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Picture of John Fowler
Abridged Compendium of Amer. Gen, Vol. VII, Lineage Records, Page 167

John Fowler (son of Christopher Fowler and Elizabeth Burgess)621, 622 was born 1610 in Marlborough, England, and died Bef. 01 Oct 1682 in Henrico, VA. He married Mary Archer on 01 Feb 1661/62 in Henrico, VA, daughter of George Archer.

 Includes NotesNotes for John Fowler:

192. The First John FOWLER (36) (72)(37) (37) was born in 1610 in England.(37) (73) He immigrated in 1662 to from England on the ship Hopewell.(37) (13) We can take pride in the fact that as early as the 1660's one of our forefathers, John Fowler the First (in America) had established himself in the Virginia Colony, thus being among those famous colonials known as The First Families of Virginia.

Just when he came to America is not known, perhaps between 1650 and 1660, but in 1662 he received grants of land on the Appomatox River. Evidently an industrious man, he received another grant of land in 1673 from Sir William Berkley, Governor, for the transportation of eight persons to the colony. The territory in which John Fowler settled was then on the border of civilization.

When the first colonists sought a site for a settlement in the vicinity in 1607, they found an Indian town near the mouth of the Appomattox, present site of Petersburg, and nearby was the village of Matoax, home of Pocahontus. Fort Henry was built by Governor Berkley in 1646, and many exploring expeditions went out from this frontier post. John Fowler settled just across the Appomattox from Fort Henry and there laid the foundation in America for the House of Fowler.

John Fowler was no doubt a member of the Society of Friends before he came to America. He attended Quaker meetings that were established by George Fox. John Fowler's son, Godfrey, was also a Quaker and prominent in their councils. He died in 1683 in Virginia.(37) On the basis of an Orphan's Court document of Henrico County, VA., we know that John Fowler the First was dead by Oct 1, 1682, the date Thomas Batte, Sr. was ordered and impowered to take over the estate of the orphans of John Fowler, deceased. John Davis was appointed guardian of his sons. He was married to to UNKNOWN about 1630 in England.

193. UNKNOWN. Children were:

child48 i. Godfrey FOWLER.
child ii. John FOWLER was born in Virginia. He died in Virginia.
child96 iii. Mark FOWLER.,Archer::fowler::7330.html
(1) 1 John FOWLER, 283, M
Birth: 1638, Malborough, England
Death: bef 1682, Henrico Co., VA, age: 44

There is much speculation that John Fowler is the son of Rev Christopher Fowler of England and John emigrated from England to Virginia between 1638 and 1662. It is possible however, that John may have been the son of Francis Fowler who emigrated to Virginia with Capt. Roger Smith between 1621 and 1623. It is also likely that this John Fowler is the Jno. Fowler listed among the 118 persons transported to the colony by John Batts as referred to in a 1668 land patent granted to Thomas and Henry Batts, sons of Jno. Batts dec'd.
Burke's American Families with British Ancestry : Lineages of 1,600 families now resident of U.S.. Baltimore, Maryland, Bernard Burke, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1970.
Land Office Patents No. 6, 1666-1679 (pt.1 & 2 p.1-692), p. 126 (Reel 6.)

Sept 12, 1662, John Fowler received grants of land on the Appomatox River.
Henrico Deeds, page 379, Feb 1, 1692. Deed of Godfrey Fowler, planter, to John Wilson, both of Bristol Parish, Henrico County, 100 acres on the north side of Old Town Creek, &c., "being part of a patent to JOHN FOWLER, father of GODFREY, Sept. 12, 1662, JAMES CITTIE."1

In Oct 1672, he is mentioned in a letter written by George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends, Quaker Religion, sent from Elizabeth River to "Friends at Nsemun, the Quaker term for SouthSide Virginia, setting up a man's meeting once a quarter; the meeting to be held at John Fowler's house unless it was too far off, otherwise held at Thomas Hollowell's. Although there are records of earlier "Friends" meetings in Virginia, this is likely establishing the first "General Meeting" and quarterly meetings in Virginia. According to the research done by author William Hinshaw, John Fowler is believed to be the representative for Surry-Black Water Meetings perhaps representing the community of Quakers in Surry, Sussex, and Prince George Counties. 2

On October 31, 1673, he received another patent of 398 acres of land adjoining his land from the 1662 patent for the transportation of eight persons to the colony, "to wit: Jno. Baxter, Mary Poolan, Rob't C-------, Thos. Wooley, Mary, his wife, Paul Varden, Clara Varden, Anne Welle. " The territory in which John Fowler settled was "along the Old Town Runn to the Plane Ford-----&c."----"and 190 acres lying on the north side of Old Town Creek in the county aforesaid, on the north side of Appomattocks River." Today it is most likely right about where Virginia State University sits and Hwy 95 crosses the Appomattox River.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 6, 1666-1679 (pt.1 & 2 p.1-692), p. 485 (Reel 6)
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John Fowler the First died in or shortly before 1683 and John Davis was appointed guardianship of John, Mark, and Godfrey, orphans of John Fowler.
source: 1683 Henrico County, Virginia Orphan's Court Book, p393

On April 16, 1685, Mark released John Davis of all claims he had on the estate of his father.

