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Ancestors of Sharon Alene Van Horn

Generation No. 11

      1792. John Flanders, born February 11, 1658/59 in Salisbury, Massachusetts; died December 24, 1716 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. He was the son of 3584. Steven Flanders and 3585. Jane Sandusky. He married 1793. Elizabeth Sargent January 18, 1687/88 in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

      1793. Elizabeth Sargent, born 1668 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; died September 12, 1713 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 3586. Thomas Sargent and 3587. Rachel Barnes.

More About John Flanders:
Freeman: 1690, Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Military service: May 19, 1676, Soldier, fight at Turner's Falls

More About John Flanders and Elizabeth Sargent:
Marriage: January 18, 1687/88, Amesbury, Massachusetts
Children of John Flanders and Elizabeth Sargent are:
  i.   Jacob Flanders, born August 5, 1689 in Salisbury, Massachusetts; died Aft. 1759.
  896 ii.   John Flanders, born August 22, 1691 in Salisbury, Massachusetts; died November 14, 1782 in Hampton, New Hampshire; married Sarah Prince February 12, 1714/15 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
  iii.   Elizabeth Flanders, born September 3, 1693.
  iv.   Ezekiel Flanders, born May 21, 1696.
  v.   Josiah Flanders, born July 28, 1700 in Salisbury, Massachusetts; died February 16, 1781 in South Hampton, New Hampshire.
  vi.   Phillip Flanders, born October 19, 1702 in Salisbury, Massachusetts; died Aft. 1777.
  vii.   Jonathan Flanders, born October 23, 1705.
  viii.   Tamzin Flanders, born January 9, 1706/07 in Salisbury, Massachusetts; died Abt. 1731 in South Hampton, New Hampshire; married Henry French January 10, 1726/27 in Salisbury, Massachusetts.
  More About Henry French and Tamzin Flanders:
Marriage: January 10, 1726/27, Salisbury, Massachusetts

  ix.   Hannah Flanders, born April 16, 1710.

      1794. Thomas Prince, born December 24, 1650 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died January 11, 1704/05 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts. He was the son of 3588. Thomas Prince and 3589. Margaret Skillings. He married 1795. Elizabeth Harraden September 27, 1676 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.

      1795. Elizabeth Harraden, born 1656 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died May 14, 1716 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.

More About Thomas Prince and Elizabeth Harraden:
Marriage: September 27, 1676, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
Children of Thomas Prince and Elizabeth Harraden are:
  i.   Mary Prince, born December 6, 1677.
  ii.   John Prince, born December 6, 1677 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died April 19, 1767 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.
  iii.   Thomas Prince, born December 18, 1679 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died January 29, 1780 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.
  iv.   Edward Prince, born June 5, 1681 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died Bef. December 18, 1717.
  v.   Isaac Prince, born September 21, 1683 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.
  vi.   Elizabeth Prince, born August 10, 1685 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died Bef. October 1690 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.
  vii.   Margaret Prince, born December 25, 1687 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.
  viii.   Elizabeth Prince, born October 17, 1690 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died Aft. November 26, 1727 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.
  897 ix.   Sarah Prince, born Abt. 1692; died April 15, 1775 in South Hampton, New Hampshire; married John Flanders February 12, 1714/15 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
  x.   Abigail Prince, born February 12, 1693/94 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts; died September 29, 1778.

      1814. John Emery
Child of John Emery is:
  907 i.   Elizabeth Emery, born February 8, 1679/80 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; died Aft. 1735; married John Kelly November 16, 1696 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

      1920. John Hazelton, born May 24, 1678 in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts; died Bef. 1715 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts. He was the son of 3840. Samuel Hazelton and 3841. Deborah Cooper. He married 1921. Abigail Ross August 21, 1701 in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.

