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Descendants of Record Of Family Bean

Generation No. 7

      14. William7 Beene, Jr. (William6 Bean, Sr., William5, John4, William3, William2, Record Of Family1) was born 1745 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died 1798 in Grainger County Tennessee. He married (1) Rachel Ball. He married (2) Elizabeth Blair 1782. She died 1818.

Notes for William Beene, Jr.:
Nominated Captain of Militia, Sept. 27, 1775,Served as Captain under Sevier in Battle of King's Mountain
Land Grants: 180 Acres Washington County, NC., Grant #942, Nov. 17, 1790, north side of Boone Creek

More About William Beene and Elizabeth Blair:
Marriage: 1782
Child of William Beene and Rachel Ball is:
+ 28 i.   Ahab8 Beene, born January 10, 1778 in Washington County Tennessee; died December 12, 1857 in Benton, Wisconsin.
Children of William Beene and Elizabeth Blair are:
  29 i.   Jessie8 Beene.
+ 30 ii.   Peter Ellis Beene, born June 08, 1783 in Grainger County Tennessee; died October 03, 1846 in Jalapa, Mexico.
  31 iii.   William Beene, born 1785 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He married Polly McElhaney July 23, 1808.
  More About William Beene and Polly McElhaney:
Marriage: July 23, 1808

  32 iv.   Fetna Beene, born 1787 in Hawkins County, Tennessee; died 1857 in Leon County, Texas. She married John Valentine Bull in Grainger County Tennessee; born February 14, 1777 in Maryland; died October 21, 1840 in Bear Creek Alabama.
  More About John Bull and Fetna Beene:
Marriage: Grainger County Tennessee

  33 v.   Robert Beene, born 1789 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He married Christine Miller October 17, 1817.
  More About Robert Beene and Christine Miller:
Marriage: October 17, 1817

  34 vi.   Edmund Beene, born Abt. 1790 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He married Margaret Peggy Tappen May 11, 1820 in Davidson County Tennessee.
  More About Edmund Beene and Margaret Tappen:
Marriage: May 11, 1820, Davidson County Tennessee

  35 vii.   Elizabeth Ann Beene, born 1792.
  36 viii.   Lydia Beene, born 1796. She married Goodman Scott November 17, 1818 in Grainger County Tennessee.
  More About Goodman Scott and Lydia Beene:
Marriage: November 17, 1818, Grainger County Tennessee

      15. Robert7 Beene (William6 Bean, Sr., William5, John4, William3, William2, Record Of Family1) was born 1747 in Pittsyllvania County, Virginia, and died 1793 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He married Rhoda Layne. She died Abt. 1800.

Notes for Robert Beene:
Purchased 640 acres in Hawkins County on German Creek.

Purchased 440 acres, March 14, 1778 on Lick Creek, Wasington County

A prominent soldier in the battle of Kings Mountain during the war of 1812
Children of Robert Beene and Rhoda Layne are:
+ 37 i.   Jesse8 Beene, born 1784 in Washington County Tennessee; died January 25, 1844 in Batesville, Arkanas.
  38 ii.   Elizabeth Beene, born 1787. She married John Ellis.
  39 iii.   Amy Beene, born 1788.
  40 iv.   Robert Beene, born 1790; died 1806.
  41 v.   Isaac Beene, born 1792.

      16. George7 Beene (William6 Bean, Sr., William5, John4, William3, William2, Record Of Family1) was born 1754 in Pittsllvania County, Virginia, and died Bef. 1820 in Franklin County, Tennessee. He married (1) Prudence Cope February 11, 1800 in Grainger County Tennessee. He married (2) Jane February 22, 1800.