On Oct 1, 1687, John's son, Mark Fowler, transferred 200 acres of land lying on Old Town Creek to Thomas Batte, Sr. was ordered and impowered to take over the estate of the orphans of John Fowler, deceased. John Davis was appointed guardian of his sons.1

On June 1, 1691, the will of John Fowler giving each of his sons, Mark, John, and Godfrey, a share of his acreage, was apparently produced in court in the case of Godfrey Fowler vs. Thomas Batt however, no further record of the will has been found.1

Two publications at The Library of Virginia concerning John Fowler b. 1638 by Jerome D. Traver
CALL NO CS71 H647 1992
AUTHOR Traver, Jerome D.
MAIN TITLE Some descendants of three early Henrico (Chesterfield) County, Virginia settlers : James Hill (1655-1708), John Puckett (D. 1677), and John Fowler (CA 1638-1687) / Jerome D. Traver.
PUBLISHER Williamsburg, VA : J.D. Traver, 1992. 062117110523

CALL NO CS71 F788 1991
AUTHOR Traver, Jerome D.
MAIN TITLE Fowler family facts : Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin / by Jerome D. Traver.
PUBLISHER Williamsburg, Va. : J.D. Traver, 1991. 062117110523

Virginia Land Patents 1666-1695

Thomas & Henry Batts, sonns of Mr. Jno. Batts, decíd., 5878 A., 2 R. 8 Po., S. side James Riv., in Appomatock, Chas. City Co., 29 Apr. 1668, p. 126. Beg. At the heads of Jordanís land & Mirchants Hope, &c to the head of Chas. City. &c. Trans. of 118 pers:

Jno. Grace, Nich. Thetcher, Tho. Bridge, Tho. Stephenson, Jno. Whitfield, Tho. Overton, Danll. Scott, Antho. Foxcroft, Thristrum Knowles, Abra. Drure, Tho. Lake, Alice Lake, Roger Mallory, Ed. Eslome, Joan Thomas, Mary Ireland, Wm. Bate, Jun. 2 times, Martha Bate, Dr. Samll. Sickleman (?), Jno. Bate, Senr. Jno. Batte, Phillip Mallery, Nath. Mallery, Sen. Nath. Mallery, Junr., Wm. Mallorv, Tho. Mallory, Eliz. Mallory, Xpher. Denby, Jno. Denbeigh, Tho. Holford, Ann Holford, Jno Adams, Hen. Doughty, Timothy Doughty, Rich. Oldfield, Jno. Chiloe, Francis Terringham, Deverell (Averell) Franke, Edmund Key, Robt. Pollard, Ed. Scofield, Jervis Kitson, Jno. Carter, Ed. Bryan, Ri. Bigland, Mary Key, Eliz. Key, Anne Pollard, Ellen Harris, Luce Crosland, Wm. Wood, Jno. Millicent, Jno. Morrell, Tho. Walker, Jno. Vickars, Danll. Foxcroft, Pare Fereman, Jno. Amanson, Tho. Harris, Sebrough Stringer, James Strettell, Nick. Poole, Tho. Wise, Tho. Hanson, Rich. Horsfall, Tho. Pollard, Jno. Key, Senr. Wm. Key, Rich. Wood, James Barron, Senr. Tho. Colebeck, Grace Horsfall, Eliz. Preistley, Eliz. Key, Dorothy Key, Susan Key, Eliz. Key, Judith Horsfall, Jane Watson, Margaret Newis, Jennet Hoyle, Dorothy Kennersly, Jno. Key, Junr. Abraham Key, Jno. Moore, James Barron (Barrow), Junr. Anne Taylor, Susannah King, Anne Tutin, Antho. Pursley, John Tagger, Roger Speake, Wm. Watson, Jno. Watson, Robt. Stocks, Robt. Crowder, Jno. Wood, Arthur Shoore, Hen. Preistley, Wm. Sickes, Fra. Greathead, Geo. Dawson, Jno. Fowler, Jno. Smeale, Marke Waterson, George Greene, Fra. Cartwright, Fra. Bell, Wm. Banks, Susanna Craven, Anne Kirby, Hugh Boyd, Jno. Kinnersley, Margery Lambert, Agnes Taylor, Samll. Jrice.