      1921. Abigail Ross, born 1678.

More About John Hazelton and Abigail Ross:
Marriage: August 21, 1701, Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts
Children of John Hazelton and Abigail Ross are:
  960 i.   John Hazelton, born 1702 in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts; died Abt. 1777 in Sutton, Worchester County, Massachusetts; married Jane Wood Abt. 1728 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  ii.   Abner Hazelton, born June 19, 1705 in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts; died Bef. March 8, 1737/38; married Elizabeth Rawson; born February 10, 1729/30 in Mendon, Massachusetts.
  iii.   Daniel Hazelton, born August 5, 1708 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  iv.   Mehitable Hazelton, born February 14, 1710/11 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.

      1922. Ebenezer Wood, born December 29, 1671 in Rowley, Massachusetts; died September 22, 1736 in Mendon, Massachusetts. He was the son of 3844. Thomas Wood and 3845. Ann Hunt. He married 1923. Rachel Nichols April 5, 1695 in Rowley, Massachusetts.

      1923. Rachel Nichols, born February 25, 1673/74 in Rowley, Massachusetts; died 1718. She was the daughter of 3846. Thomas Nichols and 3847. Mary Moulton.

More About Ebenezer Wood and Rachel Nichols:
Marriage: April 5, 1695, Rowley, Massachusetts
Children of Ebenezer Wood and Rachel Nichols are:
  i.   James Wood, born April 28, 1696 in Rowley, Massachusetts; died 1777.
  ii.   Ebenezer Wood, born December 6, 1698 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
  iii.   Jonathon Wood, born November 2, 1701 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
  iv.   David Wood, born May 30, 1704 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
  961 v.   Jane Wood, born March 5, 1705/06 in Rowley, Massachusetts; died February 16, 1810 in Townshend, Windam County, Vermont; married John Hazelton Abt. 1728 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  vi.   Samuel Wood, born May 21, 1706 in Rowley, Massachusetts; died 1799.
  vii.   Moses Wood, born April 3, 1712 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
  viii.   Elephalet Wood, born August 15, 1714 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
  ix.   Elizabeth Wood, born September 1718 in Rowley, Massachusetts.

      1952. John Wheeler, born September 2, 1661 in Concord, Massachusetts; died November 21, 1721 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He was the son of 3904. Thomas Wheeler and 3905. Hannah (Harrod) Harwood. He married 1953. Elizabeth Wells June 25, 1684 in Concord, Massachusetts.

      1953. Elizabeth Wells

More About John Wheeler and Elizabeth Wells:
Marriage: June 25, 1684, Concord, Massachusetts
Children of John Wheeler and Elizabeth Wells are:
  i.   Josiah Wheeler, born September 26, 1686 in Concord, Massachusetts.
  ii.   Rachel Wheeler, born April 18, 1689 in Concord, Massachusetts; died 1717; married Charles Rice; born July 7, 1684; died 1773.
  iii.   Dorcas Wheeler, born January 14, 1690/91 in Concord, Massachusetts.
  976 iv.   John Wheeler, born August 15, 1695 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; married Mary Hapgood August 8, 1717 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
  v.   Martha Wheeler, born July 22, 1698 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
  vi.   Joseph Wheeler, born April 19, 1700 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
  vii.   Ephraim Wheeler, born May 1, 1702 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
  viii.   Daniel Wheeler, born August 12, 1704 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

      1954. Thomas Hapgood, born February 1, 1668/69 in Sudbury, Massachusetts; died October 4, 1764 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. He was the son of 3908. Shadrach Hapgood and 3909. Elizabeth Treadway. He married 1955. Judith Barker Bet. 1690 - 1693.

      1955. Judith Barker, born April 9, 1671 in Concord, Massachusetts; died August 15, 1759 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 3910. John Barker and 3911. Judith Symonds.

Notes for Thomas Hapgood:
March 18, 1735 (book 36, page 641), Thomas Hapgood of Marlboro', deeds 105 acres in Marlboro' to (his son) John Hapgood of Marlboro', "in consideration of good will and affection."