Notes for George Beene:
a prominent soldier in the battle of Kings Mountain during the War of 1812

More About George Beene and Prudence Cope:
Marriage: February 11, 1800, Grainger County Tennessee

More About George Beene and Jane:
Marriage: February 22, 1800
Children of George Beene and Prudence Cope are:
+ 42 i.   Edmond I.8 Beene, born 1801.
  43 ii.   Amanda Beene, born 1815 in Grainger County Tennessee. She married Hance Reeves Bef. 1833.
  More About Hance Reeves and Amanda Beene:
Marriage: Bef. 1833

+ 44 iii.   Jacob M. Beene, born 1817 in Franklin County, Tennessee; died July 06, 1883 in Denton, Texas.
Children of George Beene and Jane are:
  45 i.   George8 Bean, Jr Beene, born 1780.
  46 ii.   Hazard Bean, born 1782.
  47 iii.   Jesse Bean, born 1795.
  48 iv.   Mark Bean, born May 15, 1796.

      17. Jessie7 Beene (William6 Bean, Sr., William5, John4, William3, William2, Record Of Family1) was born 1756 in Halifax County, Virginia, and died September 10, 1829 in independence County Arkansas. He married Elizabeth Mitchell 1778 in Hawkins County Tennessee. She was born 1758 in Washington County North Carolina, and died September 10, 1837 in independence County Arkansas.

Notes for Jessie Beene:
1783 - 500 acres-price 50 shillings per 100 acres. Washington County, crossing Reedy Branch adjoining the Indian line
1783 - 2000 acres, Green County on German Creek
*in 1786, Tennessee was still a part of North Carolina. Tennessee was formed in 1796

HISTORICAL MARKER:(US-64) Franklin County., in Old Salem:
The first permanent settler in what later became Franklin County, he established a forge and gunsmith shop in a cave on Camp Hollow Branch about three miles north, shortly after 1800. A gunsmith of great ability his 45 inch rifles became famous throughout the pioneer country

640 acres of land was granted to the heirs of Jesse Bean and 84 months Service in the American Revolution

Four descendents of Captain Jessie Bean, Revolutionary Soldier, have figured prominently in Arkansas History, In the territorial period and in early statehood. In 1820, the Counties of Independence and Crawford were created and Robert Bean represented Independence county in the sessions of 1821, 1823, and 1825, in the house of which he was speaker in 1825. Mark Bean represented Crawford County in the legislature of 1827 and again in 1829; he was in the Legislature council in 1833 and 1835 from Washington County; in 1836, he was temporary president of the Constitutional convention at which he served on the Legislative committee with Judge James Woodson Bates; in 1842 and 1844 he was state senator from Washington County.
Mark and Richard Bean who were both born in Tennessee, Mark in 1796, (or 1794 as his tombstone states) and Richard H. in 1799, First appeared in Arkansas history when in 1817 they located a salt spring on a fork of the Illinois river about five miles from the Arkansas river in the then Crawford County. They entered into an agreement with William Lovely and Peter Lovely, William being the Cherokee agent, to manufacture salt for the garrison at Belle Point, later called Fort Smith, commanded by Major William Bradford. The Beans purchased kettles and other equipment at the abandoned Cambell salt works on the Grand River in 1818 after Cambell was murdered. In September of 1820 a Captain John Bell visited the brothers Bean and reported that their operations had commenced that spring although the kettles were not yet fixed. They had built a neat farmhouse of logs, had considerable stock of cattle, hogs, and poultry, and several acres in Indian corn. Near the spring there was a neat log house and a shed for the furnace. One, Jacob Fowler, on a similar trip spent the night at the Bean salt works and said there was a small well with a few kettles; that it took about 55 gallons of water to make a bushel of salt and there was sufficient water to boil the kettles three days a week. Salt at this time was selling for $25.00 to $30.00 a barrel. In 1820, the Bean Brothers and one Reuben Sanders obtained from the Governor of Arkansas a license to operate the salt springs. This was renewed in 1822 and 1825 by Governor Izard and contemplated the manufacture of five thousand bushels of salt at a price not over $1.50 a bushel. The Beans built boats to deliver the salt up and down the Arkansas River and had an output of 35 to 40 bushels per day. Then General Mathew Arbuckle and Captain Bonnerville made their report to the government, the Beans had a good log house, Negro quarters, stables, two long houses to cover 100 kettles which had been transported over 600 miles by keel boats; two drying houses, furnaces, a warehouse, outhouses and a five mile road to a warehouse which had been built just below the falls on the Arkansas River, subsequently known as Webber Falls, a prominent trading post, especially in the gold rush or 1849. When the government made the final treaty with the Cherokee Indians in 1828 in which the present west line of the state of Arkansas was established, The Bean property was in the Cherokee territory and they were forced to abandon their holdings. Mark and Richard Bean filed a claim for their property of $15,000 which was allowed them by an act of congress dated March 03, 1857, nearly thirty years after they lost their property. When dispossessed of their property in Indian Territory the brothers bean came to Wasington County in 1830 to 1833 and took up farms in the west end of the county on Cane Hill. In Washington County they were known as farmers, although they had a small mill. From the census of 1850 we find Mark rated the number one citizen of the county with 34 slaves and real estate valued at $8,000 While Richard had34 slaves and $4,000 in real estate. When one considers that the five largest slave holders in the county held from 20 to 34 slaves, the 34 slaves of the beans placed them in the wealthier citizens of the county. Sarah Bean the sister of Mark and Richard, married Henry Quesenbury in 1820 in Tennessee and immediately came to Arkansas to Belle Point where two years later young William Quesenbury arrived. This young man destined to be Arkansas's most prominent editor, cartoonist and poet, married a neighbor of his uncle Marks, Oney Adeline Parks and it is at Parks corner on Cane hill that Mark Bean is buried, the stone being marked Mark Bean, 1794-1862
THE ABOVE STORY COPIED FROM THE 111954 D.A.R. Magazine Marion Chapter, Fayetteville Ark.

