Green (302 KB)
    This is the only photo our family has of Julian and Marion's Dad, James Roy Green. It was given to my father, Julian, after the death of his father in the 60's or so.
  • Marriage certificate of George and Louisa Goebel (364 KB)
    This is a copy of the original marriage certificate of George C. T. Goebel and Louisa Hotze, date Monday Morning, February 25, 1874.
  • Margaret M. Berger (23 KB)
    This is a photo on porcelain of Letty's maternal grandmother, Margaret M.(Kreiner-Lentz)Berger. She died of heart disease at home in 1939.
  • Agatha Cecelia Loane Berger - Abt. 1858-1926 (70 KB)
    This is a photo of Agatha C. Loane Berger, Letty's maternal ggrandmother (age 62) with Catherine (age 8.) The photo was taken 8/21/1922. She was the mother of Andrew, John and Cosmas Berger and the wife of John M. Berger.
  • Andrew J. Berger (33 KB)
    This is a photo of Letty's great, great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Berger. This photo came from a book about The Veteran Volunteer Fireman's Association. Apparently, Andrew J. Berger, John M. Berger (his son and my ggrandfather) and Pierre J. Berger (his son and my great Uncle) were all volunteer fireman and members of this organization.
  • Frances J. Hoeckel and Magdalene M. Berger Hoeckel (47 KB)
    This a photo of Letty's Aunt Magdalene (Agatha's sister) and her husband, Frances in their early years.
  • The Berger kids at Christmas! (110 KB)
    This is a great old photo of Andrew Berger and Margaret Lentz's kids at Christmas. From L to R. Magdalene, Andy, Jr., Agatha and Catherine. The photo had handwritten on the back, "Mrs. Berger, 1618 Barclay."
  • John Maurice Berger (76 KB)
    This is a photo of Letty's ggrandfather, John Maurice Berger. It was taken from a book about The Veterans Volunteer Firemen's Association.
  • Stuart James Lentz (on L) - The Hobo Years! (109 KB)
    This wonderful old photo is of Stuart James Lentz (Sr.) during his hobo years before he settled down to work in Lentz Poultry in Baltimore. Stuart is the man on the left.
  • James C. Green or James League? (261 KB)
    Because of recent contacts with a new relative on the ancestors of the Green side, we are not sure who the man in this photo is exactly. His photo was passed down to Letty by her Dad, Julian Ross Greene,Sr. He said the man in the photo was his grandfather or ggrandfather, although he never knew either man. However, the companion photo in the same frame was a photo of a woman with pencil writing on the back saying only "Mrs. Green". Her photo has now been identified as Letty's ggrandmother, Anna E. Devinney League. So I am not sure who this man is exactly. He may be James League, Letty's ggrandfather.
  • Program sheet for an event in 1910 showing Bergers (90 KB)
    This is a program sheet from an event (parade?) showing listings for the Officers of the Veteran Volunteer Fireman's Association and the Sons organization listed. This sheet shows Andrew J. Berger, John M. Berger and P.(Pierre) J. Berger listed as officers and members.
  • Ann Eliza Devinney League, Letty's ggrandmother. (198 KB)
    This photo was misidentified by Letty as her grandmother, Marion League Green. Recently, I located a relative from the League line, who also has a copy of this photo. His copy was more completely identified by relatives on his side. Letty's copy only said on the back in pencil, "Mrs. Green" , which I think was mistakenly written by my father or his sister, Marion. Remember they never really knew their grandparents as there was no contact. This photo has been identified by Bruce Ray from an inscription on the back. This inscription said, "Mrs. A. E. League sister, of Mrs. Thomas Earp". Bruce's great Aunt Sue identified the picture as that of our ggrandmother, Ann Eliza Deviney(Devinney), daughter of Eliza Thornton and James Devinney. More to come as I explore these resources. There is an amazing resemblance between Ann Devinney and Letty. I have the same ears, lips, hair and eyes. It is really amazing.
  • Mary A. Raymond Berger (130 KB)
    This is a photo of Mary A. Raymond, Letty's gggrandmother and the wife of Andrew Jackson Berger.
  • George Christopher Tobias Goebel (66 KB)
    This is a photo of George Goebel, Letty's paternal ggrandfather and the father of Mary Goebel, who married James Green. He was a barber in Baltimore.
  • John Maurice Berger's Commemorative Trumpet (127 KB)
    This is a photo of a beautiful commemorative trumpet presented to John Maurice Berger by the Crisfield Fire Department in 1928. This valuable trumpet is in a private collection outside the family. The trumpet sat for years in a pawn shop on Belair Road in Baltimore until it was bought and auctioned to a private collector. These trumpets were used in parades, carried with the wide end up and flowers were placed in the opening. The rope seen here is original and it still has its original cover.
  • John M. Berger & Chrisfield Fire Dept. Plaque (155 KB)
    This is a close-up of a plaque at the Crisfield Maryland Fire Department commemorating the memory of departed members, including John M. Berger, Letty's maternal ggrandfather.

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