Thomas Hapgood, November 12, 1703, petitioned the General Court for an allowance, alleging that "he having, in 1690, been detached into the service against the Indian enemy, was engaged in the bloody fight near Oyster River, New Hampshire, wherein Captain Noah Wiswell and divers others were slain and wounded; that he then had his left arm broken and his right hand much shot, so that he endured great pain and narrowly escaped with his life; that he was thereby much disabled for labor and getting his livelihood; forced to sell what stock he had acquired before being wounded to maintain himself since, and that in the fight he was necessitated to leave and lose his arms with which he was well furnished at his own charge." The court granted him 5.

He died October 4, 1764. An English publication had this notice of his death:--

Died, at Marlboro', New England, in the ninety-fifth year of his age, Mr. Thomas Hapgood. His posterity were very numerous, viz., nine children, ninety-two grandchildren, two hundred and eight great grandchildren, and four great great grandchildren; in all, three hundred and thirteen. His grandchildren saw their grandchildren and their grandfather at the same time.

A double headstone marks their graves in the ancient cemetery in Marlboro'.

In the Name of God amen the Tenth Day of June one Thousand seven Hundred and sixty and in the thirty third year of His Majestys Reign I Thomas Hapgood of Marlborough in the County of Middlesex and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England yeoman. Being advanced in age and Infirm in Body But of Perfect mind and memory Thanks be Given to God therefor Calling unto mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Dye Do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament that is to say Principly and first of all I give and Reacomend my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it and my Body I Reacomend to the Earth to be Buried in Decent Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executor Nothing Doubting But at the genaral Resurection I shall Receive the Same again by the mighty Power of God and as Touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath Pleased God to Bless me in this Life I Give and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form

Inprimis I Give and Bequeath to the Heirs of my son Thomas Hapgood Deceased the Sum of Sixteen Pounds to be paid by My Executors hereafter named within three years after my Deceas to be Equaly Divided Between them

Itim I give to my son John Hapgood over and above what I have already Given him the Sum of thirty three Pounds Six Shillings and Eight Pence to be paid out of my estate within three years after my decease also one half of my husbandry tools also the one half of my rights in the Indian land propriety

Itim I give to my son Joseph Hapgood over and above what I have already given him the sum of thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence to be paid out of my estate within three years after my decease also I give to my said son Joseph Hapgood his heirs and assigns forever all my part of my dwelling and about two acres of land bounded as follows Southerly and westerly and northerly by his own land and easterly by the high way also one half of my Husbandry tools also one half of my rights in the Indian land propriety

Itim I give to my daughter Mary the wife of John Wheeler the sum of Sixty Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid to her or her heirs by my Executors hereafter named within two years after my decease also one sixth part of my indore moovables after my decease

Itim I give to my daughter Sarah Hoar the wife of Benjamin Hoar the sum of sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid to her or her heirs by my Executors within two years after my decease also I give to her one sixth part of my indoore moovables after my decease

Itim I give to the children of my daughter Judith Taylor deceased the sum of sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid to them or their heirs within two years after my decease also I give them one sixth part of my indoore moovables after my decease

Itim I give to my daughter Elisabeth the wife of William Taylor the sum of sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid to her or her heirs by my Executors within two years after my decease also one sixth part of my indoore moovables after my decase

Itim I give to my daughter Hepzibah the wife of Edward Godard the sum of sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid her or her heirs by my Executors within two years after my decease also one sixth part of my indoore moovables after my decase

Itim I give to my daughter Huldah Witherbe the sum of sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid to her or to her heirs by my Executors within two years after my decease also one sixth part of my indoore moovables

Itim my will is that the Rest of my Estate if any there be after the Leagesees afore said and my funeral charges are paid and my just debts if any there be the Rest of my Estate to be equaly divided between all my sons and daughters or their heirs as afore said