More About Jessie Beene and Elizabeth Mitchell:
Marriage: 1778, Hawkins County Tennessee
Children of Jessie Beene and Elizabeth Mitchell are:
+ 49 i.   Robert8 Beene, born 1779 in Washington County Tennessee; died Bef. 1847.
  50 ii.   Mary Polly Beene, born 1781.
  51 iii.   William Beene, born 1784.
  52 iv.   Elizabeth Ann Beene, born 1786.
  53 v.   Joab Beene, born 1788.
  54 vi.   Lydia Beene, born 1791. She married William Russell.
  Notes for William Russell:
Served in the Indian Wars with General Andrew Jackson in the early 1800's

+ 55 vii.   Mark Beene, born 1794.
  56 viii.   Richard Henderson Beene, born 1799.
  57 ix.   Susan Beene, born 1801.

      18. John7 Beene (William6 Bean, Sr., William5, John4, William3, William2, Record Of Family1) was born 1760 in in either North Carolina or Virginia, and died 1811 in Washington County Tennessee. He married Sara Jordan May 12, 1788 in Greenville, Tennessee.

Notes for John Beene:
Purchased 637 acres in Washington County, Jonesboro Tennessee, 1784, lying on both sides of the Watuga River
Purchased 153 acres, Washington County on Nob Creek. 1792
Purchased 202 acres, Washington County on stream of Knob creek.
Purchased 200 acres 1794, and 620 acres on Fall Branch of Horse Creek

Just before the battle of Baltimore Doctor John Beene prominent patriot was captured treated cruelly, put in prison, under no circumstances would the British release him Francis Scott Key, a good friend of Beene went to President Madison along with John Skimer agent for the government in treaty and truce matters, But on presenting these to General Ross and Admiral Cockburn British leaders, They were turned down coldly. Then they presented letters from British officers who had been treated by Doctor Beene. They agreed to release him. That night they locked him up and guarded him with his friend Skimer on board their ship all night. After walking the deck all night at break of day they looked toward Baltimore and saw The Star Spangled Banner still flying. Mr. Key inspired took an old envelope from his pocket and composed the song we now sing. When The Beene families hold their family reunion at Blue Springs in Bradley County each summer they begin their program by singing The Star Spangled Banner.

More About John Beene and Sara Jordan:
Marriage: May 12, 1788, Greenville, Tennessee
Child of John Beene and Sara Jordan is:
+ 58 i.   John Hogan8 Beene, born Abt. 1778.

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