Thomas Webster

TYPE: Patent - ref CF#062C VPB 6 p483 Date: 20 October 1673 to Tho. Webster Ref: 754 Acres 1 Rood 3 Pole Henrico Co.North side of Appomattock Riv. 251 acres 28p granted him 20 October 1665 beg at the old Towne Land 76 acres 27p by second fall of the Old Towne Creek 115 acres at the head of the same adjacent Geo. Archer along the Old Towne Run as by pat. 7 April 1671 311 acres 3r 28p adjacent beg at land of John. Fowler, along Batt. Chandler, nigh the Indian Path, to mouth of the great branch Sd lands granted by former PATENTs 300 acres 1r 3p for trans of 6 persons Dermond Mack Daniell, Robert Lewis, Martin Paine, Elinor Norton, John. Langford, Edwd. Averrett end

Brief explanation: How were Land Patents issued in the 1600s?
From the Library of Virginia's 'VA Notes' on Headrights:

"In order to encourage immigration into the colony, the Virginia Company, meeting in a Quarter Court held on 18 November 1618, passed a body of laws called Orders and Constitutions which came to be considered "the Great Charter of privileges, orders and laws" of the colony. Among these laws was a provision that any person who settled in Virginia or paid for the transportation expenses of another person who settled in Virginia should be entitled to receive fifty acres of land for each immigrant. The right to receive fifty acres per person, or per head, was called a headright. The practice was continued under the royal government of Virginia after the dissolution of the Virginia Company, and the Privy Council ordered on 22 July 1634 that patents for headrights be issued."

Children: Godfrey, 282, M (1670-1747)
John, 311, M
Mark, 312, M

The house of Fowler : a history of the Fowler families of the South, embracing descendants of John Fowler of Virginia and branc About this book
Source: The house of Fowler : a history of the Fowler families of the South, embracing descendants of John Fowler of Virginia and branches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, also records of allied families, comprising branches of more than two hundred other families. Fowler, Grover Parsons,. Hickory, N.C.. G.P. Fowler. 1940.
Notes: "Illustrated."
Includes bibliographical references (p. 15-16).
Subjects: Fowler family.
Table of Contents
Title page
Front matter
Our ancient sires
Chapter I. The Fowlers and their name
Chapter II. John Fowler, the first in America
Chapter III. Descendants of John Fowler, oldest son of Godfrey Fowler
Chapter IV. Descendants of Mark Fowler, son of Godfrey Fowler
Chapter V. Descendants of Richard Fowler, son of Mark Fowler
Chapter VI. Godfrey Fowler, the second, and his descendants
Chapter VII. Thomas Fowler, son of Godfrey Fowler the second
Chapter VIII. Richard Fowler, son of Godfrey Fowler, the second
Chapter IX. John Fowler, son of Richard Fowler of Laurens, S. C.
Chapter X. Francis Fowler, son of Godfrey Fowler, the second
Chapter XI. Capt. Moses T. Fowler of Greenville County, South Carolina
Chapter XII. William Perry Fowler of Spartanburg County, South Carolina
Chapter XIII. Fairview Presbyterian Church and history of Spartanburg County, South Carolina
Chapter XIV. Thomas Fowler of Spartanburg County, S.C. and Cobb County, Ga
Chapter XV. Nicey Fowler Peden Family, and her son, Mark Simpson Peden
Chapter XVI. Mark Fowler Family of Cobb County, Ga., and the Cassandra Fowler Cooper Family of Laurens, Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, S.C., and the Aris Fowler Family
Chapter XVII. America Fowler and Cynthia Eliza Fowler Wallace Families
Chapter XVIII. History of Greenville County, S.C.
Chapter XIX. Descendants of Joseph Fowler of Wake County, North Carolina
Chapter XX. Godfrey Fowler of Wake County North Carolina
Chapter XXI. Descendants of Bullard and Bathsheba Crudup Fowler of Carroll County, Tenn., and William and Mourning Crudup Fowler of Wake County, North Carolina
Chapter XXII. Descendants of Joseph Fowler of Wake County, North Carolina and Greene County, Tenn.
Chapter XXIII. Miscellaneous Fowler records, including those of William Fowler of Laurens, S.C., and Joshua Fowler of Laurens County, S.C. Records of Richmond and Bedford Counties, Virginia
Chapter XXIV. Records of Alexander Fowler of Goochland, Va., and Sherwood Fowler of Amelia County, Va. and Marshall County, Tenn
Chapter XXV. The history of the Pedens in Scotland and America
Back matter

More About John Fowler:
Distinction: The First Families of Virginia.
Emigration: Bet. 1650 - 1660, John Fowler immigrated from England to Henrico County, Virginia during or before 1662. Descendants moved south and westward..
Religion: Quaker.

More About John Fowler and Mary Archer:
Marriage: 01 Feb 1661/62, Henrico, VA.

Children of John Fowler and Mary Archer are:
  1. +Godfry Fowler, b. 1670, Henrico, VA, d. 1747, Henrico, VA.
  2. John Fowler, d. date unknown.
  3. Mark Fowler, d. date unknown.
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