Itim I like wise constitute make and ordain my two sons John Hapgood and Joseph Hapgood my sole Executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disanull all and every other or former Testaments wills Leagices and bequests and Executors by me in any ways before named willed and bequeathed Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year afore written


Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Thomas Hapgood as his last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers


October ye 8th 1763
We the Subscribers Being Leagetees in the afore said will are satisfied with the Leagecies given us therein and Desire the said will may be proved and approved as witness our Hands

| Heir to
| Elisabeth Taylor
one of the heirs to
Hephzibah Godard
Middlesex SS. October, 31. 1763
Mr Ezra How (who wrote the foregoing instrument) made solemn oath that what the aforenamed Testator gave in this his Will -- to the Children of his Daughter Judith Taylor -- He intended that it should be equally divided among them, as he declared to the said Ezra; but that it was a casual omission in him -- (in writing said Will) that it was not so expressed

Sworn before me S. DANFORTH J. PROB (???)
Justice of the Peace
A true copy.
Attest, S. H. FOLSOM Register.

His will was proved October 31, 1763, and John having died in the meantime, Joseph, who was his co-executor, acted alone. His estate, exclusive of indoor movables, was inventoried at 533. 2s. 3d. He had, in his lifetime, given each of his sons farms.

"THOMAS2 (Shadrach1), born October 1, 1669, as well as his brother Nathaniel, began life with considerable means, and, like him, aspired to manorial possessions. According to a reliable tradition, he had been brought up in Concord, and, following the course of the Assabet River, he penetrated the Indian Reservation of Agogonquemeset, consisting of 6,000 acres, which had been purchased of them in 1686 by the planters of Marlboro', and which now forms the north northeastern part of that town; here he decided to settle. He, accordingly, purchased of Edmund Rice, February 28, 1694, for 8, a 30-acre right in the entire tract; and of John Fay and Nathan Brigham, October 30, 1699, for 17, another 30-acre right; and of William Ward, December 31, 1706, "for a reasonable sum," another 30-acre right; and of Thomas Howe, December 31, 1713, "for a reasonable sum," a 30-acre right; and of Jonathan Forbush, April 6, 1711, "for a reasonable sum," a 30-acre right, including the first division already made. These five rights enabled him to draw, at subsequent divisions, a great amount of land, and he actually owned and occupied, in one body, between 500 and 700 acres of the mica-slate formation, several farms of which have remained in the hands of his descendants to this day. The spot where he encamped the first night on arriving upon his land, and the location of his house, was about four miles from his brother's in Stow, two miles south of Feltonville, 40 rods southwest of Round Hill, and four or six rods east of a spring; it is still pointed out. But these were not his only purchases, creating foundations for homes and independence to generations of his race.

February 21, of the first year of the reign of George I, 1714, he purchased for 14, of John and Lydia Hanchett of Suffield, Connecticut, their right to 80 acres in an undivided tract of 3,200 acres on the north side of Quinsigamond Pond, which had been granted by the General Court, 1650, to Isaac Johnson, "for 400, adventured in the common stock" and laid out, 1657, to his executors, Thomas Dudley and Increase Newell, as 4,200 acres, requiring Newell to pay 10, due to the treasury of the colony.(*) On these 80 acres he, no doubt, settled his son Thomas, and, April 18, 1738, gave him all the land laid out and to be laid out unto the whole of the fifteenth house lot in Shrewsbury, showing that he had become a proprietor of Shrewsbury. June 21, 1725, he, with five others, quit claimed to Deacon Samuel Wheeler their rights to certain pieces of land in the Haynes farm." [From first edition.]

He seems to have been a quiet and respected citizen, who devoted his energies to business, leaving to others the management of public affairs. He was once chosen selectman. One of the garrison houses in Marlboro' was named for him in 1704, and in 1744 he was chosen on a committee of arbitration between opposing parties, for the location of a church in Southboro'.

Tradition reports him and his wife to have been worthy members of the church in Marlboro'.

(*)Mr. Newell died, and the General Court, 1657, ordered the land laid out to his executor, Nathaniel Treadway of Watertown, the grandfather of Thomas Hapgood, who sold it to John and Josiah Haynes of Sudbury, who are presumed to have sold 8,040 of the same to John Goulding of Worcester and Sudbury (see Morse's genealogy of the Gouldings). The grant was probably reduced 1,000 acres to pay the 10 due to the colony.

  Notes for Judith Barker:
ST. PAUL, Minn., July 22, 1896.
Dear Sir:--Judith Barker was the wife of Thomas Hapgood. Middlesex Probate Record Docket, No. 571:--Will of John Barker of Concord, Massachusetts, dated March 14, 1710-11, probate April 21, 1718, names "My eldest daughter Judith Hapgood," and Thomas Hapgood and wife Judith, sign a receipt to the Executor in October, 1718, for their share of the estate.

Very respectfully yours,
(Signed) HENRY P. UPHAM.
December 31, 1711, she (Judith) joined with her husband, Thomas Hapgood, in a deed to John Forbush; acknowledged December 17, 1719; recorded January 1, 1720. [Book 21, page 30.]

More About Thomas Hapgood and Judith Barker:
Marriage: Bet. 1690 - 1693
Children of Thomas Hapgood and Judith Barker are:
  977 i.   Mary Hapgood, born August 16, 1694 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; married John Wheeler August 8, 1717 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
  ii.   Sarah Hapgood, born February 10, 1695/96 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; died January 16, 1770 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; married (1) Benjamin Hoar; married (2) Jonathan Howe Bef. 1718; born April 23, 1695; died July 25, 1738 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
  Notes for Sarah Hapgood:
Sarah administered on the estate of her first husband, and gave the following bond (a few words were undeciphered).

"Know all men by these presents, that we Sarah Howe of Marlborough In ye County of Midlesex widow and [Administratrix] of Jonathan Howe late of Marlboro' aforesaid Deceased and Edward Goddard of Shrewsbury in ye County of Worcester [ ] are held and firmly bound and obliged unto Joseph Wilder Esquire Judge of the Probate of Wills and granting Administration in Said County In the full sum of one hundred pounds to be paid to ye said Judge or to his Successor in said office or Assigns to ye which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our several & [ ] heirs [ ] and [ ] Jointly and Severally firmly to these presents to hold with [ ] Dated the first day of February A. D. 1742-3. The condition of the above obligation is first that whereas the Said Sarah on her petition to the General Court in December 1742 as She was guardian to her children(*) Sarah, Damaris, Sylvanus, Mellisent, Ichabod, Abigail & Isaac, Children of ye Said deceased was Impowered to make Sale of Said minors interest of land in a certain mortguage or tenement of land lying in town of Shrewsbury whereof Daniel How of Said Shrewsbury died served for the most [* * * * * *]."
Signed, "SARAH How

(*)The two eldest of the ten children were married, and Abigail had died.

Sarah died, and was buried in the old cemetery in Littleton. Her epitaph reads: "Here lies buried the body of Mrs. Sarah Hoar, wife of Deacon Benjamin Hoar, who departed this life, January 16, 1770, in ye 74th year of her age."

  More About Jonathan Howe and Sarah Hapgood:
Marriage: Bef. 1718

  iii.   Judith Hapgood, born February 24, 1697/98 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; died November 8, 1742; married Eleazer Taylor July 5, 1721 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; born December 3, 1699; died September 20, 1753.
  Notes for Judith Hapgood:
Judith, born February 24, 1698; married, July 5, 1721, Lieutenant Eleazer, son of Eleazer and Lydia (Barrett) Taylor, born in Marlboro', December 3, 1699, brother to her sister Elizabeth's husband; they were admitted to the church in Shrewsbury in 1728, and in 1729 were living on house lot No. 43, in that town. He shared in the first division of land in Shrewsbury in 1718, and he was probably in town as early as 1722, for his eldest child, born that year, is on the Shrewsbury record. His land was in the North Precinct, and in 1843, he, with twelve others, requested that they might be permitted to form a new church in that part of the town. The request was granted, and the next year the wives of these men, and some others, were dismissed from the first church to the second church. In 1743 they purchased the burying ground of Eleazer Taylor, and built a meeting-house. In 1720 he was chosen town collector, the first collector chosen in the town. In 1727-28 he was town surveyor. In 1734, one of the three constables chosen. In 1742-43 he was treasurer for the North Precinct, which soon built its church, and in 1746 chose Eleazer Taylor one of the parish committee. His wife died November 8, 1742, and he married second, Hannah, widow of Gershom Flagg, March 26, 1744, and died September 20, 1753.

  More About Eleazer Taylor and Judith Hapgood:
Marriage: July 5, 1721, Marlborough, Massachusetts

  iv.   Elizabeth Hapgood, born August 4, 1699 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; died March 17, 1763 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; married William Taylor November 28, 1717 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; born February 15, 1691/92; died August 14, 1775.
  Notes for Elizabeth Hapgood:
Elizabeth, born October 4, 1699; married, November 28, 1717, Sergeant William Taylor, born February 15, 1692, in Marlboro'; probably removed to Shrewsbury, prior to 1720. He lived, as supposed, where Captain Amasa Howe now resides, and was one of the founders of the church in Shrewsbury, to which his wife, Elizabeth, was admitted in 1724. In the first division of land in Shrewsbury, in 1718, William Taylor seems to have had some interest, for 70 acres were granted "to James Gleazon in room of William Taylor." In 1721 he was granted 5 acres "for Satisfaction for 15 acres of land which the said Taylor has alienated to the proprietors of Shrewsbury for to build a meeting-house upon." On the organization of the Shrewsbury militia, he was one of the four first appointed sergeants, a title of more regard at that time than that of colonel has since become. He was chosen in 1722-23, one of a committee to procure a minister; in 1727-28, he was the first constable, and was one of the selectmen, 1731, 1734, 1735 and 1740. He died August 14, 1775, and his wife, March 17, 1763.

  More About William Taylor and Elizabeth Hapgood:
Marriage: November 28, 1717, Marlborough, Massachusetts

  982 v.   Thomas Hapgood, born April 18, 1702 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; died October 5, 1745 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; married Daramis Hutchins August 12, 1724 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.
  vi.   Hephzibeth Hapgood, born June 27, 1704 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; died July 19, 1763 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; married Edward Godard 1722 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; born 1697 in Watertown, Massachusetts; died October 13, 1777 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.
  Notes for Hephzibeth Hapgood:
Hepsibeth, born June 27, 1704, in Marlboro'; married, 1822, Edward, son of Edward and Susanna (Stone) Goddard, born in Watertown, Massachusetts, 1697; was among the first settlers of Shrewsbury, and one of the founders of the church; she was admitted in 1728, and died July 19, 1763. He lived on the place of the late Charles H. Fitch, in Shrewsbury, where he died October 13, 1777.

  More About Edward Godard and Hephzibeth Hapgood:
Marriage: 1722, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

  vii.   John Hapgood, born January 9, 1705/06 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; died May 26, 1762; married Abigail Morse February 17, 1730/31 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; born May 12, 1712; died March 31, 1798.
  Notes for John Hapgood:
JOHN, born February 9, 1706-7; settled on the northwesterly part of the homestead in Marlboro', March 18, 1735. He received from his father (Book 36, Page 641) 105 acres in Marlboro', "in consideration of good will and affection." May 22, 1751, he bought for 80, of Eliphalet Howe, 30 acres, partly in Holden and partly in Rutland, and, December 3, 1756, resold the same to him for 106. He bought, with Asa Hapgood, for 131, of John Morss, 80 acres in Shrewsbury, September 17, 1754, and sold, August 28, 1760, for 26, to William Brewer, Jr., 22 acres in Shrewsbury. April 3, 1762, he made his will, bequeathing to his wife, Abigail, the improvement of all his homestead lands until his son John should be of age, after which he should have the improvement of one half of the same during life, and all his personal estate forever, she paying all his debts and funeral charges. To his son John he gave two thirds of his homestead, lands, and buildings, and the possession of one third at the age of twenty-one years, and of the other one third after the death of his mother; but, if he died in his minority, his brother Jonathan should succeed to his bequest. To his son Jonathan he gave one third of his homestead, to be sold at the discretion of his wife, to give him a liberal education at college; but, if he died in his minority, this bequest should go to John; and if she died during the minority of these sons, his eldest then living should succeed to the trust committed to her. To his daughter Mary Brooks, to whom he had already given 39, he bequeathed 20s.; to his daughters, Judith, Hazediah, Hepzibah, and Abigail, each 40, to be raised by the sale of a part of his outlands, and the remainder of said lands to be equally divided between his five daughters. He made his wife, Abigail, executrix. Will proved June 14, 1762.

He married, February 17, 1731, Abigail, daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Stow) Morse of Marlboro'. He was one of the Alarm list attached to Captain Weeks' company in 1757, when threatened by the French and Indians; selectman, 1745, 1749, 1753, 1755, 1757, and a man of influence. He died May 26, 1762. His wife Abigail was born May 12, 1712; died March 31, 1798.

  More About John Hapgood and Abigail Morse:
Marriage: February 17, 1730/31, Marlborough, Massachusetts

  viii.   Huldah Hapgood, born February 10, 1707/08 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; married Caleb Witherby; born January 5, 1700/01.
  Notes for Huldah Hapgood:
Huldah, born February 10, 1709; married (according to the records of Southborough), November 8, 1737, Caleb Witherby. The record reads:--"Born unto Joseph Witherby & Elizabeth, his wife on ye fifth of January, 1700-1701, a Son named Caleb Witherby." His children's births are entered Witherbe. As the children married they gave the name, Witherbee. Huldah was Caleb's second wife, the first being, according to Hudson's History of Marlboro', "Caleb Witherbee, born January 5, 1701; married, January 26, 1726, Joanna Wheeler." His will mentions other children than those recorded as by his second wife. (The loss of a portion of the page that should give the years of birth of the last six children of Huldah, is most unfortunate.) In Caleb Witherbe's will, dated November 28, 1757, he makes bequests to all his sons then living. The estate was not settled until 1774. An inventory, being dated April 18, 1774, was signed:--

  ix.   Joseph Hapgood, born August 2, 1714 in Marlborough, Massachusetts; died June 5, 1767; married Mary Brooks April 26, 1739 in Concord, Massachusetts; born July 11, 1714 in Concord, Massachusetts; died September 15, 1807.
  Notes for Joseph Hapgood:
JOSEPH, born October 2, 1714; inherited the homestead of his father, with the east half of his spacious farm in Marlboro'; selectman, 1758, 1763, 1764, 1766, 1767; assessor, 1766, and was a prominent and leading citizen; died intestate, June 5, 1767, while administering on the estate of his brother Thomas, late of Marlboro'; and his wife Mary, July 28, 1767, was appointed administratrix, who concluded the settlement of both estates, November 1, 1768. Her husband's estate was inventoried at 387. 8s. 10d. He married, April 26, 1739, Mary, daughter of Hugh and Abigail (Barker) Brooks, born in Concord, July 11, 1714; died, his widow, September 15, 1807, at the advanced age of ninety-three, beloved, honored and respected.

  More About Joseph Hapgood and Mary Brooks:
Marriage: April 26, 1739, Concord, Massachusetts

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